Absolute Great Teacher
702 Today, This Daddy Wants to Crush All of Your Doggy Heads!
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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702 Today, This Daddy Wants to Crush All of Your Doggy Heads!


Dark clouds covered the sky, blotting out the moon and causing the night to be much dimmer.

“It might rain tomorrow!”

Sun Mo frowned. For an event like the student recruitment meet that was held in public, the thing it was most afraid of was bad weather as it would definitely affect the number of visitors.

“Teacher Sun is worrying too much. To those soon-to-be students, this is the first fork in their lives. Let alone raining, they would be here even if there was something worse.”

Liu Tong wasn’t simply saying pleasantries, but this was really what he thought.

“Let’s hope it’s so.”

Sun Mo didn’t bother with the weather anymore. He could only leave it up to the heavens. “You should stay here first. I will bring you to meet Headmaster An tomorrow and settle the joining procedure.

“Naturally, if you can’t wait, you can also walk around the campus to see if there are any students you admire. You can recruit them, too.”

Liu Tong smiled bitterly. “Look at my figure and face...other than you, who would look up to me?”

“When your star-rank improved, students would naturally come over, wanting to take you as their personal teacher.”

Sun Mo consoled.

The wind rose, and the atmosphere grew somewhat cool and refreshing.

Sun Mo brought Liu Tong and Zhang Pan into a small alley. This was a shortcut leading back to the lane.

“Be careful!”

Sun Mo reminded. During this era, there were no such things as street lamps. The only light during the night was the moonlight.

The alley was long and narrow. Usually, one could even hear the sounds of insects crying. But today, it was so quiet that it was terrifying.

Just when Sun Mo was about to reach the center of the alley, sharp sounds of wind breaking suddenly rang out.


Sun Mo furrowed his brows tightly and subconsciously activated the Invulnerable Golden Body. At the next instant, sharp arrows appeared in his vision.

“Enemy assault!”

Sun Mo roared. He immediately pulled out his wooden blade. His wrist turned and manifested a gigantic peony flower.

Golden Jade Hibiscus

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Those arrows that shot toward Liu Tong and Zhang Pang were knocked away by Sun Mo. As for those arrows aimed at him, his Invulnerable Golden Body soaked up the damage.

Luckily, he had activated the Invulnerable Golden Body.

“Teacher Sun!”

Liu Tong roared loudly, feeling shocked and angered.

“I’m fine, pay attention to the surroundings!”

Sun Mo didn’t dare to say that they should retreat via their original route here because this assassination was clearly a premeditated plot. This also meant that their path of retreat would surely be blocked.

“I know!”

How could Liu Tong have imagined that he would encounter such a situation when he came for a meal? Hence, he didn’t bring his battle hammer along. Still, he reacted quickly and shot to the right side, directly slamming his fist into the stone wall.


Liu Tong directly picked up a coconut-sized stone and used it like a hammer.


Sun Mo discovered that Liu Tong was also an incomparably ferocious fellow. No wonder his potential value was extremely high.

For ordinary people, when they encountered such a situation, they would definitely be so afraid that their legs trembled. They would also be very nervous. As for Liu Tong, other than the initial shock, he showed no other emotions.

“Pan`er, follow me closely. Don’t run around recklessly!”

Swish! Swish! Swish!

Just when Liu Tong spoke, over twenty masked black-robed men leaped across the wall and entered the small alley, blocking the path of Sun Mo and the two others.

“Sorry, I’ve implicated you guys.”

Even if Sun Mo used his knees to think, he knew these assailants were here for him. Moreover, if there was nothing unexpected, they should have been sent by Li Zixing.

“Teacher Sun, you are treating me like an outsider.”

Liu Tong wasn’t angry. On the contrary, he felt gratitude in his heart.

Honestly speaking, that volley of arrows earlier would have killed Zhang Pan and him if it wasn’t for Sun Mo blocking the arrows in time.

Only at this moment could Liu Tong truly be certain that Sun Mo really regarded him very highly.

“Teacher Sun. From now onward, I, Liu Tong, will take you as my only guide.”


Favorable impression points from Liu Tong +1,000. Respect (5,320/10,000).

Two waves of black-robed men were as silent as great oceanic beasts. They melded into the night and rapidly made their way over.

Even their steel sword was coated with black tree sap, reflecting no light. If one didn’t look carefully, they wouldn’t be able to discover the sword.

“Climb over the left wall!”

Sun Mo roared in a low voice and rushed toward the left wall.

Liu Tong followed behind him hurriedly.

Pak! Pak!

Sun Mo used the wall as a foothold and took two steps upward before leaping into the air. However, he didn’t cross over. He did a somersault and came down again.

At this instant, three arrows blasted forth, aiming for the other side of the wall where Sun Mo would have landed.

Liu Tong immediately perspired in a cold sweat. If Sun Mo leaped over, he would be filled with holes.

“Stupid, over there!”

Liu Tong tugged at Zhang Pan who was already so frightened that his soul left his body, pulling him toward the right wall and helping him to cross over. Earlier, he had wanted to remind Sun Mo that if they crossed over the wall, they shouldn’t mention an exact location or there might be an ambush waiting for them.

Now he discovered that Sun Mo actually did that intentionally for the sake of a diversion.

“Isn’t he a little too calm?”

Liu Tong suddenly felt full of confidence. He sensed that as long as he followed Sun Mo, there wouldn’t be a problem if they were to fight another ten.

Thud! Thud!

Sun Mo stepped on the footholds of the wall and crossed over. On the other side, there were also three black-robed men jumping up. Evidently, they had been hiding nearby for an ambush and after they heard Sun Mo’s roar earlier, they assumed that Sun Mo wouldn’t be coming through here. Hence, they decided to come out in pursuit of him.

