Absolute Great Teacher
687 Divine Language of Spiritual Control, Air Proof!
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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687 Divine Language of Spiritual Control, Air Proof!



“Congratulations on obtaining a divine language of spiritual control – Air Proof. Proficiency level: Elementary. Do you want to learn it?”

“If I don’t learn it now, should I wait for next year?”

Sun Mo urged. “Quick, quick, quick. This great teacher wants to learn it right now!”

After he spoke mentally, Sun Mo looked at Lu Zhiruo. “Zhiruo, I’m going to meditate now. You should go and cultivate in another room!”


The papaya girl obediently went out of the room. However, she didn’t leave and sat cross-legged at the entrance to guard Sun Mo.

Sun Mo directly cast Encyclopedic Knowledge and Gushing Thoughts on himself and prepared to attentively comprehend this divine language of spiritual control. He wanted to see if there would be other benefits.

As for Complete Focus?

Sun Mo wouldn’t use that. He wasn’t playing games or studying for an examination. Also, there were some negative effects if one kept using this halo.

Someone affected by this halo could neglect sleep and forget about food, maintaining a vigorous mental state as they learned for a few days. But after that, they would feel very tired and would need to catch up on rest.

Naturally, if one had nature fruits or alchemy pills to replenish their energy, it didn’t matter whether they slept or not.

After learning the skill, the feather floated in the air. It then shattered into motes of light that transformed into various bird species: cranes, magpies, nightingales, eagles, vultures, etc. All of them looked extremely vivid and flapped their wings as they flew into Sun Mo’s glabella.

Sun Mo’s mind trembled. His consciousness turned into a northern goshawk and soared into the air. After that, he flew above the mountains and sea, through forests and plains, to the very end of the world.

At this instant, Sun Mo peered down at the vast mother earth and felt that he had conquered the skies!

Gradually, he completely forgot that he was a human and started to live, get water, hunt, seek a mate, nurture his young, protect their growth, and die according to the natural instincts of a bird, experiencing a reincarnation cycle one after the other.

The heavens gave me a clear voice, allowing me to chirp and sing about the beauty of life.

The heavens gave me majestic wings, allowing me to soar through the air and enjoy the taste of freedom.

The heavens gave me beautiful features, allowing me to decorate this world, allowing her to be more beautiful and loved.


After a very very long time later, Sun Mo’s consciousness returned.

He didn’t cheer excitedly because he had obtained a divine language. On the contrary, he was furrowing his brows in thoughts, wanting to stabilize his insights, and transforming them into nutrients for his growth.


“Congratulations on obtaining the divine language: Air Proof. Proficiency level: Good”

“Sun Mo, I feel that if you are not a teacher, you might become a philosopher.”

The system sighed ruefully. To depend on insights and comprehension to raise the proficiency level from elementary to good without using it a single time, perhaps no one else but Sun Mo could achieve this.

His talent was tyrannical!

“Are you scolding me and insinuating that I’m a swindler?”

Sun Mo counter-asked.


The system started. After that, it started complaining. “You better apologize to the philosophers for me!”


Sun Mo didn’t really like metaphysics. Rather than giving himself a headache from thinking too much, he might as well teach a few more students. His request for them wasn’t high.

As long as the student could depend on their own ability to feed themselves, allowing them to spend each day more substantially, that would already be alright.

Comprehending Air Proof sapped plenty of Sun Mo’s brain power. He was very worn-out now and wanted to sleep. Hence, he decided to temporarily give up on consuming the Divine Force Fruit to level up.

“Teacher, are you alright?”

Seeing that Sun Mo’s face was pale, Lu Zhiruo hurried over and grabbed hold of him as she asked in worry.


(Why do I feel that teacher became stronger again?)

(Also, I seem to see the reflection of the sky in his eyes.)

“Help me return!”

Sun Mo felt somewhat tired.


