Absolute Great Teacher
697 I’m Actually Such an Outstanding Human, How Annoying!
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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697 I’m Actually Such an Outstanding Human, How Annoying!

Qu Bo was a handsome young man, and he even had a fan club.

At the scene, a few female students had rushed over from the Myriad Daos Academy to cheer for him. If it wasn’t for the fact that transferring schools was too troublesome, they would have also transferred together with him.

“Is there still anyone who wants to challenge me?”

Qu Bo asked. He emanated a calm aura and the air of a great general. However, he was already feeling somewhat panicked in his heart.

This was because not only Jin Mujie was here. Sun Mo was here as well!

“Aiya, my target was originally Jin Mujie. But now that Sun Mo is here, what should I do? This is such a difficult choice. Ai… I’m actually such an outstanding human, how annoying!”

Qu Bo felt very depressed.

He was a boy who matured early and wanted to have a talented and beautiful female teacher. This was so he could have an eye-candy teaching him. That would simply be perfect.

“Teacher Jin is very beautiful and her teaching capabilities are already proven. She is one of the top teachers of the Central Province Academy.”

“Sun No is a new rising superstar and even has the title as the number one great teacher of Jinling. He has the beautiful title ‘God Hands’ and is pretty handsome. Just based on potential, he shouldn’t be bad. But if I follow him, I will have to be stuck with looking at his face for tens or hundreds of years.”

Qu Bo felt extremely conflicted. (I don’t like guys.)

In his heart, Qu Bo felt more inclined toward taking a female great teacher on as his personal teacher.

As for whether the other party would accept him or not?

(Please, do you think my 12 consecutive victories are fake?)

(Given my talent, some great teachers would even beg me to join them, alright?!)


Qu Bo urged, the volume of his voice grew even louder.

It felt so annoying not knowing who to select as his personal teacher. (Forget it, let’s obtain my 13th victory first to calm my nerves.).

Below the stage, there were no responses.

If it was a normal match, no one would care whether they win or lose as they would focus on gaining experience. However, it was different now. Jin Mujie and Sun Mo were both present. It would be too embarrassing if they lost.

Sun Mo and Jin Mujie, who was currently chatting, furrowed their brows when they heard Qu Bo calling out thrice with no challengers heading up the stage.

Out of all the school activities, the battle hall was ranked #1 in the Central Province Academy. Jin Mujie had spent a lot of time and effort managing it, and several students from the battle hall had received her personal pointers before. Hence, when she saw this, she was simply enraged to death.

“Where did all your courage go? Eaten by the dogs?”

Jin Mujie berated.

“Worrying about personal gains or losses, can any of you fit the bill of a man of character?”

“You guys are so cowardly, why are you all still cultivating? Even if you reached the Longevity Realm, you would only be a coward that would be shat on and trampled by others!”

“Young people should have the spirit of loyalty and self-sacrifice. Who cares how strong he is? Who cares whether you will win or lose? You should just do your utmost and fight!”

The light from a golden halo erupted forth, it was Priceless Advice.

Some male students were scolded to the point where they were flushing in shame and embarrassment.

“I’ve let you see a joke.”

Jin Mujie felt very embarrassed.

If it was a year ago, she wouldn’t give a damn about Sun Mo’s opinion, but things were different now. Sun Mo might be able to achieve the feat of getting 3 stars in a single year and at that time, he would be the same rank as her. Hence, Jin Mujie no longer used the gaze of a senior looking at a junior when she interacted with him. Instead, she felt a sense of competitiveness that made her not want to lose out to him.

“Teacher Jin’s words are too serious.”

Sun Mo smiled lightly.

When the two of them spoke, six male students jumped up the stage in unison.

“Everyone, allow me to challenge him first!”

A baldly clasped his fist. From his figure, he should at least be a seventh-year student, right?


