Absolute Great Teacher
698 Convincing People through Virtue, Great Teacher’s Grace!
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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698 Convincing People through Virtue, Great Teacher’s Grace!

Chapter 698: Convincing People through Virtue, Great Teacher’s Grace!

Zheng Jie had obtained the 3-star title for over 20 years, but he had only worked in the Central Province Academy for five years. Hence, his seniority in the school wasn’t high, but it wasn’t too low either.

Honestly speaking, if it wasn’t for Sun Mo’s guidance involving his own benefits, even if one was to beat Zheng Jie to death, he wouldn’t jump out to debate Sun Mo.

Once Qin Feng gave up the meteor hammer and switched to practicing with a large halberd, it would be fine if his achievements were passable. But if his strength underwent a huge improvement, where would he put his face?

He would then have to leave the Central Province Academy to find another employment place. Otherwise, if he stayed behind, no one would be willing to take him on as their personal teacher.

If he wanted to obtain the title of a 4-star great teacher, he had to nurture a personal student that could ascend to the Hero Ranking.

Zheng Jie had worked hard for so many years but still failed to nurture such an outstanding student. Hence, he gradually became a salted fish, but he still had his own pride and didn’t wish to be looked down upon by others.

What should he do then?

He could only continue changing schools.

Zheng Jie wasn’t overbearing either. After speaking, he started to pray for Sun Mo to give up on guiding Qin Feng.

Sun Mo fell silent. It wasn’t that he was afraid of Zheng Jie. Rather, it was because he didn’t want to harm the amiable atmosphere. After all, Zheng Jie was also a teacher from the Central Province Academy.

“Sun Mo, you cannot step back in such a situation!”

Gu Xiuxun reminded him in a low voice.

Right now, Sun Mo was someone in the middle of a tornado. Many people were admiring him, but plenty of them were also jealous of him and were waiting to blacken his name.

If Sun Mo retreated like this, those jealous ghosts would twist the story and said that Sun Mo’s skill was inferior in comparison.

“Teacher Sun, sometimes you have no choice but to contend!”

Jin Mujie sighed. “The most important thing to great teachers is their fame. If you can avoid your reputation being stained, just try your best to avoid being stained your entire life.”

Sun Mo was still in conflict.

“Teacher Sun, you are a good person!”

Jin Mujie sighed ruefully. After that, she sincerely continued. “However, if you are concerned about Zheng Jie’s face, could it be that you are not concerned about Qin Feng’s future? If he cannot guide Qin Feng correctly, he deserves to be criticized.”

“Just remember a sentence. As great teachers, our most important priority is to guide students.”

After speaking, a golden halo appeared behind Jin Mujie.

The effect of Priceless Advice caused Sun Mo’s spirits to stir. After that, he pondered and understood, proceeding to clasp his hands toward Zheng Jie. “Teacher Zheng, I apologize.”

The corners of Zheng Jie’s lips slackened as he heaved a sigh of relief in his heart. It seemed that they would have to have an exchange no matter what, but he felt a few more favorable impression points toward Sun Mo.

This was a man that would consider things for the sake of others and wasn’t pragmatic to the extent where he would exploit people for benefits.

If it was other young teachers, they would definitely struggle against you in such a setting for the sake of gaining more fame.

(However, I cannot lose this exchange.)

“Teacher Sun, please!”

Zheng Jie clasped his fist. They were going to have a debate then.

“The benefits of using a great halberd over a meteor hammer: Firstly: There are more cultivation arts that can be paired with a halberd. Secondly: It’s easier to train in that. Thirdly: it’s similar to a long spear and in the future even when you grow older and your body grows weaker, you can just change your weapon to a spear and you will be able to maintain at least 70% of your combat prowess. Fourthly: It has the advantage of being a long-range weapon. Whatever the meteor hammer can do, it can also do.”

Sun Mo spoke, listing out four reasons in one go.


Zheng Jie’s expression didn’t change, but he felt worried in his heart. Wasn’t Sun Mo’s judgment a little too accurate?

Back then, he had allowed Qin Feng to train in the meteor hammer because he wanted to find an alternative to see if he could excavate Qin Feng’s potential better.

Training in the great halberd?

