Absolute Great Teacher
711 From Now Onward, You Will Be My Holy Pharaoh!
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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711 From Now Onward, You Will Be My Holy Pharaoh!


“Firstly, your experience is too shallow!”

The scarab spoke in disdain, “I have to repeat myself. I’m a scarab, the divine protector of Egypt, not some stupid dung beetle!”

Liang Jumu’s brows furrowed, and he felt somewhat infuriated. (What the hell was Egypt? Also, what is a scarab? Even a darned bug dared to have the word ‘saint’ in its name?*

In the Nine Provinces, to great teachers, the word ‘Saint’ had immense meaning and mustn’t be blasphemed.

“Secondly, I would have no future if I follow you. My master doesn’t need to be the best in the world, but at the very least, he has to be outstanding and overflowing with talent. You are already so old, but you don’t have much fame. Why would I follow you? To eat dung?”

The scarab’s lips twitched.

“But the most important reason... is that you are too ugly.”

Sun Mo involuntarily glanced at the scarab. (I couldn’t tell that you are someone who attaches great importance to good looks?)

“All of you, die for me!”

Liang Jumu was annoyed now. (I’ll kill all of you first! This daddy is a dark great teacher. Who is afraid of whom?)

“Hua Manyue, stop playing around. Quickly kill this darn bug.”

Liang Jumu urged.

The attacks of the puppets immediately turned sharper.

“Wanting to kill me?”

The scarab also started smiling malevolently. It threatened, “Hmph, all of you from the Dark Dawn have to die!”

After speaking, the scarab glanced at Sun Mo and started kissing ass with a fawning tone.

“Master, how’s my performance? Is it worth 100 sets of brain matter?”


Liang Jumu was dumbstruck.

(I thought you are a divine protector of Egypt?)

(Look at your slave-like appearance! You look like a eunuch in the palace who depended on fawning to get to your position. Otherwise, you definitely wouldn’t be able to kiss-ass so well.)

“You can eat as many sets of brain matters as the number of people you can kill.”

Sun Mo didn’t mind. In any case, this generosity cost him nothing.

“Master is brilliant!”

The scarab cheered. After that, when it faced the courtesan puppet, it transmitted a message using its soul. “Oi, human. Do you want revenge? I can temporarily remove his control over you!”

The puppet who was currently attacking immediately trembled. But because of the existence of the contract, she had no way to defy Liang Jumu’s orders.

“If you don’t speak, I will assume you agree with me!”

After the scarab spoke, that large horn on its forehead suddenly crackled as black arcs of electricity manifested. After that, with a booming sound, a thick lightning bolt blasted into the courtesan puppet.

On the other side, Ju Liangmu felt his head spinning as though a giant hammer had just smashed onto his head.

“You have three minutes’ worth of freedom, you can take your revenge now.”

After the scarab finished speaking, the courtesan puppet suddenly turned and charged toward Liang Jumu.


Liang Jumu cursed out loud, “Hua Manyue, have you forgotten your love for me and my kindness to you? I was the one who cured your body, allowing you to achieve eternal life so you can accompany me forever.”

“However, I’ve never agreed to be your puppet.”

A sharp voice suddenly rebutted.

Sun Mo glanced at the scarab because this sharp voice was from it.

“She’s too agitated and can’t speak now. She wants nothing more than to kill the whole family of that fellow. I’m merely helping her add words to her emotions.”

The scarab explained.

“Lord Liang, I devoted myself to you, yet you repaid me using such a method?”

The actual voice of the courtesan puppet was 1,000x nicer than the scarab’s voice dub.

“Curing my body? You saved me simply because you wanted me to willingly infuse my soul into this puppet.

“Liang Jumu, you are so ruthless!”

The courtesan puppet attacked ferociously. Even if she died, she wanted to at least perish together with Liang Jumu.


Sun Mo took this chance to defeat that mechanical rat.

“Pharaoh, how did you know the story between them?”

Sun Mo was curious.

He originally thought it was an inspiring and tragic love story, but he didn’t expect there to be such a sinister side hidden within.

“I’m proficient in all sorts of soul-type magic. To put it simply, it means that I’m a black mage.”

The scarab was very complacent. “Upon devouring the brain matter of a target, I will be able to gain the knowledge, memory, and languages grasped by them.”

Sun Mo frowned. “In that case, doesn’t it mean you will grow stronger the more brain matter you eat?”

“That’s for sure. Otherwise, how can I become the divine protector of Egypt?”

When the scarab said this, its tone was filled with arrogance.

It had even borne the heavy responsibility of passing down knowledge from ancient times. One could say that this scarab could represent Egypt. As long as it was alive, that country would never be exterminated.

Whether a country existed or not, it depended on their civilization. As for this scarab, its original body is like the carrier of Egypt’s civilization.

As long as the scarab was willing, it could recruit citizens in eastern land and build a brand new Egypt.

Different races?

No problem!

Children wouldn’t know anything. As long as the scarab brainwashed them when they were very young, they would steadfastly believe they were Egyptians.

Sun Mo fell silent. He evidently thought of this point as well. As an easterner, although he wasn’t a racist, he also didn’t hope that his country would be occupied by people with another civilization.


The scarab suddenly realized that it had spoken too much. (Is this human trying to play a trick? Speaking of which, should I quickly beg for mercy, so I can indicate that I am loyal?)

