Absolute Great Teacher
689 All You People from the Central Province Academy Have to Die!
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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689 All You People from the Central Province Academy Have to Die!


Sun Mo and Mei Ziyu followed Zhou Pei into the male student dorm. Zhou Pei was the student who had called out to them.

At this moment, several people already gathered in front of the #308 dorm room.

“What’s going on?”

“I heard someone died in his sleep?”

“Ah? Died?”

“I don’t think so, there’s no death yet, right?”

The students discussed as everyone spoke out at once.

“Everyone, make way. Teacher Sun is here!”

Zhou Pei shouted.

When the students heard this, they immediately stood up and retreated to the two sides of the corridor, opening a path for Sun Mo.

Right now, Sun Mo was the number one person in the Central Province Academy, no, he should be the number one person in Jinling. No one was ignorant about his God Hands. Hence, all the students were extremely respectful.

“Teacher Sun, good afternoon!”

“Hello, Teacher Sun!”

The students respectively greeted as this was etiquette.

Sun Mo immediately frowned when he entered the dorm. There was a smell akin to rotting meat, pungent and acrid. It was like the smell that emitted when you passed by the dead body of a wild dog on a field of grass nearby.

However, when Sun Mo looked inside, although the dorm room was the same as typical male dorms where things were slightly messy, and dirty clothes thrown everywhere, there was no hint of anything rotting.

In this era, food was considered quite abundant. Besides, the school rules also place an emphasis on frugality. Hence, a case of people hoarding food until it went bad definitely wouldn’t happen.

Moreover, Sun Mo noticed that other than some panic on the expressions of the students, there was no hint of disgust. This indicated that the other people in the room weren’t able to smell this rotting stench.

“Teacher Sun, be careful. The situation here seems off.”

Mei Ziyu reminded him. She didn’t smell anything; she only felt an aura that caused her to feel uncomfortable.

This was because she wasn’t a spiritual controller.


Sun Mo walked to the bed Wang Meng was lying on. His eyes were tightly closed and his cheeks were puffed. He was also forcefully biting down with his teeth.

This situation was very dangerous. If he bit his tongue, he would die.

“When he returned in the morning, he was very tired and said he wanted to sleep for a while. He told me to wake him up when it’s time for lunch.”

Zhou Pei’s tone was frantic. “When noon came, we called him a few times, but he couldn’t be woken up. Hence, we went for lunch on our own. After lunch, we took a nap and after waking up, I planned to call him along to cultivate, but I discovered him like this.”

Actually, he didn’t plan to cultivate but wanted to go and see the new female students who might join the school.

Sun Mo activated the Divine Sight.


Warning: usage of Divine Sight is prohibited during the student recruitment meet. Please resolve this yourself.


“New mission issued: Please cure Wang Meng. If you fail, there will be a punishment!”


If things were too serious and urgent, Sun Mo would definitely scold the system. (What’s the time? Why are you still giving out missions now?)

However, although Sun Mo was unhappy about it, he didn’t feel discouraged or helpless because he had expected a day like this to come.

Sun Mo stood at the side and inspected Wang Meng’s body.

His shirt was still on and was wrinkled as well as stained with filth. His pants and shoes also had traces of a greenish substance, and this should be the sap that some plants might release after being trampled on.

“Did he stay out for the whole night yesterday?”

Sun Mo frowned.


Zhou Pei felt a headache. According to the school rules, students in dorms were not allowed to stay out of the school at night. However, the school was so big and there were so many students. The security guards wouldn’t be able to check everything completely.

Upon seeing Zhou Pei’s expression, Sun Mo knew the answer.

However, Sun Mo was very curious. (There are no internet cafes in the Middle-Earth Nine Provinces, what can you all do if you stay out?)

(It can’t possibly be that he went to places like brothels to drink and make merry, right?)

“Was he learning the art of spiritual control?”

Sun Mo pried Wang Meng’s eyelids open.

His eyeballs, which were originally turned upward, suddenly spun down. Like a corpse coming to life, Wang Meng suddenly started roaring and sat straight up. His hands shot for Sun Mo’s neck, and he even wrenched his mouth wide open, wanting to bite Sun Mo.


After Zhou Pei spoke, he was so shocked by this scene that his hair stood on their ends. He then quickly hid away.

Sun Mo lifted his hand and cut it down on Wang Meng’s forehead.

This was a move from the Dharma Skyshock Fist!


Wang Felt dizzy and dropped down on the bed again. After that, he was like a mad dog and rushed over, preparing to bite and kill Sun Mo once more.

Pak! Pak! Pak!

Sun Mo stretched out his hand. His middle and index fingers tapped ferociously on Wang Meng’s body, sealing all his energy channels.


This time around, when Wang Meng lay down on the bed, he was like a mummy that couldn’t move. However, his eyeballs were spinning rapidly and looked very frightening.

“Sun Mo can you resolve it?”

Mei Ziyu was worried.

“Small problem!”

Sun Mo indicated that there was no need for Mei Ziyu to panic. After that, he glanced at Wang Meng. “Come out yourself or don’t blame me for being impolite!”

“Who is Teacher Sun talking to?”

The students stretched their necks and glanced into the room as they watched this scene. It felt a little terrifying.

Sun Mo waited for ten seconds and cast Freedom Proof at Wang Meng after that.


A ball of green smoke immediately emitted from Wang Meng, giving off a feeling like the frost on a winter night.

Once the green smoke appeared, it started wailing as it shot straight for the door.

Mei Ziyu pulled her sword.

Swish! Swish! Swish!

The green smoke was instantly severed into seven parts before they started fleeing separately.

