Absolute Great Teacher
667 Sun Mo’s Second Spiritual Beas
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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667 Sun Mo’s Second Spiritual Beas

Chapter 667: Sun Mo’s Second Spiritual Beast


Sun Mo took the beetle sculpture and played around with it.

Honestly speaking, he wasn’t too interested in the art of spiritual control. He didn’t even care much about such a valuable species of darkness like Little Silver and allowed it to roam freely.

However, the knowledge the system bestowed was extremely solid.

When the sculpture touched his hands, a bizarre feeling instantly assailed him. It was as though he was dropped into a pit filled with beetles, and they were crawling all over his body.

His skin could clearly feel the movements of the beetles. It was extremely disgusting.

“This should be an object used in some sorts of sacrificial rites, right?”

“Not bad.”

Bai Shuang also felt that this was the case. “I feel like it’s a holy object from the western countries.”

Because of the difference in the culture between east and west, their attitude toward some items was also different.

Compared to the east where dung beetles were dirty bugs that even the kids wouldn’t want to play with, these scarabs were holy objects in Egypt and were used as protectors.

The dung beetle sculpture before Sun Mo also had similar importance. If placed in a grave or an altar, it represented hope and protection.

When Sun Mo attempted to go a step further to communicate with the sculpture, a black bolt of lightning suddenly blasted forth from the sculpture.


Sun Mo’s body trembled as he felt a little dizzy.

“Teacher Sun, be careful! This sculpture is very bizarre and knows how to retaliate and protect itself. It can release a type of mental-based lightning that can turn someone into an idiot.”

Huang Chengguo reminded him.

It wasn’t because he was kind-hearted and was worried something might happen to Sun Mo. Rather, he wanted to make things clear first. After all, Sun Mo was an extremely important personnel to the Central Province Academy. If something happened to him, An Xinhui would definitely stir up trouble for him.

“You are worrying too much. How can Teacher Sun be stopped by such a little trouble?”

Bai Shuang was unhappy. “Also, please keep quiet.”

Bai Shuang hated people disturbing her when she was researching the art of spiritual control.


Huang Chengguo had an astonished look on his face. He involuntarily glanced at the beetle sculpture. (Is this still my personal item? Why is it so obedient to you? It’s as though I’m an outsider.)

Sun Mo and Bai Shuang communicated.

“How is it?”

Cao Xian walked over and asked in a low voice.

“That Bai Shuang truly lives up to her reputation. Her level of attainment in the art of spiritual control is not any lower than mine. But that Sun Mo is much weaker.”

Huang Chengguo lowered his voice. If Sun Mo was truly impressive, he would have evaded the automatic defense mechanism of the sculpture and wouldn’t have allowed the black lightning to attack him.

“We have to win the next round no matter what!”

Cao Xian gave a resolute order.

“Headmaster, this sculpture is my trump card among my secret treasures. Now that they saw it, the ‘damage’ to me is very great!”

Huang Chengguo took the opportunity to complain, wanting to fish for more benefits.

One could say that this sculpture was akin to a key that could open a gigantic gate.

“As long as we can win, I will give you a good compensation when we return.”

Cao Xian promised. He believed that Li Zixing would definitely reward everyone if they won against the Central Province Academy.

Upon hearing this, Huang Chengguo’s spirit immediately trembled with excitement. He looked at Sun Mo and wanted to provoke him. “Teacher Sun, how is it? Have you discovered anything?”

“The aggression of this sculpture is very strong. Teacher Huang, I’d advise you to secure it properly and don’t take it out easily to research it!”

Sun Mo warned him out of good will.

The scarab sculpture had a history of 123,000 years and originated from a mausoleum in the western country named Egypt.

It was a protector of the royal clan and when a member of the royal clan died and got buried in the tomb, a spiritual scarab sculpture would be buried together with them.

Its mission was to protect the corpse of the royal clan. The invaders would suffer its attacks, and their souls as well as bodies would be devoured.

This particular sculpture was created in the hands of seven ancestor-level spiritual controllers, and it was used to protect the tomb of the most noble king of Egypt.

Although tens of thousands of years had passed and the divine sense of the scarab had dissipated to the point of severely weakened, the remaining part of it wasn’t something mortals could covet.

Once someone passed the boundary, they would suffer a terrifying curse.

After seeing the data from Divine Sight, Sun Mo’s grasp over the beetle sculpture softened. It was like he was touching a time bomb.

He was afraid as hell.

A protective sculpture created by seven great ancestor-level spiritual controllers, one would know how terrifying this was just by thinking about it. One must know that even in such a vast territory like the Central Province, it didn’t have seven great ancestor-level spiritual controllers.

