Absolute Great Teacher
692 Number One Boss in Jinling
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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692 Number One Boss in Jinling


Although Sun Mo hadn’t known Yue Rongbo for very long, they were friends.

Now that something had happened to him, Sun Mo naturally would help.

“Where’s the last place Teacher Yue appeared at? Also, in these few months, did he show any abnormal behaviors or take any abnormal actions? Who are the people he interacted with during the past two weeks? Have you investigated all of these?”

Sun Mo instantly asked a series of questions.

If others abruptly heard so many questions, they would definitely feel that Sun Mo was intentionally making things difficult for them. However, Yu Yuhong didn’t feel so. Her spirits were stirred and her confidence in Sun Mo surged even higher.

Because all these questions were crucial.

Sun Mo had immediately thought of this, which indicated that his brains were really good and he was willing to think about these questions. This also represented that he could help.

“I will have to thank Teacher Sun first then.”

Yu Yuhong bowed.


Favorable impression points from Yu Yuhong +300. Friendly (610/1,000).

Sun Mo quickly rose and humbly spoke, “Teacher Yu is too courteous.”

Sun Mo was someone who had seen many love plots in dramas, so he was ‘experienced’. When he saw Yu Yuhong’s eyes that were as swollen as peaches, he knew that she had probably cried a lot. This also indicated that her relationship with Yue Rongbo was a very close one.

As she heard Yu Yuhong introducing the situation, Sun Mo sank into deep thoughts.

If Yue Rongbo encountered an accident, the range of suspects could be narrowed down by a lot. After all, in the Nine Provinces, the status of a 4-star great teacher was very prestigious. Not many people would dare to act against them.

“Master, allow me to act. I’m very good at tracking people down!”

The scarab recommended itself.

“Aiyo, I didn’t expect you to have the talent to be a dog?”

Sun Mo teased.


The scarab had black lines on its face. Sun Mo’s tongue was truly toxic. If this was in Egypt and someone dared to insult a divine protector, that person would have their skin flayed and their bones broken as they would be buried with thousands of worms.

(Forget it, I will endure it first!)

(After I get back my freedom, everyone in the Central Province Academy has to die!)

“Master, I’m not joking.”

The scarab recommended itself again. Right now, it had to perform well and show that it was very hardworking to gain Sun Mo’s trust. It would also be able to eat a ‘full meal’ when it went out to search for that man, hunting for weak souls to eat.

“How do you plan to find him?”

Sun Mo asked.


The scarab fell silent. (How do you want me to say this?)

(I can’t possibly tell you that I frequently used dark magic in the past to search for delicious souls in a radius of several hundred miles, right? As long as I spot them, I will get my divine oracle to capture those young boys and girls for me to feast on.)

Although they had only interacted for a few days, the scarab could determine that Sun Mo was a good person. If Sun Mo was to learn of all these things he did in the past, it would then be strange if Sun Mo didn’t destroy its soul.

In the eyes of easterners, wouldn’t it be a great devil?

“What benefits do you want?”

Sun Mo, who didn’t know that the scarab had taken him as a ‘good’ man, changed the topic. He knew that the scarab wouldn’t help him for free.

“In the future, you are not allowed to call me Old Beet. You are also not allowed to speak to me contemptuously. No matter what, I was the divine protector of a nation. How about it? You should call me pharaoh.”

The scarab decided to change its name to ‘pharaoh’ so it could recall its past glory.

“Alright Old Beet, what’s the next condition?”

Sun Mo urged.


The scarab really felt like biting through Sun Mo’s skull and sucking away his brain juice before spitting it out on the ground.

“Alright, back to the main topic. What do you need in order to find someone?”

If it wasn’t for the sake of Yue Rongbo, Sun Mo wouldn’t allow this bug to state its price.

“I have to go to that Yue person’s house and then head to the place he last appeared.”

Upon hearing the scarab’s words, Sun Mo nodded. That was what he was preparing to do as well.


Sun Mo spent three hours following Yu Yuhong around. After that, he summoned the scarab and allowed it to do its thing freely before heading to Old Wolf Ren’s place.

Sun Mo wouldn’t entrust all his hope on the scarab. Speaking of finding someone and looking for news, Old Wolf Ren and his gang of local tyrants were much better choices.


In a courtyard with swaying shadows, Old Wolf Ren and a few of his rogue friends were currently drinking and sitting at a round table.

“I’m telling you guys that I’ve fought under Great Teacher Sun for a while. As long as I beg him, my son will be able to receive his guidance.”

Old Wolf Ren drank so much that his face was already flushed. He felt a little high and subconsciously started boasting.

“Why don’t I believe it? Do you know how many wealthy clans and high officials want to send their children to study under Sun Mo? In the end, they couldn’t even find a person to pass the word to him.”

Duan Xiao felt disdain.

He was also one of the local bullies in Jinling and his job was similar to Old Wolf Ren. It was just that his territory was different. The relationship between the two of them could be considered a mixture of enemy and friend.

If there were no external enemies, they would fight each other to gain a bigger share of profits, if there were common enemies, they would work together to repel them. In any case, the ‘food’ in their circle of work could only be enjoyed by them.

