Absolute Great Teacher
674 Consider It My Loss if I Don’t Poach Everyone From the Myriad Daos Academy Today!
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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674 Consider It My Loss if I Don’t Poach Everyone From the Myriad Daos Academy Today!

Seeing not a single person replying when Sun Mo challenged them, the students of the Central Province Academy let out a heaven-shaking cheer once again.

“Teacher Sun, impressive!”

An Xinhui was very satisfied with this effect. She also no longer spoke and silently waited for Cao Xian’s response.

Cao Xian turned his head, yet he discovered everyone was avoiding his gaze.

There was no solution to this!

The great teachers of the Myriad Daos Academy felt as though it was hard to dismount because they rode on a tiger. After all, they had been famous for a long time and they were older than Sun Mo.

If they had an exchange with Sun Mo, they would be embarrassed if they lost. Also, the occupation of a great teacher was something that required prestige and reputation. Hence, everyone would naturally cherish their reputation a lot.

“There’s actually no one willing to step out to share the worry with me?”

Cao Xian felt depressed, but he understood everyone’s concern.

If he wanted to complain, he could only complain about the fact that Sun Mo was too strong.

“Let me do it!”

Tang Wenguang couldn’t bear to see his old friend suffering such a disadvantage. Hence, he stepped out and walked toward the stage.


Cao Xian didn’t call out ‘Teacher Tang’ but directly called out his name ‘Wenguang’.

Because the two of them were already acquainted with each other twenty years ago, Tang Wenguang could be considered Cao Xian’s right arm, supporting Cao Xian in leading the Myriad Daos Academy.

As expected, at this moment, only old friends were dependable.

“If Teacher Tang acts, he will definitely be able to suppress Sun Mo.”

Everyone heaved a sigh of relief.

Tang Wenguang was a 4-star great teacher and proficient in a broad array of knowledge. One could say that he was like a textbook.

“Teacher Sun, I’m Tang Wenguang!”

Tang Wenguang clasped his hands. His attitude was amiable.

Speaking of which, Tang Wenguang wasn’t someone who sought fame and power. He preferred spending his time in research. But since his old friend was met with difficulty, he naturally had to help him out.

“Teacher Tang!”

Sun Mo clasped his hands.

“Teacher Sun, be careful. He is very powerful!”

Wang Su reminded him, deeply afraid that Sun Mo might suffer a disadvantage due to a moment of carelessness.

An Xinhui cast a glance at Wang Su. (Why are you so concerned about him?)

(That’s my fiance, alright?)

Although she was joking, An Xinhui felt full of pride in her heart. Wang Su was famous for his arrogance and ego. The number of people who could be admired by him didn’t exceed the fingers on one hand.

“Many thanks for Teacher Wang’s warning.”

Sun Mo nodded. When he looked at Tang Wenguang again, he activated his Divine Sight.

Longevity Realm!

He was proficient in learning and research.

Sun Mo continued reading and soon saw a note written in red.

‘Due to his aptitude, his future accomplishments are limited to 5-star. In addition, he is greatly insufficient when it comes to teaching geniuses. However, when educating ordinary students, he is highly experienced and will have great accomplishments.’

Sun Mo contemplated a little and understood the meaning of the note.

Tang Wenguang wasn’t able to teach geniuses well and had no way to excavate their limits and potential. But when teaching ordinary students, he had loads of experience.

Bluntly speaking, he was suited to instruct the young. The wealth of knowledge possessed by him was more than capable of helping students build a solid and sturdy foundation.

Note: This great teacher has learned many cultivation arts, a total of 52 of them.

Many types of cultivation arts will flow in different pathways when one circulates the spirit qi in their bodies. Hence, Tang Wenguang’s energy channels already can’t bear any heavy loads.

“System, you swindled me!”

After seeing this, Sun Mo immediately cursed out loud in his heart. (Damn, I’ve cultivated 100 types of earth-tier cultivation arts. In that case, how badly damaged must my energy channels be?)

One should cultivate correctly instead of working hard assiduously in the wrong manner. Maintaining one’s body was naturally a priority.