“Pharaoh, don’t worry too much. I won’t put you to death.”

Sun Mo consoled.

“Master, you are so kind!”

The scarab spoke happily, but its expression was one of disbelief.

“We from China naturally have this bit of magnanimity. Right now, you are an exiled divine protector, right? If one day you realized that you can no longer return, I will permit you to spread your civilization on this land, extending the faith of your ancients.”

Sun Mo wasn’t joking.

Maybe it could give the easterners new inspiration, but it could also be a bad thing. However, that would be something the latter generations had to worry about.

What did Sun Mo loathe the most?

Maniacs who would want to slaughter an entire race, and wars that treated killing people as something fun.

The value of an entire civilization was inestimable.

Sun Mo wanted knowledge of Egypt, but even if he used his knees to think, he knew that even if the scarab had no moral integrity, it definitely wouldn’t budge for this matter. Since that was the case, he might as well allow it to build a country, and then he would slowly gain the knowledge from there.

(Do I seem to be a little shameless?)

Sun Mo’s lips twitched. “From today onward, you are my Holy Pharaoh!”

The scarab started. After that, it knelt and its voice was like a ringing bell.

“As you wish, my master!”

A human and a bug had different thoughts and ideas running through their minds, but at the very least, the most initial connection had been formed.

“This is your first battle, I will leave the rest to you!”

Sun Mo teased.

“I will fight for you, my master!”

Holy Pharaoh didn’t seem to be joking. After it solemnly spoke, it stood up again and faced Liang Jumu.


A purple corona of light suddenly appeared below the scarab’s feet. Black mist gushed forth like the tides, darkening the surroundings.


Liang Jumu immediately felt his vision darkening as a headache assailed him. He felt his thoughts being impeded. It was like he was on the verge of sudden death while also suffering from a high fever.

“As expected, this bug has reserved some of its strength!”

Sun Mo wasn’t surprised.

That purple corona of light was the Chaotic Halo, and it could cause a huge mental impact on enemies, lowering their battle will.

Although Sun Mo was standing in the range of the halo, he was immune because of his status as the scarab’s master. He wasn’t affected.

“A swarm of bugs shall devour you!”

Holy Pharaoh roared in anger, spreading its wings.


A large ball of black mist flooded forth. After that, an immense quantity of walnut-sized scarabs manifested. They flapped their wings and were like bomber jets as they blasted toward Liang Jumu.

These bugs not only liked to suck blood and devour flesh, but they could also spread various diseases. As long as the targets were bitten by them, the diseases in them would rapidly spread to the targets.

“Ah, what’s this?”

Liang Jumu screamed. He panicked and was in a fluster, wanting to drive the bugs away.

However, it was too difficult.

The bugs weren’t only large, but they were a lot as well. There was basically no way for him to defend completely.

Holy Pharaoh led the charge and started to fight Liang Jumu head-on. As for the courtesan puppet, she flashed all around and took the chance to launch sneak attacks. Liang Jumu was suppressed after an instant.

“Hua Manyue, you ought to die!”

Liang Jumu howled. “If you don’t stop, I will slaughter your soul!”

Although the losses would be very great if he did this, it was much better compared to him being killed by his own puppet.

When Sun Mo heard this, his mind stirred and he activated Freedom Proof.

In Liang Jumu’s mind, a clapping sound could be heard as though something had just broken. The contract connecting him to the courtesan puppet dissolved.

“Black Doggy Sun, what did you do?”

Liang Jumu was shocked and angered.

“Take a guess?”

Sun Mo chilled a bit. The outcome was certain now.

The courtesan puppet reclaimed her freedom and was a little startled. But a few seconds later, she regained her senses. She belonged to no one and was free now.

(In that case, revenge can start!)

“Teacher Sun, Great Teacher Sun, please spare me?”

Liang Jumu started to plead. There was no solution to it as he truly wasn’t able to win. Those bugs were too tough to handle. The moment they bit him, they would bite through his flesh. The feeling of his skin being torn apart by biting was truly too painful.

Also, the courtesan puppet was something he personally created after using 12 years of his life. He knew very clearly how powerful it was.

(That damnable Sun Mo could dissolve the contract between a spiritual controller and their spiritual beast! Did he comprehend a divine language?)

This was because divine languages had the highest authority in spiritual contracts. Hence, they were able to do such a thing.

“I know the secret treasure of Huo Lanying. I also know where his information is hidden. I’m sure you want them, right? It can allow your knowledge of alchemy, herbology, and medical studies to directly upgrade by 20 years.”

Liang Jumu negotiated.

Sun Mo felt a little moved, but before he could say anything, the sword of the courtesan puppet pierced through Liang Jumu’s throat with a swoosh.


The courtesan puppet retracted her sword, sweeping it through the air to get rid of the droplets of blood that stained it. After that, she stared at the corpse and didn’t move.


Sun Mo felt helpless. (Can this be considered as me trying to gain an advantage only to end up being unlucky? Oh well, The person with authority here is named Huo Lanying. It seems that he is a trusted subordinate of that Corona Starlord.)

And at this moment, the courtesan puppet looked at Sun Mo and pointed her sword right at him.

[1] The raws for scarab – 圣甲虫. The word 圣 can stand for holy/sacred/saint.

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    《Absolute Great Teacher》