“Oh, Old Wolf, your bragging is a little too wild. Great Teacher Sun is currently in the brightest limelight of Jinling.”

“I didn’t expect that the twin jade annuluses of Jinling, which were so famous for a time last year, became salted fish of yesterday and turned smelly. Right now, the number one boss of Jinling is none other than Sun Mo.”

“What do you mean by salted fish of yesterday? It’s better described as the yellow flowers of yesterday. If you have no culture, can you just talk less?”

A bunch of aged men were chatting here, but no one believed Old Wolf Ren. (What sort of joke are you making?)

(To put it unpleasantly, if Sun Mo was a cloud in the sky, you couldn’t even be considered the mud on the ground. You are merely a maggot.)

(For someone like you, if you encounter Sun Mo, you better stay far away from him and lower your head to give way, understand?)

“I’m really acquainted with Great Teacher Sun.”

Old Wolf Ren grew anxious.

“Enough, enough. Let’s just drink.”

Duan Xiao couldn’t be bothered to continue blasting Old Wolf Ren about this ‘lie’. In fact, he felt a little like having sympathy with a like-minded person in distress. Because all of them were thugs, even if their children entered famous schools, they wouldn’t be able to find good teachers.

As long as the school did an investigation on them, the school would know what their jobs were. After that, their children would be chased away and it would be lucky if their children weren’t beaten up.

“You most probably have helped Sun Mo with something before, right? That is not called being acquainted or could you get him over to join us for a drink?”

A baldy teased. He then raised his cup. “Come, let’s go one round!”

Old Wolf Ren’s expression dimmed when he thought about this and depressedly drank a mouthful of wine.

At this moment, the sound of knocking rang out.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

“Who is it? Can’t you see this daddy is drinking?”

“It’s me Sun Mo. Is Old Wolf Ren at home?”

As the voice from outside drifted in, the seven men who were holding wine cups were directly stunned.

“D...did I hear wrongly? This Sun Mo, could he be that Sun Mo?”

The baldy mumbled and gulped down a mouthful of saliva.

“I don’t think so!”

A muscular dude with a tattoo of an azure dragon on his shoulder saw Old Wolf Ren stretching his hand out and slapping Duan Xiao.


A slap rang out clearly.

“Have you gone mad?”

Duan Xiao roared.

“F***! If Sun Mo loathed me because of that sentence from you, I won’t spare you even if I become a ghost.”

After Old Wolf Ren scolded, he hurriedly rose and ran out to open the door. He didn’t dare to make Sun Mo wait.

The remaining people exchanged mutual glances.

“Why are you all still in a daze for?”

Duan Xiao urged. “Quickly pack up!”

If it was usual times and Old Wolf Ren dared to hit him, he would definitely fight it out with Old Wolf Ren. But today, a feeling of fear appeared in Duan Xiao’s heart.

“Speaking of which, should we all go together to welcome Great Teacher Sun?”

Just when all of them were still conflicted, Old Wolf Ren already took the lead and led Sun Mo over.

Duan Xiao and the others were all ruthless men, but right now, they were like baby chickens standing together as they worked hard to squeeze out a smile.

“F***, Old Wolf Ren, you are really acquainted with Sun Mo?”

Duan Xiao was dumbfounded.

They all sold information for a living. If Duan Xiao and the others didn’t recognize the most popular teacher in Jinling now, they could simply dig their eyeballs out and explode them with a stomp.

This was especially so a few days ago when Headmaster Cao had brought his great teacher group over to challenge the Central Province Academy. In the end, Sun Mo alone had crushed half of the group. Sun Mo’s name directly resounded through Jinling after that.

“Are you guys having a meal together?”

Sun Mo frowned. “Sorry, I’ve disturbed you.”

“Great Teacher Sun, you are cursing me by saying such a thing!”

Old Wolf Ren smiled self-mockingly. “Please feel free to enter. Host, what are you doing? Quickly pour some tea, take out that valuable porcelain tea set.”

“There’s no need to make things so troublesome.”

With regard to Old Wolf Ren’s respect, Sun Mo felt somewhat helpless.

“Let us chat in the courtyard then?”

Old Wolf Ren was someone proficient in discerning the thoughts of others through observing their facial expressions. He basically wouldn’t give Sun Mo any chance to feel unhappiness. After he asked the question, he hurriedly chased everyone away.

“Old Duan, scram quickly. I will treat you guys to some wine next time.”

Duan Xiao and the others dilly-dallied on purpose.

This was Sun Mo. If they missed out on meeting him this time around, they probably wouldn’t have any chance to do so anymore in their lives.

Old Wolf Ren removed his shoes and was preparing to toss them over.

(If you guys spoil my chance to fawn on Sun Mo, this daddy will break all our friendships.)

Duan Xiao and the others exited, but they were reluctant to leave. Hence, after circling for half a circle, they leaned against the wall and stealthily peeped.

In the courtyard, Sun Mo asked Old Wolf Ren to take a seat, but the latter didn’t dare to.

