Absolute Great Teacher
665 It“s All F*cking Sun Mo“s Fault!
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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665 It“s All F*cking Sun Mo“s Fault!

Chapter 665: It’s All F*cking Sun Mo’s Fault!

The alchemists present as well as the students who majored in this subject perked their ears, listening seriously.

Some people even summoned their courage and took a few steps forward, looking like they didn’t want to miss out on any of the important points mentioned by Sun Mo.

“Softwater Technique emphasizes on slow and meticulous work. Therefore, it’s suitable to be used on refining medicine that has gentle characteristics.”

Sun Mo shared his experience.

What did it mean to have gentle characteristics?

It meant that the medicinal properties were calm. Moreover, in the refining process, the chemical reactions were milder as well, without phenomena like exploding or bursting out in strong flames.

“En en!”

Jiao Wenxue took out a small booklet and started jotting down notes happily.

The Softwater Tribe was a small tribe and due to the language barriers, it was all thanks to Jiao Wenxue’s great talent and intelligence that he could learn this alchemy technique. He had forcibly stolen it from them.

The general process wasn’t an issue, but he wasn’t clear about some minor details.

Even the natives in the Softwater Tribe wouldn’t know of them if they weren’t alchemists.

“Do you have any more info about it?”

Jiao Wenxue’s gaze looked hopeful.

“It’s best not to use metal tools. You should consider using an alchemy cauldron made from clay or other non-metallic materials!”

Sun Mo revealed another small secret.

“Teacher Sun, can clay be used to make alchemy cauldrons?”

Someone was surprised and asked.

It was after asking that he realized he had been too intrusive and quickly apologized, “I’m sorry. I spoke out of place.”

“You guys have sunk into a misconception to think that alchemy cauldrons should be made from metal. Why is it? It’s because the mainstream alchemy techniques now primarily use metal alchemy cauldrons.”

This point was knowledge from the previous Sun Mo.

“The truth is that based on the alchemy techniques, one should choose other alchemy cauldrons to increase the chances of success.

“Going back to the Softwater Technique, its crux is using nature to refine nature. The combination of earth and water would complement each other. A good earthenware itself could become a spirit weapon under the Softwater Technique’s incessant tempering.”

Many people started to take notes.

Suddenly, rustling sounds rang throughout the square.


When Cao Xian saw this scene, his countenance turned even more grim. (I’m here to challenge them. Why did it turn into a live lesson for Sun Mo? And Jiao Wenxue, where’s your pride as a 4-star great teacher?)

(You’re acting like a good student in front of Sun Mo, taking notes and learning from him. Don’t you find it embarrassing?)

Jiao Wenxue had a feeling as if a blade was held onto his back. He knew that Cao Xian was definitely displeased about him. To be honest, Jiao Wenxue also felt a little awkward to be seeking guidance from a junior.

However, in order to learn new knowledge, he could only bear with it.

Jiao Wenxue had been in a bottleneck and urgently wanted to go a level higher using the Softwater Technique.

“This is my understanding of this topic!”

Sun Mo finished his talk.

“Thank you Teacher Sun for sharing your experience!”

Jiao Wenxue closed the book and solemnly put his hands together, bending over to bow.

There was no distinction in age for learning, and the one with the wisdom would be the teacher.

Moreover, Sun Mo was willing to share the details for such a rare alchemy technique. There was nothing to complain about his character.


Favorable impression points from Jiao Wenxue +100. Friendly (150/1,000).

“Teacher Sun, I’m untalented and am willing to do my utmost to help you refine alchemical pills three times without any compensation!”

Jiao Wenxue spoke up.

Hearing this, many people immediately revealed envious gazes.

This was a promise given by a 4-star alchemy grandmaster.

Usually, when an alchemist asked for help in something or ran out of money to buy things, they’d use this method to get what they needed on credit. The stronger the alchemist, the higher the price they could offer.

Therefore, even an alchemy grandmaster who was very poor and owed a lot of money would be unimaginably rich.

It was because their skill was their most valuable possession.

“Teacher Jiao is too kind.”

Sun Mo smiled. (Do I need your help to perform alchemy? Given my relationship with Mei Ziyu, if I really need alchemical pills, I can just ask Mei Yazhi for help. That dignified lady would definitely not refuse to help.)

(Most importantly, she was a 6-star grandmaster, being near to the ancestor level.)

“It’s such a waste!”

Ying Baiwu’s heart ached. Her teacher had imparted a technique that even an alchemy grandmaster didn’t know about. If he had sold it instead, it’d definitely be worth a lot of money.

“Baiwu, this is not how we should see things.”

Li Ziqi consoled her.

“In a situation like this, reputation is more important than money. Teacher is being so generous, winning the respect from a 4-star great teacher, which contributes to his reputation. Look at the attitude of the students and great teachers around us. They are filled with admiration.

“Moreover, Teacher has obtained the chances to be helped by an alchemy grandmaster. It won’t be a loss even if we were to encash it!”

To speak the truth, Sun Mo had gotten another wave of favorable impression points. There were over 10,000 this time.

As for the details of the Softwater Technique, it wasn’t any peak-grade technique and there was no need to keep it a secret. Even Jiao Wenxue would be able to figure things out if he were to research it for a couple of years.

This round, Sun Mo won once again, with his opponent completely convinced.

“I feel that Sun Mo alone would be able to crush the Myriad Daos Academy’s great teachers group.”

An Xinhui laughed, the pressure in her heart lightening greatly.

Her childhood friend was really amazing.

“I told you from the start. A trump card like Teacher Sun should be brought out more often!”