However, who could have expected that Sun Mo was playing a trick?

Sun Mo, who was prepared, suddenly pierced out with his wooden blade.

Spear Rain Pearflower!

At the same time, black mist suddenly gushed forth from his body, concealing him.


“Where is he?”

“We were tricked!”

How would the three black-robed men think about this? They basically weren’t prepared, and Sun Mo managed to seize the initiative.

Upon facing the multitude of blade shadows, their basic instinct was to lift their weapons to block the attacks, protecting themselves.

Sun Mo’s attack enveloped the three of them. He was pressuring them so much that they couldn’t do combination attacks and had to fight separately. After that, Sun Mo shot toward the one on the right and unleashed a combo.

Charm Remembrance, Skynet Sand, Riverful Spring Water.

That black-robed man only managed to block two slashes and at the next moment, the wooden blade sweeping horizontally outward, smashing into his head.


The masked leader was like a watermelon ran over by the wheels of a truck. His head directly exploded.


Fresh blood and brain matter splattered toward all directions, landing on the bodies of the two others. Also, the head of the leader among these three was severed and it spun toward the black-robed man in the center.

The hearts of the other two trembled violently. Black Doggy Sun was actually so strong?

Sun Mo stared at the black-robed man in the center.

Buddha Look!


The black-robed man’s gaze matched with Sun Mo’s, and he immediately felt like his dog eyes were about to be blinded. After that, at the next instant, he felt something knocking into his head and immense pain drifted over.

After that...

There was no after that!


Sun Mo’s Dharma Skyshock Fist directly crushed the head of the man at the center. After those chipped bones and brain matter exploded, Sun Mo cut off his head and used the momentum to direct the head at the last black-robed man on the left.


Liu Tong involuntarily praised.

This time around, he finally saw it clearly. He had thought that the severed heads and brain matter had been flying around randomly. But from the looks of things now, Sun Mo intentionally knocked them toward the other enemies.

Other than blocking the enemy’s vision, he could also use this as a form of threat.

After all, even a pervert would feel uncomfortable if these things splattered on their bodies.

Sun Mo had used this trick and consecutively unleashed ultimate attacks, crushing the first two. However, doing so ultimately took up a few breaths of time. Hence, the third black-robed man had enough time to retaliate.


A stream of black-colored blade light resembling a thunderclap slashed toward Sun Mo’s throat.

Sun Mo felt no fear at all and retaliated with his wooden blade.

Paying someone back in their own coin!


That blade light was reflected back from its original path.


The black-robed man who didn’t anticipate something like this happening did his utmost to evade, but he was eventually slashed. As he fell onto the ground, Sun Mo cleaved downward.


The head of the black-robed man was crushed.


The corpse fell onto the ground like a broken sack, causing some dust to scatter around from the impact.

“Brat, you dare?!”

Among the black-robed men, a roar of anger rang out. Clearly, the boss was angry. When the other black-robed men leaped over the wall, their footsteps suddenly halted.

Because Sun Mo didn’t run at all and he was standing at a place not far away.

And below their feet, the corpses of the three people who got their heads exploded could be seen.

“Were you guys sent by Li Zixing?”

Sun Mo asked but no one replied.

“Impressive, my Great Teacher Sun!”

Liu Tong was incomparably impressed.

From encountering the enemy, to fighting, to instantly defeating three, to facing off against a group of people while being alone...Sun Mo had displayed extraordinary combat talent.

One could say that despite Sun Mo being the one ambushed, he had grasped the initiative back.

Who would have thought that Sun Mo didn’t choose to run but stand his ground and face the enemy head-on?

“Kill him!”

The boss howled and the other black-robed men rushed forward.

Although they didn’t say anything, they directly contributed 3,120 favorable impression points. This indicated that several of them were awed by Sun Mo’s method.

Sun Mo was a formidable enemy; there was no need to doubt it.

“You should bring Zhang Pan away first!”

Sun Mo’s countenance turned heavy because the enemies were very powerful. Given his current strength, he was able to tell many things with just an exchange of blows.

“Damn, whoever doesn’t want this daddy to lead an easy life, this daddy will make sure he lives in hell.”

Sun Mo ruthlessly snarled.

Logically speaking, he should have focused on defense. But this place was Jinling City, one of the largest peak-level major cities in the Tang Country. The security was very good here.

Now, there was already a gong being rung by the night watchman. Evidently, the night watchman had discovered the situation here. As long as Sun Mo dragged things out a little more, the black-robed men would have to flee.

However, Sun Mo didn’t do so. He actually started to take the initiative to attack.

“This daddy today is going to crush all of your doggy heads!”

Sun Mo roared.

“Too handsome!”

When Zhang Pan saw this scene, he was so agitated that he had no way to extricate himself. In fact, even the cowardice and fear in his heart were completely dispelled. What guts was this? A person fighting against over ten people?

“Teacher Sun, let me accompany you!”

Liu Tong’s heroic spirits were stirred as he rushed forth as well.


Sun Mo was speechless. (Are you not afraid that Zhang Pan might be captured as a hostage? But it was too late to say anything. Let’s act brazenly and impetuously first. I’ll kill as many as I can.)

Ancient Buddha Oil Lamp!


Spirit qi gushed forth from Sun Mo’s body as a gigantic ancient buddha directly manifested behind him. It glowed with a dusk-yellow light and was akin to a lamp, resembling a lighthouse on the coastline, shining brightly before daybreak.

Although the light was dim, it was sufficient to illuminate the dead, dark night.

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    《Absolute Great Teacher》