The papaya girl supported Sun Mo. She was very obedient and after returning to the villa, she asked in a low voice, “Teacher, do you want to take a bath? You might feel more comfortable!”

“No need for that!”

Sun Mo just wanted to sleep.


The papaya girl then left.

Sun Mo lay on his bed, but his thoughts were still somewhat chaotic. A few minutes later, the papaya girl carried a large wooden basin filled with water over.

“Zhiruo, allow me?”

Dong He followed her, wanting to substitute her in doing this. “For a minor thing like this, it isn’t worth you wasting your time over. Why don’t you spend your time in meditation?”

“It’s fine, showing filial piety to Teacher is also a part of learning.”

The papaya girl squeezed into the bedroom and walked toward the bed as she squatted down. “Teacher, do you want to soak your feet? You will be able to sleep more comfortably.”

“No need!”

Sun Mo sighed ruefully. The feudal society was truly decadent compared to the modern era...

If it was in the modern era, let alone asking a female student to help you wash your feet, even asking them to pass you a towel to wash your face might earn you a complaint if you weren’t lucky. In the end, your qualifications to be a teacher might even be stripped.

The papaya girl felt a little disappointed.

“Oh right, I will recite a part of a spiritual incantation. You guys should pay attention and listen!”

Sun Mo was saying this for the papaya girl to learn. As for Dong He?

Leaving aside whether she could understand it or not, even if she could, if there was no later-half, no one would be able to use the Air Proof.

The papaya girl immediately concentrated. As for Dong He, she lowered her head and revealed an attentive look. However, honestly speaking, she wasn’t concentrating at all.

(My goal is to be the number one maid in Jinling. As for learning the art of spiritual control? Just forget about it!)

As Sun Mo spoke, Dong He’s attention was attracted over involuntarily.

In the room, mysterious and airy syllables rang out in a language that seemed like a song.


Lu Zhiruo scratched her head. (I’ve heard this song before.)

When she was young and was playing at a beach, she picked up a large conch. When she placed it on her ears, she could hear someone singing a beautiful song inside.

One of those songs was precisely this.


Sun Mo smacked his lips, feeling a little disgruntled as he forced himself to stop.

Honestly speaking, the melody was very moving. Even Sun Mo wanted to fill some lyrics and turn this into a song. Sadly, he wasn’t cultured enough and could only depend on a single word ‘F***!’ as he tried to fill in some words.

“Aren’t incantations mysterious and bizarre? Why is this incantation so pleasant to listen to?”

Dong He was curious. After listening to it, she felt as though she had just flown one round in the air.

“Let’s leave and give Teacher some resting time!”

Lu Zhiruo pulled Dong He away.

Sun Mo noticed that Lu Zhiruo showed no signs of discomfort. Very good, next time he could sing more segments. It wasn’t that Sun Mo was reluctant to teach her the entire thing. On the contrary, he was worried that the Air Proof might damage her soul

One must know that the art of spiritual control was too mysterious. Before Sun Mo could completely understand it, he wouldn’t recklessly teach it to his student. Right now, he sang ? of the incantation because he wanted to do a simple probe.

Speaking of which, this melody was very catchy and felt like it was impossible to stop humming it.

This caused Sun Mo to recall the songs he had heard before. This was especially so for some of the more catchy children’s tunes. For example, ‘Time’, one couldn’t help but shake their legs to the beat and would even want to smoke a cigarette.

Otherwise, one wouldn’t be able to comprehend the essence within.

Sun Mo had had a colleague. Every time before this colleague went on a blind date, he had to listen one time to this. He said that at that moment, as long as he smoked a cigarette, he felt as though he was the MOST handsome guy on Earth.

Not just one of the most handsome.

(No, this can’t be done, I feel a little high. I better sing the tune again.)

Sun Mo stood up and walked to the window, looking at the bright moonlight that didn’t ‘taint’ the starry sky. He then began to hum the melody.

