Absolute Great Teacher
683 Why Don“t I Have A Son-In-Law Like Sun Mo?
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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683 Why Don“t I Have A Son-In-Law Like Sun Mo?

Chapter 683: Why Don’t I Have A Son-In-Law Like Sun Mo?

Liu Yushan’s countenance instantly flickered between grim and flushed from the embarrassment.

If he chose not to compete, wouldn’t it be equivalent to him embarrassing himself in front of so many big figures for not keeping his word?

But if he did choose to compete...

(It’s not like I’m a masochist!)

As a 3-star great teacher, there was no problem with Liu Yushan’s intellect. Mei Yazhi was able to discern an alchemical pill’s grade, content, and ratio with just the pill qi.

How would he be able to win against a genius like that?

At the thought of this, Liu Yushan suddenly felt very disappointed because he might only reach this level when he was 200 or 300 years old.

“This great teacher, the most important thing in alchemy is to not be impetuous or impatient. Only with a calm mind would you be able to sense the alchemical pill’s qi.”

Mei Yazhi had a good personality and didn’t hate Liu Yushan just because he wanted to use her as a stepping stone to rise to fame. Instead, she gave him guidance patiently.

“Let me give you an inappropriate example. If you were about to die, even if there was a Nine Revolutions Life-Extension Pill that was almost completed in the alchemy cauldron in front of you, you shouldn’t eat it!”

“After you’ve arrived at this state, you’ll have an extremely great improvement in your alchemy.”

The surrounding great teachers, even those who weren’t alchemists, listened attentively. After all, this was a teaching from a 6-star great teacher.

Liu Yushan struggled for a little before eventually bowing deeply.

“Thank you Teacher Mei for your guidance. May I ask where my flaw is?”

Liu Yushan really admired Mei Yazhi for her magnanimity. This might be the reason why she could reach her level at such a young age, right?

“Liu Yushan, are you looking for trouble?”

Dai Shuling, who had always been one to uphold a dignified disposition, was now like like a shrew cursing in public as she lashed out.

Mei Yazhi was Dai Shuling’s idol. Now that she had gotten to see her in person, she felt uncontrollably agitated. She was contemplating if she should invite Mei Yazhi to a meal when she heard Liu Yushan’s words.

In Dai Shuling’s opinion, Liu Yushan was making things difficult for Mei Yazhi, wanting her to disgrace herself.

“Teacher Mei hasn’t even seen you performing alchemy before, so how would she know of your flaws?”

“That’s not what I meant.”

Liu Yushan felt very aggrieved.

“Alright, the two of you, please be quiet for a moment!”

Mei Yazhi stopped Dai Shuling. “Your flaw is that you’ve too little experience. To put it more accurately, you didn’t refine enough peak-grade alchemical pills.”

In this world, there were very few geniuses. Athletes, competitive gamers, sharpshooters, and even doctors had to keep on training and accumulating experience to get to where they were.

The Myriad Daos Academy’s stage was still too small.

To be honest, the personal disciples of grandmaster alchemist in Jixia Learning Palace had participated in peak-grade pill’s refinements many times more than Liu Yushan.

“There’s no problem with your technique.”

Hearing this praise, Liu Yushan looked elated.

Even he hadn’t noticed that his position had already changed from a challenger to a student who was humbly seeking guidance.

“Come and look for me in another few days to get a recommendation letter. I’ll arrange you to be an intern at the Jixia Learning Palace’s Alchemy Court for three months!”

Mei Yazhi instructed.

To speak the truth, if someone dared to tell a 3-star great teacher to go take up an internship in a school, they’d definitely be lashed out by the 3-star great teacher horribly.

But now, Liu Yushan felt only gratitude in his heart.

It was because this chance was really too hard to come by. After all, even if he were to submit his resume to Jixia Learning Palace, they’d toss it straight into the trash can without even taking a look at it.

When choosing teachers, the Nine Greats would only want the top graduates from various famous schools. Even the weakest mustn’t be far off from the top ten.

“Teacher Liu, congratulations!”

“You’re really goddamn lucky. This can’t do, you must treat us tonight!”

“That’s right! To a sumptuous meal!”

Many alchemists from the crowd were so envious that their eyes had turned red. They had a strong urge to snatch Liu Yushan’s recommendation letter.

“It’s a pity that Teacher Sun has rejected my recommendation. Otherwise, given your mastery in the study of spirit runes and spiritual control, you’ll be able to teach in Jixia Learning Palace.”

Mei Yazhi sighed.

An Xinhui was taken by surprise. When did something like this happen?

The other great teachers were all astonished. To think that Sun Mo was already that outstanding?

“But why doesn’t he go to Jixia Learning Palace?”

“In the Central Province Academy, he’s the head of a chicken. But if he were to go to Jixia Learning Palace, he probably wouldn’t be able to become the phoenix’s tail.”

“You’re underestimating Sun Mo too much.”

“Aren’t you the one overestimating him? I admit that he’s very strong, but the great teachers from the Nine Greats are all top-notch talents in the Central Province.”

The great teachers argued amongst themselves.

“Stop bickering. The reason why Sun Mo didn’t go is purely because he is An Xinhui’s fiancé. If you were him, would you go to the Jixia Learning Palace when you had such a beautiful wife and half a famous school in your possession?”

A male great teacher spoke up, feeling extremely jealous.

Everyone fell silent and thought about it. That was really the case.

There was a saying that no matter how beautiful a place was, there was no place like home. If they were in his shoes, they’d probably also choose to hold a beauty in their left arm and the headmaster’s seal in their right hand.