Zheng Jie had also considered this before. But given Qin Feng’s aptitude, the amount of success he could obtain from that would be limited.

However, how could he say such a thing to his student?

It would definitely impact his student psychologically.

“It’s tough to train in the meteor hammer, but once your training succeeds, it would be very powerful. This is because cultivators have very little experience when it comes to dealing with an opponent using a meteor hammer. This is the advantage.

“Also, I disagree with the fourth point you brought up. What the meteor hammer can do, the great halberd might not be able to do. If not, why would there be a need for a weapon like the meteor hammer to exist?”

Zheng Jie retaliated.

“If a meteor hammer is so good, why are you using a longblade instead?”

Sun Mo’s words caused Zheng Jie to be left speechless. He almost suffered an internal injury.

(You can’t do things like this!)

Sun Mo’s words were simply pulling the carpet from under somebody.

Usually speaking, a teacher would teach what they were most proficient in to their students. In the end, if they didn’t know how to use the meteor hammer themselves but got their student to train in it, how could one accept this?

Qin Feng frowned. In the past, he was too naive and didn’t consider this question. Now that he thought about it, it was true that his teacher didn’t know how to use the meteor hammer.

After seeing Qin Feng’s expression, Zheng Jie didn’t want to be misunderstood hence he explained. “Feng`er, don’t blame me for saying this unpleasantly. If you trained in the great halberd, your accomplishments in the future would only be at that level. But if you mastered the meteor hammer, you would have the chance to make something out of yourself.”

Qin Feng’s countenance instantly alternated between green and red, after that, it actually turned pale.

In this world, there was nothing more painful than a personal teacher you respected denying your talent.

“Teacher Zheng!”

Sun Mo’s tone had a hint of blame within it.

“Feng`er, face the truth!”

Zheng Jie sighed and shrugged. If one wanted to blame someone, they could only blame Sun Mo for being too overbearing and forceful.

“Since you felt that I couldn’t make it, why did you have to accept me back then? Could it be when you told me you would nurture me into someone successful back then, it was all nothing but a lie?”

Qin Feng questioned.

“The definition of success is different to each individual!”

Zheng Jie looked straight into Qin Feng’s eyes. “I didn’t lie to you. At the very least, I’m doing my best to excavate your potential.”

“Teacher Zheng, just speak less!”

Sun Mo interrupted, “I can understand your way of thinking, but such words are too hurtful and are also an insult to yourself.”

“As great teachers, we have to turn the impossible into possible. If we only want to teach geniuses, what would be the point?”

Sun Mo turned to Qin Feng and comforted him, “Don’t be disheartened. You are still young and still growing. Your potential is not fully excavated yet.”

Qin Feng, who was psychologically impacted, immediately felt his heart overflowing with gratitude after hearing Sun Mo’s words. He felt warmth, like finding a warm fire on a cold night during winter.

“Teacher Sun, I...”

Qin Feng cried. (Why didn’t I have such a good teacher like this?)


Favorable impression points from Qin Feng +1,000. Respect (1,692/10,000).

(Who doesn’t know how to speak nice words? Who doesn’t know how to feed people chicken soup? But reality is like a gigantic wolf fang that can ruthlessly break your dog leg.)

Zheng Jie was already over 50 and had long since passed the naive age of dreaming about unrealistic things. He actually wanted to say the words in his heart out but ultimately didn’t do so.

This was because he didn’t wish to dash the last bit of hope in Qin Feng’s heart.

Zheng Jie still had the prestige of great teachers in his heart. He didn’t continue to hurt Qin Feng for the sake of it.

“Teacher Zheng, actually you have already given up, right?”

Sun Mo also didn’t wish to argue anymore. He directly asked the question.

Zheng Jie fell silent.

Truthfully speaking, he was starting to idle his time away. In any case, a 3-star great teacher would be able to gain a lot of respect in many schools.

“The most terrifying thing to humans isn’t failing but giving up.”

Sun Mo understood Zheng Jie’s mentality.

(When you keep failing, you will truly feel despair.)

It was just like in the past where Sun Mo had a student in his class. The student’s results when he first joined the school weren’t bad. But after two examinations, the student’s results started to decline all the way. From that time onward, no matter how Sun Mo encouraged him, it was useless.