Wang Su laughed.

Alchemy, spirit runes, and weaponsmithing. If they were to win every round of the three popular jobs, then the Myriad Daos Academy would have it tough in the future.

As long as the Central Province Academy was around, Cao Xian would have to lie low even if he was a dragon.

“Teacher Sun, according to the plan, I’ll be competing with your school’s great teachers in alchemy. But Teacher Sun was generous in teaching, clearing up my questions. I no longer have the right to challenge today.”

After saying that, Jiao Wenxue retreated to Cao Xian’s side, looking apologetic. “I’m sorry Headmaster, I’m unable to complete your mission.”

“Teacher Jiao has spoken too harshly. I hope that you’ll have further breakthroughs in the path of alchemy!”

Cao Xian was infuriated, but as the headmaster of a school, he had to keep up with the polite talk. Moreover, even if he felt dissatisfied, what could he do?

Deduct Jiao Wenxue’s research funds?

Don’t be joking.

This was a 4-star great teacher cum grandmaster alchemist. If you were to deduct his fundings today, he could just report to work at the Central Province Academy the next day.

Cao Xian wanted to cry. (I’ve been slogging so hard that I don’t even have time to go to the Yichun Brothel. Even if I were to find a courtesan to have a drink with her, I’m at the stage where I can’t get hard. It’s all f*cking Sun Mo’s fault!)

At the thought of this, Cao Xian’s heart ached. (Why didn’t I steel my heart and offer ten times the price when I was headhunting Sun Mo previously? If I succeeded, it’d be An Xinhui’s turn to kneel before me in submission.)

“I really regret this!”

Cao Xian felt upset, but the challenge had to continue.

“Teacher Liu, we’ll have to trouble you this time around.”

Cao Xian pleaded to a middle-aged man and then threw a glance at An Xinhui as well as Wang Su. He realized that their expressions had turned solemn and he couldn’t help but feel proud.

(Let me show you what it means by old ginger is the spiciest. I have a backup plan prepared.)

“I’m Liu Yushan. I’m willing to compete in alchemy with your school’s great teachers!”

Liu Yushan, dressed in gray robes, walked out. From his appearance, he looked to be in his forties. His face was lean and his eyes swollen, but his expression was quite proud.

He was Li Zixing’s private alchemist.

Sun Mo activated the Divine Sight and then felt surprised. It was because there was a red line of warning note – Liu Yushan, grandmaster alchemist, especially excels in rapidly refining alchemical pills. No one in the Central Province Academy can win against him.

“Let me do it!”

Dai Shuling stood out. She had felt aggrieved for having failed in the alchemical pill identification earlier, but now it was time for her to find her ground back. “Come, let’s go to the alchemy room!”

Dai Shuling was raring to go.


Liu Yushan swung his sleeves, kept his right hand behind his back, and followed behind Dai Shuling with the disposition of a great master.

“You are Azuredragon Hand Liu Yushan, right?”

Wang Su stared at Liu Yushan’s sleeves. When he heard this name, he thought it sounded a little familiar. However, when he saw Liu Yushan swing his sleeve and expose a right hand with red skin, he instantly recalled.

“Oh? I didn’t expect that someone still remembers my title even after 20 years has passed.”

Liu Yushan was surprised.

“Teacher Wang, what is the Azuredragon Hand?”

Gu Xiuxun asked.

“When I had just become a great teacher, a genius alchemist rose from the same batch as me. That person relied on something called the Azuredragon Alchemy Technique and challenged alchemists from 100 schools. His reputation was unparalleled then and he was known as the new star of the alchemy world. But one year later, he disappeared without a trace.”

Wang Su was surprised and he assessed Liu Yushan. “I didn’t expect to see him in person once again!”


Liu Yushan laughed softly. He wasn’t interested in being a teacher and only wanted to research and refine the immortality pill. Three years ago, he arrived at Li Zixing’s residence and became his private alchemist due to some reasons.

This time around, Li Zixing had sent Liu Yushan out to beat the Central Province Academy down. Otherwise, no one would know about his whereabouts.

“I don’t care if he’s the Azuredragon Hand or Azuresnake Hand. An alchemist should speak with alchemical pills!”

Dai Shuling was filled with battle will. “Please!”

“What pill are we refining? You can choose!”

Liu Yushan didn’t give a damn about Dai Shuling at all.

“Let’s not let everyone wait for too long. We’ll refine the marrow cleansing pill. The time limit will be four hours, and the victor will be the one who can refine a higher grade pill. What do you think?”

Dai Shuling proposed.

As its name suggested, the marrow cleansing pill would cleanse the marrow and remove the impurities in the human body. It was quite a practical alchemical pill.

It had very good results for cultivators at the blood-ignition realm or lower.

There were a lot of marrow cleansing pills in the market, but the peak-grade ones were hard to come by. Therefore, such pills could rake in quite a bit of money.

If amazing alchemists ran out of money, they’d be able to earn quite a bit from refining a few batches of marrow cleansing pills.

This was also one of the reasons why alchemists were known to not lack money. As long as they had their skill, they would have money.


Liu Yushan agreed and went to his side. A group of great teachers and students followed, watching and surveilling him.

“We’ll probably lose this round!”

Wang Su looked very worried. Someone like Liu Yushan who devoted all of his time to researching alchemy would be a troublesome adversary.

“Let’s just try our best!”

An Xinhui inhaled deeply and threw a secret glance at Sun Mo. Even if they were to lose this round, they’d still be at a draw in alchemy.

“Alright, since we’ll just be waiting for four hours, then let’s continue the next round.”

Cao Xian challenged.

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