Absolute Great Teacher
686 Happiness Came Too Fast, It Feels Just Like a Tornado!
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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686 Happiness Came Too Fast, It Feels Just Like a Tornado!


“Zhiruo, working hard is a good thing, but you have to ensure that your body can endure it. Recently, you have suffered overly much.”

Sun Mo activated Divine Sight and looked at the papaya girl’s body.

A note written in red leaped in his vision, indicating that her muscles were lightly injured and her mental fatigue value was at 70%.

“B...but if I don’t train hard, the distance between me and junior sister Baiwu will be even bigger!”

The papaya girl lowered her head and had a depressed look on her face.

As expected, she was very stupid.

She didn’t want Ying Baiwu to surpass her firstly because she was the second senior martial sister that had to lead by example. Secondly, she wanted to make Sun Mo feel proud of her and become the student he liked the most.

“Everyone has things they are proficient in and things they are not!”

Sun Mo patted the papaya girl’s head. “You have very good talent in the art of spiritual control. Don’t waste it.”

“Ah? What should I do then?”

Lu Zhiruo fretted. Her tiny brows furrowed together.

She had tried to understand the art of spiritual control, but she discovered that the theories were all very difficult.

For example, leaving aside the fact that many incantations were filled with unfamiliar and difficult words, some words were only seen in small remote tribes or even ancient times. Hence, an expert in ancient language might not be a spiritual controller grandmaster, but a spiritual control grandmaster was definitely an expert in ancient language. He or she should be familiar with at least five types of ancient languages.

(Teacher, I hate memorizing things the most.)

The papaya girl was worried.

“Just relax and play with the small animals.”

As to what path the papaya girl should take, Sun Mo had no concrete plans yet. He was preparing to flip through ancient classics during these few months and see if there was a suitable cultivation path for her.

This was what was known as ‘teaching in line with the student’s ability’.

“System, don’t be in a daze, let’s continue to open the chests!”

Sun Mo urged mentally.

Before the purple mist vanished completely, Sun Mo’s eyes already brightened as he saw a bit of blue light. It felt so dazzling like the stars in the sky.

“It isn’t a time emblem or a skill book. What could it be?”

Sun Mo suddenly felt a little yearning in his heart.

It had been a year plus and he had opened many chests before. Time emblems would always be in green, and skill books would be in gold. Other than these, it was very rare for him to see other colors.


The purple mist vanished, leaving behind a large ball of blue light that floated quietly in the air. Inside the ball of light, a silvery-white feather could be seen.

“Could this be some sort of top-level secret treasure?”

Sun Mo suddenly discovered that he had never opened any weapon or equipment-type secret treasures.


“Congratulations on obtaining a divine language of spiritual control – Air Proof: beginning part.”

“Note: This spiritual incantation is a contract at the highest peak. After using it, you will be able to conclude a contract with any flying beasts, making them become your most trustworthy allies, fighting for you!”

The system explained.


Sun Mo involuntarily screamed out loud mentally.

After tasting the might of Freedom Proof, Sun Mo already knew how powerful a divine language of spiritual control was. He planned to buy another one after earning more points and repaying his debt of 190,000 favorable impression points.

If he could summon a giant dragon as his companion, he would be able to lord over everything under the sky.

Fighting himself?

That was too tough.

Impressive people would always close their doors and let out their dogs. In fact, they would let out multiple dogs.

However, seeing that this was just the beginning part made him feel a little disgusted.

When Sun Mo played games, he hated collecting fragments and parts of a treasure the most. Because if he was unlucky, he might not find all the fragments even after spending half a year.

“I have to remind you that Air Proof is split into three parts: beginning, middle, and end part.”

The system suddenly spoke.

“Why don’t you go and die.”

Sun Mo directly pointed a middle finger at the system.

(Very good, I most probably would be able to complete it within a year.)

It was like when your girlfriend said that you could only marry and bed her after you had bought a house, a car, and prepared a huge betrothal gift.

Damn, who knew how long that would take!?

After all, money wasn’t things with wings and would automatically fly into one’s pocket.

“You can’t compare it this way. If a girl gets impatient from waiting, she will run away. Even if she didn’t run, she might let another guy sleep with her first. But with Air Proof, it’s always here. If you managed to open the middle and end part, you would be able to obtain it.”

The system was very proud. “I, system, will never lie.”

“Can I purchase them?”

Sun Mo was prepared to spam money.

“Are you thinking with your butt? You can speak freely in your dreams, but you have to understand that this is a divine language of spiritual control. If the process of getting it isn’t arduous enough, you won’t treasure it.”

The system now spoke with a heavy tone as though it was a person that had experienced the many vicissitudes of life.

“Continue with the opening.”

Sun Mo decided to ignore it.

“I can also eat melons with the small animals?”

The papaya girl’s eyes flashed. The large watermelons of Jinling were juicy and sweet. She should bring some for the small animals.

Sun Mo had no mood to ‘eat melons’. As the purple light faded, he saw another blue ball of light floating in the air.

Mn, in the ball of light, there was a feather that looked exactly the same as the previous one.


“Congratulations on obtaining a divine language of spiritual control – Air Proof: End part!”

“The so-called Air Proof, after translating it, means the vow of all creatures in the sky. As long as the creature is capable of flight and soaring through the air, it will be affected by the bindings of Air Proof.”