For example, soccer players. Why were their knees and ankles frequently injured?

Because they used them a lot, and the burden they bore was very heavy!

“Where’s your ancient massaging technique? Did it go to the dogs?”

The system shot back. “Besides, you didn’t cultivate each of them from zero. Hence, the damage to your body wouldn’t be severe.”

“Understood, you can go and rest!”

Sun Mo pondered. He was wondering whether he could use this chance to poach Tang Wenguang over.

“Teacher Sun, let us just spar using the moves and not channel any spirit qi. What do you think?”

Tang Wenguang suggested. If they used spirit qi, he would be able to use his cultivation base to directly overpower Sun Mo.


Sun Mo had anticipated that this would be the case. Otherwise, this wouldn’t be considered an exchange any longer.

“Teacher Sun, please!”

As Tang Wenguang spoke, his right hand moved and opened a large folding fan. The front part had the word ‘Subservient’ while the back part had ‘To Culture’.


Sun Mo didn’t know what to say. He didn’t expect that this old man would actually be outwardly cold but inwardly deep and passionate.

Helian Beifang wanted to admire Sun Mo’s skills at a nearer distance, but after he walked a few meters forward, the surrounding students covered their noses and complained about the smell as they cast looks of disdain over.

How smelly!

The barbarian youth’s expression froze and he retreated again.

As an elder, Tang Wenguang naturally had to have the flair of one. Hence, he allowed Sun Mo to attack first.

Sun Mo also wasn’t polite. He executed the Wind King Divine Steps and his movements became like instant teleportations. He directly appeared in front of Tang Wenguang and unleashed a flurry of attacks with his wooden blade.

Eighteen Words Order!


Tang Wenguang, who was originally composed, suddenly almost cursed out loud. Was this fellow a ghost? (How did he suddenly appear before me with a woosh? This cultivation art is impressive. Even if it isn’t at the saint-tier, it’s at least a peerless-grade heaven-tier one.)

But very soon later, Tang Wenguang had no mood to think about this because Sun Mo’s attacks were very ferocious, and each move he used was godly in terms of his mastery.

If he was the slightest bit careless, he might actually screw up.

West River Moon, Broad Cold Autumn, Late Fragrance!

Sun Mo unleashed a volley of strikes. His wooden blade slashed up and down, occasionally fluttering to the side like a butterfly or being as mean as a bee. Not only was his might tyrannical, but all his moves looked extremely gorgeous.

Tang Wenguang waved his fan and was completely focused on defense. His eyes were completely fixed on Sun Mo’s every action. He was deeply afraid to miss anything.



Tang Wenguang grew more excited the more he looked. In fact, he even felt a little like scratching his head as he impatiently wanted Sun Mo to unleash his moves quicker.


After seeing this scene, Cao Xian silently cursed. His old friend’s ‘sickness’ was happening again.

Cao Xian knew that Tang Wenguang wasn’t into delicious food or beautiful women. The only hobby he had was to flip through and do research on various martial arts because he wanted to create a saint-tier cultivation art himself.

Hence, when he saw Sun Mo’s profound and wondrous moves, he felt like a reader who had just found a novel that matched their taste completely. He was also like a car fanatic who had just seen their dream race car.

Such joy was from the bottom of his heart.

“Wenguang, this is a battle!”

Cao Xian couldn’t help but roar.


Tang Wenguang started. After that, he came to his senses. “Oh, I know!”

(You know shit! Even your drool is almost seeping out.)

Cao Xian felt embarrassed to scold his friend and he could only curse silently. However, Sun Mo’s moves were truly wondrous and profound.

His wooden blade arced through the air and slashed into Tang Wenguang. It looked like a swallow swiftly flying past the skyline. There was no trace of it, but when it entered one’s vision, one would feel the great elegance of a beautiful move.

Pak, pak, pak!

Sun Mo started to unleash another rapid volley of strikes at Tang Wenguang.


Gradually, Tang Wenguang felt somewhat bewildered. Why was it that other than pain, there was also a feeling of comfort? Although he didn’t know why, Tang Wenguang liked this feeling very much.

