Absolute Great Teacher
710 Sun Mo, Today Is the Date of Your Death!
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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710 Sun Mo, Today Is the Date of Your Death!


Liang Jumu’s first response was ‘impossible’. This place was an old nest of the Dark Dawn that hadn’t been discovered despite tens of years. How could there be outsiders here?

However, he was also a veteran of many battles and had done many bad things before. He was extremely wary, and his instinctive reaction was to release his courtesan puppet out, making it rush toward the direction of the voice.

Sun Mo’s vision dazzled. When the puppet was near him, her arms spread out and brandished two swords, slashing out a beautiful screen of sword rain.


Sun Mo cursed out. At the same time as he waved his blade to block and hurriedly activated the Invulnerable Golden Body.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

The short swords collided against the wooden blade, creating intensive noises.

Although the courtesan puppet was small, her strength wasn’t weak. Also, she was extremely agile and could duck and jump with great speed.

Its red dress spun around like a gorgeous peony flower.


Just when Sun Mo’s punch blasted away the puppet, his right wrist was pierced by the two swords. If it wasn’t for his Invulnerable Golden Body, his wrist bone would have been penetrated.

After this exchange, both sides temporarily stopped.

“Holy Pharaoh, look at the puppet who almost killed me. What are you doing? Other than eating brain matter, what else can you do?”

Sun Mo was very angry.

He had wanted to act cool and almost screwed things up.

This was before the eyes of An Xinhui and two students. How embarrassing would it be if he got injured?


The scarab was speechless. “Master, you spoke too fast and you also didn’t give me any chance to sneak attack him!”

“Don’t need to sneak attack, fight him head-on! Go, crush his puppet for me!”

Sun Mo was very unhappy because he suddenly discovered that although he was a spiritual controller and had grandmaster-level expertise in terms of theory, when it came to actual operation, he was a failure.

His experience of fighting together with his spiritual beasts was too limited, and all three of his spiritual beasts felt like swindlers.

Little Silver only knew how to open gates and nothing else. It was always missing as well. As for this scarab, other than being good at ass-licking, it didn’t have any integrity and it also didn’t appear to have any combat prowess!

And that newly acquired immortal crane... it was simply an alcohol addict. Right now, Sun Mo didn’t know where that drunkard was.

“Master, just observe carefully!”

The scarab didn’t shirk its responsibility. This was its first battle and if it fought well, Sun Mo would surely permit it to eat sufficient meals, right? Sigh, when could it feast until the point where it was truly full?

It really missed the time when it was the divine protector of Egypt. There was no need for it to act at all, and there would be healthy boys and girls sent to it.

He could even eat one and throw one; being picky was not an issue.


The originally coconut-sized scarab suddenly emitted purple mist from its body. After that, it grew to the size of a chariot and climbed out of the mist.

Its carapace was filled with mysterious runes and diagrams, and it shone with purple light. In addition to the aura it exuded, it looked extravagant, mysterious, and respected.

After the courtesan puppet adjusted her mental state, it flew toward Sun Mo again and wanted to behead him.

The scarab’s two limbs were in the shape of sickles. At this moment, it slashed through the air, aiming for the puppet. Two faint streams of golden spirit qi in the shape of crescent moons blasted out.


The spirit qi tore apart the air, emitting a sharp whistling sound.

The puppet swiftly crouched and evaded the attack. Her speed didn’t reduce as she shot toward Sun Mo again. However, those two strands of golden qi actually rotated and drew an arc through the air as they shot toward the puppet once more.

The puppet didn’t turn. She simply wielded her swords and attacked behind her.

Ding! Ding!

The strands of qi dissipated from the impact, but because of this delay, the scarab already appeared before Sun Mo, protecting him.

“Lowly soul!”

The scarab announced in a high-profile manner. “Feel blessed. You are my first enemy after I awoken in the eastern world. In your life, your most dazzling, most radiant, and most meaningful time is now.”

“Being defeated by me is your supreme glory...F***!”

Before the scarab could finish speaking, the puppet already rushed forward, attacking with both her swords.

The scarab was immediately flustered.

“Are you easterners all so rude? You all don’t understand etiquette? Can’t you wait for me to finish speaking?”

The scarab felt very helpless.

Although it was grumbling, its two sickle-shaped claws weren’t slow at all and slashed out numerous shadows.

On the other side, Liang Jumu had already lost Helian Beifang. He wanted to leave the cell, but Sun Mo was blocking the exit.

“Headmaster An!”

Liang Jumu’s countenance turned heavy.

A human’s name, a tree’s shadow. An Xinhui was considered one of the top three great teachers among her peers. Regardless of combat strength or knowledge, her prowess was off the charts.

He merely cast a glance at Sun Mo and before he could react, Helian Beifang and that girl already landed in An Xinhui’s hands.

“Little Momo, protect them and retreat first.”

An Xinhui prepared to fight.


Sun Mo was speechless. (Am I being protected? I’m really not used to this!)

“Leave this fight to me!”

Sun Mo didn’t leave. He brandished his blade and faced Liang Jumu. Even though he wasn’t a male chauvinist, he wouldn’t allow An Xinhui to fight for him.

“Little Momo, don’t make trouble!’

An Xinhui frowned. This fellow was evidently a dark great teacher and might possess some terrifying darkness secret arts, so he should be very powerful. An Xinhui didn’t want anything to happen to Sun Mo.

“It’s fine, leave him to me!”

