Absolute Great Teacher
703 Combat Genius
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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703 Combat Genius


Half of the entire alley lit up.

Ancient Buddha Oil Lamp, Buddha Illumination.

In the vision of these black-robed men, the ancient Buddha behind Sun Mo looked extremely solemn and emitted a terrifying pressure. It was as though it was reprimanding the various evils of the world, wanting to vanquish all that was impure.

Their minds all suffered a huge impact.

The giant hand of the Buddha was like the blue dome of heaven falling.


Dust flew everywhere.

A black-robed man who couldn’t evade in time was smacked aside like a mosquito and directly turned into a pile of mangled flesh.

Sun Mo’s wooden blade also simultaneously knocked into the throat of another black-robed man.


The powerful impact caused the black-robed man’s throat to lengthen. After that, a cracking sound rang out as it snapped. The entire head flew away, attached with white-colored vertebrae.

The scene was extremely bloody and cruel.

Even these black-robed men who were long used to slaughter couldn’t help but tremble in fear at this moment.

This Sun Mo was simply so strong that it was terrifying.

“Today, not a single one of you should think about living!”

Sun Mo roared and lunged out.

Earlier, no one believed it when Sun Mo said he wanted to crush the dog heads of everyone, and they even wanted to mock him...now, all the black-robed men had heavy-looking countenances.

“Teacher Sun, awesome!”

Liu Tong couldn’t help but praise loudly. At the same time, he borrowed the pressure emitted from the Buddha and picked up a rock before tossing it with his full strength, aiming for the head of one of the black-robed men.


The head of the target exploded, spraying blood and brain matter out before the body fell onto the ground.


“Congratulations on obtaining +910 favorable impression points.”

Sun Mo started but he understood. This was because these black-robed men felt fear, trepidation, and even reverence. This was why he continued to receive favorable impression points.

“Teacher Sun is so impressive!”

Zhang Pan, who was originally afraid, was agitated at this moment. He wanted nothing more than to rush over and attack, slashing people together with Sun Mo. If he managed to do so, he definitely would be able to brag about this feat.

“Don’t stand around in a daze, run first!”

Liu Tong roared.

“Ah? Oh!”

Zhang Pan came to his senses and started to run. But before he could move far, a black-robed man lunged out and grabbed hold of him with a large hand.

“Where can you run to?”

A black-robed man was prepared to catch a hostage.

“It’s over!”

Zhang Pan despaired. This was especially so when he saw the bloodshot eyes of the other party. It caused him to be terrified and disturbed.

However, before the black-robed man could grab Zhang Pan’s hair, a wooden blade shot out from the shadows and smacked the black-robed man’s wrist. After that, heavy punches landed on his body.

Vajra Subduing the Devils!

Fist shadows filled the skies and engulfed the black-robed man. When the shadows dissipated, Zhang Pan only saw a corpse that changed shape due to the impact from the punches.

“T...teacher Sun?”

Zhang Pan was shocked. He turned and glanced at Sun Mo.

(That should be a clone technique, right? But why is it so real?)

In any case, Zhang Pan basically wasn’t able to differentiate which was the real Sun Mo.

“A peerless-grade saint-tier cultivation art is simply so impressive!”

Liu Tong felt envious.

Speaking of Sun Mo’s cultivation base, it wasn’t that much higher than these black-robed men. However, his cultivation arts were simply too powerful. He could control, heavy attack, shift and position...he could do anything he wanted to.

How could the black-robed men fight against him?

Liu Tong estimated that the boss of the black-robed men was probably in despair now.

“How stupid. As a great teacher, I will naturally place students first in my heart. Can’t you think about it a little? Why didn’t I stop Liu Tong from leaving Zhang Pan’s side?”

Sun Mo spoke in disdain.

Liu Tong had an embarrassed look on his face. Earlier, blood flowed into his head and he wanted to fight the enemy with Sun Mo. Although his original intention was to get Zhang Pan to run away, in truth, it was impossible to do so.

Luckily, Sun Mo played along and tricked the enemy.

“Be as arrogant as you want to be. In any case, if you can leave here today, consider this my loss!” The boss then roared in a low voice, “Go all out and attack, finish him!”

“I’m so frightened!”

Sun Mo brandished his blade. A moment later, blade shadows engulfed the area around him, making it so that no one could get close. After that, when one of them moved closer to the wall...


A large hand directly penetrated through the wall and grabbed his neck. The hand then forcefully twisted.


The neck of the black-robed man broke and his head directly dropped on his shoulders as he died on the spot.

“What the hell?”


“No, it seemed to be a clone?”

The black-robed men screamed and had anxious looks of fear on their faces. This was because they discovered that there would occasionally be someone attacking them from the shadows.

“What sort of cultivation arts does this fellow practice?”

A black-robed man grumbled in resentment as he could no longer control his emotions.

