Absolute Great Teacher
693 Immortal Crane
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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693 Immortal Crane


Once upon a time, Sun Mo was obsessed with PUBG. Every time he returned home, he would delight in turning his computer on and playing a game, fighting all the way until the circle shrank and eventually eating the chicken dinner.

Speaking of which, an immortal crane was considered a bird species as well, right?

No, my 98k!

No, my 17 shots in two seconds!

No, my chicken dinner!

All sorts of distractive thoughts spun in Sun Mo’s mind, yet he exerted brute force with all his might as he threw his wooden blade.


The wooden blade created a sonic boom and accurately pierced toward the blustering immortal crane standing on Lu Zhiruo’s body.

Truthfully speaking, the gaze of a cultivator reflected their mental state and explosive force. How powerful was that? When they tossed out something, that thing would surely hit their target.

However, when the wooden blade was about to smash into the head of the immortal crane, the crane which was flushed red from drinking too much, exuding an alcoholic vibe, actually stretched out its right wing.


The wing full of pure white feathers actually grabbed hold of the rapidly speeding wooden blade. After that, it actually controlled the wooden blade and brandished it.

Ga, ga!

The unpleasant voice of the immortal crane rang out. After that, it jumped off Lu Zhiruo’s body and sped toward Sun Mo.


Sun Mo was dumbfounded.

“Who is the human here exactly? Could it be you are not afraid of me?”

When this thought flashed across his mind, the immortal crane was already close. The wooden blade slashed out with the sound of wind gusting, cleaving downward with thunderous might.

If this attack hit, blood would definitely be spilled.

Sun Mo side-stepped hurriedly.

After that, the immortal crane took the initiative to attack. The wooden blade slashed up and down, unleashing a rapid volley of strikes filled with an invasive intent.


(Am I in a dream?)

Sun Mo had never dreamed that there would be a day where he would be bullied by a crane.

Swish~ Swish~ Swish~

The wooden blade flashed, constantly attacking near Sun Mo’s head.


The immortal crane cried. It even burped and caused an intense smell of alcohol to gush over, causing Sun Mo to feel a headache.

“Teacher, don’t hurt it!”

The papaya girl pleaded for the immortal crane.


Upon hearing this, the immortal crane became infuriated. (Do I even need a human to show mercy on me? How blind can you be? I will crush his dog head now!)

Hence, the attacking prowess of the immortal crane instantly went up by another level.

“What the hell is this immortal crane?”

Sun Mo frowned and subconsciously activated Divine Sight. However, there was only a row of red words.

“Unable to acquire target’s information.”


Sun Mo was speechless. As expected, a skill from the system wasn’t reliable. He still had to train in them himself.


The wooden blade emitted a gust of wind as it sliced past the air inches before Sun Mo’s nose.

This time around, Sun Mo no longer dared to be careless. He activated both the second and third levels of the Grand Universe Formless Divine Art. Not only did he have the Invulnerable Golden Body protecting his body, but everything in his surroundings also slowed down.

The papaya girl was standing at the side. Hence, if he was defeated by a crane, that would truly be too embarrassing.

Sun Mo executed the Wind King Divine Steps and after he continuously dodged two blade attacks, he suddenly flashed and rushed forward. After that, he chained moves from the Dharma Skyshock Fist.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Heavy punches slammed against the wooden blade, causing exploding sounds.


The immortal crane shrieked. This human was a little impressive, but it was fine. It had drunk some wine today and was very capable of fighting. (Just you wait, I’ll let you witness my ultimate skill later.)

However, just as the immortal crane retreated and was preparing to wait for the ferocity of Sun Mo’s attacks to weaken, a gigantic hand suddenly shot forth from its back with no prior sign at all.


The giant hand grabbed the immortal crane’s neck and lifted it up. After that, the hand slammed down with all its strength, slamming the crane onto the ground.


Dust scattered everywhere.


The immortal crane grew even more enraged. (You actually dared to slam me? Human, you are dead for sure!)