Sun Mo persisted. When he saw that An Xinhui didn’t move, he frowned. “You can’t possibly want to protect me my entire life, right?”

“Actually, I think that’s not really impossible?”

An Xinhui mumbled in a low voice. If it wasn’t for the fact she was worried Sun Mo might lose face, she might have said that out loud.

“Alright, let’s save the other medicine-humans first. After that, we still have to seize all the information they possess!”

Sun Mo urged.

Why were Sun Mo and An Xinhui the first to rush to the prison cell?

To Li Xiu and Zheng Qingfang, although the medicine-humans were pitiful, they were merely ordinary people and it would be alright even if they died. However, as for the information and data recorded from the human experiments, if it was damaged or wiped out, the loss would be too great.

So, Li Xiu’s main force was focused on doing that.

“Okay then!” An Xinhui compromised. “However, you have to bear in mind to be careful.”

Once An Xinhui’s left, Liang Jumu’s heavy expression immediately relaxed. His tone was filled with disdain. “Do you think you will be able to win against me just because you are a two-time champion in the great teacher examination?”

“Heh, I also heard that you want to obtain three stars in a year to create a historical record? Sorry, you no longer have the chance to do so! Sun Mo, today is the date of your death!”

As the sound of Liang Jumu’s voice faded, from the nine o’clock direction of Sun Mo’s side, nine steel needles as thin as ox hairs suddenly shot toward him.

Chi! Chi! Chi!

Sun Mo turned his head and flicked his wrist, blocking them with his wooden blade.

Pak! Pak! Pak!

Sun Mo knocked all the steel needles away.

“Please... No matter what, I’m a spiritual controller. Do you think I won’t be able to sense your mental fluctuation that appears when you send commands to your puppet?”

Although there was a look of disdain on his face, Sun Mo silently sighed at how lucky he was in his heart.

The combat between spiritual controllers was truly extremely bizarre. He almost screwed things up.

There was a rat fleeing in disarray under the shadows of the wall. If one observed closely, they would be able to see that its skin and fur were pasted on it. Its original body was fully made from metal alloys.

That shout from Liang Jumu earlier was actually to distract Sun Mo’s attention. Liang Jumu was actually a man of few words. He directly pulled out a short sword and lunged toward Sun Mo.

That mechanical rat was running around and had now circled to Sun Mo’s back again. It spat out another thin arrow. Even if it couldn’t sneak attack Sun Mo, it could maintain a suppression effect.


The wooden blade collided against the short sword for the first time, and Sun Mo instantly understood that Liang Jumu was someone hard to deal with. His personal combat strength wasn’t weak either.

“I initially thought how strong you could be. But you are merely so-so!”

Liang Jumu was calm now. He and his puppet could abuse Sun Mo. It was just that as the sound of his voice faded, a wooden blade suddenly slashed out from his side. With a banging sound, the blade hit his shoulder.

“Have I unleashed any of my ultimate skills yet? Why are you acting so complacent?”

Sun Mo continued to attack. The wooden blade suddenly pieced forward as he unleashed spear arts using his blade.

Spear Rain Pearflower!

Woosh~ Woosh~ Woosh~

Numerous pear flowers bloomed, filling the entire cell.


Liang Jumu dodged around with a calm look on his face.

Sun Mo found an opportunity and wanted to attack ferociously, but at this moment, another thin needle shot over.


The skin on Sun Mo’s face was sliced apart.


Liang Jumu’s lips twitched. Sun Mo’s reaction speed was very fast.

“Oh no!”

Sun Mo finally understood how troublesome this enemy was. Right now, he had no way to judge what were the flaws of the enemy. He didn’t know whether Liang Jumu’s reactions were real, or were he acting intentionally to lure him in?

“What a pity, my new puppet doesn’t have a soul yet, or you would have already died.”

Liang Jumu felt very regretful as Helian Beifang was snatched away. In the future, he didn’t know how long he had to wait to be able to find such a young and vigorous soul filled with so much vitality.


(Wait a minute, I heard there are two students under Sun Mo whose constitutions are not bad. I can capture them and peel their souls away, to place them in the puppet.)

(In any case, my identity is already exposed. It’s fine if I do some bad things.)

Liang Jumu was very experienced. While he was dealing with Sun Mo, he was observing the battle situation of the courtesan puppet. That dung beetle was truly quite powerful.

“Oi, I’m a spirit controller and a puppet grandmaster. Do you want to follow me instead?”

Liang Jumu attempted to poach it. “You have no future if you follow this fellow.”

“Can I eat brain matter?”

The scarab asked.


Liang Jumu grew happy. “Naturally you can. It’s fine even if you were caught doing so. I’m a dark great teacher. If I’m not evil, it would really be a letdown to my title.”

“How about it? Want to follow me?”

Liang Jumu started to give his conditions. “We can sign a contract of equals. You can leave any time you are unhappy.”

Liang Jumu was very sinister. Even if such words failed to recruit the scarab, it would still cause its will to waver, and it wouldn’t attack with full power.

“The conditions are very tempting!”

The lips of the scarab curled. “However, I reject.”


Liang Jumu frowned. He could tell that the contract Sun Mo signed with this dung beetle wasn’t the type where they shared life and death. It also wasn’t a slavery contract. Hence, even if Sun Mo died, the scarab would be fine. Hence, there was no way the scarab would give it its all basically.

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    《Absolute Great Teacher》