Absolute Great Teacher
708 Imperial Preceptor of Great Tang, Sun Mo?
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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708 Imperial Preceptor of Great Tang, Sun Mo?


“Aunt, how is it possible to achieve that?”

Li Ziqi was anxious.

Leaving aside becoming a four-time champion, even getting 4 stars consecutively was a feat that no one had ever achieved before.

For the 3-star great teacher examination, the examinees would be randomly sent to an academy, and they had to use a different name. They would then be treated as a teacher who had recently joined the school and have to work there for three months.

During this period, the observers who were scattered in the dark would arrange various tests for the examinees, and the content of the tests wouldn’t be told to the examinees in advance. Hence, the examinees basically wouldn’t know how to respond.

When you were taking an exam, if you didn’t even know what the test would be about, how could you perfectly handle it?

If the examinee said a wrong sentence or their temper exploded or they grumbled in private...all their actions might lead to their points being deducted.

In fact, even your teaching habits that you were accustomed to for many years might be filled with mistakes in the eyes of the examiners.

Li Ziqi had very high hopes for Sun Mo. But even so, she didn’t feel he could become the champion.

This was because the examinees who would participate in the 3-star great teacher examinations were the cornerstones of the great teacher world. Who didn’t have seven, eight, ten, or even twenty years of teaching experience?

As for the 4-star examination, the examinees had to comprehend 12 great teacher halos at the very least and be proficient in four secondary occupations.

Sun Mo’s strength might be enough, but the greatest challenge to get that rank was to have a personal student who could become a ranker on the Hero Rankings.

This was the greatest hurdle since ancient times up until now, which was why there weren’t any great teachers who could get 4 stars consecutively.

Even if a great teacher had very good luck and found a good seedling, if the timing of the examination wasn’t a good match, he wouldn’t be able to do so.

Li Ziqi felt that if one was to give Xuanyuan Po another five to six years, he would have a chance to ascend to the Hero Rankings. At that time, when Sun Mo became a 4-star great teacher, he would still be considered the most dazzling superstar.

-star great teachers who were below 30 years old were as rare as phoenix feathers and kirin horns. To speak a word of fairness, people with such achievements would have a boundless future.

But right now under Sun Mo, Xuanyuan Po, who was the strongest, was merely in the spirit-refinement realm. Even if someone at the blood-ignition realm went to the 4-star great teacher examination, that person would be eliminated after a day.

Without being in the divine force realm, there was no need to think about having a chance.

Becoming the champion of the 4-star examination?

Even the most naive person wouldn’t dare to have such a dream.

“Aunt, that’s too difficult.”

Li Ziqi pouted her little lips.


Li Xiu glared over. “If he cannot break the record, how can he compete against a secondary saint and become your personal teacher?”

“There’s no need for him to compete!”

The little sunny egg mumbled.

“Is this something you can decide?”

Li Xiu hated iron for not becoming steel. “As the first princess of the Great Tang Empire, let alone your teacher being a 2-star one, even if your teacher was a 7-star one, you should ask if he dares to say he’s qualified to be your personal teacher!”

This already concerned the face of the empire.

It was like in the wealthy circles. If they didn’t send their kids to famous schools or overseas universities like Yale and Cambridge, the parents would surely be discriminated against. Everyone would suspect whether there was a problem with their family.

As for the people of ordinary families, there were also all kinds of competition to let their kids attend a higher-grade kindergarten, a better primary school where there were good teachers to teach the kids. All these were for the sake of face.

“Sun Mo, if you feel you can’t do it, you should quickly release Ziqi and we can part on friendly terms.”

Li Xiu spoke meaningfully.

If it wasn’t for the fact that her niece seemed to be doing pretty well recently, and her gloominess half a year ago had faded, Li Xiu would have sent someone to kill Sun Mo.

Zheng Qingfang’s lips moved, but he eventually sighed and didn’t know how to persuade Li Xiu.

Given Li Xiu’s personality, this was already an act of magnanimity from her. Otherwise, Sun Mo would have already died here.

