Absolute Great Teacher
677 Sorry, I Learned Your Saint-Tier Cultivation Art!
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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677 Sorry, I Learned Your Saint-Tier Cultivation Art!


As the saying goes...if you keep playing chess against people of a set skill level, you will never improve.

Actually, for skill-related sports and games, everything was like this. If one wanted to improve, they had to spar against strong teams and strong opponents. What was the point of sparring against newbies? Other than gaining some satisfaction, it was useless.

For a 6-star great teacher, even if they didn’t use spirit qi, their experience and insights weren’t something Sun Mo could compare to. Moreover, Guan Shijie was using a peerless-grade saint-tier cultivation art. It would be even tougher for Sun Mo to deal with him.

Hence, Sun Mo immediately took out his most perfect performance when he started to attack. He wanted to tempt Guan Shijie, not allowing him to win overwhelmingly with a single attack.

As expected, Sun Mo’s battle strategy worked.

Guan Shijie felt like a hunter hunting prey. He focused on defense to play around with Sun Mo and actually wanted Sun Mo to attack a few times more. In fact, he didn’t even show restraint and actually shouted.

“Ultimate skill? Unleash more ultimate skills!”

At this moment, Guan Shijie was like a 300-year-old kid, wanting to play with a beloved toy.

“As you wish!”

Sun Mo lifted his hand and blasted a palm strike out.

Eternalism, Great Mercy!


Guan Shijie didn’t avoid it but chose to receive the palm strike head-on as he savored the taste. Despite the pain, it could be considered a type of experience for experts.

“Well done!” Guan Shijie praised. “Come again!”

“You can even take that attack head-on? Very well then, receive this move of mine!”

Sun Mo roared. His wooden blade swept horizontally outward, unleashing the move – Riverful Spring Water.

“What should we do? Teacher seems to be panicking!”

Ying Baiwu felt somewhat worried.

“Is Teacher using some sort of battle strategy? I don’t feel that our teacher is someone that would panic when he meets a 6-star great teacher.”

The papaya girl guessed and she actually got it correct.

Seeing how anxious Sun Mo was and how his words seemed to mean that he was preparing to unleash an even more powerful ultimate attack, Guan Shijie calmly laughed and decided to continue receiving Sun Mo’s attacks head-on.

Hence, when Guan Shijie saw the wooden blade slashing over, he flickered a finger on his left hand and rapidly deflected it.


The wooden blade was deflected.

At the same time, a sound wave echoed out loud, causing Sun Mo’s head to spin.


Seeing how easily Guan Shijie received Sun Mo’s attack, the battle dojo erupted into cheers and exclamations of shock and surprise.

A 6-star great teacher was truly terrifying.

Although Guan Shijie was a person who had seen many big scenes before, he still felt somewhat happy when he listened to the praise of over ten thousand people in the surroundings.


(Recently, I’ve been cooped up at home to do research. I’ve already forgotten the feeling of being praised and admired by people.)

Guan Shijie decided to visit the school more often in the future.

“Come again!”

Sun Mo roared in rage, yet he was laughing in his heart.

(Blocking my attacks bare-handed?)

(Are you sure you are not courting death?)

Immemorial Vairocana was a divine skill in Sun Mo’s perspective. As long as he managed to strike the enemy’s body with it, it would be able to force out the cultivation arts, including the many years of experiences and insights of the opponent.

(Even if you aren’t injured while receiving the attack, you won’t be able to stop this effect!)

Immemorial Vairocana was simply so tyrannical.

Sun Mo’s current proficiency level of this cultivation art was at the grandmaster-level. In thirty moves, he could ‘force’ out one targeted cultivation art.

Hence, other people basically couldn’t see it. But as the wooden blade struck Guan Shijie repeatedly, numerous motes of golden light flew out from Guan Shijie’s head and condensed into a golden page.

Sun Mo noticed that Guan Shijie’s mood was quite good. Hence, he immediately unleashed a combo.

Eighteen Words Order!

Guan Shijie stretched out his hands and caused the attacks to be deflected with his fingers again.