“Please note that this contract will be enforced on the target forcibly.”

“Naturally, although you are the master in the relationship, it doesn’t mean you can bully the spiritual beasts!”

The system explained again.

“Why didn’t you say this earlier?”

Sun Mo’s lips twitched.

“I was tired. It isn’t too late to say all of this after you obtained all the parts!”

(Can’t I laze around for a bit?)

“Very good, ? of Air Proof is now in my hands. I only lack one more part.”

Sun Mo patted the papaya girl’s head. “Also, you shouldn’t pressure yourself so much. Who says that the senior martial sister must be stronger than the junior martial sister?”

“Also, you have something in which you are stronger than Baiwu!”

“Oh, what is it?”

Lu Zhiruo, who was originally disappointed, immediately blinked her large clear eyes and looked at Sun Mo with hope shining in them.

(I really want to be praised by Teacher!)

“Eating melons?”

Sun Mo counter-asked.

“How loathsome, Teacher is bullying me!”

Although the papaya girl was grumbling, she involuntarily hugged Sun Mo’s arm. Although she didn’t get praised, she was consoled. It wasn’t too bad.

(Eh? Why does there seem to be a fragrance in the air?)

Lu Zhiruo sniffed. After that, she started and looked toward Sun Mo. “Teacher, that’s Lotus Eloquence, right?”

“Your horizons are quite broad!”

Sun Mo curled his finger and softly flicked it on Lu Zhiruo’s forehead.

Although the usage of this halo was very broad, the number of people who could comprehend it wasn’t many. Basically, they were all 4-star great teachers and above.

This was because to comprehend this, one would need to have a unique teaching style.

The lessons of many high-ranking teachers would always have a lot of students precisely because those lessons had value.

Speaking of lecturing techniques or personal teaching styles, they wouldn’t really be the main attractions.

However, why would some people be able to easily draw people’s attention even when they were saying a very conventional story?

It was the same logic. When people wrote novels, the plot might be roughly similar, but why in the hands of different authors would there be a different style?

Similarly, politicians, salesmen, lecturers, swindlers, etc.

Lotus Eloquence was more like an upgrade to one’s popularity and image.

To put it unpleasantly...

After comprehending this great teacher halo, even if one was talking about a pile of shit, the students would listen to it with relish.

Naturally, those who could comprehend this halo wouldn’t spout rubbish like that.


Lu Zhiruo smiled sweetly.

“Zhiruo, work hard. You will definitely grow to a stage where your father will be proud of you!”

Sun Mo was half-encouraging and half-giving her the much-needed recognition.

As he said this, spirit qi trembled. Each of his words was like the splendor of the rising sun in the summer. When the words ‘flew’ from his mouth, manifestations of little wings appeared and circled Lu Zhiruo.

There even seemed to be the fragrance of flowers in the air.

The papaya girl stretched out her hand and gingerly touched the ‘proud’ word.


The ‘proud’ word stretched its wings and evaded.

“Why are you in a daze? Quickly continue with the chest-opening?”

Sun Mo was speechless at the system.

“I didn’t want to be the third lamp when I saw the interaction between you two. You actually don’t appreciate my kindness? You have been a single dog for so many years and as expected, there was a reason for it.”

The system felt very wronged. (It was rare for me to exhibit human warmth, yet you actually don’t know how to thank me for that? In that case, it would be better for me to be an emotionless system!)


“Congratulations on obtaining a 30-year time emblem.”

This time around, it was an average reward.

There was one more treasure chest. However, the system didn’t ask Sun Mo and directly opened it.

Sun Mo sighed in admiration when he saw the words formed by spirit qi flying around with wings. The Middle-Earth Nine Provinces were truly impressive.

As expected, different civilizations would have a different charm to them.

Sadly, there was no way to buy dolls here so Zhiluo could play with them.

Wait a minute...

(Does spiritual beasts count as a type of doll?)

“Sun Mo, your thinking is very dangerous!”

The system reminded him. The host must not go down the wrong path.

Just when Sun Mo wanted to ask why it was dangerous, he saw a purple light fading away and the reward was revealed. He was directly stunned upon seeing it.

A white-colored feather in a ball of blue light...

It looked like Air Proof!

Sun Mo’s heart instantly pounded. This feeling was like when he first received a love letter from a girl. But after that, he persuaded himself to remain calm.

“There’s also the possibility that it might be a part I already possessed!”

But after that, Sun Mo’s lips split into a wide grin because the congratulations of the system rang out


“Congratulations on obtaining a divine language of spiritual control – Air Proof: Middle part.”

“Note: After possessing it, you will have the ability to conclude a contract with any creatures flying in the air. Also, it is the STRONGEST divine language of spiritual control out there, instead of being one of the strongest.”

“Happiness came so quickly, just like a tornado!”

(Although I’m tone-deaf, I still want to sing. What’s happiness? This is it.)

“Lucky mascot, I love you!”

Sun Mo couldn’t help it. He embraced Lu Zhiruo and carried her and spun for two rounds.

(In the future, after I captured a giant dragon, even if I was not number one in the world, I would still be the number two.)

(Speaking of which, should I learn it immediately to test it out?)


The system was speechless. (Where was the ‘if the process of getting it isn’t arduous enough, you wouldn’t treasure it’ part? You lucky fool, would you even cherish it in the future?)

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    《Absolute Great Teacher》