Absolute Great Teacher
705 Where’s the Agreed upon ‘Most Doted Child’ of the Goddess of Luck?
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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705 Where’s the Agreed upon ‘Most Doted Child’ of the Goddess of Luck?

Chapter 705: Where’s the Agreed upon ‘Most Doted Child’ of the Goddess of Luck?

Helian Beifang was pulling on a girl’s hand as he sped through a tunnel. When he was captured, he had been unconscious. Hence, he basically didn’t know where the exit was and could only run around like a headless fly.

“I knew this would be the case!”

Helian Beifang pursed his lips. Actually, the best idea was to wait for a few days so he could probe the enemy and find a way to escape. However, that was too difficult.

As a medicine-human, the activity range of Helian Beifang was only the jail room and the alchemist room. There were no other places.

Moreover, the three medicine-humans in his room had already died. He would then be the next in line and wouldn’t have a chance to escape.

Pant! Pant!

Helian Beifang breathed heavily. He originally had a second plan, and that was to kidnap a powerful target here to use that person as a hostage.

Even if he captured a small fry, he could threaten the hostage and find out the way to leave here.

However, just when Helian Beifang left his prison room, there was already an obstruction to his plan.

It was all because of the girl behind him.

“Save me please, I beg you!”

Her soft and weak voice caused Helian Beifang’s heart to soften. Her eyes, which were filled with pleading, resembled the looks of those cubs he met when he had been hunting beasts.

Helian Beifang knew that this girl wanted to live.

His rationale told him that he would definitely fail to escape if he brought this girl along. However, he was eventually ruled by his emotions and decided to save the girl.

(If I don’t bring her away, she would die for sure and I would live in self-blame my entire life.)

When this thought arose in his head, Helian Beifang decided to advance with no second thoughts. Even if he died, he would have no regrets. After all, everyone would have a moment in their life where they had to stake everything for their belief.

Helian Beifang felt that this girl was worth it for him to risk his life.

“Nevermind, you won’t be able to escape if you bring me along with you.”

The girl’s countenance turned pale when she heard the sounds of footsteps growing closer. She was kind in nature. Hence, after a little hesitation, she pulled back her hand from the grip of this barbarian youth.

“I can’t be a burden to you!”

Although this youth was very smelly, he was very kind. His heart was brighter and even more dazzling than the sunlight.

“Stop talking nonsense!”

Helian Beifang’s expression turned heavy. He went to grab the girl’s hand but failed to do so. Hence, he directly took a step and moved toward her, carrying her on his shoulder.

“Just leave me here, please?”

The girl pleaded.

“You will die!”

Helian Beifang had a look of fury on his face.

The boys and girls who were captured were medicine-humans. What were medicine-humans?

Simply speaking, they were kidnapped for the sake of being guinea pigs.

When a new alchemy pill appeared, there’d be a need to know its side effects. Hence, some humans would be fed with the pill and observed.

Some poor families had no choice but to sell themselves or their children to become medicine-humans. At the very least, they would have enough money to live comfortably for a while before they died.

They felt that being medicine-humans meant they would be cared for and fed. After all, if they were too skinny and weak, it might influence the results of the experiments.

Honestly speaking, such a situation was very rare.

Alchemists had to conduct repeated experiments on the medicine-humans to determine the exact effect of a pill as they continued to modify and perfect it.

Choosing to be a medicine-human was akin to choosing death.

In the market, the supply of medicine-humans never met the demand. Hence, there would be syndicates kidnapping youths as they were healthier and easier to catch.

Helian Beifang had been kidnapped thrice, but he always depended on his strength and luck to escape successfully.

However, this time around, Helian Beifang could feel that it would be much more difficult.


The girl cried out.

“Stop crying, a guy can shed blood but not tears. Even if you die, you cannot show your weakness to the enemies.”

Helian Beifang berated.

“I’m a girl!”

The girl’s lips twitched.


Helian Beifang was stunned and could only focus on galloping away.

“I found them! Over here!”

Up ahead, a loud shout suddenly drifted over. Helian Beifang’s countenance changed and he directly changed his direction. But after a few steps, a huge net suddenly fell from the air.

Although Helian Beifang was carrying someone on his back, he was still extremely ferocious and managed to kick his speed up a gear.

He knew he was ambushed. That shout earlier was to lure him into this tunnel. However, they couldn’t retreat now and could only rush ahead no matter what.

“Hold tight!”

Just when Helian Beifang finished speaking, a few more huge nets blasted over.

This barbarian youth dodged to the left and right, like a wild boar that was displaying a last-ditch struggle before being captured.

“His constitution is really excellent!”

A young man clad in white robes made of silk appeared at the tunnel’s entrance. He looked at Helian Beifang with admiration in his eyes.

“Yeah, if someone like him becomes a medicine-human, he would surely last until the final steps. If it wasn’t for this, we would have long since killed him.”

A middle-aged man stood at the side. He was the one responsible for the security of this base.

If it wasn’t because Helian Beifang’s body quality was too good, causing them to have to catch him alive, the middle-aged man would have ordered the archers to shoot him to death.

This was a secret base operated by the Dark Dawn for over twenty years. Not a single one of the medicine-humans had managed to leave this place alive.

Helian Beifang wouldn’t even be able to escape even if he was alone, let alone while carrying a burden. Just ten minutes later, he was captured by a net.

“Sorry, I only bring harm to you!”

The girl sobbed.

“Scum, come fight against me!”

Helian Beifang called out to the youth.