“Oh? In that case, are you guys preparing to admit defeat?”

Huang Chengguo asked in an overbearing manner.

He was provoking Sun Mo. As long as Sun Mo took the risk and continued probing the sculpture, even if he didn’t die, his consciousness would be heavily injured. To the Central Province Academy, that would definitely be the greatest impact.

Because An Xinhui’s advertising line during the recruitment focused on Sun Mo’s identity as a two-time champion. If Sun Mo was crushed, the damage caused by the impact could very well be imagined.

Sun Mo frowned and looked at Huang Chengguo.

Huang Chengguo was smiling, but his hostility was detected by Sun Mo.

“Admit defeat? There’s no such thing!”

Sun Mo originally didn’t plan to do his best, but after Huang Chengguo’s provocation, he couldn’t bear it anymore. He didn’t wish to waste words and decided to destroy this beetle sculpture first.

Ordinarily speaking, spiritual beasts would only do the bidding of their masters because they were enslaved and controlled. If not, they would be free.

This scarab sculpture was just a carrier body. A scarab spiritual beast must have been forced into the sculpture after the seven great ancestor-level spiritual controllers had used a secret art. After that, it was made to guard the tomb.

As long as he removed its spiritual contract, the scarab would naturally gain freedom. In that case, it would no longer listen to orders.

If some other spiritual controller grandmasters wanted to do this, it would be useless. This was because a spiritual contract was akin to a private password. If one had no clue, they wouldn’t know how to unravel it.

However, Sun Mo didn’t face the same problem because he had Freedom Proof.

That was a divine language of spiritual control, and it could allow him to remove all types of spiritual contract.

Sun Mo held the sculpture and drew in a deep breath. Discarding the random thoughts, he then looked into the beetle’s eyes. After that, he blasted his will that was armed with Freedom Proof into the sculpture.


The sculpture trembled violently as black lightning flashed and crackled, extending out to over a meter in distance.


Huang Chengguo was shocked by the lightning until his body became numb. He involuntarily retreated, but he stepped forward soon with a nervous and heavy look on his face.

What was Sun Mo doing?

He completely didn’t understand.

Even so, Huang Chengguo didn’t wish to miss out on any details.

Bai Shuang similarly walked forward, but she was astonished when she looked at Sun Mo’s right hand. She then turned her gaze onto his face.

Because Sun Mo wanted to protect himself, he had activated the Invulnerable Golden Body. Others might not recognize it, but as a top graduate from the Skyraise Academy, how could Bai Shuang not recognize her own school’s ultimate divine art?

However, soon after, she couldn’t care less about this as she observed the beetle sculpture.

The black lightning grew even more intense by the second, and Sun Mo was about to become the center of a lightning tempest.

“I’m free, I’m finally free!”

“Damn, they actually trapped me for tens of thousands of years, making me guard a tomb that has no hint of vitality at all. All of you damnable two-legged bugs have to die for me! Haha, the world of freedom is too bright and beautiful!”

Numerous spiritual messages bombarded Sun Mo’s mind.

“Your divine sense is very weak. If you continue attacking, your soul might be destroyed.”

Sun Mo warned.

“I don’t care, I want to kill all of you as some compensation for my wasted time.”

Although he wasn’t able to see the beetle’s expression, Sun Mo could very well imagine it. This scarab must be in hysteria.

Suddenly obtaining freedom caused it to go crazy, making it feel like it needed to vent. In its knowledge, it was still the greatest battle god in Egypt.

No matter what sort of enemy it was, all of them had to die!


Black lightning blasted out as strands of black mist came together and formed into a black scarab.

It was as large as a steel chariot, yet it was very life-like and its mouth looked extremely menacing.


Everyone was in an uproar.

When the eyes of the scarab swept past the surrounding students, all of them felt their hearts clenching.

Because its gaze was like the sickle of a death god, cutting down on their necks.

Both Jiang Leng and Tantai Yutang immediately took a step forward to place Li Ziqi and Lu Zhiruo behind them.


Sun Mo felt very depressed. This situation couldn’t be allowed to continue developing, or he would be a gone case for sure. Hence, he started chanting an incantation.

Sun Mo’s art of spiritual control was at the grandmaster level, and he had also learned three types of rare incantations used for summoning bugs. At this moment, they could coincidentally be put to use.

As Sun Mo chanted, a sandy rustling sound rang out in the air. It was like the sound of countless bugs crawling through the grass in the middle of the night, capable of causing those who heard it to feel chills down their spines.

