Absolute Great Teacher
712 First Wave of Rewards
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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712 First Wave of Rewards


An Xinhui moved and stood before Sun Mo, blocking the puppet for him. Her eyes were as cold as winter’s chill.

“Lowly soul, what do you want to do to my master?”

The scarab crawled over, not forgetting to bite through Liang Jumu’s skull in passing and drain his brain matter into its mouth. “Don’t forget, it’s my master who gave you your freedom.”

An Xinhui frowned when she saw this scene.

Honestly speaking, the external appearance of this bug looked very tyrannical and imposing. But that was simply it. After seeing that it was a dung beetle, it lost all sense of coolness. Moreover, it was even eating brains.

So filthy!

If this wasn’t the spiritual beast of her childhood sweetheart, she felt that she would definitely crush it.

“Can you speak after you finish eating or finish speaking before you eat? Your actions are not civilized at all!”

Sun Mo frowned. “Not speaking while eating is a virtue of the easterners.”

“Sorry, I can’t bear to wait another second as that would be a sort of blasphemy toward delicious food.”

The scarab originally wanted to chew a few more times to appreciate the taste, but after hearing Sun Mo’s impatience, it chewed quickly and gulped down the food. After that, it put on a smiling face. “However, Master, I’m a westerner.”

Sun Mo’s lips twitched.

After seeing Sun Mo’s expression, the scarab trembled inwardly. How could it speak such words that classified them as two different types of people? Hence, it hurriedly tried to ‘save’ the situation.

“But from now onward, I’m an easterner too. Yes, I have an eastern soul. I want to appreciate the glorious civilization of this empire and learn all its virtues.”

Meow meow meow~

An Xinhui was dumbstruck when she heard the conversation. This bug seemed to be the divine protector of a large empire, right? How come it was so proficient in kissing ass?

Could it be that everyone in that large empire was a simp?

“Are the kings of Egypt very tough to serve?”

Sun Mo was curious.

“Why do you say so?”

Holy Pharaoh asked. It felt that the ancient scripts of the East were very charming; each character would express many meanings and it felt very stylish. It was keen to learn them.

“Your posture of fawning is so proficient that I feel my heart aching.”

Sun Mo chortled.


The scarab gritted its teeth. (Forget it, I will endure things first. After I regain my freedom, everyone from the Central Province Academy has to die.)

“Hua Manyue, do you still want to fight?”

Sun Mo looked at the courtesan puppet. Earlier, he might seem to be bullshitting with the scarab, but he was actually dragging out time intentionally. Humans were all like this. During anger, they could do all sorts of things. But after they calmed down, their emotions would return back to normal.

Sun Mo was giving Hua Manyue some time to calm down. After all, she had personally killed her greatest enemy.

Hua Manyue fell silent for a few seconds and kept the sword back into the sheath. After that, she knelt.

“This slave Hua Manyue, thanks Teacher Sun. I don’t even know how to return the favor and am willing to be your slave.”

Although Hua Manyue was a courtesan, she also had a sense of propriety, justice, integrity, and honor. After her anger, she only felt boundless sorrow and a sense of loss.

She had been in fervent love before. After that, she got swindled by Liang Jumu and became a puppet, hence, she had some hatred. After she killed her enemy personally, all that’s left was emptiness.

(My life is truly a failure.)

“Forget being about a slave or a servant. I’m helping you because it simply happened this way, you don’t have to worry about it!”

Sun Mo paused a little. From Hua Manyue’s behavior, he saw the tendency of suiciding. Hence, he added another sentence to persuade her.

“In life, we have to look forward. Who knows that there might be light at the end of the tunnel.”

“Even the Emperor is feeling vexed with regard to which concubine he should sleep with tonight. After all, all his concubines are so pretty. Hence, the life of ordinary mortals like us would surely be stacked with even more problems.”


Hua Manyue was unable to restrain a smile. Sun Mo’s words were so interesting, however, the Emperor naturally wouldn’t feel vexed for things like this because they would be arranged by the Empress for him.

An Xinhui couldn’t help but roll her eyes at Sun Mo. (Can you be more serious?)

“Hua Manyue, things that fail to kill you will only make you stronger in the end!”

Sun Mo made a fist.

This was what Sun Mo believed in. How was it possible for the child of an ordinary family to lead an overly smooth life? If they couldn’t depend on their parents or their looks to live off women, they could only depend on their backbones to strive.


A golden light emitted from Sun Mo’s body and started to spread out. Priceless Advice had been activated.

Hua Manyue was stunned. After that, she knelt toward Sun Mo.

“Many thanks for your teachings, Great Teacher Sun. This slave will remember it.”

Hua Manyue felt moved in her heart. Since Priceless Advice had activated, this indicated that Sun Mo was truly concerned about her.

Just earlier, she did indeed feel extremely bored and wanted to die. But now, that inclination had dampened by quite a lot.


Favorable impression points from Hua Manyue +500. Prestige connection unlocked. Friendly (500/1,000).

