Absolute Great Teacher
676 I Want To See How You Win After I Unleash My Ultimate
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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676 I Want To See How You Win After I Unleash My Ultimate


Cao Xian’s expression turned heavy, unsightly, and filled with helplessness. It resembled an unlucky person who had suffered from constipation for half a year and every time he shat, it would be torture.

“Sun Mo is a f**king disgusting hemorrhoid.”

Cao Xian cursed.

Sounds of discussion could be heard in the entire battle dojo. Although the sounds weren’t loud, even if Cao Xian used his knees to think, he knew that they were talking about Sun Mo.

Although his side had Liang Jumu and they had obtained an advantage in the art of engineering, Sun Mo soon pointed out the mysteries within and showed off his knowledge.

After that, he had crushed Fan Wenbin in the study of spirit runes and caused the self-confident Fu Hong to cower back, not daring to act casually. After that, it was followed by alchemy pill identification...

Sun Mo was already not competing but was directly providing guidance.

Moreover, he had destroyed Huang Chengguo in the art of spiritual control and seized his darkness secret treasure. He even generously gifted Duan Yingmei a complete peerless-grade heaven-tier cultivation art, displaying his magnanimity to everyone.

After three fights, Bai Qilin, Tang Wenguang, and Zhang Hualian all lost completely, but because of Sun Mo’s guidance, all three of them gained some insights and even improved.

One could say that other than Bai Qilin, they felt favorable impressions toward Sun Mo.

“Go call Teacher Guan over!”

Cao Xian lowered his voice and instructed his assistant.


The assistant was shocked, he subconsciously glanced over. (It can’t be right, we have to invite Teacher Guan now? In that case, what do we do when we need to deal with An Xinhui later?)

In the assistant’s heart, the most powerful enemies in the Central Province Academy were Wang Su and An Xinhui.

A commotion was created when the great teachers of the Myriad Daos Academy heard their headmaster’s words.

“Why are you in a daze? Quickly go and invite him!”

Cao Xian urged.

He now felt extremely twitchy and resentful. (Do you think I’m willing to use my ultimate move? Look at Sun Mo’s battle achievement, he has almost poached half of my people over. If I still don’t invite Teacher Guan over, my Myriad Daos Academy will definitely perish.)

“Cao Xian is going to unleash his ultimate move!”

Seeing the assistant beside Cao Xian leaving in such a hurry, Wang Su started to frown.

“It’s faster than what I’ve anticipated!”

An Xinhui giggled. Her beautiful eyes involuntarily turned toward Sun Mo and were filled with admiration.

When a great teacher group battle occurred among two schools, it concerned their fundamentals. Whoever lost would have their reputation damaged severely. Hence, Cao Xian preparing a trump card was within An Xinhui’s expectations.

What she didn’t expect was that Sun Mo was actually so powerful and could handle ? of Cao Xian’s great teacher group alone, forcing Cao Xian to have no choice but to change his strategy.

One must know that the great teachers Sun Mo defeated were all 3-star and above, other than Bai Qilin.

“When did grandpa discover Little Momo’s extraordinary aptitude?”

An Xinhui was very curious.

“If there’s no one coming up, I will get down from the stage then.”

Sun Mo didn’t want to be treated like a monkey in the circus, letting everyone look at him. This was especially so when he saw the gazes of those female students. They were filled with excitement and probing, causing him to feel fear and trepidation.

Cao Xian’s heart pounded as he hurriedly stopped Sun Mo with his words.

“Teacher Sun, please wait a little longer!”

There was no solution to it. Cao Xian was anxious. If Sun Mo got off the stage, wouldn’t his ultimate be useless?

However, at this moment, Cao Xian felt extremely sullen. It was as though he had seen his father, mother, and wife all having affairs outside.

The face of the Myriad Daos Academy had been smacked heavily by Sun Mo. Hence, they could only try to beat Sun Mo with their overwhelming power.

Cao Xian’s trump card was very late and made everyone wait for half an hour. But after seeing the person who arrived, no one complained. In fact, many high-ranking great teachers stood up directly.

“What’s the matter?”

The students saw an old man with white hair walking in. He appeared hale and hearty and was clad in a simple long robe. On his left chest, the school insignia of the Myriad Daos Academy was embroidered there.

Above the insignia, 6 stars could be seen.

Regardless of whether this old man was nothing special to look at or his clothes were shabby, everything was not significant. This was because the 6 stars on his chest were enough to suppress the entire crowd.

When An Xinhui saw Guan Shijie, although he was a great teacher from the Myriad Daos Academy, she immediately led the great teachers of her school to stand up and bow.

This was the respect anyone would show to a 6-star great teacher.

“Little Hui, I originally had no plans to participate in the group battle, but Old Cao is under too much pressure and forced me to come here. Hence, I have no way to watch him die!”

Guan Shijie apologized.

“Teacher Guan is too serious.”

An Xinhui humbly spoke to indicate that she didn’t mind, but she actually felt very unhappy in her heart. It wasn’t because Guan Shijie acted. Rather, it was his tone that made it sound as though he had already won.

