Absolute Great Teacher
685 New Great Teacher Halo
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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685 New Great Teacher Halo



Congratulations on helping the Central Province Academy to obtain victory in the great teachers group battle, defeating the great teacher group led by Cao Xian. Also, because you have put in a lot of effort, you are hereby awarded 2 mysterious treasure chests!”


“Congratulations on your higher prestige connection with Mei Yazhi and her daughter. Reward: 1x mysterious treasure chest.”


“Congratulations on receiving more than 100,000 favorable impression points in a single day. Reward: 1x mysterious treasure chest.”

The system congratulated and gave out three waves of rewards.

“Where are you sleeping tonight?”

Sun Mo asked.

In addition to the mysterious treasure chest he had obtained during the day, Sun Mo had five of them now. Hence, he impatiently wanted to go back so he could quickly open them.

According to the probability, even if he was extremely unlucky, he would be able to open a top-grade item, right?


An Xinhui started. After that, she blushed. (What did you want to do? We are not married yet and even if you want to do something with me, I won’t permit it.)

(At the very least, t...that has to wait until after we are married!)

“If you are not returning to the villa to sleep, I will be leaving first then.”

Sun Mo was unable to hold back his impatience. He also didn’t know if his lucky mascot had fallen asleep or not. If Lu Zhiruo wasn’t by his side, even if you beat him to death, he wouldn’t dare to open any chests.


An Xinhui understood somewhat as the villa Sun Mo was staying in belonged to her. This was why he would ask her such a question.


(In such a beautiful night with bright moonlight and cool gusts of wind, don’t you want to stay longer with me on this quiet campus?)

“Rest earlier tonight. Since we won against the Myriad Daos Academy today, our future path should be much smoother and we won’t be so fatigued again.”

After Sun Mo spoke, he turned and left.

“But there’s still...”

An Xinhui originally wanted to say that there was still the ‘C’ grade school tournament at the end of the year. In the end, when she lifted her head, Sun Mo was already seven meters away.

He truly left mercilessly.

All of a sudden, An Xinhui felt a little depressed. She originally wanted to discuss with Sun Mo the matter of her going to participate in the 4-star great teacher examination.

In the past, because she was busy with the matters of the school, An Xinhui was easily distracted. Now, she finally had time.

Naturally, the most important point was that even if Sun Mo couldn’t become the champion of the 3-star great teacher examination this year, he most probably would pass. Then, her only superior aspect to him would be gone.

“I definitely don’t want to be at the same rank as you!”

An Xinhui set a small target for herself. She wanted to first obtain the 4-star great teacher title and lead the school out of the ‘C’ grade. A...after that, it would be fine to marry Sun Mo.

Sadly, her grandfather might not be able to attend their wedding.


When Sun Mo returned to the villa, Dong He immediately came to welcome him, wanting to help him change his clothes and wear his slippers.

“Just place them there, I will wear them myself!”

Looking at Dong He kneeling on the ground and hugging his thighs, wanting to help him change his shoes, Sun Mo felt very helpless.

He had already made things clear many times, but Dong He simply didn’t listen.

“Serving master is this slave’s responsibility. You have to rest well to nurture your mind and preserve your energy, so it would be easier for you to defeat the other great teachers.”

Dong He’s expression was one of excitement.

There was no need to wait anymore. From now onward, she was the slave of the number one great teacher in Jinling. Even if she was shopping for groceries and encountered the butlers from the other clans, she would be qualified enough to maintain a lofty attitude and wait for them to take the initiative to greet her.

Back then, Xia He rejected following Sun Mo but Dong He agreed. This was equal to her betting her life on Sun Mo.

Now, her gamble had paid off and it was time for the harvest.

What could changing shoes and helping her master to bathe be counted as?

In big clans, there was even a ‘job’ named bed-warmer.