Sun Mo was speechless. (Did you actually want to go to Shaolin Temple to be a monk instead and have joined the Central Province Academy wrongly? You are a young man below twenty, why do you shave your head bald? Was this a type of artistic beauty?)

(Or could it be that you suffer from innate baldness?)

Speaking of which, even if the ancient massaging technique was a divine art, it didn’t have the ability to allow one to grow hair. Balding was truly one of the most difficult problems that plagued countless worlds.

“His name is Qin Feng and he is a martial fanatic. As to why he is bald, it’s because he doesn’t wish to waste time on things like washing his hair.”

Jin Mujie explained. She had a good impression of this youth as he was very industrious.

After the two combatants exchanged greetings, the spar started.

Swords were the king of weapons. To a guy like Qu Bo who pursued handsomeness, he wouldn’t choose to use any other type of weapon.

Qin Feng’s weapon was more tyrannical in comparison. It was a meteor hammer. When he was dancing about, the metal chains around it created a crashing sound.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Qu Bo’s sword accurately pierced into the meteor hammer. He actually fought head-on, wanting to repel the meteor hammer, driving it back from the impact or simply deflecting it. In any case, it looked extremely dangerous, but in reality, Qu Bo wasn’t hurt at all.

Whirlwind Chop!

Qin Feng roared in rage, his entire person started spinning and resembled a whirlwind as he rushed toward Qu Bo. His meteor hammer now turned into shadows and became a storm of metal.

Qu Bo continuously retreated and when he reached the edge of the battle stage, he suddenly turned 90 degrees and dodged to the right.

Qin Feng also changed his direction. If not, he would be the one falling off. But at this moment, Qu Bo attacked.

Flying Bird!

Ding! Ding! Ding!

The speed of the longsword was extremely fast, like a spark flying off a flint, piercing through the weaving shadows of the meteor hammer and stabbing into Qin Feng’s hand. This caused Qin Feng to scream in pain.

He could no longer hold the heavy meteor hammer, and it flew out from his hands.


Some students cried out because the hammer was flying toward them. When it was about to smash into people, a gigantic peony flower formed from spirit qi manifested and knocked into the hammer.


The hammer was like a baseball getting smacked by a bat. It flew even higher and with a loud bang, it landed on a patch of greenery 30+ meters away.

Everyone turned and saw Sun Mo currently inserting his wooden blade back in the sheath on his waist.

“Teacher Sun truly lives up to his reputation.”

“Isn’t his control a little too terrifying? He pulled out his blade in a timely manner and accurately struck the flying meteor hammer, blasting it into a stretch of greenery. One must know that the greenery is only about 1 meter wide. If his strength was too low or too high, its landing point would have been different.”

“Are you guys not talking nonsense? If Teacher Sun isn’t powerful, how can he get 2 stars in a year and even become a two-time champion?”

The students discussed. A few attentive people noticed that Jin Mujie also pulled out her sword, but she wasn’t in time to help.

One must know that if she moved too slowly, the meteor hammer might injure others. Hence, it was impossible for Jin Mujie to hold back. This meant that Sun Mo’s reaction speed surpassed Jin Mujie’s.

Qin Feng clutched his right wrist. Blood flowed from the gaps of his finger and his face was pale. It wasn’t because of pain but because he had lost.

“Thanks for letting me win.”

Qu Bo was as graceful as ever and his actions caused his fans club to cheer again.

“Teacher Sun, how about evaluating them?”

Jin Mujie suggested.

“Before Teacher Jin, it’s better for me to keep a low profile!”

Sun Mo shook his head.

Jin Mujie rolled her eyes. “This is a good chance for you to gain some favorable impressions, why are you declining it?”

After that, she also didn’t give Sun Mo a chance to reject and directly spoke, “Everyone be quiet. Teacher Sun will evaluate that battle.”

In an instant, close to 1,000 students that were in the surroundings immediately fell silent. Their gazes all turned to Sun Mo in unison.

“Many thanks then, Teacher Jin.”

