Absolute Great Teacher
682 One-sided Crushing!
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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682 One-sided Crushing!


The sun today was very strong, making one feel like turning into a cat and laying on the balcony to sunbathe.

If there was a cup of tea, it’d be perfect.

However, Cao Xian’s entire body felt icy-cold. He was even trembling slightly as if he had contracted some kind of horrible disease and was shivering non-stop.

Who was this beautiful married lady who gave off a rich dignified air and gracefulness?

Mei Yazhi!

She came from a reputable family and was a major character in the alchemist world!

It was something worth being proud of for one to become a grandmaster alchemist at the age of 40, but Mei Yazhi had done it at the age of 20.

This was how unreasonable geniuses were.

If you were their enemy, other than despair, you wouldn’t have other emotions in your heart.

“Mei... Mei...”

Cao Xian stuttered as he tried to give a greeting.

(What kind of sin have I committed? I treat the students so well and have been cautiously and conscientiously managing the Myriad Daos Academy, wanting to bring it to the ranks of top-notch schools. But why is it so difficult?)

“Why did heaven do this to me?”

Cao Xian’s eyes had turned red.

If Mei Yazhi were to represent the Central Province Academy, she’d definitely win. She was almost an ancestor-level alchemist.

As for her status as a 6-star great teacher, it was something that Cao Xian didn’t even dare to think about. He was scared that he would faint from disappointment if he were to do so.

“Who is this lady?”

Someone asked, their tone filled with carefulness and respect.

There was no helping it. Mei Yazi had assumed a high position for very long. This, as well as her outstanding capabilities, brought her a powerful disposition.

“Mei Yazhi, 6-star great teacher, the third-best alchemist in Jixia Learning Palace!”

A middle-aged great teacher looked at Mei Yazhi with an agitated expression.

Youngsters might not know Mei Yazhi, but all the older men were familiar with her because Mei Yazhi had been ranked top three on the Devastating Beauty Rankings in their era.

She was the dream lover of many men.


A female great teacher was jealous of Mei Yazhi. Her lips had just twitched when someone lashed out at her.

“Jixia Learning Palace is one of the Nine Greats, and even their worst alchemist is a grandmaster. The first and second-best are all at the great ancestor-level, amazing characters who stand at the very top of the alchemy world.”

“Teacher Mei is publicly recognized as third in such an academic environment, yet you dare look down on her?”

“By the way, the ones in first and second place are both extremely old. They rarely come out to teach anymore.”

The middle-aged male great teachers debated this and praised Mei Yazhi.

“A bunch of bootlickers!”

The female great teacher who was lashed out cursed in her heart, but she didn’t dare to show any disrespect. She was also scared that she’d be targeted by Mei Yazhi.

Given Mei Yazhi’s power, she’d really be able to smother this teacher if she wanted to.

When Cao Xian heard the name ‘Jixia Learning Palace’, an idea immediately came to his heart as if he had grabbed onto the last life-saving straw. “When has Grandmaster Mei become a great teacher in the Central Province Academy? Why don’t I know that?”

Cao Xian’s meaning was very clear. Mei Yazhi had no right to represent the Central Province Academy. But what kind of social skills did Sun Mo have?

To think that he could get a 6-star great teacher to take the initiative to help him?

Was it because of the God Hands?

Cao Xian subconsciously assessed Mei Yazhi’s body. Tsk, her figure was really good!

An Xinhui threw a glance at Sun Mo, thinking to herself. (Don’t ask me. I have no idea either. But it feels so good to see Cao Xian being so exasperated.)

“Headmaster Cao, I’ve received a lot of favors from Teacher Sun in the 2-star great teacher examination. Therefore, I have made an agreement with Teacher Sun that I would come to the Central Province Academy to take on the role as a guest professor.”

Mei Yazhi explained.


All the great teachers gasped in surprise and couldn’t help but look toward Sun Mo, their gazes filled with jealousy and hatred.

A 6-star great teacher was considered to be a very strong backing. If one could curry up to them, their path in the great teacher world would be very smooth.

Cao Xian fell silent.

Anyone with a working brain would be able to tell that Mei Yazhi had just happened to arrive at the right time. After all, it was an impromptu idea for Cao Xian to lead a great teachers group to challenge the Central Province Academy. It was impossible for An Xinhui to be able to make targeted arrangements.

“My luck is really bad. How many pearflower candies did I snatch from children in my previous life? How many old grannies did I push down while they were crossing the roads at that period?”

Cao Xian felt very upset.

An Xinhui’s eyes lit up. If Mei Yazhi was willing to be a guest professor in the Central Province Academy, then their number of enrolled students would definitely break their school gates.

Even the great teachers were agitated, let alone the students.

They also wanted to follow behind great teachers with high star levels, to learn and seek guidance from them. With that, they’d be able to improve faster.

The atmosphere was completely inclined toward the Central Province Academy’s side. However, Cao Xian didn’t wish to give up.

“Teacher Fang, can you do it?”

Cao Xian asked.


Fang Haoran felt helpless. (Aren’t your desire to survive too strong? Things are already like this, yet you still want to persist?)

“Teacher Fang, if you can win against Mei Yazhi, then I’ll go all out. I’ll disregard all prices and help you look for the few darkness medicinal plants that you’re looking for.”

Cao Xian clenched his teeth and offered.

“I’m sorry!”

Fang Haoran lowered his voice. To speak the truth, if it wasn’t because he had received a lot of care from Cao Xian, he wouldn’t bother to care about him.

