Absolute Great Teacher
679 Sorry, I Really Know!
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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679 Sorry, I Really Know!


The great teachers around the arena all looked at Sun Mo, wanting to know if he’d be able to answer Guan Shijie’s doubt.

In the great teacher world, seniority in age wasn’t important. The one who achieved greater success would be the teacher. However, situations like this would mostly happen when the star-level of the two great teachers didn’t have a difference of over two grades.

Hence, the current situation was like a professor asking a high school student a question. It was too rare.

Wait, how strong was a 6-star great teacher?

Let’s talk about 4-star first.

They had comprehended at least 12 great teacher halos, reached the expert-level in four secondary occupations, and had a disciple on the Hero Rankings.

This Hero Rankings wasn’t a district ranking, but a ranking that encompassed all the youths and talents in Middle-Earth Nine Provinces. This meant that their competitors came from all over the world.

It was already very amazing for a 4-star great teacher to be able to teach a student so well that they could get onto this ranking.

Let’s continue to 5-star.

They had comprehended at least 15 great teacher halos and had grasped five secondary occupations.

Of course, to become a 5-star, there was another compulsory prerequisite.

That was to comprehend Teacher for a Day, Father for Life!

This halo represented a high level of achievement in the academic domain. Hence, the possessor could be anyone’s teacher academically, and their teachings as well as guidance could give others tremendous help, being just like a stalwart father.

One couldn’t comprehend this halo without several decades of experience. Therefore, with the exception of a few geniuses, most great teachers would only comprehend it after passing 100 years old.

As a result, it was also called the Rest-in-Peace halo, suggesting that one wasn’t far away from death after comprehending it.

It was extremely difficult for a famous school to headhunt a 6-star great teacher. Money or authority was no longer sufficient for them. At their level, their pursuit was no longer such secular stuff.

Then, there was 6-star.

They had comprehended at least 18 great teacher halos and were at the grandmaster-level in two secondary occupations.

Some people spent their entire lives studying a certain subject yet couldn’t be addressed as grandmasters. After all, to become a grandmaster, one must have made contributions and could write books that advanced their theories.

A 6-star would be an important character who had made achievements in two subjects.

At this star level, people had the right to establish their own faction. It wouldn’t be overboard to address them as great ancestors.

Therefore, from the other great teachers’ perspectives, Guan Shijie was like the sect leader of the number one sect in a Wuxia novel seeking guidance from someone who had just joined a low-class sect.

What would a newcomer know?

Putting other things aside, they probably hadn’t memorized the sect rules yet.

“No matter what, Sun Mo is really magnanimous.”

Gu Xiuxun praised.

She felt that if she saw the judgmental gazes of so many great teachers looking at her, she’d probably feel so anxious inside, like a dog who was pressed onto the chopping board by a butcher.

“The cultivation art that you cultivate is called the Vast Sea Angry Tides Melody, right?” Sun Mo smiled. “Do you know why it is called that?”

Guan Shijie frowned, not saying anything.

“Impudence! What impudence! Sun Mo, do you know that this cultivation art is Teacher Guan’s family inherited ultimate art? It is the kind that is passed down only to the men in the family. But judging from your tone, it sounds as if you know this cultivation art better than Teacher Guan!”

Headmaster Cao was so infuriated that he blasted out.

For some reason, Cao Xian felt very anxious inside, fearing that Sun Mo would say something astonishing.


Stay calm! Stay calm!

(I’m worrying too much. If Sun Mo knew Guan Shijie’s family inherited cultivation art, then I would even put up my butt for sale at a male brothel.)

“Sorry, I only know a little.”

Sun Mo wasn’t someone who’d drain the cup of humiliation. He hadn’t wanted to show off too much, but since he was being humiliated like this, he decided not to hold back anymore.

A family inherited ultimate art?

(Do you want me to write out a copy of the Vast Sea Angry Tides Melody and place it in the Central Province Academy’s library, providing free access to the students?)


Hearing Sun Mo’s words, everyone broke into a commotion.

“Xinhui, does Sun Mo really know it? He’s right in front of a 6-star great teacher. He has to take responsibility for every word he says.”

Jin Mujie looked worried and reminded.

She was worried that Sun Mo was young and rash. He might say something that could bring harm to his reputation in order to win.

“I’ll take responsibility together with Sun Mo.”

An Xinhui replied seriously with a relaxed expression, but her heart felt very heavy. She also assessed Sun Mo with a dubious gaze.

This childhood friend of hers had changed so much!

Sun Mo cupped his fists together at Guan Shijie and continued to walk back.

Guan Shijie’s countenance abruptly stiffened up.

The reason he stayed silent was because he had wanted to make use of Sun Mo’s youthful vigor. In order to strike back at Cao Xian to prove that he was right, Sun Mo would then share his comprehension of the Vast Sea Angry Tides Melody. However, Sun Mo did not do that.

Sun Mo’s meaning was very clear. (Do you want to know? Then beg me!)

To put it simply, he wanted to win this round.

In the great teachers world, battles weren’t just limited to physical fights but also a competition in one’s knowledge. If Sun Mo pointed out his shortcomings and provided constructive suggestions, then he would be the victor.

To speak the truth, Guan Shijie didn’t wish to seek guidance from Sun Mo after seeing how he was acting. However, he wasn’t willing to give up on this chance either.

Other people said that he was at the Legendary Realm, but he wasn’t. He was only at the peak of the Longevity Realm, and he had been stuck there for 50 years.

Even though people at the Longevity Realm possessed several hundred years of life, 50 years was too long. The scariest thing was that until now, Guan Shijie still couldn’t see the possibility of him making a breakthrough.

Guan Shijie knew that if he didn’t give in to Sun Mo this time around, then he’d definitely not get Sun Mo’s guidance in the future.

