Absolute Great Teacher
694 Top-Rated Rewards and Leveling Up
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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694 Top-Rated Rewards and Leveling Up


“Oi, say something!”

Sun Mo grabbed the immortal crane by its neck and shook it.


After being slammed repeatedly, in addition to being inundated by alcohol, the immortal crane wasn’t able to differentiate anything anymore. At this moment, it was impossible for it to answer any questions.

It only kept burping as a strong stench of alcohol flooded the area akin to poisonous mist.

Sun Mo pinched his nose and directly tossed the immortal crane out.

Honestly speaking, such a summoning experience was very bad.

Sun Mo had a look of disdain on his face.

Where was the so-called memorable first-time experience?

It was like when a man first got to know a girl and enter his first relationship. He originally thought it would be a beautiful one.

In the end, the girl was only acting pure. Not only was she not a virgin, but she was a complete sl*t.


Where was the basic trust between people?

The immortal crane rolled for a while and ended on the grass patch. It found a comfortable spot and fell asleep. Sun Mo even saw its wings fluttering gently, rubbing its back.

If he didn’t guess it wrongly, it was scratching an itch, right?

Speaking of intelligence, this broken bird wasn’t stupid. But its temper and alcoholic habit...

No, he couldn’t afford to have this crane!

Lu Zhiruo was worried the crane might catch a cold, so she was preparing to hug it and put it in the guest room. But after running a few steps, she stopped and looked at Sun Mo.

The papaya girl was worried Sun Mo might not agree.

“Go on!”

Sun Mo waved his hands. He wouldn’t be annoyed if he couldn’t see it.

Right now, he was sure that this immortal crane was his spiritual beast because when he settled his heart down to sense things, he could sense the soul fluctuations of the immortal crane.

Honestly speaking, after signing a contract using Air Proof, even if the race of the master and spiritual beast was different, they could communicate through their souls.

The immortal crane hit everyone it saw. It either ignored Sun Mo or was already drunk.

“Damn, if we ate ‘drunken crane’ earlier, we wouldn’t even need to season it.”

Sun Mo’s lips twitched. He wanted to cry but no tears were coming out.

During that night, he recited Air Proof twice. Firstly, it was to teach Lu Zhiruo. Secondly, it was because he got high from humming the melody. He basically didn’t even think about recruiting any spiritual beast.

Because he cherished his first time and was hoping for it to be a perfect chance encounter.

In the end, there was nothing?

“Bad luck!”

Sun Mo was unhappy. He wanted to ask people out for a drink, but who should he ask? Gu Xiuxun? She should already be considered one of his ‘brothers’, right?

“Master, I have to remind you that I’m then your first spiritual beast.”

The scarab’s voice was filled with resentment. “Your first time is already mine.”

The scarab’s tone was as though it was saying Sun Mo was a trashy guy who dumped the girls he slept with.


Sun Mo mentally mused that the first spiritual beast should be Little Silver. However, he had no idea where that fellow was off playing as he didn’t see it at all.

After settling the immortal crane, Lu Zhiruo came to pay her respects. Then, she was preparing to head to the Wind King Divine Hall to continue with her cultivation.

“Come over!”

Sun Mo instructed.


The papaya girl walked over with her head lowered in a very obedient manner.

Sun Mo patted her head in passing.

“System, let’s open a chest!”


“Congratulations on obtaining a 50-year time emblem.”

The system’s voice sounded normal and had no emotions.

Sun Mo’s eyes brightened. This reward wasn’t bad and had surpassed the quality of a golden treasure chest.


Sun Mo urged. He wanted to open another top-rated treasure before Lu Zhiruo’s luck faded.

Before the golden light faded completely, Sun Mo already saw a fingernail-thick skill book coated in green light.


“Congratulations on obtaining 1x illustrated handbook about the rare species on Darkness Continent: Plant edition. Rarity index: S, ten types of plants. Proficiency: elementary.”


Sun Mo excitedly snapped his finger. Rarity of ‘S’! This indicated that the great teachers in the Nine Provinces knew almost close to nothing about these ten darkness plants. If their medical value was immense, once he found them he would be able to profit immensely.

“Learn it!”

Sun Mo lifted his hand and cast Gushing Thoughts and Retentive Memory on himself as he started to memorize this knowledge.

Lu Zhiruo didn’t dare to disturb Sun Mo after seeing him sinking into contemplation. She quietly retreated out of the bedroom and closed the door.

Three hours later, Sun Mo opened his eyes and there was a hint of unhappiness between his brows.

He received Rarity: ‘S’ knowledge on darkness plants this time around. Eight of them were rare, but they were merely ordinary plants and had no value. There was only a type of spiritual mushroom and a type of red rice that had a value high enough for him to search for them.

The spiritual mushroom was a plant that grew in dark, moist, and misty places. Upon consuming it, one would be able to strengthen their mental energy and soul fluctuation.

Spiritual controllers precisely depended on mental energy to recruit spiritual beasts. The stronger their spiritual will, the easier it would be for them to subdue spiritual beasts. Hence, if they ate this spiritual mushroom, they would have a greater success rate in recruiting spiritual beasts.

Naturally, this spiritual mushroom could also be concocted into an alchemy pill that could repair mental damage and recover mental energy. For example, if one suffered from insomnia or mental damage, one would be cured if they ate a pill made from this spiritual mushroom.

Simply speaking, it could even cure mental illness because upon consuming it, it could stabilize and calm your mental state.

As for the other red rice, it was even more impressive.

That was a type of paddy that grew in extremely cold regions of the Darkness Continent. It would ripen after two years and because its growing period was too long, this type of rice would contain a large amount of spiritual qi.

In other words, it was a type of spirit rice.

