Absolute Great Teacher
690 Unexpected Twist and Turns
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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690 Unexpected Twist and Turns


If it wasn’t for the fact that his body couldn’t move as Sun Mo had sealed his energy channels, Wang Meng might have leaped from his bed directly. His malevolent expression was as though he wanted to beat someone up.

As a spiritual controller, most of his strength depended on his spiritual beasts.

Usually speaking, soul-type spiritual beasts were considered evil by others. At the same time, they were known to be mysterious and powerful.

Hence, Wang Meng was extremely happy after he had captured a dead spirit from the mass burial grave.

One must know that dead spirits with consciousness needed the nurturement of several hundred years to be birthed.

“I want to become the number one in my year!”

Wang Meng didn’t dare to think about becoming number one in the school, but he still dared to dream about being number one in his year.

“Wang Meng, do you know what’s your mistake?”

Sun Mo roared, his voice was like thunder.


Wang Meng turned his head and saw Sun Mo standing at the side. At this moment, his expression immediately froze as a feeling of apprehension filled his heart.

As the most dazzling rising star of Jinling, the pressure Sun Mo exuded was extremely terrifying. There were two people who had scored full marks in the written exam for the art of spiritual control, and Sun Mo was one of them.

The other person was a top graduate from Skyraise Academy, Bai Shuang. She was publicly acknowledged as a superstar from the spiritual control world.

“What’s the first lesson your teacher taught you when you started to learn the art of spiritual control?”

Sun Mo asked.

In the spiritual controller world, there was an unwritten rule. In the first lesson, the great teachers wouldn’t teach them anything but the taboos of the spiritual controller world, including what was absolutely forbidden to do.

Wang Meng lowered his head.

“The first standard spiritual controllers should adhere to is reverence for the unknown. They must not take a risk out of desperation for the sake of strength and summon spiritual beasts they are unfamiliar with or can’t control.”

Sun Mo was infuriated. “If it wasn’t for the fact that I came quickly today, that dead spirit would have monopolized your body and killed your consciousness. You would have become a zombie.”

“Teacher, I know I’m wrong.”

Wang Meng bit his lips and knelt down.

He was indeed very talented or he wouldn’t have been able to capture that dead spirit. But precisely because of this, he also knew that Sun Mo was correct.

It was just that he felt so reluctant to accept this!

(My dream of becoming stronger has shattered before it even started.)

“How old are you merely? You have all the time in the world. Why do you need to be in such a rush?”

Sun Mo sincerely persuaded, “Seeking short-term benefits while neglecting long-term prospects is the most taboo thing in cultivation.”

“But I said before that I would be the best in my year for Xiao Que.”

Wang Meng muttered.

“Who the hell is Xiao Que?”

Sun Mo really wanted to curse out loud. (Can you say something I can understand?)

“Xiao Que is his girlfriend.”

Someone spoke outside the dorm.


Wang Meng turned his head and scolded loudly.

Although the two of them felt comfortable with each other, they were still young. Without the implicit order from their parents or approval by a matchmaker, it was fine for the guy if they privately decided to be together for their entire lives, but this would damage the girl’s reputation.


Sun Mo felt helpless, but he could also understand this. After all, guys would always like to showcase their most impressive side to the girl they liked.

They wouldn’t hold back from showing off.

“Sun Mo, the number of people here is increasing. Let’s quickly resolve this matter, ok?”

Mei Ziyu reminded him in a low voice.

Although she didn’t research the art of spiritual control, she also knew that the act of going to a mass burial grave to summon dead spirits was a great taboo. This was because this was an anomaly.

The corpses in the mass burial graves weren’t merely ownerless. Some poor people couldn’t afford a tomb and would simply dig a hole there to bury their loved ones who died.

Every year during certain festivals, they would come here to offer incense.

Wang Meng’s behavior was akin to an act of desecration. If he was seen, it would then be strange if he wasn’t beaten to death.

Usually speaking, such students would be expelled right away. But given Sun Mo’s personality, he probably would forgive Wang Meng. Hence, he wanted to swiftly resolve the matter to stop rumors from spreading.

“Wang Meng, you are expelled because of your behavior.”

Sun Mo spoke.


An uproar occurred in the corridor. Although many had guessed this would be the ending, they still felt very alarmed when they heard Sun Mo really expelling Wang Meng.

After all, Sun Mo’s current reputation in the school had always been associated with kindness and gentleness.

Wang Meng’s body trembled as he involuntarily called out.


In the past, Wang Meng wouldn’t care about being expelled as he would at most join the Myriad Daos Academy. But now, the Central Province Academy had risen to ‘C’ grade and there was a holy cultivation ground like the darkness illusion dojo. Wang Meng truly didn’t wish to leave.

This school was improving every day.

Moreover, Wang Meng knew that his girlfriend admired Sun Mo a lot and always had the thought of taking Sun Mo on as a personal teacher. Hence, she would definitely not follow him to the Myriad Daos Academy.

“Shut it. Before pleading for mercy, tell me what’s your mistake first?”

Sun Mo asked.

“I shouldn’t have recruited an evil dead spirit.”

There was nothing new about Wang Meng’s answer.

“Firstly, dead spirits that are formed from the amalgamation of death qi and resentment are basically a type of darkness lifeform. Once you recruited it successfully, even if it didn’t devour you, it would still influence your personality as time passes. It would cause you to become violent, gloomy, and cold-blooded...”

Sun Mo explained. “The most important thing is that your lifespan would be reduced.”

“Secondly, you should learn to respect life. Although the corpses are ownerless, you have blasphemed and desecrated them.”