“This is a spirit body. Ordinary weapons won’t be able to kill it.”

Mei Ziyu frowned. Spirit bodies came from a cemetery, a mass burial grave, etc. The remnant souls and the qi from the earth would then merge together and form a lifeform known as spirit bodies.

Why were the majority of places like mass burial graves extremely eerie and gloomy? It was due to the ‘aura’ from the yet-to-form spirit bodies.

Sun Mo lifted his hand and circulated his spirit qi.

Motes of golden light immediately shone around his right hand. After that, the light motes formed into walnut-sized balls of light.

Pak! Sun Mo snapped his fingers and these balls of light swooshed out rapidly, penetrating the seven portions of green smoke before they realized what was going on.

This scene was like when snow and ice encountered an extremely hot branding iron. The melting process occurred directly.


The students exclaimed in shock.

“What cultivation art is this? It is so magical!”

“The main point is that it’s so cool-looking!”

“I wish to learn it!”

Several students secretly did the action of snapping their fingers.


Mei Ziyu naturally knew that it was the Myriad Manifestations Spirit Wave Art.

After all, this was a unique ultimate art possessed solely by Bai Shuang, a genius of the Skyraise Academy. Moreover, such long-range attacking arts were truly too rare in the cultivation world.

Hence, everyone might not have witnessed the prowess of such arts personally, but they had all heard stories about them.

“Damnable human, how dare you destroy my home garden? You even want to capture me as your spiritual beast and enslave me? How despicable and hateful!”

A low-sounding hoarse voice rang out in the dorm.

Upon hearing this, the students immediately felt a sense of disgust toward Wang Meng. This fellow must have done something bad.

Sun Mo heaved a sigh of relief. His art of spiritual control was at the grandmaster-level. This was why he knew that such a spirit body was unable to be killed by material attacks delivered through swords and axes.

Luckily, the Myriad Manifestations Spirit Wave Art was useful, or Sun Mo could only call for help. If he did so, the dazzling halo around him, in which the students regarded him with, would dim.

“Master, allow me to deal with it.”

The scarab’s voice suddenly rang out in Sun Mo’s mind.

“Yo, Old Beet, you are finally willing to listen to me?”

Sun Mo teased.


The scarab felt helpless. (I don’t wish to speak to you and even feel like tossing a huge ball of dung onto your face, but I’m hungry!)

(Forget it, I should endure the hunger!)

(After I recover to my peak, everyone from the Central Province Academy will die!)

“You want to eat it to boost your strength?”

Sun Mo guessed.

“That’s right!”

The scarab didn’t hesitate. After all, when it did so later, it wouldn’t be able to hide it. “If I grew stronger, there would also be a vast improvement to your combat strength.”

“Don’t tempt me!”

Sun Mo’s lips twitched. “Old Beet, I discovered that you are very cunning. Where’s your honor of being a divine protector?”


The scarab felt disdain. (I’m not a divine protector for you guys. If there’s a chance, I will eat all your souls with no hesitation.)

“This fellow should be a dead spirit, right? By consuming it, would there be negative effects on you? Will you become like Wang Meng?”

Sun Mo had to understand the consequences.

“Don’t link me with rubbish like you humans. Eh, sorry I misspoke. Master is an exception!”

The scarab then introduced. “I am a divine protector that mainly cultivated soul-type magic. To put it in your words, magic is named cultivation art. It’s the simplest method to raise my strength rapidly – devouring them.”

The scarab didn’t mention that back then, it only feasted on sacrificial beings. This was especially so for the souls of young boys and girls, they were the most delicious for it.

Now that it recalled the taste, it even felt a little like salivating.

When it saw Sun Mo hesitating, the scarab grew anxious. “Master, please allow me to devour it as it’s impossible for someone of your strength level to kill it.”

“Oh, is that so?”

Sun Mo spoke and snapped his fingers.

A walnut-sized ball of light suddenly formed and flew toward the glass window.


The light slammed into a ball of shadows and opened up a hole in it.


The scarab was badly frustrated because it could feel the soul fluctuations of that dead spirit vanishing. This indicated that Sun Mo managed to kill it.

“Sorry, it was killed by me.”

Sun Mo spread his hands and felt very helpless.

“Why don’t you go and die?”

The scarab cursed.

“What did you say?”

Sun Mo frowned.

(Eh, why can’t I control my impulse?)

The scarab finally woke up. It could only fawn on this person and mustn’t go against him. He was a man that definitely wouldn’t be tempted or threatened by it.

“You can retreat. In the future, without my instructions, do not speak up randomly!”

Sun Mo’s tone was strict.

This was a technique to teach spiritual beasts. Otherwise, if the scarab was disobedient, Sun Mo would rather not want it.

“Master, I don’t dare anymore.”

The scarab submitted. “I’m willing to be at your beck and call.”

(It’s fine, I can act submissive first. In the future, there will surely be a day where I can properly taste the souls of these humans.)

“That dead spirit has lived for over 300 years. It’s truly a pity to waste it like that.”

The scarab pleaded. “How about letting me eat it?”


Sun Mo’s words were concise and comprehensive.

“Master, even if you are rearing a dog, you have to feed it, right? Could it be that you are planning to starve me to death?”

After the scarab finished speaking, it felt its heart beating very fast. There was no solution to it as this was too shameful.

Before Sun Mo could answer, Wang Meng who was on the bed suddenly regained consciousness.

“Who am I?”

“Where am I?”

“What am I doing?”

After asking the three questions, Wang Meng suddenly roared.

“Where’s my spiritual beast?”

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    《Absolute Great Teacher》