In any case, there were very few people staying in this area. He didn’t need to worry he would cause too great of a disturbance.

Moreover, with Sun Mo’s current status, even if the neighbors were unhappy, they would definitely bear with it.

The airy melody slowly drifted along with the night wind.

After singing it one time, Sun Mo suddenly felt his body becoming light. The entirety of spirit qi in his body was sucked dry by a powerful force.

This feeling was like there was a huge water pump inserted in you and frenziedly drawing out all the water.

“Damn, I played too big.”

Sun Mo didn’t even have enough strength to curse. With a thud, his body landed on the ground and he directly fainted.

This was a divine language of spiritual control. By humming it once, the amount of spirit qi consumed would be immense. Besides, it would also exhaust one’s consciousness.

Seeing that Sun Mo didn’t become a retard, the system could only say that Sun Mo’s aptitude truly couldn’t be considered bad.

This bout of unconsciousness lasted for two days.

When Sun Mo awoke once more, he saw Mei Ziyu sitting at the side of his bed and reading a book. She was dressed in a simple white long skirt, and her tranquil manner made her resemble a daffodil.

“Teacher Mei?”

Sun Mo kneaded his glabella. He felt as though his brain just got abused by a meat grinder. It felt extremely painful.

“Teacher Sun, you are awake?”

Mei Ziyu had a look of joy on her face and immediately sat closer, helping Sun Mo take his pulse.

Although she had never learned medical arts before, because her mother was a great alchemist and she was also skilled in botany, Mei Ziyu had some expertise in the medical arts.

“How long did I sleep for?”

Sun Mo glanced at the sky outside.

“Two days!”

After a moment, Mei Ziyu heaved a sigh of relief. “It’s fine, your pulse is very stable. From the looks of things, you exhausted your consciousness and a great amount of spirit qi, which was why you fainted. I already told my mother to send a few pills over, and you will be fine after consuming them.”

“I’ve troubled Teacher Mei.”

Sun Mo didn’t reject them or their relationship would seem estranged.

“Ziqi, Zhiruo, and Baiwu are all very concerned about you, wanting to stay with you, but I persuaded them to leave.”

Mei Ziyu explained in case Sun Mo grew angry because his students weren’t here for him.


Sun Mo recalled how he fainted. He seemed to have heard a shriek-like cry in his mind. Could it be that Air Proof had summoned some bird creature and he felt the resonance from that?

(Damn, I hope the thing I summoned isn’t a casual mob!)

Sun Mo felt depressed. A contract was sacred, and as a man who had slight mental mysophobia, Sun Mo regarded his first time as something very important.

If he summoned a salted fish, no...a lousy bird, what should he do?

“Are you hungry? What do you want to eat? I will go and make it.”

Mei Ziyu rose.

“You can cook?”

Sun Mo was a little shocked. From what he knew, the time of great teachers was very valuable and they basically wouldn’t waste it on mundane things like cooking.

Besides, even if they weren’t busy, the powerful clans of the Central Provinces had personal chefs working for them. If one was hungry, they could simply eat the food or ‘eat’ the beautiful chefs.

“My culinary skills are still considered passable!”

Mei Ziyu felt a little complacent.

“Steamed dumplings and Yangchun noodles?”

Sun Mo suddenly felt some anticipation.

His dream was to have a pretty and very gentle wife who had already prepared his meal when he returned home from work.

“I feel that teacher’s wife is going to be damned!”

Outside the door, Lu Zhiruo’s brows were tightly furrowed.

Ying Baiwu didn’t say anything.

“I don’t know whether she is going to be damned or not, but I only know that Teacher Gu’s placement is going to be shifted back a spot.”

Li Ziqi’s lips twitched.

[1] Note: ‘Time’ BGM https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wc2Q-EpbJLQ&ab_channel=%E7%A5%9D%E9%95%BF%E5%BF%97

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    《Absolute Great Teacher》