Pak! Pak! Pak!

All the attacks from the wooden blade were blocked.

Also, numerous soundwaves gushed out and directly attacked Sun Mo’s eardrums.

This was why the Vast Sea Angry Tides Melody was so terrifying.

Sun Mo displayed an unconvinced expression and gritted his teeth. He exerted force with his wrist, and his wooden blade that was deflected followed the momentum. It was like a bird returning to the forest, spinning around a full circle and reverting back to another attack.

Spear Rain Pearflower!

For a time, Guan Shijie was engulfed by the pearflowers formed by the blade shadows, and it was as though he had entered a world of flowers.

Guan Shijie’s eyelids twitched. This move was powerful and fast. If he merely used a finger flick, he wouldn’t be able to block it completely. Hence, he stretched out his hand and ruthlessly grabbed out.

That feeling was like tearing a piece of paper that was stuck in a wall out. The pearflower shadows created by Sun Mo all vanished in an instant.

“How’s this move of mine compared to your peerless-grade saint-tier cultivation art?”

Guan Shijie asked with a smile. Back then, he had depended on this magnificent move to gain the favor of many senior school sisters he wanted to court.

“Boast only after you defeated me!”

Sun Mo coldly snorted and went all out in attacking again.

Actually, he really felt like laughing because he saw more and more golden pages floating in the air above Guan Shijie’s head.

This meant that not long later, he would be able to obtain another peerless-grade saint-tier cultivation art.

How wonderful!

“Sun Mo most probably is going to lose, right?”

“It’s only normal if he loses. If he could win, that would truly be freakish.”

“A 6-star great teacher is truly so terrifying.”

The great teachers of the Central Province Academy all sighed with emotions. When would their school be able to have a bunch of 6-star great teachers as their main force?

On the stage, Sun Mo was hit by another attack.

Guan Shijie’s interest was stirred and he also couldn’t help but unleash his own ultimate skill. This was because he wanted to see what effect there would be when two ultimate skills clashed against each other.

When facing the heavy punch Sun Mo threw, Guan Shijie flicked his finger again.


The surrounding spirit qi was like a tsunami, emitting the sound of roiling waves gathering rapidly and advancing forth with ferocious momentum.


Sun Mo was sent flying from the impact.

His teacher robes were made from ordinary materials and basically weren’t able to withstand the impact. They became torn and tattered immediately.


The tattered pieces of clothing were like butterflies flying out.


A commotion shook the entire scene because Sun Mo only had his pants left. His perfectly chiseled body was revealed.

“I didn’t expect Teacher Sun’s muscles would be so perfect despite him looking like a refined scholar.”

Gu Xiuxun was amazed.


Xia Yuan sighed ruefully and involuntarily cast a few more glances at Sun Mo.

From her point of view, there were two types of people in the ‘strong’ aspect. One was someone with a sturdy and muscular build, resembling a fierce general that could rival 10,000 men.

The other was like Sun Mo. Their size was the same as ordinary people but once they undressed, the eyeballs of people would explode from shock.

Sun Mo’s type was akin to someone with the perfect muscles like Bruce Lee.

“What a pity I can’t see his bones!”

Jin Mujie felt very regretful. She was thinking whether she should request for a finger bone from Sun Mo to keep in her collection, but he most probably wouldn’t agree to that, right?

“Are you okay?”

Guan Shijie frowned. He wasn’t worried that he might injure Sun Mo. Rather, he didn’t hope that this battle would end so quickly due to an unexpected accident.

Sun Mo turned a deaf ear to that and snapped his fingers.


“What is he doing?”

Some great teachers couldn’t understand.

“Is that some sort of ritual where he prays for victory? But no matter which buddha he prays to, it’s useless. Sun Mo will lose for sure today.”

The great teachers of the Myriad Daos Academy finally heaved a sigh of relief.

Although they were using a 6-star great teacher to suppress Sun Mo, this also proved that Sun Mo was still an ordinary genius. If he was a type of absolutely rare character, everyone would be able to see a glimmer of hope for his victory by now.

