Absolute Great Teacher
707 The Arrival of the Eldest Princess!!
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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707 The Arrival of the Eldest Princess!!


An Xinhui, who was beside Sun Mo, instantly reminded him when she saw this.

“That’s Li Xiu!”

Sun Mo instantly understood. After all, a name was sufficient to represent everything.

Li Xiu, the eldest princess of Great Tang, was the elder sister whom the emperor trusted the most. Some rumors even said that the current emperor actually wasn’t that intelligent. He was able to win the throne and became the emperor precisely because of his elder sister’s schemes.

No matter how the actual situation was, the relationship between the two of them was extremely good. One could say that Li Xiu was truly standing in a position where she was below one man but above all others.

People had once been saying that it was a pity Li Xiu was born a female. Otherwise, if she was the emperor, she would definitely be the mighty leader of an era, allowing Great Tang to rise to the point where it could contend against the Great Zhou Dynasty of Shengjing.

However, all the people that had said such things were executed by Li Xiu.

In any case, there was only a single response. (I, Li Xiu, am loyal to Great Tang and the emperor.)

If Sun Mo was someone from the ancient era, he would have directly knelt and kowtowed three times before saying anything when he met such a powerful princess.

However, Sun Mo didn’t do so. He nodded his head and this was considered a greeting. After that, he casually sat down.

(This daddy doesn’t like the sight of you guys.)

Fang Lun started. After that, he shook his head. (The young are impetuous. If you are a 6-star great teacher, you can have such an attitude. However, you merely have two stars.)

This was inappropriate then.

Qi Mu`en also felt astonished. Sun Mo’s ‘bones’ were tougher than what he had expected.

Zheng Qingfang was the most familiar with Sun Mo and was already used to his character. Just when he wanted to speak out, Li Xiu already lifted her hand to indicate that there was no need for him to explain.

“Old Zheng, there’s no need to say anything. If he doesn’t have such an attitude, I would actually look down on him.”

Li Xiu basically didn’t care if Sun Mo would hear her words.

There was unhappiness in her eyes. She felt that Sun Mo was not showing respect to the royal clan and was too brash with regard to Li Ziqi’s future.

(One must know that before you accepted Li Ziqi as a personal student, you were just an intern teacher. By accepting her, you are treating her as a political investment and must be using her.)

“Your highness, there’s no need for me to say anything more about Teacher Sun’s talent. Being a two-time champion in the great teacher examinations is already sufficient proof.

Zheng Qingfang was still worried.

“That’s only natural. If it wasn’t for his achievements, he would have been sunk into the Qinhuai River to feed the fish.”

Li Xiu spoke confidently and in an extremely domineering manner.

Even those used to her character would feel something sharp pointing at their backs. This feeling was like each of her words was a knife slicing against your skin.

It felt very uncomfortable!

An Xinhui glanced at Sun Mo, wanting to help him say something, but she didn’t know what to say. Wasn’t the transformation of her childhood sweetheart a little too much?

He could actually be so calm when facing Li Xiu?

(What have you experienced in those few years of studying at Songyang Academy?)

“Sun Mo, the title of a 2-star great teacher is insufficient. Even if you obtained 3 stars in a year and become a three-time champion, it’s still somewhat of an insult to our clan’s Ziqi.”

Li Xiu criticized. “Do you know that this time around, I made a trip out and Secondary Saint Zhou has already agreed to accept Ziqi as his personal student?”


Upon hearing this, Fang Lun involuntarily took in a gasp of cold air. The Great Tang was truly powerful.

After that, he felt some pity for Li Ziqi.

Although Sun Mo was overflowing with talent and had some small achievements, he was still far from being able to be compared to a secondary saint. After all, Sun Mo might die young. As for a secondary saint, they had already proven their strength and were only a step away from reaching the Saint Realm, which stood at the peak of the world.

An Xinhui had a worried look on her face. The attraction of a secondary saint was even stronger compared to a top-grade cultivation art.

One must know that if one became a student of a secondary saint, not only would they be able to receive meticulous guidance, but they would benefit from the immense web of social connection.

