Absolute Great Teacher
670 Teacher Duan, Please Halt Your Steps!
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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670 Teacher Duan, Please Halt Your Steps!


AGT 670 – Teacher Duan, Please Halt Your Steps!

The scarab decided to temporarily bear with this. After its strength recovered, it would try to struggle free from the bindings of the contract again and kill everyone in this city, turning them into mummies and building a death spirit army. After that, it would lead them to conquer the world and return to Egypt.

In truth, compared to resentment and rage, it felt more of lingering fear and rejoicement.

It had been tens of thousands of years.

During this period, the beetle sculpture had landed in the hands of many people. Some knew its value and tried various ways to unravel it, but this would inevitably cause damage to the sculpture.

To the scarab, the sculpture was like a carrier body for it. If the sculpture was destroyed, it would die unless it signed a spiritual contract with a spiritual controller.

However, its original body was bound by a soul contract and that contract was a very high level. Those spiritual controllers that had obtained the sculpture basically had no way to resolve that contract. In fact, it would be extremely difficult even if they wanted to sense its soul.

Up until now, the scarab was close to despair and it finally met Sun Mo.

“As expected, I’m a divine beetle doted upon by the heavens.”

The scarab sighed ruefully and was filled with boundless anticipation for the future again. After eating this human and gaining its freedom back, it would be able to return home.

It had no idea how much its hometown had changed and what it looked like now!


When the scarab was plotting against Sun Mo, Sun Mo was also considering how to completely subdue it.

The art of spiritual control was simply so mysterious, terrifying, and dangerous. Yet, other people always felt that spiritual controllers were truly too cool when they summoned their spiritual beasts to fight in a battle.

This was because they had no idea that spiritual controllers had a possibility of suffering a backlash, in worse cases, the spiritual controllers might even turn into puppets of their spiritual beasts.

“I better be sure of what Old Beet’s capabilities are. It can be used to protect things and is the guardian of the pharaoh’s tomb. Hence, this fellow should be extremely powerful, right?

“Oh right, although this fellow isn’t able to bring out the gold and gems buried in the tomb, the precious ancient classics buried together with the pharaoh should have been read by it before, right? If it could give me a few saint-tier cultivation arts, I would have profited a lot.”

Just when Sun Mo was pondering, the match on the stage was decided.


Jin Mujie forced Duan Yingmei off the stage.

The students of the Central Province Academy immediately cheered. This was especially so for the guys. They were cheering exceptionally loudly.

The popularity of other teachers among guy students would always be inferior to Jin Mujie. This was the power of a slightly mature young woman.

Jin Mujie’s lessons had always been filled to the brim.

Even if the students didn’t understand her lesson, they would still be there for the lecture. This was especially so when they were mentally or physically fatigued. They felt that if they could lay their eyes on Teacher Jin and listen to her melodious voice, they would immediately feel much better.

“Thanks for letting me win!”

Jin Mujie clasped her fists.

“Cough! Cough!”

Duan Yingmei coughed up a mouthful of blood and had a gloomy look on her face. It wasn’t because she had lost the match. After all, victory and defeat were commonly seen during spars. Besides, Jin Mujie was also originally an extremely famous genius. It wasn’t embarrassing to lose to her.

Duan Yingmei was depressed because she had no way to break through her bottleneck. Her future growth would definitely be extremely slow.

It also meant that ten years later, the distance between her and Jin Mujie would be even greater.

“Could this be all I amount to in life?”

Duan Yingmei felt disappointed.

What was the most tragic thing in the world?

Was it being lazy and not working hard? Wasting one’s talent?

Nope, it was when one was clearly very industrious, yet because their aptitudes and opportunities weren’t enough, they had no way to reach the peak and couldn’t admire the beautiful scenery from the top.

“Teacher Duan...”

Headmaster Cao’s tone was relatively unhappy. “Why didn’t you try harder?”

“I’ve already done my best.”

Duan Yingmei shook her head. Even if she fought to the point where both were injured, she would be the one who lost. So why was there even a need to do so?

“Jin Mujie is indeed very powerful!”

“This can’t continue on. Although their relative strength is inferior to us, they have a few peak-level great teachers. If those great teachers are to fight, we won’t be able to gain an advantage.”

“Earlier, we should have set a restriction saying that each great teacher is only allowed to compete once!”

The great teachers of the Myriad Daos Academy realized this in hindsight and finally discovered the reason why they were suppressed.

“Sister Jin, beautifully done!”

An Xinhui flashed a thumbs-up and felt elated. At the same time, she heaved a sigh of relief silently.

If they compared their comprehensive strength, the Central Province Academy would be inferior to the Myriad Daos Academy. But now if they competed with their top-grade great teachers, they had a very good chance to win.

“My strategy was wrong!”

Cao Xian also discovered this problem. However, there was no solution for this. For these famous schools, in order to protect themselves, who would be willing to enter great teachers group battles casually? Hence, Cao Xian didn’t have any experience in this.

Just when Cao Xian was contemplating what he should do next, Sun Mo spoke.

“Teacher Duan, please halt your steps.”

Sun Mo stepped out from the crowd.

Duan Yingmei turned her head. “Teacher Sun, what can I do for you?”

A human’s name, a tree’s shadow. Duan Yingmei who was a 3-star great teacher might simply greet an ordinary 2-star great teacher, but her attitude would definitely be one of superiority. However, she didn’t dare to slight Sun Mo.

A two-time champion in addition to having God Hands, these facts were sufficient to win Duan Yingmei’s respect.

Naturally, she also felt a hint of good will toward him.

“This little fellow is truly very handsome.”

Because she wanted to develop her career, Duan Yingmei decided to ignore matters of marriage. Occasionally during the long dark night, she would also dream of having a pair of strong arms to hug her.


