Absolute Great Teacher
709 Master, I’m Your Henchman Now!
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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709 Master, I’m Your Henchman Now!

Chapter 709: Master, I’m Your Henchman Now!

This time around, the ones participating in the operation were the most trusted subordinates of Li Xiu and Zheng Qingfang. There was no need to worry about it being leaked.

Over at the Central Province Academy’s side, for the sake of keeping this a secret, only Sun Mo and An Xinhui were involved in this.

Truthfully speaking, there was no need Sun Mo and An Xinhui to risk their lives. But those who wished to get a higher position would naturally work to seize such credit.

So, this could be said to be the capital of someone at the peak.

As long as they gave a little benefit, many people would rush forward, throwing their lives for your ideas.

“Master, you promised me. You have to leave a few stashes of brain matter for me!”

The scarab pleaded. (Do you think it’s very easy for me to lead the way here?)

“Bring me to the location of Helian Beifang and the others first. After I saved everyone, you can enjoy your buffet.”

Sun Mo had thought through things clearly. These people who performed human experiments were baddies. There was no need for him to show them any sympathy.


The scarab started. It thought for a while before it understood the meaning. After that, it grew agitated.

“Master, as expected...your knowledge is profound and you can even think of such a fitting term. Yes, buffet. There’s no need for others to help me, I will crack their head and suck all the juices out.”

(If you want to feast, you have to do things yourself and get blood on your hands. Only then can you truly enjoy the happiness of feasting on delicacies.)

“Alright, stop kissing my ass!’

Sun Mo rolled his eyes. “No matter what, you are a divine protector of Egypt, can you be a little more mindful of your status?”

“Master, I’m your henchman now. If you scold someone, I will spit saliva at them. If you slash someone, I will carry your blade for you.”

If it wasn’t for the fact that the scarab’s legs were too short, it even wanted to pat its own chest to express its loyalty.

“Gentlemen, for justice!”

On the other end, Li Xiu had finished mobilizing people for the operation. She pulled out her sword and waved it forward furiously. “Fight to the death!”

Although the eldest princess was now middle-aged, her charm still existed. Moreover, she was clad in battle armor and had a baleful look on her face. This actually increased her bearing as a woman with a manly spirit.

“What a pity she wasn’t born a man!”

Zheng Qingfeng felt regret. If the eldest princess took the throne, even if the Great Tang Empire wasn’t the number one most powerful country in the Nine Provinces, it would most assuredly rank in the top three.

“Master, let us quickly go over too!”

The scarab urged.

“Uncle Zheng, I will go and rescue Teacher Yue and those medicine-humans.”

Sun Mo clasped his fists.

“Sun Mo, it’s better for you to be in the rear.”

Zheng Qingfang persuaded, “A gentleman doesn’t stand underneath a collapsing wall. In Dark Dawn, the people are all extremely evil. If you suffer any injuries, that would be considered a huge loss to the great teacher world.”

Sun Mo shook his head.

“If a gentleman cherishes his body, he wouldn’t be able to accomplish great things!”

After speaking, Sun Mo rushed out.

An Xinhui followed behind him closely. Speaking of strength, she was much stronger than Sun Mo. Hence, she was calm.

“Your highness, how’s my little friend?”

Zheng Qingfang stroked his beard and smiled with pride and glory.


Li Xiu’s lips twitched. “Such people would die the fastest.”

Although she said this, some favorable impressions for Sun Mo arose in her heart. After all, if this world wanted to become more beautiful, there was a need for people like Sun Mo.


Favorable impression points from Li Xiu +90. Friendly (150/1,000).

“If old people like us are the only ones remaining, it wouldn’t be a pity even if this world was destroyed!”

Li Xiu walked toward the courtyard. She would never miss out on participating in such a bloody battlefield. Hence, her soldiers would always be encouraged by her presence and fought braver with higher morale.


Zheng Qingfang laughed uproariously, feeling comfort in his heart. Being able to know a friend like Sun Mo in his later years was simply a fortunate event.

He was even willing to suffer for it.


This stronghold hadn’t encountered any attacks given that its backing was Li Zixing. In fact, when the authorities organized a city-wide search a few times when there was missing personnel reported, their search zone didn’t cover this manor.

Hence, these people from Dark Dawn were extremely remiss in their vigilance.

They only came to a realization three minutes after the attack began and gave out the warning. However, they weren’t able to organize any effective retaliation.

Nevertheless, the strength of these black-robed men was very powerful. Since they knew they would surely be sentenced to death after being captured, they gave it their all to struggle.

Li Xiu’s side also began to suffer casualties.


After turning a corner, Sun Mo saw a bunch of people dressed in black robes on the other side. There was a corona symbol before their left chest.

“Little Mo, bring up the rear!”

An Xinhui shouted in a low voice and rushed out.

(I’m actually protected by a woman?)

Sun Mo was speechless. He knew that An Xinhui was concerned for him, hence, she took the initiative to defend against the attacks. As for bringing up the rear and whatnot, she only said that for the sake of not making him feel embarrassed.

Seeing An Xinhui clashing against those people, a strange feeling well up in Sun Mo’s heart. After all, despite being so old, he had never experienced such treatment before.

In the modern era, if a man had no power, no authority, nor a good job, the girls would completely ignore you if you went up to get their number. Even if you got their number and chatted with them, they would take ages to reply and would always give some excuses like they were either sleeping or bathing.

“You should leave one as a sparring partner for me!”

Sun Mo rushed forward and joined the battle.

Returning to the main topic...An Xinhui’s combat strength was truly off the charts. These people were like fools when they fought against her. Every time they waved their swords, their attacks would be a few inches off the mark.

Those who didn’t know the situation might feel that these people were intentionally making things easy for An Xinhui. But in truth, this was an effect of the ultimate art of the Central Province Academy – the Great Dreams Heart Sutra.


