Absolute Great Teacher
680 Are You A Devil?
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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680 Are You A Devil?


“That’s right!”

Sun Mo admitted it outright.

He could more or less guess what Guan Shijie was thinking. He must be thinking that if Sun Mo was just trying to fool around with him, then he’d take care of Sun Mo.

Sun Mo could understand him. After all, if someone were to try to bluff him to increase their reputation, then he wouldn’t let them off either.

The real reason that made Sun Mo give up on telling Guan Shijie the entire story was that after Guan Shijie had heard his ‘comprehensions’, he had gotten inspired but yet didn’t contribute any favorable impression points.

This wasn’t saying that he wasn’t grateful toward Sun Mo, but that the first thing he cared about was whether he could attain a breakthrough.

This was a little selfish of him.

As a result, Sun Mo felt that there was a problem with Guan Shijie’s character. If he was in Guan Shijie’s shoes, if someone were to render him help, he’d definitely express his thanks at the very first instant.

“Sun Mo, speak softer!”

Gu Xiuxun was given a fright. (You really dare to shoot your mouth off. Guan Shijie hasn’t gone far yet.)

The masochist couldn’t help but throw a glance at Guan Shijie. As expected, Guan Shijie had stopped. Sigh, the hearing of a 6-star great teacher was very good.

“No need. Since I dare to say it, I dare to admit it.”

Sun Mo’s tone was open and aboveboard, neither servile nor overbearing.

(Putting aside the fact that we are unrelated, even if we were, I wouldn’t yield and make compromises. For me to show respect just because you’re a 6-star? To hell with that!)

“I’m in admiration!”

Jin Mujie put up a big thumbs up.

“Teacher Sun, be careful of your words!”

Wang Su smiled bitterly. He suddenly felt that Zhang Hanfu’s loss wasn’t unjustified.

“Teacher Sun, quickly say it. Don’t talk about other things. We’re anxious from the waiting.”

Xia Yuan felt that her relationship with Sun Mo was quite close, and they were considered to be from the same batch. Moreover, they were both from An Xinhui’s faction as well. Therefore, she summoned her courage and asked.

Sun Mo didn’t say anything but looked toward Guan Shijie.

Guan Shijie was stunned then his expression froze. Sun Mo clearly didn’t want him to listen.

“I have been impolite. I apologize to Teacher Sun!”

Guan Shijie bowed slightly.

After all, he had lived for several hundred years and was good with the ways of the world. After a careful thought, he knew where he was wrong. This time around, he had no one else to blame.

It was true that he had been selfish and had neglected Sun Mo.

Sun Mo kept his right hand behind his back, receiving Guan Shijie’s bow with a calm expression.

“As expected of a 6-star great teacher, Great Teacher Guan’s magnanimity is really worthy of admiration.”

Wang Su praised.

Guan Shijie had admitted his mistake, but the great teachers from the Myriad Daos Academy were upset, especially Cao Xian. He panted heavily, feeling so angry that it was as if his lungs were going to explode.

(Aren’t you further proving that Sun Mo is deserving of his name by apologizing in public? With so many people watching today, news of this will spread throughout the entire Jinling City in less than three days. How will the Myriad Daos Academy be able to turn the situation around then?)

“Teacher Sun, you’re too arrogant!”

Cao Xian didn’t dare to lash out at Guan Shijie, so he could only vent his fury at Sun Mo. He started off by calling him arrogant.

There was no helping it. Since he couldn’t win against the other party both academically as well as in terms of talent, then he could only target Sun Mo from the moral perspective.


Sun Mo smiled. He then looked at Cao Xian and retorted, “One word from me can let Teacher Guan take fewer detours that’ll save him at least ten years in his cultivation!”

“If this is called arrogant, then I’ll be arrogant for once!”


The great teachers broke out into a commotion, their expressions filled with astonishment. It was because Sun Mo’s words were too headstrong.

He was lashing out at a 5-star great teacher who was also the headmaster of a ‘C’ Grade school. In terms of both connections and status, if Cao Xian were to blow off his top, Sun Mo would really have to suffer.