“Have you learned the Vast Sea Angry Tides Melody before?”

Guan Shijie tried to fight back, wanting to find out if Sun Mo really knew of the technique.

“Teacher Guan, your ancestors found this cultivation art in a ruins located in the Darkness Continent. This means that other people might also have a similar experience.”

It seemed as if Sun Mo hadn’t answered Guan Shijie’s question, but it gave the latter a shock. Guan Shijie had the urge to kill Sun Mo to silence him.

The more people knew about a cultivation art, the lower its value would be.

It wasn’t that Guan Shijie didn’t have the magnanimity to accommodate other people, but this cultivation art affected the prosperity and decline of his clan.

An Xinhui took Sun Mo’s hand when he saw him walking back.

On the other side, Guan Shijie hesitated for very long but eventually still cupped his fists together.

“Teacher Sun, please give me your guidance!”

A commotion broke out.

It was because Guan Shijie’s tone sounded as if he was discussing something with a colleague of equal status. He was completely showing the attitude of someone seeking guidance.

(If this guy can’t make sense of anything and is just fooling around with me, I’ll let him understand how terrifying the rage of a 6-star great teacher is.)

Guan Shijie’s heart was like turbulent waves. After he had become a 6-star great teacher, he had never sought guidance from someone with such a humble attitude.

“Teacher Guan, I hope you understand the situation. Firstly, the reason I’ve walked off the arena isn’t because I’ve lost, but because you have used spirit qi. You were the one to break the rules first.”

Sun Mo’s tone was very solemn.


Another commotion broke out. Sun Mo was trying to say that Guan Shijie had lost.

“That’s right. Based on the rules of the battle, it’s true that Guan Shijie has lost since he used spirit qi first.”

“Moreover, Sun Mo had persisted for many minutes!”

“The win or loss isn’t important. As long as Sun Mo can give Guan Shijie guidance, then he’d be too amazing.”

The great teachers talked amongst themselves, feeling that they were going to witness a historical scene.

Guan Shijie’s lips twitched. He wanted to retort but couldn’t find any excuse for himself. Therefore, he could only hold it in.

“Your rhythm and feelings when cultivating this cultivation art are both wrong.”

Sun Mo said this simply. After he spoke up, the surroundings fell quiet.

All the great teachers looked stunned. (What kind of answer is this?)

However, Guan Shijie felt as if he had been enlightened. He got a hint of comprehension but was still a little short of reaching what he needed. It was as though there was a layer of sash between him and the truth.

This feeling was very irritating.

“Sun Mo, please continue!”

Guan Shijie urged.

“There’s no more!”

Sun Mo rejected.


Guan Shijie felt a little awkward. After some hesitation, he bowed. “Teacher Sun, please kindly give me your guidance!”


The students on the spectator stand were all stunned from astonishment.

This attitude could be said to be extremely respectful.

Cao Xian’s countenance was extremely grim. He was going to lose this round again. What could he do?

“Teacher Guan, you...”

Cao Xian tried to salvage the situation, but before he said anything, Guan Shijie reproached him, “Shut up!”

“Teacher Guan, on the account of this bow, I’ll tell you one more thing. Don’t cultivate the Vast Sea Angry Tides Melody as a cultivation art.”

Sun Mo admired Guan Shijie for being able to adapt to circumstances.

“Then what should I treat it as?”

Guan Shijie subconsciously asked.

It was a pity that Sun Mo shook his head, no longer saying anything.

Guan Shijie was also someone who cared for his face. Seeing that, he stopped pleading and turned to walk out. He wanted to comprehend this completely while he still had the inspiration.

“Teacher Guan! Teacher Guan, please hold on...”

Cao Xian called out a few times, but it was useless.

“Don’t bother me!”

Guan Shijie felt displeased.

“Teacher Guan!”

Sun Mo spoke up.


Guan Shijie immediately stopped.

“You’re already a 6-star great teacher, an ancestor-level figure. You shouldn’t show compromise for the younger generation or anything like that. Isn’t it just a cultivation art?

“So what if they can’t learn the complete version? The strength and prosperity of any clan aren’t something achieved by relying on just one or two peak-grade cultivation art.”


Golden light halo radiated out with Sun Mo at the center. They instantly encompassed the entire battle dojo and over 10,000 people.

“My god, it’s Priceless Advice?”

“Sun Mo is teaching a 6-star great teacher? That must be a lie, right?”

“Are you blind? Priceless Advice has already erupted.”

After a momentary silence, another round of commotion broke out.

Sun Mo’s vision was covered up by the overwhelming amount of favorable impression points.

Guan Shijie’s mental state was shaken. It was true that he had put in a lot of effort for those from the younger generation, but this was also a responsibility that fatherly figures couldn’t escape from.

It was easy to say that they weren’t going to care for the children, but who would be able to really do it?

Guan Shijie cupped his fists together and turned to leave.

“Sun Mo, do you really understand? Or were you trying to fool Teacher Guan?”

Gu Xiuxun tugged Sun Mo’s sleeves and asked quietly.

“I really know!”

Sun Mo shrugged, wearing an expression as if there was nothing he could do.

“Tsk, like I’ll believe that! Sun Mo, you’re really bad!”

Gu Xiuxun pointed her index finger.

Li Ziqi looked very speechless. (Is it a good idea for you guys to flirt with each other like this in front of Teacher’s wife?)

However, An Xinhui was also an idiot in the matters of love and hadn’t noticed this. Instead, she was more curious about Sun Mo’s ‘guidance’.

“It seems that you haven’t finished your words earlier?”

An Xinhui felt very curious.

Wang Su and the others all looked over, waiting for Sun Mo’s reply.

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    《Absolute Great Teacher》