During winter, bed-warmers would first wash themselves clean and then slip into the blankets to ‘warm’ their masters up. If their masters grew excited, it was within their responsibilities to copulate with their masters.

And if they got pregnant?

Wanting to depend on pregnancy to lead a life of luxury?

There was no need to think about that. Firstly, leaving aside the fact that the master would not want a child given birth by a slave, even if the female slave really got pregnant, the main wife would force-feed her with medicine to abort the baby.

Hence, bed-warmers were like chamber pots. After using them, one could casually just throw them away.

“Master, just let me do it or I will feel guilt in my heart.”

Dong He felt very grateful in her heart. She could feel that Sun Mo had never treated her as a slave or a servant.

One must know that although Li Ziqi was very nice and would often give her tips, sometimes, she would inadvertently display the aura of a noble.

It didn’t mean that Li Ziqi was looking down on Dong He. However, because she had been raised as a princess, she could be gentle and kind, but she would definitely not treat Dong He as someone on the same level as her.

Even for Dong He, she was too used to being a slave. By acting like this, Sun Mo actually caused her to feel dread and panic.

“What’s there to feel guilty about?”

Although he said this, Sun Mo didn’t reject her help and decided to allow her to help him change his shoes.

“Ai, how guilty!”

Sun Mo felt some worry whether life like that would be too enjoyable or not?

Other than not being able to play games or drink coke, as well as some aspects of life being not as convenient, the other things were perfect.

Naturally, the prerequisite was that you had to be someone with some status.

If not, you wouldn’t even be able to retain your wife.

When he recalled the scene of Lin Chong* in the Windsnow Mountain Divine Temple, he couldn’t help but sigh in pity at the great hero.

Sun Mo sighed. He had read a few versions of the novel online but had no idea about the ending. However, with the laziness of those authors, he most probably wouldn’t be able to read the ending in his entire life.

After entering the guest room on the second floor, Sun Mo entered the Wind King Divine Hall through the teleportation gate and patrolled the area.

As the eldest martial sister, in addition to being a human the Wind King currently admired, Li Ziqi gave a few side palace halls to Xuanyuan Po and the rest.

They were responsible for the cleanliness and usage of their halls. If there was no important need, they would do their best not to disrupt the training of others.

“Shengjia, your training seems to be going on pretty well.”

Sun Mo stood at a door and watched for a while, feeling very satisfied. The compatibility of the honest guy with the Dharma Skyshock Fist was very high. Each of his moves already had the hint of true mastery within.

If he continued improving, wouldn’t he become a monk?


Upon hearing Sun Mo’s voice, Qi Shengjia immediately ran over. He was not good with words and wanted to say some congratulatory things, but he stuttered the moment he tried to say anything.


Favorable impression points from Qi Shengjia +1,000. Reverence (31,500/100,000).

“I understand your sincerity. Just cultivate well, I’m waiting for the day where you completely master this art and display your brilliance.”

Sun Mo encouraged.

(As expected of my number one point-contributor, the number of favorable impression points you contribute every time would never be below 1,000.)

“I will never throw Teacher’s face away.”

Qi Shengjia guaranteed.

Right now, he completely didn’t dare to ask Sun Mo about taking him on as a personal student because he knew he wasn’t worthy.

To him, being able to receive the guidance of Teacher Sun was already a very fortunate matter. He should even treat everyone to express he was thankful for his blessings.

Wasn’t this nonsense?

He was definitely the most doted son of heaven or how would he have met Sun Mo and received Sun Mo’s attentive teachings? In fact, Sun Mo even passed the Dharma Skyshock Fist down to him.

One must know that it was a peerless-grade saint-tier cultivation art and was sufficient to act as a foundation to build a 100-year strong clan.

There were also several affluent second-generations from big clans wanting to invite him to banquets at expensive restaurants. However, Qi Shengjia cleanly rejected them all and ran over here to cultivate.

No matter how delicious the dishes in the restaurants were, how could they be better than the abundant spirit qi in the Wind King Divine Hall?

