Absolute Great Teacher
675 You Are Making Things Difficult for Me, Right?
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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675 You Are Making Things Difficult for Me, Right?



Li Ziqi couldn’t help but laugh.

“What’s wrong?”

The papaya girl didn’t understand. Was there anything funny to laugh about?

“Teacher is playing a trick – loosening the reins only to grasp them better!”

Li Ziqi knew that Tang Wenguang was like a fish being harpooned. There was no way he could escape now.



Cao Xian cursed. He suddenly felt a little alarmed. Could this rascal Sun Mo be wanting to poach Tang Wenguang?

(Hehe, be calm!)

If Sun Mo asked, he would definitely be embarrassed. After all, Tang Wenguang was his old friend of 20 years. A relationship was worth more than gold!

“Hehe, why the rush? If Teacher Sun doesn’t mind it, how about allowing me to address you as ‘little friend’?”

When Tang Wenguang heard this, he was bursting with joy.

As a 4-star great teacher, Tang Wenguang had heard many praises and fawning attempts before and was used to it. However, this time was different. The person praising him was God Hands.

If this news were to spread, he would definitely feel very glorious.

“Teacher Tang must be joking. If I can become friends with Teacher Tang, that will be my honor.”

Sun Mo maxed out his social interaction skills and after chatting for a bit, he pulled back to the main topic. “Since we are friends, there’s no need to mention anything about thanks.”

“How can this be?”

Tang Wenguang was someone who wanted face. The more Sun Mo acted like this, the more he would feel like he had to give something. Only then would it prove that he was truly sincere in making friends instead of having some other motives.

“Teacher Sun, just speak freely. If not, I would take it as you looking down on me!”

Sun Mo shook his head and didn’t speak.

At this moment, what he needed was support.

“Cough! Cough!”

An Xinhui deliberately coughed twice to clear her throat. Just when she wanted to speak, Li Ziqi who was beside her already spoke out.

“Teacher Tang, when I observed your battle, I discovered that you have an extremely sturdy foundation in basic skills. I wonder if you are willing to come to my school to teach some lessons for a while?”

Li Ziqi swiftly walked out from the crowd.

Sun Mo immediately cast a ‘nice assist!’ look at her.

(The little sunny egg is as expected of a cotton-padded jacket I hold close to me. She understands me!)


Tang Wenguang frowned.

“My teacher once said that if all the students wished to listen to the class of a great teacher, he would invite that great teacher over. Among the list of names, your name ranks at the very top. In fact, my teacher actually fretted and was anxious about this for a long while.”

Li Ziqi’s voice had a sincere pleading tone to it.

“Eh? Is that so?”

The papaya girl was astonished. (Why don’t I remember it?)


Ying Baiwu pulled Lu Zhiruo to the side. (You should stop adding to the chaos. Ziqi naturally knows how to coax someone. Only by describing Tang Wenguang to the extent where he’s someone lofty and unattainable would he feel that our Central Province Academy heavily values him.)

“Ziqi, don’t be rude!”

Sun Mo berated. “By doing this, you are making things difficult for Teacher Tang.”

Sun Mo revealed a look that indicated he was thinking on behalf of Tang Wenguang, causing Tang Wenguang to feel even more guilt and self-reproach. (He’s treating me so well but I...)

(If I didn’t head over to teach, wouldn’t I be worse than a beast?)

“Teacher Sun, I can understand your difficulty as well. How about this? I will go over to the Central Province Academy for three, no, five days every month to teach some lessons.”


Upon hearing Tang Wenguang’s words, the great teachers of the Myriad Daos Academy took in a gasp of cold air. Didn’t this count as a defection?

“Old Tang!”

Cao Xian shouted, his voice was trembling. He was like a wife that got abandoned by her husband.

“Headmaster Cao, I have to repay Sun Mo’s kindness to me!”

Tang Wenguang sighed. “Besides, I will only be teaching there for a few days per month. I’m still a teacher of the Myriad Daos Academy.”

