Absolute Great Teacher
673 Is There Anyone Else Who Still Wants To Spar?
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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673 Is There Anyone Else Who Still Wants To Spar?


Helian Beifang stood alone at the northern uppermost row of the battle dojo’s spectator stands. He leaned forward and stared at Sun Mo as his eyes glowed.

As someone from the barbarian tribe, Helian Beifang deeply believed that martial force was the most supreme one. Earlier, those teachers competed in what? Spiritual runes, alchemy? He completely couldn’t understand them. But now that the two teachers were in combat, he was excited.

That Bai Qilin wasn’t weak, but he was completely suppressed by Sun Mo.

It was one thing if he was suppressed by some powerful cultivation art. However, the cultivation arts Sun Mo was using could all be found for sale at the roadside stalls.

Yes, many high-year students might not recognize the cultivation arts Sun Mo was using, but all of them could tell that the amount of might produced wasn’t strong.

The students whispered to each other while the great teachers were silent, fully focused on the combat.

To put it more accurately, they were completely focused on each of Sun Mo’s moves.

“Headmaster, we’ve blundered!”

The assistant smiled bitterly while he sighed in his heart. After that, he trembled in shock. If his words were heard by the headmaster, he would definitely be punished.

The assistant’s heart trembled as he sneaked a glance at Cao Xian. Cao Xian was biting his lips and seemed to be enraged as he looked at Sun Mo.

(Why are you so strong?)

Cao Xian basically didn’t hear what the assistant said. His mind was engulfed in envy.


Truly too impressive!

The great teachers who came with Cao Xian were the main force of the Myriad Daos Academy. They naturally could tell how impressive Sun Mo was.

“That move is the Sanskrit Palm. Although its level isn’t high, it’s from the Lanruo Temple. Other than those bald donkeys, no one else is qualified enough to learn it. How did Sun Mo learn it?

A middle-aged female great teacher marveled.

That female teacher clearly had a grudge against a monk from the Lanruo Temple. If not, she wouldn’t have addressed the monks there as bald donkeys.

But today, everyone was in no mood to gossip because Sun Mo’s performance was too dazzling.

“Hey, look quickly. He changed his moves again. How many types of cultivation art has he displayed now?”

“Who knows?”

The great teachers of the Myriad Daos Academy discussed and looked at a great teacher with a head full of white hair. He was a learned individual and was familiar with many cultivation arts.

“In any case, I can recognize 27 types. In truth, the actual number should be more than what I can recognize.”

Tang Wenguang stroked his beard and had a look of admiration on his face. He was familiar with many cultivation arts and trained in them before, but he wasn’t proficient in everything. Hence, when he saw Sun Mo’s performance now, he was so shocked.


Bai Qilin was crushed so badly that he was depressed. He wanted to retaliate but basically wasn’t able to find a chance. Sun Mo’s continuous attacks were like the ocean tides coming one after another in unstoppable waves.

Gradually, Bai Qilin felt a sense of helplessness. Sun Mo was like an unconquerable mountain.

“Why are they not talking anymore?”

Lu Zhiruo glanced at the surroundings, “I suddenly feel the atmosphere is very heavy!”

“Quiet and pay attention to Teacher’s fight!”

Li Ziqi reminded her.

“A fight actually ended up as some education material. Only Teacher can pull this off.”

Tantai Yutang sighed ruefully. This teacher of his was truly extremely strong.

The things that everyone saw when they looked at Sun Mo were all different. Sun Mo was sufficiently outstanding and any of his aspects were worthy enough for others to learn.

For example, Qin Yaoguang admired Sun Mo for his instantaneous judgment ability.

He could predict his opponent’s moves and think of how to counter them. In order to pull this off in a real fight, one also needed accuracy, decisiveness, and enough power to execute them...

“Battle God!”

Qin Yaoguang felt that it was a waste for Sun Mo to be a teacher. If he fully focused in combat, he wouldn’t definitely become the undefeated Battle God.

As the fight continued, some students who were quite powerful also managed to see some things.


Sun Mo took a step and lunged forward. His wooden sword lifted up in a slant, aiming for Bai Qilin’s head. This move exuded an aura that spoke of relentlessly advancing forth with courage.


Bai Qilin saw Sun Mo rushing to the very front, and he immediately took the chance to attack. But the moment he unleashed his move, Sun Mo changed his. With a spin, the wooden blade arced through the air and rapidly smashed into the back of Bai Qilin’s head.


Bai Qilin stumbled. Feeling some fear in his heart, he automatically prepared to defend against Sun Mo’s continuous attacks. However, Sun Mo didn’t pursue him.

“That Point to the Moon and Seize the Stars is marvelously used!”

A short-haired male student praised loudly.

“What’s going on! Quickly explain!”

A student at the side who was completely clueless hurriedly asked.

“That diversion move is an ultimate skill!”

The short-haired student explained, “Don’t think too much because its name sounds awesome. In actuality, it’s just a peerless earth-tier cultivation art.

“Usually speaking, Point to the Moon and Seize the Stars is a trump card. One would use it only when there was an absolute chance to kill. However, Teacher Sun used that to swindle his opponent and chained it with an ordinary attack to continue with his rampage.

“Being able to use earth-tier cultivation arts to such an extent...Teacher Sun truly lives up to his reputation!”

In Sun Mo’s hands, all sorts of various moves from different cultivation arts were unleashed. Even if they were ordinary attacks, they possessed the ability to kill.

All the students finally understood, but they soon grew depressed.

“Even if we know these skills, we have no way to use them in actual combat, right? A mistake would cost us our lives.”

Unless one was incomparably familiar with each move from the different cultivation arts and had an exceptionally accurate grasp on the situation, it would be too risky to imitate what Sun Mo was doing.

The battle strategy might be the same, but if a different person was using it, it might no longer be as effective.

On the stage, Bai Qilin was so depressed that he wanted to cough up blood. He knew he wasn’t Sun Mo’s match, but he was also reluctant to admit defeat. What if Sun Mo revealed a flaw after this?

However, ten minutes later, Sun Mo still controlled the fight completely.

“Enough. Bai Qilin, just concede!”

Cao Xian truly couldn’t bear to watch anymore as the scene was too eye-piercing. Sun Mo actually transformed a fight into an educational battle.


He had had very high regards for Bai Qilin and wanted to nurture him. But now, his heart suddenly turned cold.


Huge waves of fury rose in Bai Qilin’s heart when he heard the stark disappointment in Headmaster Cao’s voice. He roared in rage and lunged toward Sun Mo.

(I would rather be defeated than concede.)

(Receive my ultimate skill!)


Sadly, Sun Mo’s wooden blade had pierced forth with sudden momentum, stabbing into his glabella.


Bai Qilin stumbled backward and rolled off the stage.

His posture was so ‘handsome’ that one could give him 10 out of 10 points.

“Thanks for letting me win!”

Sun Mo clasped his fist.

In the battle dojo, after a few seconds of silence, thunderous applause suddenly rang out.

The Central Province Academy’s trump card was truly terrifying to the extreme!


“Congratulations on obtaining a total of 19,200 favorable impression points. Please continue to work hard.”

Sun Mo then turned and looked at Cao Xian. He spoke, “Is there anyone else who still wants to spar?”

All the great teachers circle of the Myriad Daos Academy fell silent.

Cao Xian sank into conflict. (Should I unleash my trump card now or wait a little longer? But if I waste it on Sun Mo, wouldn’t it be a little too extravagant?)

(At that time, how would I settle An Xinhui?)

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    《Absolute Great Teacher》