After speaking a few words of encouragement to Qi Shengjia, Sun Mo continued to guide his other students. He gained another insight.

Actually, Qi Shengjia’s aptitude didn’t improve. Rather, Sun Mo had chosen very well, selecting a cultivation art that was suitable for Qi Shengjia. This Dharma Skyshock Fist didn’t speak of fanciful tricks at its core. It only needed a single word – stability.

It was simple and unadorned, like a Buddha statue in a temple. There was no need to purposely sculpt it so it would have an imposing aura. It also didn’t need to shine with the splendor of gold. As long as it was a Buddha statue, even if it was made of clay, it was sufficient.

If Sun Mo passed the Grand Universe Formless Divine Art down to the honest guy, the honest guy’s rate of improvement would definitely be much much slower.

Sun Mo walked for about 200 meters, and after he found Lu Zhiruo, he saw the papaya girl’s body drenched in sweat as she cultivated. Her robes were already wet and on her innocent goose-egg-shaped face seriousness could be seen.

But as for her performance...

It was the standard of an average person. Even if she fought neutral creeps, her skill was such that her teammates might scold her until she became autistic.

“Zhiruo, do you want to focus your study solely on the art of spiritual control?”

Sun Mo asked.


Upon seeing Sun Mo, the papaya girl’s eyes brightened and she immediately jogged over to hug Sun Mo’s arm. After that, when she recalled that her body was drenched in sweat, she hurriedly released her hold and felt a little awkward.

She had dirtied her teacher’s clothes.

(Eh, that’s right. I can use this as an excuse to wash clothes for Teacher, right?)

(Forget it, junior martial sister Baiwu would definitely not give me this chance.)

The papaya girl knew that their teacher’s clothes were all washed by Ying Baiwu. For the sake of this, Ying Baiwu even quarreled with Dong He.

“As for training, it doesn’t mean it’s okay as long as you work hard. You have to allow each segment of your training to generate value. You have to take the initiative to find areas where you are not proficient in.”

Sun Mo patted the papaya girl’s head. Although she put in a lot of effort, the majority of her efforts were ineffective.

To put it more simply, she was repeating her training like a machine. She might become familiar with the moves, but what she remembered might not be the optimized version of the moves.


Lu Zhiruo lowered her head and her little face was filled with disappointment. Her father also said the same thing before, but how was she supposed to discover the areas she was not proficient in?

How difficult!

It would be much more relaxed to play with small animals.

“System, open a chest!”

Sun Mo instructed.

In any case, he had 5 mysterious treasure chests, there was really no need to test his luck.

As the purple light faded, a skill book clad in golden aura silently floated in the air. It was so obedient that it looked like a brat after that brat was beaten up by its father.


“Congratulations on obtaining the great teacher halo: Lotus Eloquence. Proficiency level: elementary.”

Sun Mo’s spirits immediately stirred. Did he have to be so lucky?

Why did he obtain a great teacher halo right at the start?

“Note: After casting this halo, it will allow your voice to be heavily ‘scented’ and filled with ‘fragrance’. This will cause students to involuntarily be immersed in your words and attentively listen to your teachings. Also, there might occasionally be chances where they listen with single-hearted devotion and won’t be burdened by fatigue.”

“Note: Elementary-level. Radius of 30 meters. Duration: 30 minutes.”

The system’s explanation was simple and clear. This also meant that this halo was exclusively used when teaching, and it was similar to the halo ‘Model Teacher’.

Speaking of the range of its usage, it was ‘broader’ when compared to Priceless Advice. As long as Sun Mo was giving a lecture, he could cast Lotus Eloquence.

Sun Mo couldn’t wait anymore. He immediately activated it and his body flashed with a silvery-white light. Some motes of spirit qi condensed into lotuses that were the size of a baby’s palm, floating in the air.

[1] A character from the novel [Water Margin].

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