As he said this, Sun Mo’s tone became extremely strict.

If Wang Meng couldn’t learn to respect life. In the future, he might do something even more savage.

A bright light flashed as Priceless Advice was activated.

The students who got illuminated by the light all sank into contemplation.

“Teacher, I know my mistake.”

Wang Meng’s countenance dimmed.


Sun Mo was very satisfied when he saw Wang Meng’s expression. As long as one wasn’t a recidivist, he could give them a chance to change for the better. Also, Sun Mo’s thought concepts were based on educational punishment. It was after all impossible to condemn someone to death without giving them a chance during their first offense, right?

But before Sun Mo could continue speaking, a female student rushed in.

“Wang Meng, Wang Meng, what’s wrong with you?”

The girl was very vigorous and directly pushed her way through the crowd outside the room. When she rushed in and saw Sun Mo, she started at first but then immediately knelt beside Wang Meng.

“Teacher Sun, good afternoon!”

The girl was good at reading the situation and by sincerely kneeling here, she caused Sun Mo to give a few more sympathy points to Wang Meng in his heart.

Honestly speaking, when a girl knelt before you with a weak expression, only a few males could stay angry.

“Xiao Que!”

Wang Meng’s face darkened. His most miserable side was seen by the girl he loved. He felt very embarrassed.

“Que what Xiao? Quickly apologize and get Teacher Sun to guide you so you won’t commit a similar mistake anymore in the future!”

The girl named Xiao Que directly pressed Wang Meng’s head onto the floor. She then kowtowed together as well.


Mei Ziyu praised. She felt some admiration for the guts and restrained manner of this girl.

“Xiao Que, don’t make things difficult for Teacher Sun. Wang Meng committed a very grave offense this time around.”

Zhou Pei had a face full of worries, afraid Xiao Que might be implicated.


Sun Mo frowned slightly. “What’s the relationship between you two?”

It was logical if one said that Zhou Pei and Wang Meng were good friends, and that was how Zhou Pei got acquainted with Xiao Que. But it didn’t make sense for him to react like this.

He seemed to be more worried for Xiao Que than Wang Meng. By saying this, he was indicating that Sun Mo had to punish Wang Meng severely.


Sun Mo steadied his heart and went through the entire matter in his head once more.

“Reporting to Teacher, I’m Elder Brother Pei’s neighbor.”

Xiao Que didn’t conceal anything.

“Childhood sweethearts?”

Sun Mo’s eyes swiftly glanced at Zhou Pei.

Xiao Que looked at Wang Meng and shook her head. “Nope, he’s just a good elder bro!”

The words ‘childhood sweethearts’ contained an ambiguity that hinted at some love.

When Zhou Pei heard this, his countenance dimmed. It felt like his life had lost meaning. This expression of his was accurately captured by Sun Mo.

“So this is the case!”

Sun Mo didn’t expect this. He had first thought that Wang Meng was in a hurry to raise his strength and wanted quick benefits, which was why he went to capture a dead spirit. To think that there was such a twist. it was probably better to expel a student like Zhou Pei.

He was so young and already dared to use such a cunning plot to harm others. What would happen when he grew older?

“The others should leave. Ziqi, close the door!”

Sun Mo instructed.

Lu Zhiruo, who was currently hiding behind the door and peeking in, suddenly shrank her neck back violently.

“Oh no, we got discovered by Teacher.”

Li Ziqi rolled her eyes. “We were discovered long ago.”

After that, she walked out openly and closed the door.

When he saw this scene, Zhou Pei’s heart violently thumped. (My plot can’t possibly be discovered, right?)


(There’s no need for me to worry because such a thing requires proof.)

“Zhou Pei, don’t you want to explain this a little?”

Sun Mo asked.

“Ah? Explain what?”

Zhou Pei feigned ignorance.

“There’s only one chance, you better grab it properly!”

Sun Mo reminded.

Zhou Pei fell silent. He didn’t know that his attitude had given Sun Mo the answer.

“Alright, you are expelled. You can leave by yourself now!”

Sun Mo sighed.

“Eh? Why do you have to expel him?”

Wang Meng had a dumbfounded look on his face. (I was clearly the one who made a mistake, right?) Just when he wanted to speak up for his good friend, Xiao Que pulled at his arm.

“Wang Meng, how did you know that there’s a dead spirit in the mass burial grave?”

Mei Ziyu was very intelligent and already guessed the reason. Hence, she was very shocked.

“I discovered it by chance!”

Wang Meng evidently wasn’t someone who liked to think deeply.

“Are you so bored that you went to tour the mass burial grave?”

Xiao Que pinched Wang Meng in a manner as though she hated iron for not becoming steel. (Why are you so stupid?)

“Don’t be in a daze. Hand over the item and you can leave!”

Sun Mo urged. This was the last chance he was giving Zhou Pei.

Zhou Pei was contemplating. What if Sun Mo was trying to trick him? And even if Sun Mo knew the truth, as long as he couldn’t find the item, he would have no proof to target him.

The most crucial thing was that once he admitted it, he would forever lose the chance of getting Xiao Que.

“Why are you still wasting words with him? Let me do a search!”

The scarab was very confident. “But if I find it, that will be my food.”

“Why do I still not understand anything?”

Lu Zhiruo had a dumbfounded look on her face. What did this matter have to do with Zhou Pei? Moreover, when something had happened to Wang Meng, Zhou Pei had been the first to run out to seek help.

“Can love really make someone so crazy to the extent where they are willing to murder someone with a borrowed knife?”

Sun Mo was curious.

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