Favorable impression points from Duan Yingmei +10. Neutral (70/100).


Upon hearing the notification, Sun Mo’s line of thought was broken. He then glanced at Duan Yingmei with bewilderment.

(Do you have some nefarious thoughts toward me?)

(Sorry, you are not my type!)

Duan Yingmei’s appearance was about a 6/10, but according to Divine Sight, her thin lips and sharp chin were the characteristics of a white-collared lady who was proud and extremely suspicious.

To put it simply, just a normal conversation between her boyfriend and a female stranger would be suspected by her, and she would question her boyfriend for an hour.

(However, although your appearance and personality aren’t my type, I still have to recruit you because your potential value is extremely high.)

Moreover, when it came to teaching people, she was responsible and diligent and had her own views.

Such a teacher could be a part of the main force of a famous school.

“Teacher Sun?”

Sun Mo didn’t speak and this caused Duan Yingmei to frown slightly. She didn’t know what he was trying to do.

“Teacher Duan, when you cultivate recently, do you feel like there’s abundant spirit qi in you with nowhere to go?”

Sun Mo asked.


Duan Yingmei’s eyebrows twitched as she muttered, “How do you know this?”

(I heard you have God Hands, but you didn’t touch me before, right?)

(Could you know my situation just by taking a few glances at me?)

“In this recent half a year, do you feel that you have dry mouth and tongue and would suffer from insomnia often, but even so, you feel very energetic?”

Sun Mo asked again.


Just when Duan Yingmei nodded, she saw Cao Xian looking at her reproachfully. She started and understood the reason. Cao Xian must have thought that she had some contact with Sun Mo privately.

Otherwise, how could Sun Mo be familiar with her situation just by taking a few glances?

“Headmaster Cao, I didn’t do anything. Please don’t misunderstand!”

Duan Yingmei explained.

“Hehe, Teacher Duan must be joking. I have no qualifications to interfere in your decision to make friends.”

Headmaster Cao laughed but he was very angry in his heart. (Do you think I’m a fool? Sun Mo must have touched you before, right?)

When Duan Yingmei encountered her bottleneck and consulted Cao Xian back then, Cao Xian had no way to resolve it. Hence, when he saw the two of them now, he subconsciously felt that Duan Yingmei must have privately gone to seek God Hands. This was after all something very logical.

Duan Yingmei frowned, Cao Xian’s tone was very loathsome, but after thinking of the past where he had truly treated her pretty well, Duan Yingmei wanted to explain more to clear the air. But before she could speak, Sun Mo already did.

“Teacher Duan, the cultivation art you are practicing should be the Burning Moon Heart Sutra, right?”

As Sun Mo said this name, let alone Cao Xian, even if Duan Yingmei’s beloved dog was drowning right now, she wouldn’t care less.

“Teacher Sun, you have also cultivated the Burning Moon Heart Sutra before?”

Duan Yingmei asked and widened her eyes. One must know that this was a relatively rare cultivation art, and she had only obtained it in the past due to a series of lucky coincidences.

She had this level of accomplishment all because of this cultivation art.

“Mn, yes!”

Sun Mo nodded.

“Teacher Sun, if you have the time, do you mind if we have an exchange privately?”

Duan Yingmei had an excited look on her face. She didn’t feel jealousy because someone had something she possessed. On the contrary, she felt like sparring against Sun Mo.

“Teacher Duan!”

Cao Xian reminded her with a grumbling note in his voice. (Do you treat me as non-existent?) Duan Yingmei’s words clearly showed weakness and when the surrounding students heard this, they would feel as though a teacher from the Myriad Daos Academy was seeking guidance from Sun Mo.


Duan Yingmei also knew it wasn’t too appropriate, hence, she tactfully shut up. However, Sun Mo spoke again.

“Your Burning Moon Heart Sutra is fragmented. This is why you would feel a sensation of having abundant spirit qi but had no way to channel it out. If this persists for a long period of time, it might influence your body negatively.”

“Teacher Sun, please don’t speak frightening words to scare people!”

Cao Xian grew anxious.

Sun Mo ignored Cao Xian. He took a few steps forward and stood before Duan Yingmei. He then moved his head closer to her ears and whispered in a low voice, “Throughout this half a year, when your great aunt comes, she will release a large amount of blood, right?”

Duan Yingmei had a perplexed look on her face. (Who’s my great aunt? My great aunt is just an ordinary farmer, why would she bleed?)


Sun Mo felt a headache. He could only endure the embarrassment and added another sentence to explain.

This time around, Duan Yingmei’s countenance grew unsightly.

This was because Sun Mo was correct. This indicated that the cultivation art she trained in was a fragmented one.

“Teacher Sun, you...”

Duan Yingmei subconsciously wanted to ask how was the complete version of the Burning Moon Heart Sutra like. But as she opened her mouth, she didn’t know how to continue.

To her, the Burning Moon Heart Sutra would complete her. That was an extremely valuable peerless-grade heaven-tier cultivation art. If it was herself, there was no way she would easily impart it to others.

Just when Duan Yingmei was conflicted about what price she had to pay for this, Sun Mo once again got close and whispered in her ear.

The warmth of his breath fluttered her hair. It felt a little itchy, but there seemed to be a little deer galloping around randomly in her heart.

Very soon, all of Duan Yingmei’s focus was focused on Sun Mo’s soft whisper. Her body was even trembling due to agitation.

“What’s Teacher doing?”

Ying Baiwu frowned, she felt as though she was going to suffer a huge loss.

“Isn’t this clear? He’s using the pretty boy trap!”

Tantai Yutang chortled.


Lu Zhiruo was surprised.

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    《Absolute Great Teacher》