“If humans don’t save themselves, how can the heavens save you?”

Sun Mo counter-asked.

“Are you willing to stop here forever? The scenery up ahead is so beautiful, but you already have no chance to see it. Don’t you feel it’s very regretful?”


A golden halo appeared, illuminating the surrounding.

Priceless Advice was activated again.

“Teacher Zheng, that’s all I have to say.”

Sun Mo clasped his hands.

The victory and defeat of this exchange had lost all meaning. What was the point of winning against a failure?

After seeing Sun Mo’s gaze that was filled with disdain to fight, Zheng Jie’s mind suddenly trembled as he felt a feeling of shame welling up in his heart. It was like an iron bat had just slammed into his face.

Yes, the scenery up ahead that he had never seen yet, was he really willing to miss it?

When he was young, he was also filled with mettle and wanted to work hard to become a saint!

“Teacher Sun, this humble self has benefited from your guidance!”

Zheng Jie suddenly bowed to Sun Mo. “I’m going to resign my post as a teacher in the Central Province Academy. Teacher Sun, could you please pass the message on to Headmaster An?”

After that, Zheng Jie looked at Qin Feng.

“Feng`er, ever since I accepted you as my personal student, I’ve been doing my best to guide you. It’s my capabilities that’s insufficient seeing that I didn’t manage to allow you to grow according to your expectations.”

Zheng Jie bitterly smiled. “So, from today onward, I’m willing to dissolve our relationship as teacher and student.”

Upon hearing this, Qin Feng’s expression drastically changed. “Teacher!”

“No need to say anything more. Let us part ways without hard feelings!”

Zheng Jie stopped Qin Feng. “Teacher Sun is very good. If you can manage to take him on as your personal teacher, it will be extremely beneficial to your future. Remember to grab hold of the opportunity!”

After saying all of these, Zheng Jie clasped his fists to Jin Mujie and turned to leave with a flick of his sleeves.

“Teacher Zheng...”

Jin Mujie was speechless.

No matter how lousy a 3-star great teacher was, they were still considered part of the main force of a school. In the end, Zheng Jie actually left because of this. How should she explain things to An Xinhui?

“No need to persuade him. You should give him your blessings instead.”

Sun Mo spoke and added in a bright and clear voice. “I wish for Teacher Zheng’s journey to be a smooth one and hope that your future prospects are brilliant. I pray that you can achieve a breakthrough sooner rather than later, allowing you to succeed in obtaining the title of a 4-star great teacher.”

“Many thanks Teacher Sun for your auspicious words!”

Zheng Jie laughed uproariously, sweeping aside the feelings of gloom and depression that had accumulated in his heart for several years. “After I become a 4-star great teacher, I will come back to seek your advice again!”


Favorable impression points from Zheng Jie +1,000. Respect (1,867/10,000).

The students in the surroundings all had dumbstruck expressions. They had thought they would be able to witness a fascinating exchange between great teachers. Hence, none of them expected such an ending.

“What does this count as? Rage quit?”

“Rage what? It’s clearly Teacher Sun’s victory. Didn’t you see that Teacher Zheng has given up?”

“Yeah, Teacher Sun isn’t simply providing guidance for Qin Feng but also for Teacher Zheng.”

Zheng Jie had clearly dissolved the relationship of a teacher and student between him and Qin Feng because of Sun Mo. However, he wasn’t giving up on himself. His will to fight was reignited.

One could say that regardless of Sun Mo’s character or talent, they had thoroughly convinced Zheng Jie.

“To great teachers, a true victory isn’t winning against their opponents. Rather, it’s to make their opponents do things according to their teachings.”

Jin Mujie sighed ruefully.

At Sun Mo’s level, compared to the victory gain from combat, this was much superior. Besides, when she glanced at Sun Mo, she realized that he basically wasn’t bothered about winning or losing at all.

“This mentality is truly very good!”

(Aiya, I really want to collect his bone and place it on my shelf as a specimen.)


Favorable impression points from Jin Mujie +200. Respect (5,360/10,000).

Qin Feng felt conflicted. (Would it be suitable if I ask to take him as my personal teacher right now? But if I didn’t do so, it would probably be too late for regrets if I missed this opportunity.)

