Absolute Great Teacher
681 I Also Have A 6-Star Great Teacher Ally. Are You Scared?
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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681 I Also Have A 6-Star Great Teacher Ally. Are You Scared?


It was afternoon now and the weather was very hot.

“I really feel like eating watermelon!”

Liu Yushan saw that a girl was eating watermelon and felt a slight craving for some.

“En, my performance today is perfect, hmmmph, this time around, I’ll become Jinling’s number one alchemist. I can have some peace for now and enjoy my life!

“I want to eat melon! I want to eat a big melon!”

Liu Yushan suddenly felt bored. These opponents were all very trashy!

(There’s no sense of achievement in winning against you guys!)

“Headmaster Cao, I’m glad to not have disappointed you!”

After Liu Yushan said this, he noticed that Cao Xian didn’t pay any heed to him. He couldn’t help but frown then repeated himself.

“Huh? Oh? Teacher Liu’s alchemical pill is completed?”

Cao Xian asked.

“En, it’s perfect!”

Liu Yushan’s excitement was heavily discounted because he saw that Cao Xian was out of sorts, just like he had just lost his butthole.

The other great teachers also seemed distracted, looking like a bunch of soldiers who had just been trampled upon.

“What’s wrong?”

Liu Yushan blinked.

(Where are the agreed cheers? Why is your morale so low?)

Liu Yushan was very upset. He wanted to hear the female great teachers cheering for him.

“Does Teacher Liu have the confidence to win this round?”

Cao Xian was no longer thinking about winning. He was just hoping to rely on Liu Yushan to save the last bit of their reputation, proving that the Myriad Daos Academy had their good sides as well.

“Are you looking down on me?”

Liu Yushan frowned.

Based on the precedents of the battles between two schools, after the great teachers group was done with the battles, the students had to compete against each other as well.

But today, there wasn’t a need for further competition.

Cao Xian didn’t wish to seek more humiliation. Firstly, it was because they had already lost the great teachers group battle. Secondly, Sun Mo’s three students had gotten the top three places in the personal disciples battle, taking over the ranking board.

Even if the overall capabilities of the Central Province Academy’s students were incomparable to theirs, but just a few geniuses were enough to instill awe in others.

After waiting for over 15 minutes, Dai Shuling came.

Her countenance was very grim. After leaving the alchemy room, she saw that the door to Liu Yushan’s alchemy room was wide open. The room was empty.

If their alchemical pills were of the same grade, then Liu Yushan would be considered to be the more skillful one since he had used a shorter time.

“Alright, Teacher Dai is finally out. We can inspect the pills now.”

Liu Yushan was raring to go.

(My hands are scorching like flames. I can’t wait to clinch victory.)

Neither Liu Yushan nor Dai Shuling was a grandmaster-level alchemist. Therefore, the alchemical pills they refined would at most be of the heaven-tier superior-grade. There wasn’t a need to get a grandmaster to judge. The alchemists present could do so as well.

“Can both teachers please present your pills.”

Cao Xian was anxious and urged them on.

Liu Yushan propped his jade box up.

At the sight of this scene, Dai Shuling’s countenance changed drastically. This was bad! She was going to lose!

Peak-grade alchemical pills would slowly send out a pill qi, which alone was an extremely great source of nourishment.

Therefore, to lock onto the pill qi, one would use a box made from jade or other materials to store the alchemical pills.

The fact that Liu Yushan had brought along a jade box not only showed that he had come prepared, but also that the grade of his alchemical pill wasn’t low. Otherwise, he’d be considered a fool to be using a jade box to store a trashy alchemical pill, just like one who’d buy a wooden box and return the pearls inside. He’d be a subject to mockery.

“Teacher Dai, hurry up.”

Liu Yushan urged. He had already seen Dai Shuling’s pill box. It was just a wooden box made from yellow rosewood.

It was expensive when used to make furniture, but when used to make a pill box, hehe, it’d be one notch inferior.

Dai Shuling didn’t dare to look at An Xinhui. She steeled herself and propped up her pill box.


Liu Yushan laughed softly.

“Teacher Dai has lost!”

Many of the great teachers in the Central Province Academy knew their stuff and when they saw this, they let out a sigh.

“We’ve won a round!”

The Myriad Daos Academy’s great teachers heaved a sigh of relief. To some people, the first round was won through trickeries and didn’t count.


Liu Yushan had been waiting for the cheers, but he realized that the atmosphere wasn’t right.

Dai Shuling felt very awkward, but she quickly noticed that the great teachers from her school were all laughing and chatting amongst themselves, not looking upset over losing the great teachers group battle.

“What the hell?”

Dai Shuling looked stunned. “Why do I feel that we’ve already won? Did something happen while I was performing alchemy?”

“Teacher Dai, you’ve caught a cold these few days and your body isn’t in a good condition. It has been hard on you that I made you take part in the alchemy competition. You should have some rest after this, don’t aggravate your condition.”

An Xinhui smiled and said gently, “After all, our school cannot do without you.”

“Headmaster An!”

Dai Shuling’s eyes were moist and she felt extremely grateful.

She knew that Headmaster An was trying to find an excuse for her loss. After all, she wasn’t sick.

“Teacher Dai, go back and get some rest!”

Wang Su laughed.

The other great teachers also started to console Dai Shuling.

“What on earth happened?”

Dai Shuling felt extremely curious.

“Teacher Sun has single-handedly crushed half of the Myriad Daos Academy’s great teachers group plus a trump card. Therefore, it no longer matters whether you win or lose.”

“That’s right. After all, we need to give the Myriad Daos Academy a way out to reduce their embarrassment.”

“Sigh, you’ve missed out on a lot of good shows, but I saw some students holding onto image-recording stones and recorded everything down. You can look for them to check it out later!”