Sun Mo knew that Jin Mujie was doing this for his sake. After all, this was her territory and according to logic, he had no qualification to give guidance here.

Naturally, Sun Mo wouldn’t get stage fright.

“Let’s speak about student Qin Feng first. Number one, you were too impetuous and only wanted to obtain victory quickly. Hence, you already gave your enemy a chance to win as he would have something to take advantage of.

“One must know that the best battle situation is to draw your enemy into your own rhythm, becoming the controller. You should adjust, erupt forth, and store your energy based on your opponent’s reaction and your own condition, so you can deal with your opponent’s tempo. In any case, you have to think of all sorts of solutions to make your opponent uncomfortable.

“Once he is uncomfortable, he would feel annoyed. Once he is annoyed, there would be a slip-up.

“If you want to crush your opponent in a single breath, such a thinking isn’t wrong. But if you add more variations into it, things would be even better. This is especially so when you are facing off against an opponent that’s equally matched against you. Patience would then be the most important criteria for you to obtain victory.”

Sun Mo spoke frankly with assurance and after he finished speaking, he paused to allow the students to digest his words.

“Teacher Sun is so impressive!”

Jin Mujie sighed in admiration.

Usually, after a great teacher provided guidance, the students would respond in applause and start discussing. But now, there was nothing. The atmosphere was so quiet that it was terrifying.

Why was this so?

Because what Sun Mo said was knowledge presented in a readily assimilable form.

He wasn’t simply providing pointers for Qin Feng, but he was providing pointers to everyone because what he said was applicable to all the students.

What was a great teacher?

This was it!

Each and every word they spoke could bring inspiration to others.

Some students were even taking out small notebooks to jot down the essential points from Sun Mo’s words.

“Secondly, Qin Feng, do you know the weakness of your attacks?”

Sun Mo asked.

“I know!”

Qin Feng nodded. The whirlwind chop was an extreme skill. The momentum was too great and if he changed direction, he had to waste a lot of strength to adjust it. In fact, even his attacking movement would be affected.

“Since you know it, why don’t you emphasize on defense?”

Sun Mo didn’t understand. “Look, Student Qu is moving around the battlefield, leading you to attack in his direction. After that, he grabbed hold of this opportunity to crush you in a single strike.”

After hearing this, Qu Bo involuntarily looked at Sun Mo.

(He really has some capabilities!)

“In the eyes of many students, Student Qu could win because his sword arts are extremely good. But in truth, the crucial point as to why he won is because he ran around and shifted position, attacking you after changing directions.

“The aspects of Student Qu that are really impressive are his calmness, decisiveness, and battle strategy.

“When he saw his opponent going up the stage, he considered his opponent’s body shape and gaze to determine what category his opponent belongs to, whether they are one who emphasizes on attack or defense. After that, he would think up an appropriate battle strategy.”

Sun Mo praised.

“Teacher Sun is praising me too much.”

Qu Bo was humble.

“So that fellow is so impressive?”

“I didn’t expect that this victory actually consists of so many keypoints?”

“As expected of a genius that could secure 13 consecutive victories.”

The students sighed ruefully and felt somewhat disappointed because they couldn’t even see the reasons behind Qu Bo’s victory. If that was the case, how would they even fight him?

“What sort of attitude are you guys having? Low self-esteem? Gloominess? You feel that you are inferior in comparison?”

Sun Mo frowned and roared, “Everyone, lift your head and look at me!”

The students were stunned when they were suddenly faced with a solemn-looking Sun Mo.

“No one is an expert the moment they are born. All of these things can only be nurtured postnatally through training and tempering. Do you know what’s the most important thing in cultivation?”

Sun Mo asked.


Several students didn’t speak, but this word flashed in their minds.

“Let me tell all of you. It’s actually your willpower and perseverance. Your talent would determine your lower limits, while your willpower and perseverance are the ones determining your upper limits.”