The female great teachers didn’t have as many rubbish thoughts like these. Right now, their gazes were gleaming as they felt that Sun Mo was very cool and full of masculinity.

“Although it’s a little disrespectful to Headmaster Cao by saying this, Sun Mo, you’re really too amazing!”

Gu Xiuxun couldn’t help but secretly take a step forward, taking in a deep breath. There seemed to be Sun Mo’s scent in the air.

Jin Mujie threw a glance at Gu Xiuxun while feeling stunned. She couldn’t help but shake her head and smile.

This was a girl who was experiencing the first awakening of love, right?

However, Gu Xiuxun couldn’t be blamed for this. Why did Sun Mo have to be so outstanding?

Jin Mujie subconsciously thought of the scene when she had met Sun Mo for the first time in the square in front of the battle hall.

Back then, even though he was an intern teacher, his exceptional disposition had left a deep impression in other people’s hearts.


Qin Yaoguang ate pearflower candies while assessing Sun Mo curiously.

(Mmm, I’m not choosing anymore. I’ve decided that you’ll be my teacher.)



Helian Beifang couldn’t help but clap. He liked Sun Mo’s way of handling things too much, just like how the leader of those big tribes did things. Every year, they’d go to his tribe to ask for cows, sheep, and women.

Everyone else would give them what they asked for, to avoid the calamity. However, Helian Beifang chose to fight.

(Even if my sheep isn’t worth much, you’ll have to ask the blade in my hands before taking it from me. Even if you were the great Chanyu [1] with over 10,000 men under your control, I would also dare to slash you.)


“Teacher’s attitude...”

Jiang Leng smiled bitterly.

“Why? Are you scared?”

Ying Baiwu’s tone was icy cold. (So what if Teacher has offended a 6-star great teacher, or even a Saint? I’ll slash anyone who dares to look for trouble, killing everyone there is.)

“Teacher isn’t wrong!”

Lu Zhiruo pouted her small lips.

“I didn’t say that Teacher is wrong. Forget it...”

Jiang Leng wasn’t good with words. The more he explained, the worst the situation turned into.

“Zhiruo, there isn’t any right or wrong in the world of the adults. There are only interests and benefits.”

Li Ziqi spoke up for Jiang Leng, “But I also feel that there’s no problem with the way Teacher handled things.”


“Sun Mo, you’re too arrogant! 10 years? Why don’t you just say 20 years instead?”

Cao Xian sneered.

This time around, before Sun Mo said anything, Guan Shijie spoke up.

“Cao Xian, stop making a ruckus. Sun Mo’s words were of great help to me. It’s him being modest for him to say 10 years!”


Favorable impression points from Guan Shijie +500. Friendly (500/1,000).

Hearing this, Sun Mo’s lips twitched ever so slightly that it was unnoticeable. (As expected of a harsh and stingy person. You didn’t even give me 1,000 favorable impression points!)

Cao Xian’s countenance instantly turned so black that it was as if it was painted with ink.

Even the person in question had spoken up for Sun Mo. This made him seem like a clown.

“And with Teacher Sun’s guidance, I no longer have the right to fight against other people. I’ll take my leave.”

After Guan Shijie said that, he walked off quickly.

By doing this, Guan Shijie was actually putting himself in a good light. The truth was, his mind was filled with the thoughts of hurrying back home and striving to break through the bottleneck.

(I want to go into seclusion! The kind in which I’ll be away for 10 years! This time around, I won’t come out until I reach the Legendary Realm.)


“Sun Mo, have you really seen the Vast Sea Angry Tides Melody before?”

Gu Xiuxun tugged at Sun Mo’s sleeves and couldn’t help but ask in a soft voice.


The great teachers in the surroundings perked their ears, feeling very interested.

“Teacher Gu, please conduct yourself with dignity!”

Wang Su frowned.

Such questions shouldn’t be asked recklessly. It could bring trouble for Sun Mo.

“Hehe, why don’t you make a guess?”

Sun Mo decided to keep her in suspense.

Not only did he know it, but after smashing a 50-year time emblem, his proficiency index in the Vast Sea Angry Tides Melody had already reached the expert grade.