After all, his teacher had said that his aptitude was ordinary. Given Sun Mo’s current fame, if Qin Feng didn’t have any lucky chance, it would almost be impossible for him to take Sun Mo on as a personal teacher.

“Are you not going to send your teacher away?”

Sun Mo looked at Qin Feng. “My words remain the same. A famous teacher might not be the one that’s most suited to you. Other than the not-so-optimal choice of a meteor hammer, Teacher Zheng’s guidance to you is truly from the bottom of his heart. If not, you wouldn’t be able to stand here so confidently to challenge Qu Bo today.”

Sun Mo’s words were like an enlightening light that shone on his head, instantly allowing Qin Feng to understand.

“Teacher Sun, thank you!”

After Qin Feng bowed, he jumped off the stage and went to chase after Zheng Jie.


“Congratulations on guiding a teacher and student pair, In addition to gaining their recognition, you received 1,000+ favorable impression points from each of them respectively. Reward: 1x mysterious treasure chest.”


“Congratulations on getting the achievement where you simultaneously gained over 1,000 favorable impression points from a teacher and student pair. Reward: 1x mysterious treasure chest.”

Sun Mo was very satisfied. He had profited greatly this time around.

(Aiya, so troublesome. Who should I take on as my personal teacher? Forget it, let’s fight one more round and get my 14th consecutive victory to calm my nerves.)

Qu Bo then loudly challenged everyone, “Is there anyone else who wants to give me some guidance? Please get up the battle stage!”

No one moved because this Qu Bo was truly too powerful.

Qu Bo shouted thrice and no one replied. He then helplessly shrugged. (Forget it, I better choose Teacher Sun.)

After all, beauty would fade with age, but strength was something that lasted forever.

Just when Qu Bo was preparing to ask Sun Mo to be his personal teacher, a youth rushed up the stage, resembling a hunting leopard.

Sun Mo frowned. It was Helian Beifang.

This youth from a barbarian tribe in the north was a man of few words. He directly pulled his blade out, and his sharp wolf-like gaze stared intently at Qu Bo.

There was no way he would be afraid. He didn’t head up the stage earlier because he was waiting for the time when no one would challenge Qu Bo anymore.

In that case, it would be even more glorious when he defeated Qu Bo.

“You want to use me as a stepping stone so you can shoot to fame after a single battle? You are thinking too much!”

Qu Bo’s lips twitched. His sword in his hand spun about. He looked extremely handsome and his demeanor was off-the-charts.

Helian Beifang lowered his stance and held his curved blade tightly in his right hand.

“Bring it on. I will allow a barbarian like you to witness the brilliance of people from the Central Plains.”

Qu Bo made a gesture, indicating for Helian Beifang to attack first.


Helian Beifang rushed out, closing the distance between them in the blink of an eye. After that, he slashed his blade out.


The curved blade was like a forceful thunderclap and had the speed of lightning.

“How swift!”

Qu Bo’s eyes instantly widened. Just when he wanted to lift his sword to block, he already suffered a slash at his shoulder.


The intense pain caused Qu Bo’s countenance to change. This was because the other party was using the back of his blade. If it was the edge that was used instead, his right arm would have been severed.

Helian Beifang, who was in combat, was ruthless and a man of few words.

Swish~ Swish~ Swish~

The curved blade continued slashing, forming gusts of wind.

Qu Bo retreated again, but this time around, it wasn’t a battle strategy. Rather, he was forced into helplessness. His longsword did the utmost to defend, and he was pressed so hard that he completely had no excess strength to retaliate.

“Qu Bo is going to lose!”

Jin Mujie was astonished. “Where did this youth from the north come from?”

“How unorthodox.”

Gu Xiuxun’s eyes flashed with light. This barbarian youth was so strong. His cultivation art was ordinary, but his body constitution was off-the-charts.

If his blade arts were just slightly more powerful, he would be able to instantly crush Qu Bo.

“School Senior Qu, I’m cheering for you!”

“Crush that barbarian!”

“Damn, the stench of this fellow is so intense. How many days has it been since he went without a bath?”

The students discussed among themselves, but several of them had eyes filled with hostility.

However, this was still not too bad. If they were in Jing Province, everyone down the stage would have been booing. But when Helian Beifang saw the commotion below, his countenance also changed.

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