Because these clones were too similar to Sun Mo’s original body. Also, their combat strength was terrifyingly high.

The assassination mission this time around was too difficult!

The combat hadn’t even lasted for three minutes, and nine people on his side already died.

The leader’s face was as black as ink. He roared in anger, “Spare no expenses to kill him!”

Seeing that the enemy was about to put their lives on the line, Sun Mo changed his brazen style from earlier and focused fully on defense.

There were many black-robed men and they were powerful as well. It was impossible for Sun Mo to block all the attacks completely. However, it was fine because he had the Invulnerable Golden Body. The black-robed men had no way to break that.

Actually, it was fine even if they broke through it because Sun Mo already took the initiative to protect all his vitals.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

The steel blades slashed onto Sun Mo’s body and only left behind scars. Even the amount of pain was so miniscule that it felt ridiculous.

“Sorry, if you guys don’t use your ultimate skills, you won’t be able to kill me!”

Sun Mo shrugged. His tone of voice was simply extremely infuriating.

“Die for me!”

One of the black-robed men could no longer endure this. He immediately unleashed his ultimate skill.

For any type of ultimate skills, they had to follow logic. And that was the more spirit qi they consumed, the greater the attack power would be. But they would need some time before they could accumulate the amount of spirit qi needed.

So, things like ultimate skills could only be used at a suitable timing before one could maximize its benefits.

Seeing the black-robed man storing up power, Sun Mo was also not polite. He directly lunged forward with two clones and surrounded the man.


The skull of another unlucky person was shattered.

“Damn, are you a sicko?”

The boss grew enraged and wiped away the brain matter that splashed on his face. “Other than exploding heads, don’t you know any other attacking methods?”

“Don’t you feel that exploding heads with a single attack is the most beautiful scenery?”

Sun Mo counter-asked.


The boss cursed loudly. He wasn’t able to kill Sun Mo after all this time, and this caused him to feel extremely frustrated. His thoughts were in turmoil.

If they continued, even if they killed Sun Mo, none of them would be able to escape. After all, the soldiers of Jinling weren’t idle. But if they gave up just like that, they wouldn’t get such an opportunity in the future.

“Damn, why is this fellow so powerful?”

“Why are you guys in a daze?”

Sun Mo mocked. “Continue attempting to kill me. The time you guys have left is no longer a lot.”

The black-robed men gathered around Sun Mo. In any case, whether they chose to attack or retreat, they had to maintain a certain amount of pressure first.


The boss eventually made his decision. Where there was life, there was hope. The most important thing was that if some of them were captured alive, they might inadvertently spoil the Starlord’s plan.

The black-robed men advanced and retreated together, making it so that Sun Mo had no way to take advantage of them. However, just when they leaped over the wall and were preparing to leave, one of the black-robed men behind the boss suddenly slashed out, aiming for his head.

The boss was so scared that his soul almost flew away. He didn’t expect someone on his side to sneak attack him. Also, the distance between them was too close.


The steel blade only managed to slash into the boss’s back, directly ripping a bloody wound as fresh blood flowed.


The boss fell down the wall.


The other black-robed men were completely stunned. This fellow betrayed them? But why?

“N...not m...me. I c...can’t control m...my body...”

The black-robed man that attacked the boss explained with difficulty.

All of a sudden, a three-meter-long stinger filled with barbs shot out from the shadows and pierced the boss’s chest.

Everyone lifted their heads and saw a dung beetle the size of an ox slowly climbing out from the shadows. A faint purple mist covered its body, and it looked mysterious and bizarre.

“Master, do you see it? I’m still too weak or I could have vanquished all of them alone.”

The scarab spoke. It crawled to the side of the corpse and directly opened its mandibles. It bit through the corpse’s head. After that, it began feasting on the brain juices.

The black-robed men immediately felt their heads turning numb. What kind of creature was this?

Even Liu Tong, who was on the same side as Sun Mo, felt his heart trembling with fear and shock at this moment.

(Should I pretend I didn’t see it?)

(What else can I do?)

(Report Sun Mo to the Saint Gate?)

Usually speaking, spiritual beasts that feasted on brain matter were all evil, and they would influence the heart state of the spiritual controller. Hence, other than for the sake of pursuing extreme strength, no spiritual controllers would summon this type of battle pets.

“Leave the corpse!”

Sun Mo’s brows were furrowed so tightly that they could kill a crab. Even though the person who died was an enemy, Sun Mo had no way to accept such behavior.

“Master, you are too benevolent. For me, feasting on brains is the same as you guys eating chickens, ducks, pigs, and goats. Could it be you have to consider the feelings of your prey before you eat them?”

The scarab’s lips twitched. “Or are you guys all hypocrites?”

Sun Mo fell silent. Logically speaking, humans were indeed food to scarab like this. Besides, when these scarabs were acting as Egyptian’s divine protectors, they didn’t eat the old, the injured, rough men, and weak women. They would only eat boys and girls, handsome men and beautiful women as their sacrificial objects.