Sun Mo was shocked. It seemed like not a single one of the Nine Greats was a weakling. When he had some time in the future, he had to pay them a visit and copied all their ultimate arts over.

Sun Mo didn’t know that An Xinhui was also shocked at his strength.

After all, Sun Mo’s cultivation arts were all peerless saint-tier arts. Their moves were profound and those who knew their stuff wouldn’t be able to shift their eyes away the moment they saw one.

Besides, Sun Mo’s attacks were all very gorgeous.

“My childhood sweetheart has actually grown so powerful?”


Favorable impression points from An Xinhui +100. (55,850/100,000).

The scarab had no mood to be idle. It impatiently squatted beside a corpse and opened its mandibles. With a ‘kacha’ sound, it bit through the skull and started to feast.

(My long-awaited brain matter, my long-awaited souls! How delicious! As expected, being alive is such a wonderful thing!)


In the prison cell, Helian Beifang and that girl he saved before were imprisoned together.

“Would we die?”

The girl cowered at a corner and hugged her knees with her hands as she asked with worry.


Helian Beifang was a steel-like guy. He directly ‘finished’ off the chatting atmosphere with a single word.

Luckily, the girl was afraid and could only use conversing as a means to distract herself.

“Do you think people would come to save us?”

“Nope. Look at the motley walls of the prison cell. Clearly, this place has existed tens of years ago. This also indicates that during this period, no outsiders have come here before.”

Helian Beifang was doing push-ups on the ground, training his body while counting.





The girl started for a while before she cried out.

She felt so much despair!

“We will definitely die for sure. So we have to think of a way to kill a few of them before we die, so we wouldn’t suffer a disadvantage.”

Helian Beifang racked his brains.

In the tribes, being plundered was very normal, and death accompanied people of the plains all year round. Hence, everyone was already used to it. For the people of every tribe, before they died, they would do their best to think of a way to kill as many enemies as possible.

“I don’t wish to die!”

The girl sobbed, “I’ve never even seen the sea before!”

Helian Beifang fell silent, but he did his push-ups with even more ferocity and speed, using training to vent the feelings in his heart. At this moment, he hated himself for being helpless.

“I really hope for a great hero to come and save us!”

The girl longed for that.

“There’s no great hero, but there is a villain.”

As a hoarse-sounding voice rang out, the girl’s body trembled violently and she shrank back into her corner. As for Helian Beifang, he was like someone encountering a hunting leopard. He immediately leaped and adopted an attacking posture as he stared at the cell’s entrance.

“It’s you?”

Helian Beifang was startled. “Are you not a great teacher? Why are you here?”

This uninvited guest was none other than a member of Cao Xian’s great teachers group. He had even won a round while competing with puppets.

“As expected, barbarians are fools.”

Liang Jumu’s lips twitched. But it didn’t matter if someone was a little stupid when he made them into a puppet. It was fine as long as that person’s soul was strong enough.

Liang Jumu surveyed Helian Beifang like how he would look at a beautiful jade.

For someone like him who lived in an arduous environment since they were young, they would have a strong will and a powerful soul. By making such a powerful soul into a puppet, the puppet would be smarter, more agile, more human-like, and more powerful.

“Youth, you are dead for sure. So, do you want revenge?”

Liang Jumu asked with a smile.

“How can I have revenge if I die?”

Helian Beifang frowned.

“Hehe, I can help you accomplish your wish!”

As Liang Jumu spoke, a black-wood puppet that was ? of a meter walked out from his sleeves. “As long as you use this, you will be able to gain a new life.”


The girl was shocked.

“You want to transform me into a puppet, right? Just like that courtesan puppet of yours?” Helian Beifang counter-asked.

“I’m helping you!”

Liang Jumu persuaded earnestly.

“People from the Central Plains are truly hypocritical and shameless.”

Helian Beifang spat out a mouthful of saliva.

“Sigh, why do you have to speak so bluntly? If you are more tactful and obedient, you will suffer less!”

Liang Jumu shook his head.

The aptitude of this youth was very good. Huo Lanying wanted to use Helian Beifang to test the longevity potion, but Liang Jumu also wanted to use this youth and turn him into a puppet. As a result, Huo Lanying finally agreed after Liang Jumu pleaded for a long time.

After all, the criteria for testing longevity potions weren’t that high, and other medicine-humans could meet the criteria. But for puppets, they had to ensure that their test subjects had strong souls.

If it wasn’t for him meeting the courtesan and turning her into a puppet, which had allowed Liang Jumu’s skill in puppetry to improve greatly, he also wouldn’t have such accomplishments now.

“I hope you can cause me to improve greatly as well.”

Liang Jumu spoke and walked toward Helian Beifang.

Helian Beifang punched out. Sadly, it was useless.

Liang Jumu knocked him to the ground while using his palm like a knife. The differences between their cultivation bases were too great.

“Don’t worry, I will do this gently so you won’t feel pain.”

Liang Jumu stared at Helian Beifang’s eyes. A moment later, both Liang Jumu’s eyes shone with purple light and were akin to two vortexes, wanting to draw Helian Beifang’s mind and soul in.

This was him using a dark secret art. He wanted to strip Helian Beifang’s soul away from his body.

“Even someone like you is qualified to become a great teacher?”

Helian Beifang felt dizziness assailing him as he opened his mouth to curse. “Only someone like Teacher Sun is worthy of the title ‘great teacher’.”

“You are speaking of Sun Mo?”

Liang Jumu’s mouth curled. “Even if you praise him to the skies, he won’t come here to save you!”

All of a sudden, a voice drifted into the cell.

“Eh? I think I heard someone mention my name?”

When Liang Jumu heard this, his expression instantly changed.

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