Absolute Great Teacher
668 Ultimate Divine Art of the Central Province Academy
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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668 Ultimate Divine Art of the Central Province Academy


“What did you say?”

An Xinhui immediately shot back.


Huang Chengguo turned mute.

“Close to ten thousand people have seen the situation. You took out a beetle sculpture and didn’t say anything as you immediately started to test us. I know you want to make things difficult for the great teachers of my school. That’s fine because I believe that their abilities are enough to solve everything!”

An Xinhui spoke very quickly and clearly, “Now that Teacher Sun has succeeded, you are actually reluctant and didn’t want to accept the fact that he recruited your spiritual beast? In that case, why didn’t you make things clear in the beginning?”

“In truth, you basically have never felt that Teacher Sun could do so, right?”

An Xinhui stared at Huang Chengguo as each of her words shot at his heart. “Or maybe, you basically didn’t know that this sculpture could be used to summon a spiritual beast?”

“I...No, that’s not true, you are talking nonsense!”

Huang Chengguo grew nervous. In truth, everything was as An Xinhui had said.

For this round, Huang Chengguo’s test topic was to see which of them could summon a larger spiritual beetle from the sculpture.

Because with the ancient contract in place, other than the sculpture’s owner, almost no one could summon the incarnation of the beetle.

And as for those low-grade spiritual controllers, they wouldn’t even be able to feel the existence of the spiritual beast.

But Sun Mo never did things according to logic. He had directly summoned the true body of the sculpture and made it into his spiritual beast.

At this instant, other than the fact that Huang Chengguo’s heart was filled with anger and depression, he also felt deep trepidation and jealousy. He had had the sculpture for ten years, but Sun Mo had merely touched it for three minutes.

That was simply too infuriating.

“Headmaster Cao, you have seen Huang Chengguo’s character for yourself. There’s no problem if you want to recruit someone like him into your great teacher circle, but please do not send him out to compete with us. If there’s a next time, I will have to reject you.”

An Xinhui’s tone was extremely strict.

Honestly speaking, due to her identity as a headmaster, An Xinhui would pay a lot of attention to her words and conduct. But today, she couldn’t bear it anymore.

An Xinhui loathed people like this the most.

“Headmaster Cao, that bug sculpture is extremely valuable. It’s impossible for me to give it up like this.”

“What do you want me to do then?”

Cao Xian’s expression looked as though he just got force-fed shit. Besides, he wasn’t wrong. In a great teachers group battle, if someone resolved the test topic you gave, you could only lament for being unlucky when you lost.

Huang Chengguo started. After that, his expression turned ashen. “Very good. I understand now. From now onward, I have no relationship with the Myriad Daos Academy!”

After speaking, Huang Chengguo looked at Sun Mo. “Sun Mo, I want to fight you. If you lose, return my spiritual beast to me!”


The entire scene was in an uproar. Let alone the students, even the great teachers were staring dumbfoundedly at Huang Chengguo. He was completely shredding all pretense of cordiality.

“Teacher Huang, please respect yourself!”

Before An Xinhui could speak, Cao Xian already shouted because Huang Chengguo’s response didn’t only represent his inability, but it would also negatively affect the Myriad Daos Academy’s reputation.

“Sun Mo, prepare yourself!”

Huang Chengguo completely ignored Cao Xian.

Just when Sun Mo wanted to speak, An Xinhui took a step forward and moved in front of him.

“Teacher Huang, you are already over 40 and is a veteran 3-star great teacher that has been famous for a long time. Now that you are challenging a 21-year-old great teacher who has just joined this field for two years, don’t you feel embarrassed?”

An Xinhui angrily continued. “If you want to fight, allow me to experience your prowess then!”

“Headmaster An actually treats our teacher quite well!”

Lu Zhiruo was shocked. From her point of view, An Xinhui was also very young and might not defeat Huang Chengguo for sure.

“Headmaster An is also quite sharp-tongued!”

Tantai Yutang felt surprised. This series of scolding was done at a moral highpoint and backed with righteousness.

Regardless of whether Huang Chengguo won or lost today, his reputation would be greatly damaged.

“Headmaster An...”

Sun Mo frowned.

“Sun Mo, don’t say anymore. Leave this battle to me.”

An Xinhui turned her head and cast a look at Sun Mo, hinting him not to worry.

Although Sun Mo was ranked #6 on the Great Teachers Hero Rankings, it didn’t seem probable for him to win against a veteran 3-star great teacher like Huang Chengguo. After all, Huang Chengguo was at the Longevity Realm.

“If you lose, he still has to return my spiritual beast to me. If you are fine with it, let’s fight then!”

Huang Guocheng didn’t care who his opponent was. It was good as long as his goal could be achieved.


An Xinhui agreed steadily because there was basically no way she would lose.

Now that things had developed to such a state, Cao Xian couldn’t control them either. Hence, everyone went to the battle dojo and prepared to see a match.

“How good would it be if we could sell tickets to attract crowds in passing!”

Seeing almost ten thousand people sitting in the battle dojo, Ying Baiwu felt heartache. How much money did they miss out on making?

“Huang Chengguo, please guide me!”

After An Xinhui jumped onto the battle stage, Huang Chengguo couldn’t endure anymore and quickly wanted the battle to start.

“An Xinhui, please guide me!”

As the sound of An Xinhui faded, Huang Chengguo had rushed out. At the same time, his longsword angrily stabbed toward An Xinhui, and a red-colored mist frenziedly surged forth behind him. After that, a rumbling roar rang out, echoing throughout the battle dojo.


A moment later, a gigantic diamond ape was summoned. With a single leap, it lunged toward An Xinhui. Both its fists were clenched as it smashed them forwards.


Because the punches were too fast, gusts of winds were created, blowing away the accumulated dust on the stage.