“Scald this fellow with hot water. Even medicine-humans have to maintain cleanliness.”

The young man covered his nose and instructed his subordinates. After that, he surveyed Helian Beifang and laughed. “I hope you can still be so vigorous half a year later.”

As for the girl, the young man couldn’t even be bothered to look at her. In any case, the girl was an inferior specimen that would die within two months.

Speaking of which, during these few years, Li Zixing had been performing very perfunctorily. Those test subjects he had caught were all rubbish. If the quality of the medicine-humans was too inferior, it would delay the improvement of experiments.


Not far away, a scarab rested on the wall and witnessed everything.

“Is there a problem with that barbarian’s brain? He can’t even protect himself and yet wants to save others? Eh...”

The scarab was filled with disdain. But as it spoke halfway, it discovered something wrong. Sun Mo was silent; evidently, he was enraged. Hence, it hurriedly changed its words. “That barbarian is a good man, such a good man!”

“You don’t understand humans, yet you already learned discrimination. Barbarians is just the term of address people from the central plains have for someone like him.”

Sun Mo’s lips curled.

“Master is reprimanding me correctly”

The scarab had a face filled with respect while it cursed in its heart. (All of you eastern monkeys should just wait for me. When I regain my freedom, everyone in Jinling must die.)

“Where’s your integrity?”

Sun Mo was speechless. If it wasn’t for the fact that this scarab did have some capabilities, he would even suspect whether its identity as a divine protector was real. After all, this fellow didn’t seem to have its own standpoint.


The scarab lifted its head and pretended to check out the scenery in the surroundings, not listening to Sun Mo.


(Can that be eaten?)

(If you give me brain matter to eat, I will even call you daddy!)

“Let’s go!”

Sun Mo prepared to observe the terrain and verify the enemy’s combat strength.

“Eh? Are we not saving him?”

The scarab mitigated its earlier mistake. “After all, he is a good man and in this era, good men are very rare.”

“How to save him then?”

Sun Mo wanted to roll his eyes.

Right now, he was already clear about these people’s identity.

Regardless of alchemists, guards, or that young man who was clearly the leader, there was a red-colored sun symbol on their chests. Moreover, there were nine coronas around the sun symbol.

This symbol was the symbol of one of the seven powerful Starlords of Dark Dawn – the Corona Starlord.

Because Sun Mo had met the Daybreak Starlord and Daynight Starlord, he then spent a while to investigate and read up on the information reports of these major characters.

However, because they were too secretive, many things in the information report were false.

“Is my life processing too smoothly lately, hence I started to suffer bad luck now? I thought I was supposed to be the ‘most doted’ child of the goddess of luck?”

Encountering three Starlords within a single month...wasn’t his luck a little too bad?

Honestly speaking, if it was possible, Sun Mo truly didn’t wish to clash with these bastards.

To give an example, it was like an ordinary man offending Mu’ammar Al-Qadhdhāfī, Osama Bin Laden, etc. Did they even need to think about living a good life? These people you offended would just spam bombs at your house every day. Who could endure this?

However, Sun Mo had no choice.

He already saw at least 50 medicine-humans imprisoned here. Even if it was merely for the sake of saving people, Sun Mo would fight and destroy this base.

Half an hour later, Sun Mo actually found the missing Yue Rongbo. He was imprisoned alone in a cell and was unconscious.

“It’s over. The financial backer of the Myriad Daos Academy is Li Zixing.”

Sun Mo’s brows furrowed so tightly that they were enough to crush a crab to death.

If someone told him Li Zixing had no intentions to touch these students, Sun Mo wouldn’t believe it even if someone beat him to death. Yue Rongbo must have evidently discovered something and gotten ambushed.

If not, how would these people dare to capture a 4-star great teacher?


After exiting the base, Sun Mo dispelled the spiritual bug vision. For a time, he felt a little unused to it. However, he didn’t adjust himself and directly leaped upon the scarab’s back, galloping madly back toward the Central Province Academy.

“Where’s the promised supper?”

The scarab felt very wronged. “Why don’t we kill one and taste their blood? In any case, I suspect my tastebuds are recently deteriorating.”

Sun Mo ignored it. After he returned to school, he went straight to the office building.

As expected, the light in the headmaster’s office was still on. An Xinhui was still working.

“Is something the matter?”

When she saw his heavy expression, An Xinhui’s heart sank. In her mind, no matter what trouble Sun Mo had encountered, he would always stay calm and composed.

“I found a nest of the Corona Starlord. What’s troublesome is that the base is located under the manor of Li Zixing...”

Sun Mo revealed his discovery.

Although An Xinhui had seen many major scenes before, she was dumbfounded now. If this matter was verified, there would surely be a huge commotion in Jinling.

“What do you plan to do?”

An Xinhui asked.

“What else can we do? Raze the base and save the people within.”

Sun Mo’s voice rang with the force of steel. “Killing villains and protecting students are the responsibilities of all great teachers.”

An Xinhui smiled. (As expected of the man I look up to, your spirit is truly imposing.)


Favorable impression points from An Xinhui +500. Reverence (35,500/100,000).

Honestly speaking, once many people knew that their opponent was a Starlord, they would immediately be terrified. There was no solution to it as they couldn’t afford to offend any of them. After all, everyone only had one life.

“Let me make the arrangements!”

An Xinhui immediately took action and did her best to contact some major characters to split the ‘enemy’s firepower’. She couldn’t allow the Central Province Academy to shoulder this burden alone.

After that, Sun Mo also set off to look for Zheng Qingfang.

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