After common rice was eaten, humans could only absorb 20% of the nutrients. The other 80% would turn into excrement and be expelled out.

Even for 20% nutrients, it was merely for the sake of filling one’s belly.

However, this red rice was different. After eating it, one would not be hungry for three days. Also, not only could it fill one’s stomach, but it could even replenish the spirit qi in one’s body.

If he managed to domesticate this red rice successfully in the outskirts of Jinling and cultivate it, even if the amount of spirit qi was halved, Sun Mo would be rolling in money.

This wasn’t an extravagant hope. Because Sun Mo was proficient in planting techniques, he had a chance to succeed in the transplantation.

“At that time, I can just give out spirit qi infused red rice as salary and will definitely be able to recruit some great teachers.”

Sun Mo longed for the future.

Even if he had no way to transplant the red rice, he could get Little Silver to head to the place where spirit rice was produced and build a teleportation gate there, building a farming base.

“I really feel like exploring the Darkness Continent!”

Sun Mo mumbled. He then headed to the Wind King Divine Hall.

He wanted to break through, for something like his cultivation base, he would never complain about it being too high.

He then took out the divine force fruit and consumed it. A moment later, a surge of heat immediately birthed in his stomach, and it felt like a giant snake that lost control, wriggling around and shooting through his body.

Sun Mo immediately activated the cultivation method of the Grand Universe Formless Divine Art to absorb the fruit’s energy.

A layer of light appeared around Sun Mo, illuminating this palace hall brightly. Even the reflected light from the spirit crystals was suppressed.

Five minutes later!

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Explosions occurred around Sun Mo, triggering the spirit qi in the surroundings to ignite. Sun Mo was akin to a magnet that drew all the spirit qi over. A spirit qi vortex formed above his head before gushing into his body.


After a huge spirit qi explosion, the entire hall returned back to its normal calmness. And Sun Mo also managed to break through to the sixth level of the divine force realm with no suspense.

Sun Mo opened his eyes and there seemed to be lightning within them.

There was no light in the side palace hall, only the glow from spirit crystals. Actually, the surroundings were dark, but Sun Mo could see everything more clearly now.

The patterns on the spirit crystals faraway looked extremely vivid.

In the past, Sun Mo had to calm his heart down before he could sense the flow of spirit qi. But now, there was no need for such excessive actions.

When the spirit qi flowed past his body, it felt like the summer wind brushing past him. He instantly could sense everything.

This feeling was truly too wondrous.

Sun Mo involuntarily quickened his breathing tempo.

Spirit qi was like delicious spring water to cultivators. As one’s cultivation base improved, their body’s response to spirit qi would strengthen. It would be like when one suddenly soaked in a spirit spring; it would then be strange if they didn’t do their best to absorb all the spirit qi.

Naturally, the most satisfying thing was that his constitution had improved immensely.

Sun Mo’s muscles not only became stronger, but his contours also became better, improving toward the golden ratio.

“Very good, I became stronger, but I didn’t go bald!”

Sun Mo was very happy. If he managed to enter the Longevity Realm before 30, he would be able to maintain his appearance for tens of years or even up to a hundred years.

After all, if he wanted to chase girls, he would still need a handsome appearance.


During the early morning, the rays of the rising sun shone down.

Sun Mo woke up and went to look at the immortal crane, but that fellow was still sleeping. This caused him to feel very angry. After that, he found a metal chain and he quickly bound its feet.

It wasn’t that he was afraid the crane might run away. Rather, he didn’t want the crane to continue stealing wine to drink.

After doing all of this, Sun Mo went to meet with Mei Ziyu at the school’s gate according to their agreement. After that, they headed to the battle hall and were preparing to look for new students with good aptitudes.

The battle hall, as the most famous society in the Central Province Academy, was known to everyone in Jinling. Hence, when Sun Mo arrived, he discovered that this place was flooded with people.

The six students who were responsible for maintaining order here immediately stopped what they were doing when they saw Sun Mo. They stood up and greeted him with respect.

“Good morning, Teacher Sun!”

Swish~ Swish~ Swish~

The gazes in the surrounding all turned over.

“Is that Sun Mo?”

“This teacher is so handsome, he should be Sun Mo.”

“Being handsome or not is not important. The main point is he is very powerful. I heard that he crushed half of the Myriad Daos Academy’s great teacher circle alone.”

The freshmen mumbled and stared at Sun Mo with curiosity in their eyes.


Favorable impression points from students +2,120.


Sun Mo nodded. “You guys can continue with whatever you are doing!”

A student originally planned to get these new students to step aside so Sun Mo could enter, but he soon discovered that when Sun Mo took a step forward, the crowd automatically opened a pathway for him.

“You are also a famous person now!”

Mei Ziyu teased.

“Maybe just a little bit?”

It was early in the morning and he received over 2,000 favorable impression points without doing anything. This was simply perfect.


“Congratulations on finally having a little fame and is respected by others. You just took another large step forward on the great teacher path. Reward: 1x golden treasure chest.”

The system congratulated him.

All the members of the battle hall were there. Half were sparring with each other, demonstrating various cultivation arts to the freshmen, while another half was sitting at the side of the arena, waiting for the freshmen to challenge them.

As long as you were confident, you could step up to the stage.

Gu Xiuxun was long since ‘captured’ by Jin Mujie and the two of them were extremely busy. When she saw Sun Mo and was about to greet him, a student beat her to it.

“Teacher Sun, I’ve slighted you in the past. I’m sorry for that!”

A handsome-looking male student appeared before Sun Mo suddenly. He apologized while he lowered his head into a bow, bending his body 90 degrees.

“Who are you?”

Sun Mo didn’t seem to recognize him.

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    《Absolute Great Teacher》