Each disciple of a secondary saint was definitely a genius and their fellow disciples were geniuses as well. This layer of connection was simply too beneficial to one’s development.

“Is that so?”

Sun Mo shrugged. “That’s too much of a pity. That secondary saint missed a genius student whose name is destined to resound throughout the Nine Provinces!”

Li Xiu frowned and berated, “Do you think I will be happy because you praise Ziqi?”

“Ziqi needs no one to praise her!”

Sun Mo directly rebutted, “You think that I’m fawning on you? You are overthinking things.”

“Sun Mo!”

An Xinhui tugged on Sun Mo’s sleeves.

“Sun Mo, just speak less please!”

Zheng Qingfang persuaded him. There were no benefits to offending someone like Li Xiu.

“Sun Mo, my royal clan is still somewhat reputable. I hope you will remember this gratitude!”

Li Xiu’s tone was completely like she was giving alms to the poor.

Honestly speaking, she could act to ‘kill’ Sun Mo. By doing so, Li Ziqi wouldn’t be considered to be ‘betraying’ her teacher and wouldn’t have the bad reputation of forsaking her teacher to join another.


Actually, Sun Mo wasn’t angry.


Because he knew that with his little bit of fame and achievements, they didn’t count for anything in the eyes of true major characters.

It was like when a man depended on his talent to earn ten million. In the eyes of many people, he could be considered a successful character and belonged to the type where he could release his own biography. However, you were nothing in the eyes of Jack Ma!

Jack Ma could chat casually with Bill Gates and other world tycoons easily. You were merely a multi-millionaire, what the hell were you? Your wealth wasn’t even worth a single hair of an ox to them!

To Li Xiu, those great teachers who could come into contact with her were 5-star ones at the very least. By thinking like this, what could Sun Mo count as?

When you were not at that level, you wouldn’t even have the qualifications to speak with her.

Moreover, when Sun Mo was working as a teacher in his past world, he had seen even more obnoxious parents compared to Li Xiu.

Li Xiu no longer spoke, hence, the atmosphere in the room felt tense.

An Xinhui estimated that Li Xiu was waiting for Sun Mo to take the initiative to dissolve the teacher and student relationship with Li Ziqi.

“Let’s go straight to the main point!”

Sun Mo urged.

Li Xiu’s lips twitched. “Young people are too brazen. That’s not good.”

“Sorry, I’ve been brazen all the way up until now, and not a single person has been able to suppress me.”

Sun Mo was unhappy. (Do you think you are the boss? You kept yapping around and even wanted to teach me a lesson? If it wasn’t for the fact that you are Ziqi’s aunt, I would have started cursing back at you.)

Li Xiu’s expression changed as she smacked her palm on the table.


Cracks directly covered the entire table. This eldest princess was also an expert!

Qi Mu`en was unconcerned and let the situation continue. Although Fang Lun was the governor, he had no way to interfere in a family matter like this. He wasn’t qualified enough.

As for Zheng Qingfang, just when he wanted to speak, a voice drifted over.


Li Ziqi pushed open the door and rushed in. “Aunt, when did you return? I miss you so much. I’ll make lotus seed porridge for you tonight!”

The little sunny egg hugged Li Xiu’s arm and smiled very sweetly.

“If you miss me, you wouldn’t have stayed in school for so long and not return.”

Li Xiu grumbled but there was a doting smile on her face. She couldn’t help but pat Li Ziqi on her head.

(It’s not as comfortable as Teacher’s patting.)

Li Ziqi mumbled in her heart and secretly snuck a glance at Sun Mo.

In the Prince Consort Manor, she also had a few trusted aides that would secretly pass information to her.

Because she was always worried that her aunt might find trouble for Sun Mo, she always paid attention to Li Xiu’s movements. And after knowing that she wanted to meet with Sun Mo in the Zheng Manor, Li Ziqi immediately rushed over.

“Ziqi, Secondary Saint Zhou has agreed to accept you as his personal student.”

Li Xiu smiled.