“Moreover, Master, I’ve slain the leader. Shouldn’t you reward me?”

The scarab counter-asked.

The darkness secret art it used controlled one of the men and sneak attacked the boss. It was a pity it was too weak and the duration of its control was simply too short. Otherwise, he would be able to make these black-robed men slaughter themselves

When it was communicating telepathically with Sun Mo, the scarab’s eating speed grew even quicker because it was afraid Sun Mo might really stop it. If that was the case, it could only bawl its eyeballs out.

After all, as a spiritual beast, it had no way to defy Sun Mo’s orders.

“Master, I’m your spiritual beast. By consuming brain matter, I can grow stronger and become your absolute combat strength.”

The scarab coaxed.

(If not, what could Sun Mo do?)

(Can he depend on that cloud who’s always missing? Or that damn bird who only knows how to steal wine?)

“Can’t you wait for there to be no one around before you secretly feast?”

Sun Mo was unhappy. He had never seen someone doing bad deeds so openly.

“Master, don’t look at me like how you would look at an idiot!”

The scarab’s lips twitched. “I was worried you wouldn’t agree, hence, I decided to eat as much as I can first.”

(I have to verbalize the bitterness in my heart.)

After the boss died, the black-robed men directly split like wild birds and beasts.

Sun Mo also couldn’t be bothered to chase them. He glanced at Liu Tong and discovered that Liu Tong was squatting on the ground, seeming to be counting ants. He basically didn’t want to look at the beetle at all.

Who said that Liu Tong was stupid and honest?

Wasn’t he very smart now? Ai, if he was slightly more handsome, Liu Tong would definitely live very well.

“Master, don’t be anxious. I’ll give you a great present after I’m full!”

The scarab spoke and suddenly opened its mandibles as it forcefully sucked.

A black shadow immediately floated up from the corpse and was absorbed into the scarab’s stomach.


Sun Mo’s lips twitched.

(You are devouring his soul, right?)

(Only a fool would believe you if you say you aren’t from the evil faction.)

“Evil? Che, that’s merely a type of image.”

The scarab was an old freak who had lived for several tens of thousands of years. How could it fail to understand Sun Mo’s worry? Hence, a moment later, its carapace shed, revealing a layer of gold, which shone brilliantly with golden light.

After that, a resplendent-looking beetle appeared in the vision of everyone.

“How about now?”

The scarab was very complacent. (Speaking of swindling people, is there anyone else who can do a better job than me, a divine protector?)


Sun Mo was speechless. (What joke did I summon exactly?)

At this moment, the scarab truly looked like a divine protector. Leaving aside its golden feelers, its entire body was cloaked in a golden mist and it appeared gorgeous, imposing, and prestigious. With just a glance, everyone could tell that it was the incarnation of light and justice.

“Teacher, I wish to learn the art of spiritual control.”

Zhang Pan felt that Sun Mo was simply so impressive as he could control such a powerful spiritual beast.

The sounds of hurried footsteps rang out. The soldiers of Jinling had arrived and there were many constables among them.

“Surround this place, do not let anyone escape!”

Very soon, a constable head led a team of people over. His eyes swept over the corpses on the ground before turning to Sun Mo. After that, he felt shocked.

“Great Teacher Sun?”

The head of the constables immediately ran over. “Did you suffer an ambush?”

“Who are these people?”

Sun Mo asked.

“I can only know after my investigation!”

The constable head was agitated. This guy before his eyes was none other than the God Hands. Just when he was thinking about how to let Sun Mo have a favorable impression of him, the officer of the soldiers came over.

“Great Teacher Sun? Don’t worry, I, Tong, will definitely give you an answer for this matter.”

Officer Tong patted his chest in guarantee.

But very soon later, it was no longer Officer Tong’s turn to fawn because the magistrate of Jinling rushed over. However, before he could speak much to Sun Mo, Zheng Qingfang arrived.

Seeing how casual and relaxed Sun Mo was when chatting with one of the top major characters of Jinling, Liu Tong sighed with admiration. (This super huge thigh I managed to hug is super thick as well!)


Favorable impression points from Liu Tong +1,000. Respect (6,320/10,000).


“They all died from a single attack exploding their heads. How ruthless!”

“As expected of the Great Teacher Sun that suppressed the twin jade annulus of Jinling. He’s too impressive.”

“Speaking of which, do you guys think I can succeed if I bring my child to take Teacher Sun as a personal teacher?”

“Are you dreaming? Wait for your next life!”

The constables and soldiers chatted. They were shocked at how strong Sun Mo was and contributed quite a number of favorable impression points.

After handling these people, Sun Mo returned to his bedroom. Just when he lay down, the scarab’s voice rang out in his mind.

“Master, I discovered a good place. Do you want to come and take a look?”

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