Moreover, he hadn’t taken any detours at all in the process.

“Teacher Sun, where do you think Teacher Guan’s bottleneck is at?”

After reproaching Gu Xiuxun, Wang Su asked.

This question wouldn’t invade Sun Mo’s privacy yet was very crucial. The bottleneck faced by high star-level great teachers could be something that he might go through in the future.

“I’d like to seek Teacher Sun’s guidance!”

As Wang Su said this, he cupped his hands together, lowering his stance.

“Teacher Sun, please satisfy everyone’s curiosity!”

The Central Province Academy’s great teachers jested, feeling very curious about this. This was Sun Mo’s battle achievement and it brought him the respect of others.

“Most cultivation arts could be cultivated outright. The crucial words would be ‘practice makes perfect’. However, it is different for this Vast Sea Angry Tides Melody. Practicing it requires one to grasp a certain rhythm and even to try to experience the creator’s feelings when they were writing it, trying to form a resonance.”

Sun Mo didn’t hold back just because the information was very precious.

If a world-renowned pianist and a beginner who had just learned to play the piano both played a simple piece, both of them could create a different feeling to the music.

For creation-type works such as articles, music, drawings, or even infrastructure, the creators’ feelings were put into them.

Only by understanding the creators’ feelings would the students be able to present the final product in its full authenticity.

Everyone fell silent as they reflected on Sun Mo’s words, feeling like they had benefited a lot from it. After all, quite a lot of them had never thought about similar problems from this angle.


“Congratulations, you’ve received 10,901 favorable impression points from the great teachers, breaking the record of receiving the highest amount of favorable impression points from great teachers in one go. You’re rewarded with one mysterious treasure chest. Please keep up the good work.”

The system congratulated him.

After a short moment of silence, Wang Su cupped his hands together and bowed slightly.

From the crowd, Liu Mubai looked at Sun Mo and suddenly let out a long sigh. His last bit of confidence was going to be bashed up.

Even if he eventually managed to obtain three stars consecutively in a year, he wouldn’t be able to win against Sun Mo. It was because Sun Mo might turn out to be the record-breaker, becoming a three-time champion.

“Teacher Sun, I’ve benefited from your teaching!”

As Wang Su did this action, the other great teachers were stunned for a moment before all of them also cupped their hands together and bowed toward Sun Mo.

This scene once again shocked the students on the spectator stand.

Sun Mo received another wave of favorable impression points.

“Teacher is so amazing!”

Li Ziqi clenched her small fists. She also wanted to become someone like Sun Mo.

The Myriad Daos Academy’s morale plunged.

All of the great teachers felt very awkward. How were they going to win when even a 6-star major character couldn’t do so?

Their faces had been utterly lost.

As for the question if it’d be embarrassing for these great teachers to bow to a junior?

No one thought that!

Instead, they were jealous of these great teachers’ luck. It was too amazing to be colleagues with Sun Mo. They could ask him out for a drink and take the chance to seek his guidance.

Cao Xian felt very helpless and lost.

(Last year, I was still one-notch over the Central Province Academy. Why has the difference between us become so big in the blink of an eye?)

(No! The Central Province Academy didn’t have many changes to their list of great teachers. The only difference would be the addition of Sun Mo.)

“Are you the devil sent by the heavens to deal a blow to me?”

Cao Xian mumbled.

At this moment, he felt like all hopes were lost.

It was because even their greatest trump card had lost.

This year, they’d probably make the record for the lowest number of students enrolled. Even if they managed to fill the enrollment capacity, they’d just be students that the Central Province Academy had rejected and didn’t want.

The atmosphere became a little stiff.

An Xinhui calmly waited for Cao Xian to make his move. Cao Xian’s mind was in a complete mess. He didn’t know what he should do.

At this moment, Liu Yushan, who had left with Dai Shuling earlier to compete in alchemy, came back with a jade box, appearing very spirited.

(I’m bound to win this round!)

[1] Chanyu or Shanyu, short for Chengli Gutu Chanyu, was the title used by the supreme rulers of Inner Asian nomads for eight centuries until superseded by the title “Khagan” in 402 CE. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chanyu

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