“Blood-Ignition, Divine Force, Longevity, Legendary, Saint Realm. The higher you go, the more difficult it is to climb. It’s like ascending a mountain. Who doesn’t know how to lift their legs and move forward? But for those with weak wills and bad perseverance, they won’t be able to reach the mountain peak even if they have an eternity.”

Everyone fell silent into contemplation. And more and more students began to crowd around here.

“You guys know Qi Shengjia, a member of the battle hall. Is there a need for me to say how clumsy and foolish he is? He was almost expelled from school, but now he’s living stably in the battle hall.”

Sun Mo gave an example.

“Teacher, that’s because you taught him well!”

A student shouted.

“If you put it this way, wouldn’t any student taught casually by a saint be a sword hero or saber saint?”

Sun Mo counter-asked.

Those soon-to-be students immediately started to investigate who Qi Shengjia was. As for the members of the battle hall, they suddenly came to a realization in hindsight. (That’s right, Qi Shengjia, that weakling is actually so powerful now?)

“For each of you, your strongest enemy isn’t that number one person standing before your eyes. Rather, it’s your own will. Giving up is then the scariest enemy.”

As the sound of Sun Mo’s voice rang out, a golden light erupted forth from a halo.

It was Priceless Advice because these words were sincere from the depths of Sun Mo’s heart.

Who didn’t have moments of regret? (If I work a little harder, I might be able to do better and I might be able to change my fate.) However, the majority of the time, they had no way to ‘work a little harder’.

The vast majority of people would eventually become ordinary people because they lost to others in terms of attitude and mental state.

“Honestly, ask yourself if you guys have gone all out and done your utmost for any matter?”

Sun Mo’s voice echoed throughout the battle hall, so loud that it even roused the apathetic.


Overall favorable impression points from students +8,120.

Qu Bo suddenly felt that although he could have an eye-candy if he found a beautiful personal teacher, seeking knowledge was something that lasted a lifetime.

If he chose Sun Mo, he would definitely be able to learn a lot.

“Sigh, how good would it be if Teacher Sun was a female!”

Qu Bo felt very regretful. Why couldn’t things be perfect?

“Qin Feng, you are using the meteor hammer. Is it to make up for your insufficient agility?”

Sun Mo asked again.

Qin Feng immediately bowed. “Yes, I didn’t manage to find a good movement art. I also know I’m too tall and sturdy. My weight is too heavy and I’m insufficient in terms of nimbleness and agility. Hence, I wish to use the meteor hammer to make up for my flaws in terms of speed.”

When the chains on the meteor hammer extended, they could stretch out to over three meters. It by itself was considered a heavy weapon, and it could be used for both long and close-range attacks.

“Your thoughts aren’t bad, but your body cannot withstand it. Besides, cultivation arts that can be paired with the meteor hammer are simply too few.”

Sun Mo suggested. “Why don’t you change it to a large halberd?”

“Would it be too heavy?”

Qin Feng considered this question before, however, a halberd was just too heavy.

“Given your growth speed, there shouldn’t be a problem for you to use it when you grow a bit more. Moreover, you can get people to forge a smaller one. If you don’t have money, I can privately sponsor you.”

Sun Mo didn’t lack money. He spoke out of kindness, but someone interjected all of a sudden.

“Teacher Sun, I feel that the meteor hammer suits Qin Feng more.”

A middle-aged man walked out.

“Who is this?” Sun Mo asked in a low voice.

“Qin Feng’s personal teacher!” Jin Mujie introduced. “Zheng Jie.”


Sun Mo suddenly felt a sensation akin to his balls aching. (If I knew you have a teacher, I wouldn’t be so nosy. Isn’t this offending people for no reason?)

The other party looked like he wanted nothing more than to tear Sun Mo into pieces.

But then again, it made sense when he thought about this. This great teacher suggested his personal student to use the meteor hammer. In the end, Sun Mo told the student to change to another weapon. Wasn’t this saying that the personal teacher of the student had guided him wrongly?
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