Cao Xian was too familiar with Tang Wenguang. Upon hearing him addressing him as ‘Headmaster Cao’ instead of using his name, Cao Xian already knew that Tang Wenguang’s heart was already set on joining the Central Province Academy. (What do you mean by speaking there for five days per month?)

Given Sun Mo’s method, once Tang Wenguang went over, it would be as good as him joining them permanently.


(Where’s our twenty years of friendship? Where’s the saying that relationships are worth more than gold? Where’s the being dependable?)

(Was our friendship nothing but crap?)

From everyone’s point of view, they would feel that Tang Wenguang was convinced by Sun Mo’s charisma and talent.

Sun Mo knew that he mustn’t continue with this topic. Hence, he stared at the group of teachers from Myriad Daos Academy and challenged them again. “Next, who will be sparring against me?”

Cao Xian’s eyelids twitched. He was truly afraid of these words. It seemed like he better used his ultimate move now. But what should he use to handle An Xinhui?

However, he couldn’t care too much now or everyone in his great teacher circle would be poached by Sun Mo.

But before Cao Xian could do anything, a middle-aged female great teacher walked out from behind him. After a few steps, she leaped lightly and landed on the battle stage.

“Teacher Sun, I’m Zhang Hualian. I’m pleased to meet you!”

As the female teacher exchanged greetings with Sun Mo, Cao Xian’s countenance darkened.

(What is she trying to do?)

The other great teachers from the Myriad Daos Academy were clueless as well because Zhang Hualian was famous for being a hot-tempered person. If logic wasn’t on her side, she would scold everyone; if logic was on her side, she would want to fight everyone.

For each lesson, if Zhang Hualian didn’t scold anyone, that would be considered major news. Yet now, she was so polite when she greeted Sun Mo, resembling an unmarried daughter of a noble house.

“It’s fake, right?”

Tang Wenguang had a dumbfounded look on his face. Just based on Zhang Hualian’s appearance, one would assume that she was a shrew in a black shop selling human-meat buns.

Although Sun Mo was very handsome, many handsome gigolos had been scolded by Zhang Hualian, so Sun Mo couldn’t have charmed her. Because her appearance was 3 at the max, and this 3 was rounded up from 2.xxx, anyway, she had not married and loathed men a lot.

“Teacher Zhang!’

Sun Mo did his best to smile but honestly speaking, his smile was a little stiff. This was because Zhang Hualian was extremely fierce-looking. She kinda looked like a monster.

Sun Mo activated Divine Sight and in an instant, he saw that she cultivated in Golden Bell Protection and 36 Path Soul Extermination Blade.

This was a woman whose arms could rival the strength of horses, and she would dare to fight tigers even if she wasn’t drunk. But at this moment, she was actually acting shy.

“T...teacher Sun...”

Zhang Hualian didn’t know how to broach her intention.

“Teacher Zhang, just feel free to speak directly!”

Sun Mo decided to agree to any of her requests on account of her extremely high potential value.

“Let’s fight first without using spirit qi and determine who is victorious through our moves alone.”

After Zhang Hualian spoke, she didn’t attack with her weapon. Instead, she directly brandished her fists that were the size of huge casseroles, blasting toward Sun Mo.

“My heavens!”

Her movements were like a hurricane, but when Sun Mo blocked the attack, he suddenly heard a soft voice asking.

“Teacher Sun, do you really know how to do facial surgery?”


Sun Mo started but he soon understood. Could it be this Zhang Hualian wanted to...

“Is Fang Wuji’s current appearance something you helped him to achieve?”

Zhang Hualian looked as though she was exerting full force with each of her punches, wanting to crush Sun Mo’s head. But when her punches landed on his wooden blade, they felt as light as a feather.

Simply speaking, there wasn’t any firepower.

Sun Mo had thought that this was some type of new battle strategy. But at this moment, he finally understood Zhang Hualian’s intention. Her attacks were fake, but her question about facial surgery was genuine.


Sun Mo decisively nodded. He understood that victory over this 3-star female great teacher was secured.

“Do facial surgery for me too!”

Zhang Hualian’s eyes brightened. “There’s no need to be too beautiful. It’s enough if you can make me l...look like...”

