Absolute Great Teacher
669 A Shockingly Great Harves
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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669 A Shockingly Great Harves

Chapter t

The current Central Province Academy’s morale was sky-high. This was especially so after An Xinhui had insta-defeated a veteran 3-star great teacher, causing all the students to cheer wildly.

At this instant, the students of the Central Province Academy felt their pride bursting. Moreover, many newcomers who had yet to join a school had decided to join the Central Province Academy.

(Look at Headmaster An! Her skin is fair and she is powerful. When she smiles, she especially looks like the incarnation of a goddess.)

Even the awe generated when Sun Mo recruited the spiritual beast was suppressed by her beautiful smile.

There was no solution for it as too few people understood the subject of spiritual control. And those who understood it were all stunned as they looked at Sun Mo.


“Congratulations, you’ve obtained a total of 8,917 favorable impression points. Please continue to work hard.”

When Sun Mo heard the notification, a young woman about 30+ years of age walked out with her hands placed inside her sleeves.

Her name was Duan Yingmei. She had no make-up on and her black hair was coiled up casually with a wooden hairpin. Her appearance was ordinary, but her pair of phoenix eyes were extremely sharp and filled with spirit.

This was a genius with a valiant battle record. Her powerful achievements also in turn nurtured her self-confidence.

“Sis Xinhui, be careful!”

Gu Xiuxun came over and warned in a low voice. Duan Yingmei was someone Headmaster Cao recruited from the Jixia Learning Palace after paying a heavy price. He naturally relied on her heavily.


An Xinhui surveyed Duan Yingmei. Since Cao Xian had sent her out at this moment, it was clear he intended for Duan Yingmei to challenge her.

“Headmaster An, I’m Duan Yingmei, please guide me!”

As Duan Yingmei spoke, she didn’t take any other action and directly flew up to the battle stage, instantly causing many people to marvel in admiration.

Usually speaking, when people jumped, they would need the momentum of a running start. But this Duan Yingmei simply leaped from her original location easily.

“Teacher Duan, Headmaster An just fought earlier. Even if you fought her now and won, others might feel it is unfair. Why don’t you leave this round to me?”

Jin Mujie stepped out from the crowd and wanted to fight in An Xinhui’s stead.

“Sister Jin...”

An Xinhui’s beautiful brows furrowed.

“I’m also a teacher of the Central Province Academy and should do something. There’s no need for you to be polite.”

Jin Mujie laughed. “Moreover, if I won, I would be able to gain favorable impressions from these soon-to-be students. Maybe, there would be a genius who wanted to take me on as a personal teacher.”

“I’ll have to trouble elder sister Jin then.”

An Xinhui appreciated this favor. She knew Jin Mujie wanted to fight because she wanted to protect her. After all, if she lost, the negative influence would be too great as she was the headmaster.

If Jin Mujie went and even if she couldn’t win, she would be able to allow An Xinhui to learn Duan Yingmei’s attacks.

“Teacher Jin, I wish you success!”

Sun Mo cheered.

“Your words feel so light, I can’t sense any sincerity!”

Jin Mujie’s lips parted slightly and blew out a white mist.

The mist then transformed into a very vivid lotus, which seemingly contained the moisture of a lake. After Jin Mujie stepped on it, it flew toward the stage.


The students exclaimed in shock. This act by Jin Mujie was relatively brilliant and packed a very powerful visual impact.

After the two exchanged greetings, they immediately started fighting.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

An exchange of ultimate attacks occurred and spirit qi blasted everywhere.

Although the two combatants were women, the intensity of their battle was like two armies slaughtering each other on a battlefield, cold and unyielding.

Sun Mo frowned because Duan Yingmei’s attacks felt so familiar to him. Just when he wanted to observe closely, a voice rang out in his head and cut him off from his thoughts.

“Human, quickly remove the contract and I’ll give you a shockingly great treasure!”

The voice was low and hoarse with a hint of tremble. If one heard this voice in the middle of the night, they would definitely feel their spines turning numb.

“Can you speak properly?”

Sun Mo frowned as the words rang out in his mind.

The other party was his spiritual beast. They could communicate with each other through their consciousness.

“This is my original voice!”

The other party persisted.

“Original voice, your head. If you continued speaking like this, you would surely be fatigued to death!”

Sun Mo spoke in contempt, “Don’t pretend to be mysterious in front of me. Be more honest or I won’t listen to anything you have to say.”

The other party fell silent for a few seconds before it spoke again. Its voice then changed.

“Alright, you’ve won. But I truly do have a treasure. There’s no mistake about this.”

The hoarseness of the voice was gone, but...

“How old are you? Why do you sound very old?”

Sun Mo was unhappy. (You are this great teacher’s second spiritual beast. If you are too old and your combat strength is weak, wouldn’t that mean you are trash?)


(I don’t want to talk to you anymore. In fact, I want to toss a hundred-year-old shit at you.)

(This fellow actually held me in disdain for being old?)

(Do you know that in Egypt, I’m the most ancient royal protector that guards the royal family’s tomb for generations?)

(You actually look down on me?)

(Forget it, I have to keep my calm!)

(I shouldn’t be so bothered by a lowly human. The most important thing now is to get back my freedom.)

“What’s wrong? Are you so old that you are too shy to speak your mind?”

Sun Mo’s lips twitched. “It’s fine, there’s no one who can avoid the fate of growing old and losing control of their bodily functions. When you get used to it, your sense of shame will become fainter.”

“Human, just speak about the main point!” The scarab tempted. “Are you not interested in precious treasures?”