(Aren’t you trying to make a fool out of myself by forcing me to do this?)

“Since Teacher Fang isn’t confident, then why not let me?”

Liu Yushan spoke up.


Cao Xian frowned.

“Why? Can’t I do that?”

Liu Yushan’s tone sounded a little displeased. (Cao Xian, what do you mean by that? Are you looking down on me?)

However, after throwing a glance at Mei Yazhi, Liu Yushan felt very troubled as well.

(I’m not very confident, but it doesn’t matter even if I were to lose. It’s to be expected. If I were to win, I’d be able to soar to fame while stepping on Mei Yazhi. I mustn’t let this rare opportunity pass.)

Moreover, Liu Yushan had other plans going on in his heart. After this great teachers group battle, things were probably going to go down for the Myriad Daos Academy. He should make plans for his future as soon as possible.

Cao Xian looked at Liu Yushan, not saying anything. Fan Wenbin, on the other hand, was worried that Liu Yushan might end up disgracing himself and gave a word of advice.

“1-star and 2-star great teachers are nothing, and even 3-star great teachers might just be mediocre. However, from the 4-star onward, it’s definitely a case of 1-star higher means 1-star stronger. There are no weaklings amongst them.”

“We’ll only find out after a match to see if there are weaklings!”

Liu Yushan didn’t wait for Cao Xian to agree. He stepped out and challenged Mei Yazhi, “Teacher Mei, I’m Liu Yushan. Please give me your guidance.”

The great teachers looked at Liu Yushan, completely stunned.

(Who gave you the courage to challenge Mei Yazhi?)

What was the difference between the two of them?

Let’s take this example. Liu Yushan was still performing alchemy based on prescriptions. He was able to refine some alchemical pills with complicated steps and amazing medicinal effects.

However, Mei Yazhi had long since broken away from the stage of following the step-by-step instructions. She had already started to develop new alchemical pills.

Mei Yazhi looked at Liu Yushan. “What you refined is the marrow cleansing pill, right?”

Many people thought that Mei Yazhi had only known of the alchemical pill because she had heard of the content of their competition. Therefore, they didn’t show any changes in their expression.

Only major characters like Wang Su or quick-witted great teachers like Gu Xiuxun would understand what Mei Yazhi’s words meant.

Think about it. It had been over two hours since the two of them had entered alchemy rooms to perform alchemy. For a major character at the level of Mei Yazhi, time was extremely precious. She’d definitely not stay here so long to watch the show.

There was another thing. Given how beautiful Mei Yazhi was, there’d definitely be men who would notice her if she had stood in the crowd for two hours.

If it was any other great teachers, they might explain things, but Mei Yazhi didn’t care for that.

“Judging from how intensely the pill qi is dissipating, the grade would at most be average-grade heaven-tier.

“Moreover, after the marrow cleansing pill is formed, it should be cooled and preserved at the very first instant, suppressing the medicinal properties of the pill. However, you’ve taken this alchemical pill out too early.”

“You must have done it because you were thinking of being one step earlier than your opponent, right?”


Hearing Mei Yazhi’s ‘alchemical pill identification’, everyone was surprised. The alchemical pill hadn’t been presented yet, so why was she so certain? If she was wrong, it’d be a disgrace.

“Teacher Liu, why don’t you open it?”

Xia Yuan urged.

Liu Yushan had no choice but to open it.


The spirit qi that was encompassed inside was like the clouds rising and then dissipating into the air, leaving behind only a faint fragrance.

“You’ve actually added golden thread grass?”

Mei Yazhi was surprised. She then nodded and praised, “Not bad. You have researched to the extent of adding in the golden thread grass to bring out the snow paddy’s medicinal properties completely. You’re considered quite decent!”

“The hell!”

Liu Yushan was stunned. It was his unique secret to be adding the golden thread grass when refining the marrow cleansing pill. He didn’t expect to be seen through from just a glance.

What was even more exaggerating was that she hadn’t even tasted the pill. She only stood over ten meters away from where he was and knew about it from the smell of the pill qi.

(Isn’t this... isn’t this too amazing?)

“But the amount of golden thread grass you’ve added isn’t right. It’s too much.”

Mei Yazhi pointed out.


Liu Yushan was very surprised and subconsciously asked, “The Jixia Learning Palace has long since known about using the golden thread grass to refine the marrow cleansing pill?”

Liu Yushan was afraid to hear the answer because it would mean that the many years of his research would be meaningless.

“That’s right.”

Mei Yazhi didn’t deny it.

This reply made Liu Yushan feel completely dejected. He then complained, “Then why didn’t you guys announce it earlier? Do you know how many years of effort I’ve put in to find the best ratio of golden thread grass to add?”

Liu Yushan was thinking of relying on this ‘new’ prescription to live the rest of his life in luxury. (But now, you’re telling me that the golden rice bowl I’ve created for myself is not worth anything?)

Who’d be able to accept that?

Mei Yazhi couldn’t be bothered to explain. This was how amazing the Nine Greats were. It was where all the top-notch great teachers were at.

It could be said that the things that they had researched would all be at the very forefront in Middle-Earth Nine Provinces.

“Why else do you think that everyone wants to go to the Nine Greats?”

Tantai Yutang sighed.

“Not me!”

Ying Baiwu pouted.

“Me neither! I want to follow Teacher for life!”

Lu Zhiruo raised her hand to say.

“Teacher Liu, do you still want to compete?”

Wang Su asked.

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    《Absolute Great Teacher》