Zhang Hualian glanced around and when she saw Jin Mujie, she continued with her sentence, “Look like Jin Mujie!”


Sun Mo really wanted to say, ‘Aren’t you making things difficult for me?’.

Although he possessed the skin beautifying technique, it was just a minor branch of the ancient massaging technique. (The effects might not be too bad, but it isn’t good enough to change your entire head away!)

(Fang Wuji had the ‘base’ of a handsome guy. But what about you?)

Seeing Sun Mo hesitating, Zhang Hualian’s volume immediately grew louder. “How about it? Can the surgery be done or not?”

“It can be done!”

But Sun Mo mentally mused that as long as she had 30% of Jin Mujie’s looks, it would already be sufficient for her to conquer 80% of the male population out there.

“In that case, other than face, can the body parts be operated on as well?”

Zhang Hualian spoke in a low voice and lowered her gaze.

Sun Mo frowned and hesitated a while before he understood. She was referring to her chest.


Sun Mo was immediately speechless. (Your requests are a little too much.)

“It can’t be done?”

Zhang Hualian frowned but she compromised. “There’s no need to make them as large as Jin Mujie’s, just ? of her size will do.”

“The surgery can be done, but everyone’s situation is different. I do not dare to guarantee that your final appearance and figure after the surgery would be ones that all guys like”

Sun Mo clarified things first.

This woman was clearly not someone good to antagonize. He didn’t want her to make trouble in the future if she was dissatisfied. The harmony would surely be broken then.

“It’s fine, just do your best. Even if you screw up, can my appearance even be uglier than now?”

Zhang Hualian laughed, her voice was so coarse-sounding that it was able to scare off a pack of wild dogs.

“What a pity that the ancient massaging technique has no way to change one’s voice. If not, I will definitely become an extremely wealthy person with it.”

Sun Mo felt some regret.

He thought of the modern era where guys could earn loads of money just by using a voice changer. There was no need for them to even show their faces.

After she met her goal, Zhang Hualian no longer had the mood to fight. After she exchanged another blow with Sun Mo, she flew backward through the air and stumbled a little. After that, her right feet ‘misstepped’ and she fell off the stage.


Cao Xian immediately cursed out loud in his heart.

(Do you think I’m a fool?)

(Do you think that I’m unable to tell that you are not going all out?)

Cao Xian opened and closed his mouth but eventually didn’t verbalize his scolding. After all, he was also afraid of this shrew, and it was a fact that she was very talented.

“I’ve lost. Teacher Sun’s cultivation art is a peerless-grade saint-tier one. I cannot win against him.”

Zhang Hualian clasped her fists. “In order to better remember this humiliation, I, Zhang Hualian, am willing to go to the Central Province Academy for seven days per month to give lessons.”

Sun Mo instantly understood that this was the price Zhang Hualian was willing to pay for the facial surgery.


An uproar instantly rang out in the battle dojo. No one had expected that Sun Mo would clinch victory so cleanly. It felt like he hadn’t gone all out at all.

An Xinhui chortled. (What do you mean by he hasn’t gone all out? He didn’t even put in any effort.)


Cao Xian was so angry that his hand started to tremble. (The face of my Myriad Daos Academy is thrown away by you guys.)

After Zhang Hualian returned, she retracted her fierce expression and sincerely spoke to Cao Xian, “Headmaster Cao, let’s stop competing. No one here will be able to win against Sun Mo. Do you think I lost intentionally? I basically couldn’t see any chance of victory. That fellow knows at least three peerless saint-tier cultivation arts. Even if you are the one fighting against him without using spirit qi, you will be at a disadvantage.”

Zhang Hualian also wasn’t someone heartless. Whenever she could gain glory for the school, she would definitely not hold back. But now since there was no way she could win, she might as well do a favor for Sun Mo to get some benefits.

Cao Xian fell silent. Actually, he also understood that Sun Mo was definitely number one among his peers, but he truly felt reluctant to accept this.

If he lost this battle, the Myriad Daos Academy would be suppressed by the Central Province Academy from now onward. They would have no chance to overturn the situation.

(This can’t do, I have to unleash my ultimate!)

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