Absolute Great Teacher
672 100 Cultivation Arts in Continuous Display!
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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672 100 Cultivation Arts in Continuous Display!



“Congratulations on selflessly guiding Duan Yingmei and having imparted the complete version of the Burning Moon Heart Sutra to her, obtaining her admiration.”

“Your conduct meets the requirement of a great teacher feat. You are hereby awarded 1x great teacher emblem and 1x mysterious treasure chest!”

The system congratulated Sun Mo.


Sun Mo was happy and whistled lightly.

This vote was absolutely worth it.

Honestly speaking, let alone the fact that Sun Mo wouldn’t learn the Burning Moon Heart Sutra, he wouldn’t even choose to teach this to his personal students. There was only one reason for this and that was because the level of this cultivation art was too low. He didn’t look up to it.

On a rough estimate, Sun Mo already possessed seven saint-tier cultivation arts and they were all at the peerless grade. Hence, even if he couldn’t obtain any cultivation art as a reward from the system anymore, Sun Mo had no fear either.

He had Immemorial Vairocana. If he used it against an opponent, he would be able to ‘hit’ all their ultimate cultivation arts out.

By thinking like this, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to describe Immemorial Vairocana as a divine art.

“My buddha, I’m so strong. What a sin, what a sin!”

Sun Mo humbly spoke, but his body trembled even more intensely due to his excitement.


Sun Mo called out.


The papaya girl immediately tossed away the melon skin in her hands and jogged over. She lifted her head and stared at Sun Mo, as obedient as a little puppy.

Sun Mo stretched out his hand and touched Lu Zhiruo’s head.

He didn’t stroke it too many or too little time. He stopped at ‘eight’ and hoped for extreme luck as the word ‘eight’ sounded like ‘wealth’.


Sun Mo instructed.

The thick purple qi surrounding the mysterious treasure chest faded as a clicking sound rang out. When the light faded, a large bookshelf made of wood appeared in his vision.

The bookshelf was stuffed full of books.

“It can’t be, right? Am I going to strike it rich?”

Sun Mo was agitated.


“Congratulations on obtaining 100 types of peerless-grade earth-tier cultivation arts. Proficiency level: Grandmaster!”

Upon hearing the congratulations, Sun Mo’s face turned black as he involuntarily roared out in his heart.

“System, are you pranking me?”

“Why do you say so?” the system counter-asked.

“What’s the use of earth-tier cultivation arts? I would find them filthy even if I had to wipe my butt with them!”

Sun Mo suddenly had the feeling of joy turning into sorrow. Even if he mastered 1,000 types of earth-tier cultivation arts, he wouldn’t grow stronger because they were too weak.

“In this world, there are no powerful cultivation arts, only powerful individuals!”

The system sincerely guided like a sage that had experienced the tempering of the world. “Even for a lever, if it was placed in the correct position, it could lift the world!”

“Stop force-feeding me chicken soup. How thick and long must the lever be if it’s able to lift the world? Although my science knowledge isn’t good, I can tell that this chicken soup you are feeding me is bullshit.”

Sun Mo rolled his eyes.

“Can you chat properly or not?”

The system was unhappy.

“I want to change my reward!”

Sun Mo gestured with a middle finger.

“Impossible. If you don’t want them, I will just take them back.”

The system’s stance was very unyielding.

“I want them!”

Sun Mo nodded.

“Alright, I will take them bac...Wait, what did you say?”

The system was astonished.

“I said I want them!”

Sun Mo sighed. Although the system’s ‘guidance’ wasn’t correct, there would be no disadvantage in knowing many cultivation arts. Besides, these 100 types of earth-tier cultivation arts were at the grandmaster-grade.

“Are you retarded? What’s the point of earth-tier cultivation arts? Even if you placed them in a public store for free, not even fools would fall for them.”

The system was speechless.

The truth was as such. Even a freshman who had just joined a school would look for a heaven-tier cultivation art when they entered the library.

If it wasn’t for the fact that they had no choice, no one would be willing to learn earth-tier cultivation arts.

“One cannot speak about winter to bugs that can only live in summer!”