Fang Lun calmly drank his tea, pretending to be casually admiring the scenery. He felt so awkward. (Can you guys discuss your family matters privately?)

(Would the eldest princess kill me to silence me?)

(I’m so afraid.)

“Sun Mo, don’t say that I’m not giving you a chance. If you manage to get 4 stars consecutively and become a four-time champion, you will be the imperial preceptor of my Great Tang Empire!”

Li Xiu looked at Sun Mo, but she couldn’t be bothered to mask the loftiness in her eyes.

“Sun Mo!”

An Xinhui felt heartache for her childhood sweetheart. The ‘imperial preceptor’ Li Xiu was talking about wasn’t an encouragement. Rather, it was a form of pressure. Ordinary people basically had no way to withstand such things.

“Your highness. Honestly speaking, when I accepted Ziqi, I didn’t know her identity as a princess of the Great Tang Empire.”

Sun Mo looked Li Xiu straight in her eyes and showed no signs of weakness. “No matter whether she’s a princess or a child from a poor family, there’s no difference in my eyes. The only thing I care about is that I admire her and want to nurture her, not allowing her to waste her talent.”

“Are you saying a secondary saint is worse compared to you when it comes to teaching students?” Li Xiu ridiculed.

Naturally, she didn’t suspect Sun Mo’s words because a girl named Ying Baiwu was among Sun Mo’s personal students. Ying Baiwu had been living at the lowest rung of society with a status even inferior to a beggar.

This was also the reason why she didn’t choose to assassinate Sun Mo.


Sun Mo’s lips twitched and he replied confidently. “I will accept your request. If I cannot get 4 stars consecutively and become a four-time champion, I will publicly admit that my capabilities are inferior and I am unable to guide Ziqi. I will allow her to seek out other great teachers.”


Li Ziqi’s heart trembled and she gazed at Sun Mo with a pleading look in her eyes. She was like a helpless cub.

If she left Sun Mo, what meaning would there be in her life?

Sun Mo cast a ‘don’t you worry’ look toward the little sunny egg. After that, he exuded an unyielding aura as he looked at Li Xiu. “However, I hope you can understand that I’m doing this not because I want the title of imperial preceptor of your Great Tang Empire. I’m doing this for the sake of Ziqi’s trust in me.”


Li Xiu’s countenance turned unsightly. (Preposterous, are you looking down on my Great Tang?)

Sun Mo couldn’t be bothered by Li Xiu. It would be good if she angered herself to death. “From now onward, although I’m Ziqi’s teacher, the Great Tang Empire has no connection with me. I will publicly make a statement regarding this.”

“Sun Mo!”

Zheng Qingfang was speechless. (Why are you so iron-headed? Given your handsome looks and talent, as long as you say a few pleasantries, Li Xiu would admire you sooner or later.)

“That’s right. My fiance doesn’t need the prestige of your Great Tang to find a stable footing in Middle-Earth Nine Provinces.”

An Xinhui expressed her stance, standing together with Sun Mo.


Favorable impression points from An Xinhui +500. Reverence (55,750/100,000).

As a man, one should have such a tough steel-like backbone. If one bowed simply because they met a high official, An Xinhui would surely look down on them.

Sun Mo glanced at An Xinhui. (Do you have to be so decisive?)

(I’m acting as a bad cop, can’t you act like a good cop?)

(Have you forgotten that the Central Province Academy is located on Jinling, the territory of their Great Tang Empire?)

(What would you do if they cut your water and electricity?)

(If they are more ruthless, they can send officials to investigate the school every three days and fake all sorts of problems, forcing you to stop operation. At that time, can you still open the school?)

“Good. I admire the streak of unyieldingness in you!”

As Li Xiu spoke, she lifted her right hand, wanting to strike her palm to seal the deal.

Sun Mo also didn’t waste words. He lifted his palm and struck it against Li Xiu’s thrice

After their private matter was settled, it was time for official business.

“Sun Mo, are you sure that Li Zixing’s manor in the outskirts has become one of Dark Dawn’s strongholds?”