After that, the formless clone continued doing the same thing. It was as though it became a pile driver and kept slamming the poor bird.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Very soon, a large hole appeared on the ground, and bird feathers were everywhere.


The immortal crane felt a little dazed.

“Zhiruo, are you okay?”

After seeing the immortal crane no longer moving and resembling a dead dog, Sun Mo decided to stop attacking.

“I’m fine. Teacher, can you please let it go?”

Lu Zhiruo pleaded. “It didn’t mean to attack you.”

“I don’t care whether it meant to or not. I’m going to stew it into soup today. Speaking of which, I’ve never eaten an immortal crane before. I wonder if its flesh would be tough?”

Sun Mo was curious.


Upon hearing this, the immortal crane shrieked. It stretched out its wings and wanted to slap Sun Mo’s head.

“Immortal Bro, just speak less okay?”

Lu Zhiruo advised.

“What is it saying?”

Sun Mo knew that although the papaya girl didn’t understand the language of animals, she had no problem communicating with them.


Lu Zhiruo was a little dumbstruck.

“Say it!”

Sun Mo urged.

“Immortal Bro is saying that it drank too little today or you definitely wouldn’t be able to win against it.”

After the papaya girl spoke, she glanced at the immortal crane again with a look of shock on her face. “You are saying that what you drank was considered little? It has only been half a day and over 50% of the wine in the wine cellar has been finished by you.”

Lu Zhiruo wasn’t someone petty. This was especially so when she was interacting with small animals. Even if she only had a single bun, she would split half of her bun with them.

However, Immortal Bro was truly too over-the-top. (These wines are the precious collection of the old headmaster. Now that you drank so many of them, Teacher will be the one taking the blame for you.)


The immortal crane still cried unpleasantly and even stretched out its wings, wanting to hit the papaya girl.

“What did it say?”

Sun Mo felt it definitely wasn’t saying anything good.

“It says that he has drunk all sorts of beautiful wines and wonderful brews of the various immortal sects in the Middle-Earth Nine Provinces, and the act of drinking those wines was the glory of those sect leaders. So what if it drank the lousy wine here?”

After Lu Zhiruo explained, she curiously asked, “What’s an immortal sect?”

“You even believe the boasts of this fellow?”

Sun Mo rolled his eyes.

He understood that because spirit qi was present in this world, humans could cultivate to a very strong cultivation realm, allowing them to be capable of shifting mountains and filling seas. But speaking of rising to the heavens to become an immortal? That was nonsense.

“Ignore it, go and boil some hot water. We will boil it and defeather it, then we will eat the immortal crane in three styles today: braised, fried, and stew!”

Sun Mo was truly angered.

Sun Mo had gone to the wine cellar below the villa before. Although he didn’t recognize the wines stored there, the old headmaster was still a secondary saint after all. How could the wines collected by him be rubbish?

In the end, this damn bird actually drank half of the wines?

(Even if you are really an immortal bird, this daddy is going to cook you today and enjoy my chicken dinner!)

“Quickly go and boil the water, why are you still in a daze for?”

Sun Mo urged.

“Teacher, you cannot eat it!”

Sun Mo was anxious.


Sun Mo didn’t understand.

“Because it is your spiritual beast!”

The papaya explained. If this wasn’t the case, Lu Zhiruo wouldn’t have permitted Immortal Bro to drink so much wine.


Sun Mo was stunned. He couldn’t help but glance at the damn bird in his hands. Because of the violent tussle between them earlier, this fellow was no longer as charming and handsome-looking as before. Its feather was ruffled and dust covered all its body.

This was especially so considering the fact that it drank so much wine. Its eyes had no hint of an intelligence glow. It was clearly a dead-drunk drunkard that everyone would feel contempt for when they looked at it.

“This fellow is my spiritual beast?”

Sun Mo furrowed his brows so tightly that they could crush a crab to death. (How many lollipops did I rob from children in my past life? Why are the heavens treating me so badly?)

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    《Absolute Great Teacher》