Absolute Great Teacher
695 Lecture in the Battle Hall
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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695 Lecture in the Battle Hall


Zhu Ting was very unhappy.

Honestly speaking, no one liked to apologize to another. Even if the other party was a great teacher, he didn’t want to do so as this would damage his pride.

However, it wasn’t a solution if he refused to do this. If Sun Mo hated him for this, let’s not say half his lifetime, maybe he would have to waste ten or twenty years of his life bumbling around blindly.

Zhu Ting believed that Sun Mo could achieve this with his current fame and strength. Hence, he came to apologize.

However, who could have known that Sun Mo had long since forgotten about him?

Zhu Ting’s fists clenched instantly as he felt humiliated.

(No matter what, I’m ranked #6 in the battle hall and am extremely famous in the school. How could you intentionally pretend not to recognize me for revenge?)

“Teacher Sun, I was wrong!”

Zhu Ting acted even more humble. Also, his clenched fists were loosened immediately as he did his best to hide his unhappiness. Otherwise, if Sun Mo saw it, things would be even more troublesome.

Sun Mo finally recalled something. When he was still an intern teacher, he had brought Qi Shengjia to participate in the battle hall’s exam. During the exam, he had wanted to lend a room to massage the honest guy, but Zhu Ting had rejected Sun Mo’s request in his capacity as an administrator.

Luckily, Jin Mujie had been kind enough to help him.

One could say that Qi Shengjia was the first student Sun Mo had given pointers to. And it was precisely because of Qi Shengjia’s success that he could get started smoothly on his great teacher path.

Sun Mo sank into contemplation and Zhu Ting grew even more terrified. He was even pondering whether he should kneel down.

There was no solution to this. He was from a small farmer family and saw before cases where major characters determined the life and death of minor characters with a single sentence, making their fates extremely miserable.

“Oh, are you apologizing because you rejected me back then?”

Sun Mo smiled. “You are worrying too much, there’s no need to apologize.”

Back then Sun Mo did feel depressed, but he was a great teacher now and his mental state had changed a lot. If he was still so calculative against a student, there would surely be a problem with his moral character.

“Teacher, I...”

Zhu Ting hurriedly chased after Sun Mo.

“Go and be busy with your own stuff. Don’t mind the past.”

Sun Mo waved his hands.

“Yes, I will take my leave!”

Zhu Ting didn’t dare to disturb Sun Mo.

“Sun Mo, do you want me to introduce some good students for you?”

Gu Xiuxun walked over and teased, yet her gaze seamlessly swept toward Mei Ziyu. (So, she is the type that you like?)

(I’m finished then! Being dainty and elegant has never been my style!)

“Sure, please do!”

Sun Mo would never reject help.

“Good morning teacher!’

Qi Shengjia was helping as well. When he saw Sun Mo, he hurriedly came over to greet him.


Sun Mo looked at the honest guy walking over. The movement of the honest guy’s right shoulder seemed a little off. Hence, he patted Qi Shengjia’s shoulder. “Were you injured in a fight?”


Qi Shengjia shrank his neck and had a face full of embarrassment. There was a low-year student who had challenged him earlier and he lost the fight.

“It’s okay if you lose. Just continue training and win in the future!”

Sun Mo consoled. Spirit qi gushed forth from his body, causing the genie to materialize.


The genie directly punched the honest guy’s face.

Thud, thud!

The honest guy retreated two steps.

Sun Mo’s eyelids twitched and he almost asked out loud. (What are you doing?)


The genie vanished.

(I’m not going to massage such a noob!)


Sun Mo had black lines on his face. Damn, how embarrassing.

Speaking of which, the muscular dude summoned by the ancient massaging technique actually had its own awareness as expected!

“That must be God Hands, right? How awesome!”

“I failed to see how awesome it was and can only tell it’s very violent. Look at that punch, that guy’s nose is bleeding now.”

“That’s because you are stupid. Look, after the blood has finished dripping, the nose is alright. It can also vent that student’s internal heat!”

The students mumbled.


Overall favorable impression points from the students +1,210.

A portion of these points were contributed by Qi Shengjia who was beaten by the genie.


After hearing the notification, Sun Mo was speechless. He almost turned and left. This group of to-be-students couldn’t make it.

However, Sun Mo wouldn’t expose his thoughts. He displayed the demeanor of a grandmaster and started to observe everyone in the battle hall.

After Qi Shengjia came to pay his respects, he went back and continued working.

Zhu Ting was almost angered to death when he saw this scene.

“He is so stupid, how can such a person obtained Sun Mo’s favor?”

Zhu Ting didn’t understand.

Everyone had seen too many people like Qi Shengjia who had stumbled into the battle hall due to luck.

At most, such individuals would last for two times before they scrammed and wouldn’t be able to enter again.

However, Qi Shengjia actually found his footing and stabilized it. He was even improving at a steady pace during each internal ranking.

Someone investigated before and discovered that although he didn’t take Sun Mo as his personal teacher, Sun Mo would still occasionally provide pointers to him. It was even said that Sun Mo used God Hands to give him a massage quite a few times.

This special treatment made everyone feel so envious that they felt like dying.

Everyone knew how bad Qi Shengjia’s aptitude was, but because he obtained guidance from Sun Mo, he actually managed to live quite well in the competitive battle hall where geniuses were as common as clouds.

If the person Sun Mo was guiding was him instead, wouldn’t he have long soared into the sky?

Due to Qi Shengjia’s relationship with Sun Mo, Jin Mujie’s usual treatment of Qi Shengjia also wasn’t bad. She would provide pointers to him every three to five days.

“He’s truly freaking lucky. If this chance was given to me, I would have become the number one person in the school.”

Zhu Ting was so jealous that his mouth became crooked. After that, he began to ponder on how he could latch on to the gigantic thighs of Sun Mo.


Ultimately, a scheming student like Zhu Ting was considered a minority. The vast majority of people were still at the stage where they were planning to take a personal teacher via the traditional way.

Hence, before Sun Mo could walk far, he was stopped by three students.

“Teacher Sun, please accept me as your disciple!”

Two male students and a female student spoke out together and kowtowed in unison.

Sun Mo halted and had a serious expression on his face. “There’s no need to be so anxious and kowtow so quickly. Why don’t you guys tell me what you are planning to learn from me?”

“I wish to learn blade techniques and alchemy. The art of spirit runes is fine as well.”

A tall male student seized the initiative to speak.

“I wish to learn the art of spiritual control!”

The female student continued.


As for the last student, he stuttered a little because he had never thought of this question before. He came to take Sun Mo on as a personal teacher because he wanted to become the number one student in the school.

“Mn, let’s talk about you first. This student, the matter of taking on a personal teacher concerns your entire life. Please do not make your choice under impulse. Not only is this disrespectful to the teacher, but it might even ‘kill’ your future prospects.”

(You haven’t even thought about what you want to learn and you already came here to take someone on as a personal teacher?)

“You should first think about what sort of future you want.”

After Sun Mo spoke, he turned to the girl and fell silent as he looked her in the eye.

The female student felt uneasy. Sun Mo’s eyes were so deep and filled with spirit. She originally didn’t dare to look at his eyes directly. She felt somewhat shy and wanted to shift her gaze away, but she discovered that it was basically impossible to do so.

In fact, she had even lost her awareness. Her mind was completely blank. All that remained was her sluggishly looking into Sun Mo’s eyes.

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    《Absolute Great Teacher》