Li Xiu asked.

“I’m sure, I saw it personally!”

Sun Mo watched Li Xiu taking a sip of her tea with a calm look on her face. It felt like he was speaking about casual matters, but he knew Li Xiu was definitely pondering how to force a gigantic hat on Li Zixing’s head. She was planning to exterminate his direct family.

The royal clan was the most ruthless. A royal member like Li Zixing was like a woodworm destroying the integrity of the entire wood structure. She naturally wanted to exterminate vermin like him and reclaimed his feudal fiefdom so she could profit.

“Premier Zheng, you will be given command of this operation.”

Li Xiu requested.

Next, there were no longer any grounds for Sun Mo to speak. Which of those present weren’t major characters who had witnessed many storms before? Sun Mo guessed that they were very experienced and had exterminated clans and beheaded an inestimable number of people before.

Just half an hour later, the meeting ended, and each of them went to make their own preparations. The operation would commence at the Zi Hour tonight.

“Sun Mo!”

Just when Sun Mo stepped out of the garden’s corridor, Zheng Qingfang caught up to him. “There’s no need to make things so tense. It’s normal to get some benefits from the Great Tang Empire. After all, it would be better to rest in the shade of a large tree.”

Li Ziqi who followed behind Sun Mo couldn’t help but glance at Zheng Qingfang. (So you are such a premier?)

“Hehe, Uncle Zheng. I don’t need a large tree. I myself will become a large tree!”

After Sun Mo spoke, Priceless Advice activated because he truly believed this was the case.

Who didn’t want to hug a large thigh? But was it so good to hug one?

If your backer was in a bad mood, what would you do if he kicked you aside?

Would you endure?

Or would you lose your temper?

So, no matter what, it would always be better if you were the strong one!

(After this daddy becomes a large thigh, I can kick the face of whoever I want to kick. Even if you are unhappy, you have to endure it and even have to ask me if my kicking leg is comfortable?)


Li Ziqi’s lips twitched. (Teacher, no matter what, I’m a princess of the Great Tang Empire. Can you give me some face?)

Zheng Qingfang started. After that, he flashed a thumbs-up.


After returning to school. Sun Mo went to make his preparations for the night operation. He discovered that Li Ziqi was still like a little puppy that followed behind him.

Sun Mo patted the little sunny egg on her head.

“Teacher, regardless of whether it’s a secondary saint or a saint, I don’t care. I will follow you all my life.”

Li Ziqi lowered her head and clutched the corner of her robes with her hands.

Upon hearing this, An Xinhui sighed and also felt marvel at how great Sun Mo’s charisma was. Honestly speaking, she also felt envious.

This was because she had no way to guarantee that her personal students wouldn’t forsake her if they received some favors from a secondary saint.

“Ziqi, life is still long. You have to look forward!”

Sun Mo persuaded.

Li Ziqi shook her head and ran off after that.

(No, I have to think of a solution and cannot simply sit here waiting for death.)

(How can I prove my teacher’s outstandingness?)

(I have to achieve something so shocking that everyone in the world will be in awe.)

(That’s right!)

(Next spring, I will participate in the 1-star great teacher examination. As long as I become the youngest 1-star great teacher in history, it will prove how impressive my teacher is.)

After Sun Mo returned to the villa, he suddenly thought of a matter.

“System, why didn’t you issue a mission to me?”

This didn’t conform with the style of the system where it liked to kick him when he was down.

“Sun Mo, you won’t be able to achieve it.”

The system spoke in a tone as it should be by rights. “So, why should I waste my time?”


Sun Mo was speechless. (Am I being looked down on?)

“Stop dreaming, if you can just become a three-time champion, I will already be cheering wildly due to my good judgment of selecting you as my host.”

The system wasn’t optimistic about Sun Mo’s chances.

The Zi hour* would soon arrive.

Zheng Qingfang and Li Xiu’s troops already finished gathering outside the place.

[1] Zi hour – 11 pm to 1 am (one of the two-hour times used in ancient china)

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