Sun Mo was too lazy to explain.

He also had no idea what was the point of having so many cultivation arts. Hence, he simply treated them as doing many sets of test questions before an actual examination. There would surely be no disadvantage and he might even benefit from them.

The system actually grew silent after Sun Mo rebutted it.

Although Sun Mo had a toxic tongue, he had good judgment and was very pragmatic when it came to actual actions. He would grab all opportunities to upgrade himself.

He was different from the past hosts who wouldn’t be bothered to train in anything other than peerless saint-tier cultivation arts.

“Quickly, I want to learn them all. I still have to go and teach that Bai Qilin a lesson!”

Sun Mo urged.


In Sun Mo’s vision, that wooden bookshelf was crushed and became sawdust, but the books didn’t land on the floor. It was as though they grew wings and flew into the air row by row, forming a spiral with Sun Mo at the center.

After that, they shattered one by one and became motes of light that shot into Sun Mo’s glabella. This process was repeated thrice.

As a result, Sun Mo’s brain felt as though it had been overturned. He felt a swelling pain. This feeling was as though he was transformed into a pig and someone stuffed a water pump into his mouth, continuously pumping water into it.


Sun Mo cursed. The knowledge quantity of 100 cultivation arts was simply too much.

Actually, if he thought about it carefully, these 100 cultivation arts were all at the grandmaster-grade. Other than their content, they also included a large amount of cultivation experiences.

Even if they were given to a genius to train in, the genius would need three years of training to reach the grandmaster-grade for just one cultivation art.

One could say that Sun Mo instantly obtained a few hundred years’ worth of precious cultivation experience at the grandmaster-grade.

“Eh? Why did Teacher’s aura grow stronger again? He didn’t do anything though.”

Lu Zhiruo scratched her head with a look of puzzlement on her face.

“Teacher Sun, are you ready?”

Bai Qilin was growing impatient.

“Teacher Bai, he is trying to wage a psychological battle!”

Cao Xian reminded him. “Don’t be careless!”

Bai Qilin’s expression immediately turned solemn. (So this is the case, I’ve underestimated him too much. Before the battle started, he was already ‘attacking’ while I’m still ignorant.)

“Mn, the 2-time champion truly lived up to his reputation!”

As Bai Qilin felt admiration, he also became more cautious and didn’t dare to act rashly.


Favorable impression points from Bai Qilin +10. Neutral (90/100).

Sun Mo had a surprised look on his face since he suddenly received the favorable impression points. (Are you actually one of my fans? Are you challenging me just to get me to notice you?)

(But sorry, I don’t like guys!)

(If there are more hot babes like Gu Xiuxun, I don’t mind having more of them as my fans.)

When Sun Mo and Bai Qilin went up the stage, the entire battle dojo fell silent as the gazes of everyone turned to Sun Mo. They wanted to personally see his strength for themselves.

According to Bai Qilin’s original plan, he wanted to take the initiative to attack so he wouldn’t lose in terms of momentum. If he could defeat Sun Mo in a single breath, that would be for the best.

However, after that scene earlier, Bai Qilin decided to be cautious instead. Hence, he adopted a defensive posture.


Upon seeing this scene, many people directly started jeering.

“Who’s this? He is so easily scared!”

“You actually dared to call yourself Qilin*?”

“You might as well call yourself ‘Bai Terrified Worm’!”

When Bai Qilin heard these comments, his face flushed. Just when he didn’t know what to do, he heard Sun Mo’s praise.

“Teacher Bai is actually able to remain calm in the face of all these external disturbances. This heart state is truly impressive!”

Sun Mo clasped his fists.


Bai Qilin started. After that, his lips curled into a smile. “Teacher Sun, you are praising me too much!”

“This idiot!”

Cao Xian was almost angered to death. It was unknown how many geniuses Sun Mo had crushed to become the champion. (Why are you acting so pleased from his praise? He’s just saying that because he doesn’t want you to take the initiative to attack.)

“Should we remind him?”

Even Cao Xian’s assistant could tell Sun Mo’s intent.

“What do you think?”