“That fellow Old Wolf Ren is really acquainted with Sun Mo? That’s truly impressive!”

The baldy exclaimed in shock.

“Damn, why is he so freaking lucky?”

Duan Xiao was so envious that his eyes turned red.

However, what made them feel even more envious was that after Sun Mo and Old Wolf Ren finished chatting, the latter called his son out and began kowtowing to Sun Mo.

Sun Mo stopped him. After that, they didn’t see how, but a spiritual beast wearing a tiny corset with a body full of glistening oil suddenly appeared.

Old Wolf Ren’s son wasn’t talented, and this was something publicly acknowledged. In the end, after this ‘spiritual beast’ massaged him, a great amount of spirit qi suddenly gathered and entered the son’s body.

Even Duan Xiao and the others who didn’t have much education understood that Old Wolf Ren’s son was breaking through to the next level.

“The Ancient Dragon Capturing Hands is actually so terrifying?”

Because Duan Xiao was too shocked, his body froze. After he finished watching Old Wolf Ren’s son succeeded in breaking through, his body had already grown numb due to a prolonged period of not moving.

With a thudding sound, he fell down.

“Great Teacher Sun is leaving!”

The others didn’t help Duan Xiao up. Instead, they rushed quickly toward the entrance. At the very least, they had to make sure Sun Mo was familiar with their faces.

Duan Xiao gritted his teeth and climbed up as he ran over with a limp in his steps.

Sun Mo exited and saw a few people waiting outside for him. There were humble smiles on all their faces.

“Hello, Teacher Sun!”

These people were gangsters and would terrify ordinary folks into losing all their possessions. But right now, they were as obedient as bunnies.

“Drink less wine, not more than two to three cups each time.”

Sun Mo instructed them and left hurriedly.

“How about it? You believe my words now, right?”

Old Wolf Ren was very complacent. This was especially so given the fact that his son succeeded in breaking through. This caused him to feel very happy. As expected, he definitely had to tighten his hold on Sun Mo’s gigantic thigh.

Duan Xiao and the others exchanged a mutual glance and shouted out together.

“Brother Wolf. From now onward, you are the boss of Jinling!”

Duan Xiao flashed a thumbs-up and displayed a very humble attitude, no longer as arrogant as before.

(As long as you can get Sun Mo to use his God Hands to massage my son, allowing my son to break through. I’m even willing to call you daddy three times.)

For the sake of his son’s future, Duan Xiao went all out.


Old Wolf Ren laughed loudly. For all the years he lived until now, he had never been in such high spirits before.

(Sun Mo, you are truly my great benefactor!)


Favorable impression from Old Wolf Ren +1,000. Respect (3,100/10,000).


For a matter like finding people, it couldn’t be rushed.

In order to deal with unexpected danger, Sun Mo decided to open the two golden chests first and consume his divine force fruit to level up.

After returning to the villa, Sun Mo asked Dong He where Lu Zhiruo was. Lu Zhiruo was currently feeding an immortal crane in the back garden.

“Immortal crane?”

Sun Mo frowned. (Is this a new spiritual beast captured by the papaya girl?)

Thus, he walked through the cobblestone path and came over. Before he entered the back garden, he could already smell the strong fragrance of alcohol.

“What the hell?”

Sun Mo frowned.

Ga! Ga!

(Is this the immortal crane’s cry? It’s so unpleasant sounding!)

Very soon, Sun Mo saw Lu Zhiruo hugging a vat of wine and was running away. A handsome and impressive-looking immortal crane was chasing her.

The creature truly looked like an immortal crane that came out from a portrait. Its feathers were pure white and it had an elegant demeanor. With a single glance, one could tell that it was exuding immortal qi and was a divine beast.

However, the immortal crane’s current actions had damaged its divine image.

Now, it was like a tyrant that abducted village girls. It kept blocking Lu Zhiruo’s path and used its wings to smack her head.

“You have already drunk a lot. You can’t drink anymore.”

The papaya girl hugged the vat of wine in her hands steadfastly. Despite her face getting whacked by the crane’s wings a few times, she didn’t release her hold on the wine.

Ga, ga!

The immortal crane was badly annoyed. It actually leaped out and pushed its feet toward the papaya girl.


Lu Zhiruo stumbled backward from the impact.


Sun Mo was dumbfounded. That jumping kick executed by the immortal crane was so skilled, ferocious, and intimidating. It had the feel of those impressive soccer players who were famous for crippling others intentionally.

(Even those players were not as ruthless as you when they kicked out, alright?)

Lu Zhiruo couldn’t flee and decided to squat on the ground instead.

Ga ga!

The immortal crane directly leaped onto Lu Zhiruo’s back.

“Usually, she would always attract small animals over. But why is she so unlucky this time around?”

Sun Mo was puzzled. At the same time, he pulled out his wooden blade and directly tossed it over.

(I don’t care if you are an immortal crane or a wild chicken. In the Middle-Earth Nine Provinces, there are no laws about protecting wild animals. Since you made this daddy angry, I’m going to pluck away all your feathers and stew you into a soup.)

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