Hence, for some attacks that didn’t look that powerful, Tang Wenguang would take the initiative to use his body to block the hit.


Sun Mo was speechless. (Are you a masochist?) However, this scene also made him feel certain that his method was effective. Hence, he tried even harder.

Dotting Crimson Lip, Crows Crying at Night, Colors of Autumn!

Sun Mo directly unleashed a seven-strike combo and hit the various major acupoints on Tang Wenguang’s chest.

“Doesn’t this scene look like that old teacher is getting suppressed? But why is there still a smile on his face?”

“Maybe he likes to be beaten up?”

“Speaking of which, Teacher Sun’s attacks are truly gorgeous and magnificent!”

The students discussed. After that, someone pointed in a direction. “Look! Those people are the personal students of Teacher Sun!”

Lu Zhiruo who was currently munching on a melon pricked her ears and suddenly tossed away the melon in her hand. She used the back of her hand to wipe her mouth and immediately sat upright and attentively.

“Someone noticed us. We must not lose face for Teacher!”

The papaya girl reminded in a low voice.

Cao Xian’s forehead was dotted with sweat due to his anxiousness. He couldn’t help but pinch his assistant.


His assistant started but soon understood. He then shouted loudly toward the stage. “Teacher Tang, you are fighting for the honor of the Myriad Daos Academy!”

(As expected, I’m the one doing all the dirty deeds.)

“I know!”

Tang Wenguang felt annoyed due to his mood being disrupted. After he berated, he suddenly struck out with his palm.

This strike contained his full strength.

However, Sun Mo didn’t dodge. He struck out with his right palm.

Dharma Shocking the Sky.


The mighty palm force of Tang Wenguang blasted Sun Mo back several meters. As for himself, he stayed in his original spot and merely trembled from the impact.

After seeing Tang Wenguang finally unleash a fascinating strike, the great teachers of the Myriad Daos Academy immediately started cheering.


“Beautifully executed!”

“Teacher Tang, we are cheering for you!”

Cao Xian also clenched his fist in agitation as he waved his arm. “Wenguang, finish it!”

Tang Wenguang lowered his head and stared at his palm that had collided with Sun Mo’s right hand. A sour numbing feeling then circulated over. After that, he glanced at Cao Xian and hesitated but eventually sighed and clasped his hands toward Sun Mo.

“It’s my loss!”

As this sentence was spoken, everyone was shocked. Even Cao Xian was enraged.

“Wenguang, have you gone crazy?”

A golden light shone from Tang Wenguang’s body. After activating Lingering Sound, he explained, “In this exchange, all I’m thinking of is how to win, yet Teacher Sun is actually thinking of how to help me recover from my old injuries.”

“What does he mean?”

The great teachers were clueless.

“Due to me cultivating many cultivation arts, my energy channels are all damaged. Hence, I will forever be stuck at the Longevity Realm in my entire life.

“However, when we fought earlier, Teacher Sun actually used his wooden blade to treat the damage to my energy channels. That’s right, all his combo not only didn’t hurt me, but they actually allowed me to grow stronger!

“For that final palm strike, if it wasn’t for the fact that Teacher Sun was treating me, he definitely wouldn’t have been blasted backward by the impact.

“Tell me then. If we continue fighting and even if I win, what’s the meaning to it? Besides, Teacher Sun’s cultivation art is so wondrous and profound. I also cannot be certain of my victory.”

Tang Wenguang explained. After that, he sighed ruefully.

“I admit that I’m inferior when compared to Teacher Sun’s character!”

“I’ve lost this round!”


Favorable impression points from Tang Wenguang +1,000. Respect (1,100/10,000).

Sun Mo smiled lightly and retracted his blade. As expected, he didn’t misjudge Tang Wenguang. Tang Wenguang’s character was also trustworthy.

However, even if Tang Wenguang didn’t appreciate the favor, Sun Mo wouldn’t have minded that as well. As long as he possessed the ancient massaging technique, he had the method to make Tang Wenguang kneel and call him daddy.

