Absolute Great Teacher
696 Taking On a Personal Teacher
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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696 Taking On a Personal Teacher


It was as though a decade had passed. When that female student regained her senses, she saw Sun Mo looking at her with a solemn expression.

“If you are only curious about the art of spiritual control and aren’t especially fond of it, you should immediately give it up now. Even if you have a reason why you have to learn the art of spiritual control no matter what, and your love for this subject seeps so deep that it enters your bones, I suggest you to forget about this subject and go find a new interest.”

Sun Mo’s tone was filled with condolences.

The girl’s heart thumped violently.

“I did a test earlier. Your mental energy is simply too weak, and this is something you cannot make up for when it comes to recruiting spiritual beasts.”

Sun Mo sighed.

The spirit qi reserves of a spiritual controller could be lacking, but their mental energy must be very strong.

Otherwise, it would be like a midget having a dream of becoming an athlete specializing in the 100 meters race. This was basically impossible.


The female student’s countenance was pale.

“Sorry, that is my judgment. If you are reluctant to accept it, you can seek out other grandmaster spiritual controllers for their help. Maybe they might have a solution.”

This sentence of Sun Mo could be considered a direct rejection to the female student.

The surrounding spectators whispered to each other. Although Sun Mo said that he wasn’t able to teach this girl and told her to look for other grandmaster spiritual controllers for help, no one looked down on him. They actually felt that Sun Mo was very reliable.

After all, almost no great teachers would publicly admit that they had no way to help a student, let alone tell the student to seek out other great teachers for help.

“Teacher Sun’s magnanimity is truly vast!”

“This female student probably has no talent in the art of spiritual control!”

“A hobby and talent might not match. I also want to be a famous artist, but the five-clawed golden dragon drawn by me either looks like a snake or a mudfish.”

A high-year student understood this situation very well. If you could be whatever you wanted to be, you would definitely be the most doted son or daughter of heaven.

The vast majority of people would try out their dream jobs and sorrowfully discover that they didn’t have any talent for what they liked.


This female student believed Sun Mo’s judgment, hence, she started crying. This was because she felt that everything was over for her.

“Your life has just begun. In this world, there are still many interesting things out there. Why is there a need to ‘hang’ yourself just because of the art of spiritual control?”

Sun Mo persuaded, “Interest has never been something you are innately born with. It’s developed through a variety of reasons and chanced happenings.”

Because he couldn’t use Divine Sight, Sun Mo also didn’t dare to judge what this female student was proficient in. However, his words were sincere from the bottom of his heart.

Hence, Priceless Advice activated

A golden halo illuminated the entire area, giving everyone a sense of warmth.

The remaining one was the tall student. Because the first two students were rejected, he was feeling trepidation in his heart.

Just from his appearance and demeanor, Sun Mo couldn’t see any flaws. Hence, he stretched out his hands and kneaded his shoulder.

“I don’t know many blade arts and the ones I know are not top-tier ones. Also, given your body constitution, if you wanted to take me on as a personal teacher, I would tell you to change your style and make you cultivate fist arts instead. Are you willing?”

Sun Mo asked.


The tall student was conflicted because it was his dream to become a blade saint.

“Also, I don’t know alchemy, so I can’t help you out with it. As for the study of spirit runes, I’ve observed your personality and you are not the type who is keen to hold a brush for that long.”

Simply speaking, this student wouldn’t be able to calm his heart down to practice drawing spirit runes.

For some people, if you wanted them to calm down and practice writing calligraphy, it would be equivalent to you asking for their lives. This tall student before him fell precisely into this category.

And if one wanted to have a better understanding of spirit runes, other than doing a lot of copying and tracing them out again and again, there was no second path.

“Teacher, I can endure suffering!”

Although he said this, the tall student already felt like retreating in his heart.

“Can you persist if I tell you to copy spirit runes for eight hours daily?”

Sun Mo asked.


The tall student panicked a little.

“You better think it through. For a matter like taking on a personal teacher, you should choose the one that’s the most suitable for you. That would be the best.”

Sun Mo patted the tall student’s shoulder and sincerely spoke.

“I...I understand.”

This was the first time the tall student started to seriously think about which great teacher he should take as a personal teacher.

Sun Mo didn’t remove his hands from the student’s shoulder. He executed the ancient massaging techniques and started to massage him.

This time around, he no longer dared to summon the genie as he was afraid that fellow might slap the student again. Moreover, all four branches of Sun Mo’s ancient massaging technique had reached the grandmaster-level. There was completely no problem for him to handle small situations like this.


When Sun Mo’s fingers started to exert force, the tall student felt his entire body freezing as he involuntarily cried. As Sun Mo’s fingers pressed and kneaded, a current of electricity was formed, causing the student to feel a numbing comfort.

It felt very bizarre but also very comfortable.

Tens of seconds later, the tall student lost his awareness. His mouth was wide open and there was a silly grin on his face. Drool was even leaking out from the corners of his mouth.


Boom! Boom! Boom!

Spirit qi gushed forth rapidly, forming a vortex above the tall student’s head. After that, spirit qi began to flow into his body.

There was no suspense. He had succeeded in breaking through.

Sun Mo took two steps back, very satisfied with his masterpiece. Right now, he didn’t need Divine Sight. He was able to check out the constitution of everyone at the spirit-refinement realm and below.

The tall student, who just regained his senses, had an absent-minded look on his face.

“How do you feel?”

Someone waited at the side and asked in a curious voice.

“I...I’ve broken through?”

The tall student looked at his hands and felt somewhat shocked. Sun Mo only gave him a massage for a short while, right?

Did he break through just like that?

One must know that in the past when he broke through, the fastest he took was five months.


Favorable impression points from Gao Ma +500. Friendly (910/1,000).

“Where’s Teacher Sun? I have to thank him!”

The tall student searched the surrounding but discovered that he couldn’t find any traces of Sun Mo.


Right now, Sun Mo was already standing at the side of a small battle stage and he was currently watching a fight between two students.

“His name is Qu Bo, a third-year student that originated from the Myriad Daos Academy. I heard that he is keen to transfer to our school.”

Jin Mujie was also here. She introduced the student as she stood beside Sun Mo.

“Was he headhunted over by a certain teacher?”

Sun Mo was curious.

“Why? Are you keen on him? This Qu Bo is very famous in the Myriad Daos Academy!”

Jin Mujie teased.

Sun Mo fell silent. Just from the student’s muscle contours and fingers, he could tell that Qu Bo’s aptitude was very good. Besides, Qu Bo was quite handsome as well.


Just when the two of them were chatting, Qu Bo swiftly attacked with his blade, bringing his opponent down onto the floor. Because he used the back of the blade, his opponent wasn’t injured.

“Thanks for letting me win!”

Qu Bo clasped his fists and spoke politely.

“Wow, this is already his 12th victory.”

“School Senior Qu Bo, I’m cheering for you!”

“Quickly look, even Teacher Jin and Teacher Sun are here to spectate Qu Bo’s battle. Seems like this fellow is going to rise soon.”

Discussions rang out among the students.

“If you are the one asking, I think you will be able to succeed in recruiting him!”

Jin Mujie reminded Sun Mo. “This is a rare opportunity. If you miss it, you won’t even have the chance to regret it.”

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