“Old Beet, I hope you can understand something first. You have to remember your identity. You are now my spiritual beast. To speak more bluntly, you are my slave. So, please mind your words and tone.”

Sun Mo didn’t casually become angry. He was trying to train the scarab.

Although the spiritual contract was signed, it didn’t mean the relationship between the master and the spiritual beast was stable. One still had to continue maintaining it. For example, a darkness species like Little Silver could co-exist peacefully with Sun Mo, mutually benefiting each other. However, it was clear this scarab couldn’t do the same.

After all, it was a protector god of the royal clan. It had a very high status and would definitely look down on ordinary humans. Hence, Sun Mo had to suppress it first.

“What the hell is ‘Old Beet’?”

The scarab had a dumbfounded look on its face and after it heard the word ‘slave’, it immediately roared in rage, “Lowly human, if it wasn’t for you making use of the fact that I was severely weakened, it would have been impossible for you to sign that contract! Also, I’m a high-up and lofty divine protector of Egypt, please show me some respect!”

“Are you dreaming?”

After Sun Mo shot back, he no longer bothered with that bug and decided to focus on the battle.

Jin Mujie and Duan Yingmei seemed evenly matched, and the battle had many points worthy of observation and research. Hence, 80% of the great teachers here took out image-recording stones to record the battle.

“Lowly human, you actually dare to insult me. You will suffer from a curse and won’t be able to have any peace for eternity.”

“My courageous warriors in Egypt will definitely cut off your head.”

“Human, say something. Are you mute?”

After that, the scarab changed its tone from ‘threatening’ to ‘neutral’ to ‘pleading’, but it discovered that everything was useless. Sun Mo was ignoring it.

The scarab really didn’t feel like talking anymore, but the temptation of freedom caused it to compromise.

“Master, please be nice and stop tormenting me!”


The scarab pleaded.

“Old Beet, are you finally clear of your identity?”

Sun Mo was joyful. “Very well, call me ‘master’ a few more times.”


The scarab was so angry that it wanted to kill.

(Forget it, since I’ve already compromised, it didn’t matter even if I compromised a few more times. But after I regain my freedom, everyone from your Central Province Academy will have to die.)

(Yes, I will still extract their souls from their bodies after they died to kill them once more.)




The scarab called out repeatedly before Sun Mo started speaking.

“Old Beet, I didn’t expect that you really look like a slave when you lower yourself and admit defeat. How about it? Do you want to consider a job change from a tomb protector to a eunuch?”

Sun Mo teased.

“Hehe, master is right!”

The scarab pretended not to have heard it.

“Alright, what did you want to say?”

Sun Mo’s tone was frivolous, but his wariness toward the beetle greatly increased. A fellow that knew how to bow and submit was far harder to deal with compared to an inflexible fellow who only knew what they wanted.

“When the greatest pharaoh in Egypt was buried, I was the tomb protector and was buried together with. Hence, I know the location of his tomb!”

“In the tomb, there are eight great regions that are filled with silver and jewels, diamonds and gold. There are also various precious burial objects included. From what I know, there are at least 1,000 powerful secret treasures in the tomb as well.

“You are a great teacher and should have an interest in ancient classics and records, right? In the tomb, there are precious books the Pharaoh obtained from his conquest when he led a punitive expedition toward the north. Among them, there are many top-level cultivation arts and even divine arts, roughly a total of ten thousand!

“If you return my freedom to me, not only will I tell you the tomb’s location, I will also personally help you open the tomb and allow you to obtain everything inside.”

The scarab gave an offer.

“Old Beet, do you think I’m an idiot?”

Sun Mo counter-asked.

The scarab was astonished.

“Even if I give you freedom, it should be after I obtained the burial items, right?”

Sun Mo was speechless. “Old Beet, could it be that since you were homeless and miserable for tens of thousands of years, you have become senile?”

The scarab started. After thinking about it, it did seem logical.

“Let us quickly set out then!”

The scarab urged.

“I’m so weak, do you want me to go there and die?”

Sun Mo’s lips twitched.

“You can hire people. For example, these few women are very powerful. If we head there too late, others might discover the tomb and excavate the treasures before us.”

The scarab tried to frighten Sun Mo.

“In that case, it means I have no fate with it!”

Sun Mo wasn’t anxious. (I still have a large secret realm that’s known as the Greenhaze Forest that I haven’t found yet. It’s already certain that there are seven great treasuries there.)

(So, I’m a very wealthy ‘treasury’ guy. Don’t try to swindle me about leaving school.)


The scarab suddenly felt fear and regret.

(This young man is so cunning!)

(If I knew this was the case, it might be better for me to follow that middle-aged person.)


(If it wasn’t for the passing of tens of thousands of years that has weakened me to the point where I almost died, how could a rubbish like you enslave me successfully?)

(Truly, a weakened bug was bullied by humans!)

(Forget it, it isn’t easy to talk to this fellow. I will just secretly accumulate strength and directly depend on my divine might to break the contract next time.)

(Luckily, the level of contract this human set is very low. When I’m strong enough, I will be able to forcefully break it.)

“Despicable human, you will definitely regret rejecting my good will!”

The scarab pretended to be extremely angry because it wanted to make Sun Mo careless. He still felt the same way. When it was free, everyone in the Central Province Academy would have to die.

“Rest well for now, help me pull my carriage in the future!”

Sun Mo smiled. “Being able to become my ‘horse’ is simply your glory!”

“Why don’t you go and die?”

(No, I can’t endure it any longer. I really want to bite this fellow to death right now!)

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    《Absolute Great Teacher》