“Who is this old man? Why does he sound so arrogant?”

Lu Zhiruo frowned. (Even 7-star great teachers that I met before wouldn’t act like this.)

“He is Guan Shijie, a very prestigious and famous great teacher in Jinling. It’s said that he has already surpassed the Longevity Realm and stepped into the Legendary Realm. In any case, he’s very powerful.”

Li Ziqi gave an introduction.

“I know him. Many major characters will bring their children to see him every year.”

Ying Baiwu recalled a young kid on the neighboring street whose family prepared an expensive gift to pay respect to Guan Shijie. Although that kid was rejected, because of a sentence of praise from Guan Shijie, that kid was accepted by a 2-star great teacher and was doing quite well for himself now.

Guan Shijie’s time was too precious. After chatting for a few sentences, he walked up the stage. “Let’s get started. We won’t use spirit qi and only compete in moves. If you can persist for three minutes, it will be considered your victory!”


After hearing Shi Guanjie’s words, the battle dojo was in an uproar. Wasn’t this fellow looking down on Sun Mo a little too much?

He didn’t even ask for his name!

“Teacher, you can do it!”

Lu Zhiruo started cheering for Sun Mo.


This caused many people to turn over. (You are quite gutsy, right? Are you not afraid a 6-star great teacher would hold a grudge against you?)

“Persist for three minutes? What a preferential treatment.”

Sun Mo’s lips twitched. Ever since he started his career, this was the first time he was so heavily disregarded.

Truthfully speaking, it wasn’t that Guan Shijie looked down on Sun Mo. Rather, he didn’t look up to anyone on the scene. He was preparing to crush the great teacher circle of the Central Province Academy in a single sitting.

“If the old headmaster was present, I wouldn’t dare to be so confident. But now...”

Guan Shijie shook his head. He felt like a bear entering a rabbit’s nest. He was invincible and could play however he wanted to play.

“Sun Mo, don’t be careless. Teacher Guan cultivates the Vast Sea Angry Tides Melody. That isn’t merely a peerless saint-tier cultivation art, but it also belonged to the extremely bizarre type. You have to be careful!”

An Xinhui reminded him. It would be fine even if Sun Mo lost because she had something held in reserve. But if she said that, she most probably would hurt Sun Mo’s ego. Hence, she didn’t say anything more.

In any case, as long as Sun Mo met danger, she would immediately intervene.

Some people who were not familiar with Guan Shijie immediately turned and stared at him after hearing An Xinhui’s words. A peerless-grade saint-tier cultivation art? In that case, Sun Mo most probably would be finished in this round.

Sun Mo activated Divine Sight and a series of question marks blinded him.

Guan Shijie, peak of the Longevity Realm.

Strength: ???

Intellect: ???

Agility: ???

Will: ???


Potential value: extremely high

Note: Because your cultivation base is too low, it’s impossible for you to obtain any concrete data about him. No matter how you fight, there’s no way you can win.

Note: The target is currently at a bottleneck.

Although Guan Shijie didn’t know what Sun Mo was doing, Sun Mo’s gaze caused him to feel very uncomfortable. He felt like all his secrets were seen through by Sun Mo.

Hence, Guan Shijie flicked his fingers on the sword strapped to his waist.


An ear-piercing sound rang out. This feeling was like the sound transformed into a dagger and directly stabbed through Sun Mo’s eardrums, piercing his brain.

Sun Mo’s entire body trembled as though he was suffering from seasickness. He felt a budding headache.

This scene caused everyone to be appalled.

A 6-star great teacher was actually so terrifying?

Even before the fight started, Sun Mo already suffered a disadvantage!

Sun Mo had planned to just try it out and forfeit after that. After all, it was very normal if he couldn’t win against this opponent. However, this attack by Guan Shijie had provoked him.

The other party basically held no regard for him. The feeling was like when one was walking on a street and saw a stone blocking them, one would simply casually kick the stone away.

As for whether the stone would crack or be destroyed, Guan Shijie completely didn’t give a damn.

(Three minutes? Not only will I persist until then, but I want you to kneel and call me daddy!)

Sun Mo immediately racked his brains for a solution.

If he fought Guan Shijie normally, let alone three minutes, he wouldn’t even last for one minute. However, he could employ a battle strategy.


Guan Shijie spoke and pointed two of his fingers at Sun Mo. His right hand was placed behind his back, and the sword held in them was pointed to the air as he displayed the manner of a grandmaster.

“Headmaster, look at Teacher Guan, would he...”

The assistant was worried.

Cao Xian rolled his eyes. (You are truly besieged with groundless fears. This is a case of a 6-star against a 2-star, how can we possibly lose? Besides, Guan Shijie has trained in cultivation arts of the highest level.)


Sun Mo also wasn’t polite. He slashed out with his wooden blade and executed the Golden Jade Hibiscus.

Among the flickering blade shadows, two hibiscuses bloomed, exuding beauty and magnificence.


Guan Shijie was shocked. This move was so exquisite, however, he didn’t feel fear at all.