No one saw that when Sun Mo snapped his fingers, the over 30 golden pages flew over toward him.

Huala huala~

They merged together into a book before Sun Mo, and the system’s congratulations rang out at the same instant.


“Congratulations on obtaining a peerless-grade saint-tier cultivation art, [Vast Sea Angry Tides Melody]. Proficiency level: elementary.”

“Note: This cultivation art was created by a great teacher from ancient times when he was 1,000 years old.”

“He was born in the sea, raised there, and also died there. This cultivation art is the accumulation of experiences he had in his entire life. There’s regret, happiness, and also disappointment. There’s gloom, the blooming of flowers, and also the dismal taste of defeat!”

“Learn it!”

Sun Mo’s words were concise and comprehensive.


The golden book shattered and turned into water droplets before entering Sun Mo’s glabella.

A moment later, the sounds of ocean waves slapping against the shore rang out. His entire person felt as though he was in the midst of raging ocean waves.

Sun Mo lifted his hand and cast Gushing Thoughts on himself.

This great teacher halo could allow your mind to feel refreshed and your thoughts to be clear when you were learning or doing creative work. This was especially so when you were doing creative work, capable of allowing you to feel a rush of unstoppable waves of inspiration.

Right now, Sun Mo had to attentively ‘taste’ this cultivation art to see through all mysteries of its essence.

“Why did he have to cast a great teacher halo?”

Many great teachers didn’t understand.

“That’s Gushing Thoughts, right? He can’t possibly want to depend on this halo to gain inspiration on how to defeat Guan Shijie, right?”

“Hehe the naive side of Sun Mo is actually a little adorable!”

“Useless struggle!”

Three minutes later.

“Congratulations on learning the Vast Sea Angry Tides Melody. Proficiency level: Above the elementary level but not fully reached the proficient level yet!”

Sun Mo shook his head, not satisfied.

“Are you done?”

Guan Shijie asked.

“Can you give me three more minutes?”

Sun Mo asked. “I want to think about my battle strategy.”


Guan Shijie nodded.

Seeing that Guan Shijie actually agreed, the great teachers of the Myriad Daos Academy were very shocked as they knew that this 6-star great teacher was famed for being busy.

Usually, when major characters visited him, even if they eventually met him, he would at most chat a few sentences with them. The visitors would then leave after placing their gifts down.

However, Guan Shijie was actually willing to wait here on the stage for Sun Mo to think.

“This must be because of the several types of cultivation arts Sun Mo used!”

“But Sun Mo did fight pretty well!”

“Yeah if it was me, I would most probably be so afraid that I’d be sweating cold sweat!”


“System, directly spam a 30-year... no, a 50-year time emblem to improve my proficiency of the Vast Sea Angry Tides Melody.”

For the sake of safety, Sun Mo decided to go all out. If it wasn’t for the fact that he wasn’t really interested in this peerless saint-tier cultivation art, he might have used a 100-year time emblem.

Very soon, the concept of this cultivation art that had just been imprinted in his mind floated up again. Many tiny figures were singing about their lives while stepping on the waves.

Sun Mo calmed his heart down and attentively comprehended.

Sometimes, just a word in a name could represent many things.

Why was there the word ‘melody’ in the Vast Sea Angry Tides Melody? Why wasn’t it like some other cultivation arts that had their names ending with the words ‘divine art’ or ‘sword art’?

Or maybe that ancient great teacher basically had no plans to create a saint-tier cultivation art? He was merely inspired to create an impressive melody?

If Sun Mo was an aboriginal from the Middle-Earth Nine Provinces, he would definitely treat the Vast Sea Angry Tides Melody as a divine art. However, Sun Mo was not. He was someone from the modern era.

When the sound of the sea waves rang out in his mind, his first impression was that this melody wasn’t bad. If one could fill lyrics to match the melody, it would definitely become a song that could rank at the very top of the various music charts.

And it was precisely because of this ‘difference’ that allowed Sun Mo to discover the mysteries of this ‘cultivation art’.

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    《Absolute Great Teacher》