Right now, there were close to 20,000 people gathered in the battle dojo. After hearing what Tang Wenguang said, all of them had stunned looks on their faces. Only after they came back to their senses did they suddenly begin to exclaim in shock.

Sun Mo actually ‘convinced’ a 4-star great teacher through a ‘beating’?

Also, the other party was Headmaster Cao’s right arm!

How impressive was this?

One must know that the majority of great teachers wanted face and wouldn’t easily admit that others were stronger than them.

A few seconds later, thunderous applause resounded throughout the entire battle dojo once again.


Due to being too infuriated, Cao Xian bent his finger so hard that he snapped the index finger on his left hand.

(Who said that old friends are the most dependable?)

(Why the hell did you concede directly?)

(Do you know what your identity is?)

(The moment you conceded, the amount of negative influence would be too overwhelming.)

Lu Zhiruo smiled while she boasted, “I feel that Teacher is already invincible in the world!”

“You only know that now?”

Ying Baiwu rolled her eyes. Wasn’t this obvious?

“Sadly, my aunt isn’t here!”

Li Ziqi felt regretful. She should let her aunt see how strong her teacher was. After that, her aunt would definitely approve of him.

“Teacher Sun, t…this…”

Wang Su was stunned. There was a look of joy on his face and he didn’t even know how to praise Sun Mo anymore.

He had thought that Sun Mo would use a magnificent peerless saint-tier cultivation art to win against Tang Wenguang. However, he didn’t expect that Sun Mo would use such an unexpected battle strategy.

“Teacher Sun’s magnanimity is something all of us should learn from!”

Jin Mujie praised.


Wang Su nodded. Sun Mo definitely didn’t want any returns despite helping Tang Wenguang.

Speaking of magnanimity, Sun Mo was so high up that one couldn’t see him anymore.

During that fight, one thought about winning, while the other thought about treating your injuries. This level was simply worlds apart. As long as the great teacher had a little self-respect and discovered that their injuries became better, they would definitely not fight against Sun Mo anymore.


“Congratulations, you’ve obtained a total of 25,001 favorable impression points. Please continue to work hard!”

Sun Mo was very satisfied. (I have definitely broken the record for the number of favorable impression points received in a day!)

“Teacher Sun!”

Tang Wenguang didn’t walk down the stage.

“Teacher Tang, how can I help you?”

Sun Mo smiled widely, revealing his pearly whites. He was refined and cultured while exuding charm. He was like the gentle sunlight in spring, and his appearance immediately caused the hearts of many young female students to thump in excitement.

“Even if I can’t learn anything when I take Sun Mo as my personal teacher, it’s already enough to look at him every day.”

A female student covered her chest and felt the impulse to take Sun Mo as her personal teacher.

“Teacher Sun. I, Tang Wenguang, would never take advantage of someone’s kindness. Now that I received such great kindness from you, I don’t feel good to simply accept it for free. I wonder if Teacher Sun has any requests? You can feel free to speak and I will definitely do my best to satisfy you.”

Tang Wenguang sincerely asked.

Honestly speaking, he had a little motive. Sun Mo’s God Hands was so great. Although he was a 4-star great teacher, it probably wouldn’t be easy if he wanted to experience it. Hence, he might as well use this chance to improve his relationship with Sun Mo.

In the future, even if he didn’t require God Hands for help, who knew if his children, grandchildren, or his personal students might need Sun Mo’s help?

When one grew older, they would surely be concerned for their juniors.

“Teacher Tang is too polite. I didn’t expect any reward when I helped you. I only don’t want to see a 4-star great teacher being halted on his path of advancement. After all, the longer you stay healthy, the more students you will be able to educate.”

Sun Mo bowed. “I’ve long since heard of your greatness and have always wanted to pay you a visit. It was just that I’m worried my sudden visit might seem too abrupt.”

(It’s here, the main plot of the play is here. What I’m waiting for is that single sentence from you.)

(Consider it my loss if I don’t poach everyone from the Myriad Daos Academy today!)
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