“That fool refused to accept you before because his judgment was too bad. You don’t have to feel self-inferior. You are the princess of our Great Tang. You are the best.”

Fang Lun felt his head drenched in cold sweat when he heard this. Publicly saying a secondary saint was a fool...only Li Xiu would have the guts to do this.

When Li Ziqi heard this, she directly knelt.

“Aunt, I’ve taken Teacher Sun as my personal teacher. Moreover, I’m living a very happy life now.”

Li Xiu’s expression sank gradually. She turned to Sun Mo with a judging look in her eyes, and there was also a hint of puzzlement.

(What charisma do you have exactly? How did you make my niece stand by you with no hesitation?)

Being able to become the personal student of a secondary saint was the dream of any student.

Back then when Li Ziqi had learned that she was going to take that secondary saint as a personal teacher, she was so agitated that she couldn’t sleep well. In the end, when she was rejected, her emotions fell all the way to the bottom and she was sad for a long time. This was also the reason why she wanted to come to Jinling to forget her sorrows.

Truthfully speaking, the psychological impact on Li Ziqi was relatively great. She had even wanted to jump into the lake and suicide. If it wasn’t for Sun Mo, the little sunny egg might have been eaten by the fish.

Sun Mo was very moved. He felt that his efforts were not in vain at this moment.

Other than Zheng Qingfang and An Xinhui, the others were staring at Sun Mo with bewilderment. Between a secondary saint and a 2-star great teacher, Li Ziqi actually chose Sun Mo?

“It’s true that Ziqi has been happier and more lively during this period.”

Qi Mu`en spoke a word of fairness.

“What’s the use of being lively?”

From these words, one could see that Li Xiu was a pragmatic woman. “Strength is the root of one’s safety. Only with enough strength would one have the capital to pursue what they want in life.”

“Aunt, I already...”

Li Ziqi grew anxious. She originally wanted to say she had comprehended three great teacher halos and was qualified to participate in the 1-star great teacher examination. All of this was due to Sun Mo’s credit. However, she was interrupted by Sun Mo.

“Your highness. Happiness is the most important thing in life.”

When Sun Mo said this, his heart was really filled with a myriad of emotions and his feelings were complicated.

Look at the modern era, look at how many tuition classes the kids were attending? Were their parents willing? Probably not, but if they didn’t send their kids to tuition, their kids would easily be overtaken and surpassed by others.

If their kids didn’t suffer now, they would suffer in the future.

Between humans, competition was everywhere.

Living was very easy. Two meals a day, keeping yourself warm, and having a mobile phone that could access the internet would do. Sometimes, you could choose to live a little more extravagantly and go to a salon or spend some money on fast food. But if you wanted a better quality of life, you had to work harder.

Li Xiu was also someone with many experiences. When she looked at Sun Mo’s eyes, she wasn’t able to mention any counter-arguments she wanted to make.

This was because Sun Mo truly believed in his viewpoint.

All of a sudden, she suddenly felt like she had found her soulmate.

“What the hell?”

Li Ziqi was secretly observing her aunt’s expression and suddenly discovered that her aunt stopped talking, causing her to be surprised. One must know that when her aunt flew into a rage, her aunt would even dare to curse at her father.

“Teacher Sun, if you are really considering things for Ziqi, you should give her the best opportunity.”

Li Xiu softened her tone and persuaded earnestly.

“My teacher is the best in the world!”

Li Ziqi interjected.

Li Xiu immediately glanced over, causing Li Ziqi to be so scared that she was like a quail. She shrank her neck back and lowered her head.

“I’m not the best, but I’m definitely the one that will put the most heart into teaching.”

Sun Mo had this confidence.

“Putting your heart into teaching is useless. Success is then the only criteria used to measure someone.”

Li Xiu looked straight into Sun Mo’s eyes. “Getting 4 stars consecutively and becoming a four-time champion. No one has managed to do so in the past, and this feat is also impossible for anyone to achieve in the future. If you can do it, I’ll have no qualms about you being Ziqi’s personal teacher.”

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    《Absolute Great Teacher》