The great teachers actively discussed amongst themselves.

(Meow meow meow? What are you guys talking about? Why is it that I can recognize every word you guys are saying, but when they are put together, it’s so illogical? Sun Mo has crushed half of their great teachers group? And a trump card on top of that?)

(Do you guys take me as a 3-year-old child? Am I that easy to coax?)

(Please, even Headmaster An, who’s the top graduate from the Heavenly Mystery Academy, a rare talent that was hard to come by in 100 years, can’t do this!)

Dai Shuling’s lips moved, wanting to retort this, but in the end, she didn’t say anything.

There wasn’t any problem with her intellect. She had guessed this outcome after seeing the situation.

“Is Sun Mo really so terrifying?”

Dai Shuling drew in a cold gasp.

(Is our Central Province Academy going to rise from today onward?)


“Headmaster, this...”

Liu Yushan looked speechless. (Where is the agreed pinnacle of life? There isn’t even going to be any competition now?)

Fang Haoran took a whiff and praised, “Teacher Liu, your alchemical pill isn’t bad.”

“Teacher Fang is too kind with your praise!”

Although Liu Yushan spoke humbly, he was very proud deep inside. After all, he had received the praise from Master Fang.

“Teacher Fang, you’ve come?”

Cao Xian’s eyes lit up.

He had sent someone to ask for Fang Haoran’s presence, wanting him to become their trump card. However, Fang Haoran had rejected it, saying that he’d be bullying if he were to step forth.

That was the truth. After all, Fang Haoran was a 5-star great teacher and was a grandmaster at that. His reputation in the alchemist world was quite high.

Cao Xian hadn’t expected that the latter would come rushing over after seeing their school in a predicament.

“Teacher Fang!”

Cao Xian choked and he grabbed onto Fang Haoran’s hand uncontrollably. “You’re my savior!”


Fang Haoran felt helpless. (You seem to have misunderstood something?)

Cao Xian, who had shown signs of cowering, started to feel confident again. “Master Fang is here. Who dares to compete against him?”

The Central Province Academy’s great teachers fell silent. Even the Myriad Daos Academy’s side also felt that their headmaster was such a sore loser to be doing this.

(You can’t just press down on someone’s weakness and keep hammering on it. Even if you were to win, there was nothing to be proud of.)

“You guys aren’t the headmaster, so you don’t understand my pain!”

Cao Xian didn’t wish to do this either, but he had to give an explanation to Li Zixing. Moreover, as long as they were to win against the Central Province Academy in alchemy, they’d be able to depend on this subject to attract quite a number of good students.

“That’s so infuriating!”

Xia Yuan felt upset. “Teacher Sun, you go!”

“Do you really think I’m invincible?”

Sun Mo smiled in self-mockery.

(I’m sorry, I really don’t know alchemy.)

“It’s fine! I still have an ace!”

An Xinhui gestured for everyone to calm down. After learning that Fang Haoran was a guest great teacher in the Myriad Daos Academy, she had been making preparations.

A guest great teacher was a position that a great teacher assumed because they were too busy, which led them to be unable to assume a position in a school for a prolonged period. Therefore, they chose to teach at a school on an irregular basis.

Of course, to be a guest great teacher, one must at least be at the grandmaster-level in the subject that they majored in.

“Headmaster An, why don’t I be the one to take on this match?”

Just as An Xinhui was about to whistle and call out her trump card, a stable and clear voice rang out.

“Who is this? Why did she dare to accept such a challenge?”

Everyone felt very curious, then they saw a young married lady in her thirties making a way through the crowd and walking over.

“Teacher Sun, please pardon me for coming uninvited and troubling you!”

Mei Yazhi smiled.

“Teacher Mei is too kind!”

Sun Mo was a little surprised. He then asked, “Are you here to travel? Or for work? Do you have a place to stay?”

As a friend, Sun Mo felt that he should try his best to play a good host.

“Both. I haven’t found a place to stay yet!”

Mei Yazhi frowned.

“Who is this? Why does it feel like she is on very good terms with Sun Mo?”

Some younger female great teachers couldn’t help but frown. (Where did this woman come from? How dare she chat and smile with my Sun Mo! I’m so jealous!)

However, this woman looked very beautiful and also had a dignified air. It made others not dare to act impudently before her.

“Oh? Then why not let me handle the arrangements?”

Sun Mo took this matter on.

He wasn’t a saint who had no desires. He’d be a fool if a 6-star major character had come on her own, yet he still didn’t try to curry up to her.

“Oh right, did Ziyu come?”

Sun Mo turned his head and looked around. He then saw Mei Ziyu standing outside the crowd. Upon noticing Sun Mo’s gaze, she waved to greet him.

This lady with black hair didn’t like to squeeze with other people nor be in the limelight. Therefore, she didn’t come over but stayed outside to watch.

(Who is Ziyu? Why are you addressing her so familiarly?)

Thoughts started to rise in An Xinhui’s heart. She had the feeling that Mei Yazhi was looking at Sun Mo with a gaze as if she was looking at her son-in-law.

“Good afternoon, Teacher Mei!”

An Xinhui took the initiative to greet her. When she participated in the great teacher examination back then, Mei Yazhi was one of the main examiners. Hold on, what did she say just now?

She wanted to represent the Central Province Academy for the match?

(If I didn’t recall wrongly, she’s already near to the ancestor-level on alchemy, right?)

Suddenly, An Xinhui felt a little panicky. (What should we do if our Central Province were to win another round, moreover, against a 5-star grandmaster-level alchemist, completely defeating the Myriad Daos Academy?)

(Waiting urgently online for a reply!)

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    《Absolute Great Teacher》