Since he had already postured, it would be a little embarrassing if he was to use his sword now. Hence, he flicked his fingers on the sword again.


The note (sound) rang out and directly shattered the two hibiscuses.


Cao Xian cheered. After that, he looked at his assistant again. “Do you see it? There’s no need to worry. We will win this round for sure!”

Sun Mo wasn’t discouraged that his attack got broken. He immediately followed up with another blade strike.

Yujing Ballad, Midnight Songs Poetry!

In the air, an indescribable sound echoed. It was like the nursery rhymes one would hear when they were young.

After that, Sun Mo chained the West River Moon attack in.


Guan Shijie’s eyes brightened. Sun Mo’s moves were like a poem. They were extremely beautiful to look at.

According to Guan Shijie’s plan, he had wanted to defeat Sun Mo in a single strike. But now, he changed his mind. He wanted to see how many more moves Sun Mo could unleash.


An Xinhui spoke.


Gu Xiuxun, who was currently fully focused on looking at Sun Mo and perspiring with worry, suddenly felt some guilt when she heard An Xinhui’s voice. (Is it appropriate for me to show so much concern for Sun Mo?)

(Wait a minute, as a younger sister, it’s okay if I worry about my brother-in-law, right?)

(Yup! Yup!)

(It’s very normal.)

“Don’t be distracted, pay attention!”

An Xinhui reminded her.

“Pay attention to what?”

Gu Xiuxun subconsciously asked.

“Pay attention to Sun Mo’s battle strategy. I have a feeling that he can still win!”

An Xinhui could see the change in Sun Mo’s attitude. After Guan Shijie flicked his sword for the first time, Sun Mo clearly became serious.

His look when he was fully concentrating was truly very handsome.

“Xinhui, I admit that Sun Mo is very strong, but by saying this, aren’t you looking down on Guan Shijie a little too much?”

Wang Su frowned. (Do you think his 6 stars are fake? There’s no way one could purchase a 6-star title off the streets.)

“Do you want to make a bet?”

An Xinhui asked.

“Fine. If I lose, I will substitute you for a month’s worth of classes!”

At Wang Su’s level, he no longer did many substitutions for others. He would rather spend his time on his own research. Hence, once he started a lecture, not only would students flood over, but there would also be many great teachers wanting to listen to it.

On the stage, Sun Mo’s attacking momentum surged. After he executed a few moves from Immemorial Vairocana, he immediately switched to the Dharma Skyshock Fist and attacked with a wooden blade in one hand together with his palm, changing to a completely different style.

Moreover, Sun Mo would occasionally use the Prairie Blazing Fire Spear Technique, treating his blade as a spear.

Top-level cultivation arts were very artistic. Even if one didn’t know them, just from looking at the gorgeous moves exchanged, one would be able to feel a type of enjoyment.

This was especially so given Sun Mo’s attacks that were chained together so smoothly that they were like flowing water.

“This Sun Mo is truly strong. No wonder he could become the champion in the great teachers battle!’

The great teachers of the Myriad Daos Academy sighed ruefully and felt a tragic sensation as though they were too old now.

The young people nowadays were truly impressive.

“Teacher Zhang, I’ve misunderstood you. You didn’t go easy on him earlier!”

Fang Wenbin’s lips twitched.

“Of course!”

Zhang Hualian rolled her eyes. “I still have this bit of judgment.”

On the other side, the great teachers of the Central Province Academy were all exclaiming in awe.

“Is this Sun Mo’s complete form? How fearsome!”

Bai Shuang felt that even if Sun Mo didn’t have Freedom Proof as one of his methods, she most probably would have still lost that day.

“Mn, luckily, the Myriad Manifestations Spirit Wave Art is an ultimate art that only I know. Otherwise, my last bit of confidence and sense of superiority would dissipate into nothingness.”

Speaking of cultivation arts, the Myriad Manifestations Spirit Wave Art might not be as ‘broad’ in terms of usage like the Grand Universe Formless Divine Art. However, it was sufficiently rare.

In this era, cultivation arts that could perform long-range attacks were all very rare and valuable.


“Why am I not the one standing on the stage?”

Xuanyuan Po was like a hyena that smelled its prey and he immediately came over. If Jiang Leng wasn’t holding him back, he would have rushed to the bottom of the stage for a close-up view.

In the spectator stands, Helian Beifang’s expression was roughly similar. He was holding on to the hilt of his blade as his eyes widened in focus. He didn’t even want to look away for an instant.


“Aiyo, Teacher Sun, you can’t possibly be thinking of winning, right?”

Qin Yaoguang’s white teeth could be seen as she munched on a pearflower candy.

“Very good, Guan Shijie is focusing on defense. Clearly, he is now interested in my cultivation art. Next, I’m going to use Immemorial Vairocana to obtain the Vast Sea Angry Tides Melody.”

The first part of his battle strategy succeeded, but Sun Mo showed no emotions. His thoughts and actions were as precise as a machine programmed to do something.

He definitely had to win this round.

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