Liu Yushan was very smart. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have been able to reach his current level before the age of 40.

Back then, he had gotten into the good books of his teacher to learn alchemy. After all, even the job of watching over the alchemy cauldron was something everyone would fight over for.

Hearing Mei Yazhi’s words, while other people were feeling astonished over how outstanding Sun Mo was, Liu Yushan thought that Mei Yazhi might be trying to help the Central Province Academy to headhunt him.

But why not for Jixia Learning Palace?


Liu Yushan recognized his talent. He didn’t have the capability to establish a standing in that school.

“Teacher Mei, I’ll follow your orders strictly and not embarrass you.”

Liu Yushan bowed once again.

He seemed to be saying that he would perform well in Jixia Learning Palace, but in fact, Liu Yushan was assuring her that he’d join the Central Province Academy.

“F*ck your mom!”

Cao Xian was also very smart and understood the hidden meanings behind their conversation. he was so enraged that green veins were popping out on his forehead. However, he then let everything plunge toward devastation.

(Go, all of you can just go!)

“Headmaster Cao, do you still want to compete?”

An Xinhui asked, “We’ve been here for very long. If you’re not going to compete, then we can all leave to have our meals!”

(Of course, the Central Province Academy will be having a celebratory banquet.)

An Xinhui added this in her heart.


Cao Xian looked dejected.

This horrible defeat could be said to be the greatest humiliation of his life. It might also be the worst decision he had made in his lifetime.

(I shouldn’t have come here!)

Now that the Myriad Daos Academy had lost, in less than two days, this piece of news would spread throughout Jinling. It was clear which academy those enrolling students would pick.

“Why don’t I have a son-in-law like Sun Mo?”

Cao Xian felt very upset.

Even though he hated Sun Mo to the core, his admiration toward Sun Mo also grew given how half of their great teachers had lost to Sun Mo.

“The younger generation is really filled with greater prospects!”


Favorable impression points from Cao Xian +1,000. Respect (3,510/10,000).

The Myriad Daos Academy’s great teachers as well as their students who had rushed over to provide moral support looked very disappointed. After all, no one liked losing.

“Headmaster Cao, there’s something you might need to realize.”

Sun Mo picked his words carefully. “You’re too obstinate over the title of being the number one in Jinling, resulting in you seeking too much material gain in the way you act.”

“The reason we set up schools and become teachers isn’t to fight for reputation, but to teach the children well.

“So what if they aren’t outstanding students? Are they not going to live anymore? After all, in this world, there will always be more outstanding people.

“Therefore, I feel that we shouldn’t be nurturing students to surpass others but themselves.”

This was Sun Mo’s heartfelt thoughts.

The reason why he put so much effort into teaching was so his students could live an exciting life, not fretting over living necessities on a daily basis.

Sun Mo looked toward the spectator stand.

“I hope that you guys can become the best version of yourself.”

Lingering Sound erupted and Sun Mo’s voice flew up into the sky above the Central Province Academy. As if it had wings, it resonated for very long.

The students fell into silence, thought about it, and then started to give a round of applause.

At the same time, golden light also erupted, radiating at Cao Xian.

It was Priceless Advice!

The great teachers in the surroundings were all stunned.

(You’re really daring. To think that you’d preach at the headmaster of a school so calmly.)

“Heh, this Priceless Advice is really domineering.”

Qin Yaoguang started to admire Sun Mo a little.

It wasn’t just her. At this moment, many students had the impulse to acknowledge Sun Mo as their teacher.

“Headmaster Cao, you’ve overworked yourself in the recent few years. With your mental state in decline, you’ve been stuck at your current cultivation realm without any progress, right? If this continues, you’ll have the risk of dying from sudden death in less than five years.”

Sun Mo reminded.


Sun Mo words shocked everyone. (You really dare to say it?)

However, at the thought of Sun Mo’s great reputation as God Hands, they didn’t find this abrupt. It was true that he had this right.

“Thank you Teacher Sun for your kind intention. I know my body well.”

Cao Xian cupped his fists together and planned to leave when Fang Haoran suddenly called out.

“Headmaster Cao, there’s something I must clarify.”

Fang Haoran felt a little awkward.

Cao Xian frowned, having an ominous feeling about this. “What is it?”

“The reason I’ve come here isn’t to represent the Myriad Daos Academy in battle.”

Fang Haoran felt bitter inside.

He had initially thought that as a 5-star great teacher, it wouldn’t matter even if he didn’t explain things. After all, his star level was high and he would be considered a great backing to Sun Mo.

But now, with Mei Yazhi’s appearance, given how he wasn’t comparable to her in any way, how was he going to obtain Sun Mo’s friendship?

“Teacher Sun saved me in the past and I have always wanted to thank him. Therefore, I came rushing over after hearing that he has returned from the examination.”

Fang Haoran said this while bowing toward Sun Mo.

It was with sincerity.

After all, if it wasn’t for Sun Mo, he’d be dead.

“Then why didn’t you say it earlier?”

It seemed that there was no way for him to make Fang Haoran stay either. Therefore, Cao Xian’s attitude changed as well. (Heck it, I’ll just do whatever I want now.)

“But you didn’t give me a chance to.”

Fang Haoran felt helpless.

Sun Mo was no longer concerned about this. His mind was checking on the rewards he had reaped.

“With this, I’m considered to have defeated the Myriad Daos Academy’s invasion, right? Where’s my reward? Give it to me quickly! I want to open up great teacher halos! I want to open up alchemy techniques!”

Sun Mo suddenly had some craving to learn alchemy.

If it wasn’t for Mei Yazhi’s sudden appearance today, their school would have lost.

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