Ferocious beast continuous strikes!

Huang Chengguo’s momentum was ferocious.

The way spiritual controllers fight was divided into two methods. The first method was the spiritual controller would sit in the backline and depend on their spiritual beasts to fight for them.

The second method was when one’s individual combat strength wasn’t bad and they would practice a combination-attack method with their spiritual beasts to attack their opponent in unison.

For the vast majority of the time, the second type spiritual controllers possessed stronger combat strength.

Sun Mo activated Divine Sight and wanted to observe Huang Chengguo’s weakness. But at this moment, that diamond ape that rushed forward suddenly turned and punched Huang Chengguo.

Huang Chengguo was currently staring at An Xinhui. Although he felt he was stronger than her, he didn’t dare to be careless.

Hence, Huang Chengguo was caught off-guard. The diamond ape that had followed him for twenty years suddenly erupted and attacked him.


The iron-like fist of the ape was like a battering ram, solidly smashing into Huang Chengguo’s head.


Huang Chengguo flew through the air. Before he could land, An Xinhui’s sword slashed out repeatedly on his body.

Pak, pak, pak!

Her attacks were like a thunderstorm, engulfing Huang Chengguo.

After that...


Huang Chengguo fell out of the stage and couldn’t get up anymore.

An Xinhui was like a fairy as she elegantly landed back down on the stage. “Teacher Huang, thanks for letting me win!”

The entire battle dojo was completely silent.

All the audience was dumbfounded.

“An Xinhui...Eh, Headmaster An is actually so powerful?”

“I initially thought it would be an intense battle. I didn’t expect An Xinhui to have such a crushing victory!”

“Isn’t this too much of an exaggeration?”

It was still fine for the students as they didn’t really understand how powerful An Xinhui was. However, the great teachers were extremely impacted by the scene.

Only now did they remember that An Xinhui was a once-in-a-century genius of the Heavenly Mystery Academy. Her talent and strength were both strong enough to be ranked within the top three of this generation.

During these few years, because An Xinhui became the headmaster of the Central Province Academy and had no way to make the Central Province Academy rise, struggling bitterly to avoid being delisted by the Saint Gate, everyone had forgotten her fame.

“No wonder everyone felt that our teacher isn’t worthy of Headmaster An!”

Tantai Yutang sighed. An Xinhui’s strength was so immense that it would cause others to doubt their path of life. She was depressingly powerful.

“Teacher’s wife is actually so impressive?”

Lu Zhiruo’s little mouth turned into an ‘O’ shape.

“The Great Dream Heart Sutra truly lives up to its reputation!”

Wang Su sighed with emotions.


Jin Mujie nodded.

Each famous school would have a famous representative cultivation art that belonged to them. But whether they could be called an ‘ultimate divine art of the school’ would depend on their tier and grade.

In the great teacher world, only saint-tier cultivation arts could be considered an ‘ultimate divine art’.

Besides, even if a cultivation art was as the saint-tier, their grades would be different. For example, all the ultimate divine arts of the Nine Greats were peerless-grade saint-tier cultivation arts.

The [Great Dream Heart Sutra] was the ultimate divine art of the Central Province Academy, and it wasn’t bound by some patriarchal restriction. It would only be imparted to the most talented junior regardless of gender.

Because if the cultivator’s aptitude was too inferior, their head would explode if they cultivated this cultivation art.

Due to this reason, An Xinhui’s father had never cultivated the Great Dream Heart Sutra.

Huang Chengguo’s expression dimmed, and there was despair as well as reluctance on his face. He felt extremely anxious, not understanding how she had won.

Moreover, he knew that An Xinhui had shown mercy. Otherwise, he would have reached the other side of the Yellow River now.

When An Xinhui slashed out with her sword, she didn’t unsheathe it. If she did, Huang Chengguo’s body would be riddled with holes.

“Teacher Huang. Since you have lost in the great teacher group battle, just accept the fact and stop being unreasonable. Although my Central Province Academy might have declined, you shouldn’t assume that we are easy to bully!”

An Xinhui’s tone was strict. “If you are unconvinced, step up and fight again.”

“Teacher Huang, from your manner, you most probably have no idea how to use that sculpture exactly. Even if you got it back, what use would it be? You might as well let Teacher Sun have it and consult him for guidance!”

Wang Su persuaded.

Because he was sincerely thinking for Huang Chengguo, Priceless Advice erupted.

The light from the halo illuminated the surroundings.

Huang Chengguo’s countenance alternated between shades of green and red. He rejected the treatment from the Central Province Academy’s doctors and struggled to stand up. After that, he stumbled away as he left.

“You won beautifully!”

Sun Mo praised.


An Xinhui felt some joy in her heart. (Does this mean I’ve obtained Sun Mo’s approval?) But after that, she put on a proper expression as she spoke, “Little Momo, the cultivation art I used earlier was the Great Dream Heart Sutra. If you want to learn, I can impart it to you.”

“No need!”

Sun Mo rejected. He knew that this cultivation art was too profound and An Xinhui’s father fell out with the old headmaster precisely because of it. Their relationship became so bad to the extent where they decided to sever their relationship as father and son.

“Although one will definitely die if their aptitudes aren’t good enough, I believe this shouldn’t be a problem for you.”

An Xinhui pacified.

“I have no interest in it!”

Sun Mo shook his head. He would be marrying An Xinhui and get a share of the school. It felt a little too shameless if he still learned the ultimate divine art. Besides, Sun Mo didn’t lack peerless-grade saint-tier cultivation arts.

“Teacher Duan, it will be up to you then!”

Cao Xian’s expression was gloomy and he called a great teacher. He had to grind down An Xinhui’s sharpness or they would be the ones losing the group battle today.

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    《Absolute Great Teacher》