Cao Xian turned his head and glared at his assistant. If they reminded Bai Qilin at such a time, even if they won, it would be a cause for gossip.

“Teacher Bai, I won’t be polite then!”

After Sun Mo spoke, he pulled out his wooden blade and rushed at Bai Qilin.

Cao Xian had guessed it correctly.

After Sun Mo looked through Bai Qilin’s data, he set his heart at ease. Bai Qilin’s potential value was high and was currently at the fourth level of the divine force realm, a little weaker than himself. Hence, Sun Mo immediately had an idea. He wanted to use this fellow to temper the 100 cultivation arts he had just obtained.

Bluntly speaking, he was going to treat Bai Qilin as a punching bag!

Fishes Swimming in the Sea!

Sun Mo’s figure flashed and appeared before Bai Qilin. His wooden blade swung upward from down below in a beautiful arc.


The wooden blade vibrated, emitting sounds like the cries of insects.

This was a confusion attack. It made use of sound waves to disrupt the enemy’s judgment. After that, Sun Mo’s blade pierced forth.

Chi! Chi! Chi!

The air emitted sounds of ripping.

Bai Qilin’s expression grew heavy and he focused his all on defense. However, why did he feel something was wrong? He wasn’t able to tell what was off exactly.




The students of the Central Province Academy cheered loudly. As expected of Teacher Sun, his moves were as smooth as flowing water.

Yet, all the great teachers were stunned by Sun Mo’s performance. (I thought Sun Mo knows peerless-grade saint-tier cultivation arts? Why doesn’t he use them? What’s the point of using these low-level cultivation arts?)

(Is he looking down on Bai Qilin?)

“There might be some things we are not aware of?”

Gu Xiuxun tried to guess.

The battle continued. Bai Qilin focused on defense, but he gradually discovered a problem. The might produced by Sun Mo’s attacks was so weak.

After all, ultimate skills from low-level cultivation arts definitely wouldn’t contain a high-enough destructive power compared to ordinary moves from a saint-tier cultivation art.

“Wait a minute, his movement art seems to be the Fishes Swimming in the Sea? I’ve learned that before. Why would Teacher Sun use it?”

Finally, some higher-year students discovered the problem.

“That is the Wormshock Sword Art, right?”

“And that’s the Gorgeous Sun Saber Art!”

“Damn, I recognize this. That’s the Great Monument Hand. I’ve practiced this tens of times a day. Why would Teacher Sun use such rubbish cultivation arts?”

The students started quarreling with looks of surprise on their faces.

“Sun Mo, are you looking down on me?”

Bai Qilin was infuriated, feeling that Sun Mo was humiliating him.

“There are no rubbish cultivation arts in the world, only rubbish cultivators. Teacher Bai, why don’t you speak again after receiving my attacks?”

Sun Mo continued attacking quicker and quicker.

Many people couldn’t understand what they were seeing, but the system was completely stunned.

Although the proficiency level of these cultivation arts was at the grandmaster grade, that was based on each individual art. What was Sun Mo doing now?

He was displaying moves according to the battle situation and sometimes, they originated from completely different cultivation arts.

To give an example, using a single cultivation art was like simple addition and deduction in mathematics. Using many cultivation arts at the same time was akin to doing elementary arithmetic with all sorts of parentheses in the question.


Bai Qilin retaliated, but he was suppressed again in an instant.

Sun Mo wasn’t using his cultivation base to bully him. Rather, he was using the many changes produced from chaining the different cultivation arts together to do so.

“Teacher Sun could train these earth-level cultivation arts to such a godly stage. This is truly...”

Wang Su was dumbfounded.

As a 4-star great teacher, he could understand Sun Mo’s might.

The more cultivation arts you knew, the more choices you would have when you were facing an enemy’s attack. It was like a grandmaster chess player who had simply read too many chess manuals. No matter what moves you made, the grandmaster would definitely be able to find the most accurate response.

At this instant, Sun Mo’s image in Wang Su’s heart became incomparably mighty.

[1] Qilin is the name of a divine beast in chinese mythology, commonly also known as kirin/kylin

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    《Absolute Great Teacher》