“Ah, this bug is so fierce and will kill people. We should have a proper chat with it.”

Lu Zhiruo furrowed her brows. Killing people wasn’t a good thing.


Li Ziqi looked at Sun Mo, worried that something might happen to him.

As Sun Mo chanted, each of the syllables he pronounced transformed into golden circlets that wrapped themselves over the scarab. They then violently contracted, binding it securely.

Pak! Pak! Pak!

A total of 108 circlets covered the black scarab, making it resemble a golden cicada.

“Thinking of enslaving me again? You guys are lowly and despicable. All of you should just die!”

The scarab roared and the single horn on its head suddenly flashed as a gigantic bolt of black lightning shot out.

Luckily, An Xinhui and Wang Su were prepared and acted in unison, blocking the attacks. Otherwise, if the lightning landed on the students, there would definitely be many casualties.

“Be constrained!”

Sun Mo shouted. His palms slammed together before his chest.


The golden ‘cicada’ directly shrank into a ball of light. After that, it flew toward Sun Mo.


The ball of light landed on the back of Sun Mo’s hand and vanished, leaving behind a tattoo of golden scarab that was roughly the size of a penny.


Sun Mo was unhappy. He didn’t plan to have a tattoo this early in his life.

However, it was as though the tattoo sensed Sun Mo’s thoughts. It then rapidly dimmed until it vanished.

“Hello, hello. Can you hear me?”

Sun Mo contacted the scarab with his consciousness, but there was no response.

The surroundings were eerily still. Everyone looked at Sun Mo, not understanding what had just happened.

Cao Xian’s expression turned unsightly. His side seemed to have lost again.

Only Bai Shuang understood what had happened after a short period of contemplation. She then praised, “Congratulations on unraveling the mystery behind the sculpture and obtaining a spiritual beast.”

This was a supremely ancient holy object from a western country, yet Sun Mo could actually unravel it?

(My decision to come here and learn is indeed the correct one. By following Sun Mo, my expertise in the art of spiritual control will improve greatly.)


Favorable impression points from Bai Shuang +500. Respect (1,200/10,000).

“F*** your mom!”

Huang Chengguo suddenly cursed out loud. After that, he rushed forward and grabbed Sun Mo by his clothes. “Return me my sculpture, return it to me!”

“Huang Chengguo, what are you doing?”

An Xinhui shouted and rushed out.

“Teacher Huang, halt!”

“Release Teacher Sun!”

“Quickly release your hand or don’t blame me for chopping your filthy hand off!”

At the Central Province Academy’s side, many of the great teachers had fury on their faces as they rushed over. In fact, the ones with a more violent temper directly pulled out their weapons.

The great teachers from the Myriad Daos Academy also weren’t willing to show weakness and immediately crowded over as well.

For a time, the scene was somewhat chaotic.

Helian Beifang who was within the crowd didn’t understand, but Qin Yaoguang who was seated on a tree branch had a dumbfounded look on her face.

“That’s impressive!”

Qin Yaoguang’s interest in taking Sun Mo as her personal teacher was greatly boosted.

Everyone here was a prestigious great teacher with highly respected status. Also, close to ten thousand students were spectating. It would be too embarrassing if they came to blows.

Hence, Huang Chengguo was quickly pulled away.

“Teacher Huang, calm down!”

A great teacher from the Myriad Daos Academy persuaded him.

“Calm down my ass! Do you know how valuable that beetle sculpture is? I initially planned to use it to break through my bottleneck and grow to the next level. In the end, it has benefitted Sun Mo!”

Huang Chengguo was so angered that he coughed up blood.

That sculpture was a top-grade secret treasure. If one could summon the spiritual beast within, their combat strength would surely rise by a few times.

But now, it belonged to Sun Mo.

(Why are my hands so itchy, why did I have to take this beetle sculpture out and use it as the test topic?)

Pak! Pak! Pak!

Huang Chengguo lifted his hand and slapped himself six times. In the end, he glared at Sun Mo. His gaze was like a gambling addict with bloodshot eyes that had lost everything.

“Sun Mo, you have to give me an explanation for this matter today!”

Huang Chengguo shouted in rage.

“You were the one who wanted to test us. Now that Teacher Sun has accomplished it, you are angry and demand an explanation? Just your actions alone have shamed your title as a great teacher!”

An Xinhui retorted angrily.

“But I didn’t allow him to snatch my spiritual beast!”

Huang Chengguo was unconvinced.

Note: The author used the words scarab and beetle interchangeably. I assume it is because people in the west call it a scarab and those in the east call it a beetle.

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