Upon hearing the conversation between the two of them, An Xinhui was surprised. She surveyed Sun Mo with astonishment. He was actually paying attention to Hua Manyue’s mental state?

An Xinhui had thought that they would have to fight, hence, she didn’t expect a few sentences from Sun Mo to resolve the problem and even cause Hua Manyue to feel extremely respectful toward him. This was then the true example of a great teacher.

(My childhood sweetheart is really becoming increasingly impressive.)


Favorable impression points from An Xinhui +100. Reverence (32,500/100,000).

On the other side, Helian Beifang had already woken up. Just so coincidentally, he heard Sun Mo’s words and this caused his eyes to brighten.

Speaking of enduring difficulty, this barbarian youth had suffered anger and many near-death experiences ever since he was born. Moreover, he also had experienced war between tribes before. (Things that fail to kill me will only make me stronger in the end?)

This sentence entered the depths of Helian Beifang’s heart.

“It’s a pity. He is such an impressive great teacher, but I have no chance to enter his tutelage. What a regretful thing!”

Helian Beifang sighed.

“Save the prisoners!”

Sun Mo urged.

With the scarab’s help, Sun Mo broke apart the cell doors. He didn’t need keys as violence and destruction could resolve this.

“Don’t kill me please, can you let me go?”

“My father is a wealthy merchant, I can give you all however much money you want. Please don’t kill me!”

“Father, mother, I really missed you all!”

After smashing many doors, he found a total of 98 medicine-humans. ? of them were on the verge of death. Either their minds weren’t clear or they were a hair away from insanity.

After all, the doctors under the Corona Starlord, when using these people for experiments, wouldn’t care about their well-being. They were purely using these medicine-humans as white lab rats.

“Dark Dawn deserves death!”

An Xinhui cursed. Such behavior was basically inhumane.

“Bring them out first!”

Sun Mo scratched his hair. His original intention was that after saving the humans, they should allow the humans to run away to wherever they wanted to while he would go and seize the information. However, the body conditions of these medicine-humans were too terrible.

“Master, you are truly a living saint in the world. You are too kind.”

The Holy Pharaoh immediately fawned, not giving up any chance to kiss ass.

“This slave will open up a path for Great Teacher Sun!’

Hua Manyue took the lead and killed all enemies she saw.

Not long later, Sun Mo led a group of medicine-humans and rushed out of the manor.

Governor Fang, who was waiting outside, immediately stepped forward to receive him.

“Great Teacher Sun, it has been hard on you.”

Upon seeing these medicine-humans, Governor Fang relaxed. With both the victims and material evidence, Li Zixing was dead for sure.

“Care for them well, I’m going to exterminate the remaining evil!”

After Sun Mo spoke, he went back into the manor.

“Teacher Sun is truly the role model of our generation!”

Governor Fang praised. In any case, singing praises was free.


“You placed the safety of medicine-humans first and successfully rescued them. This act is in accordance with the standard of great teachers. Reward: 1x great teacher emblem and 1x mysterious treasure chest.”

The system congratulated him.

98 human lives were extremely valuable. In the modern era, such an incident would be considered an extremely major one.

“Where are you going?”

The girl saw Helian Beifang turning around and entering the manor again as she called out with worry.

“To follow Teacher Sun to kill the enemies!”

Helian Beifang’s voice was so resolute that it could sever iron.

“It’s too dangerous.”

The girl was worried. Although this youth from the west was a little smelly, he had a very kind heart.

“Just go back!”

When An Xinhui saw Helian Beifang following them, she persuaded. For that sort of place, even Sun Mo and her couldn’t confirm that they would be able to return with no injuries. They truly had no excess strength to protect a youth,

Helian Beifang lowered his head and didn’t speak.

He was bad with words and didn’t know how to persuade An Xinhui. He could only be silent.

“Let him follow along!”

Sun Mo interjected.

Honestly speaking, this action caused Sun Mo to feel a very good opinion about Helian Beifang. Fearless, knowing gratitude, and not fearing death just because of the determination in his heart.

That was precisely what a great man was.

Li Xiu had outstanding leadership capabilities and she also had many men of great talents under her. When Sun Mo arrived at the storeroom, he discovered they were already here.

However, the atmosphere wasn’t too good.

“Uncle Zheng, what’s the matter”

Sun Mo went toward Zheng Qingfang.

“We were fooled!”

Zheng Qingfang’s countenance was unsightly. The people of Dark Dawn were indeed cunning enough and prepared an ambush here, causing many casualties. Li Xiu’s subordinates also didn’t manage to get much information.

“Eldest Princess truly does live up to your reputation. I, Huo Lanying, will definitely pay you a visit in the future and slay you after sleeping with you!”

A voice drifted over, accompanied by uproarious laughter.


“Come out now gutless dog.”

“Quickly fight me, your granddaddy, for three hundred rounds!”

When one dared to insult their master, the subordinates would fight to the death with that person. Hence, these trusted death warriors were extremely infuriated. Sadly, they weren’t able to locate Huo Lanying anymore.

“Are you not preparing to bring back the corpse of this star general?”

Li Xiu mocked.

“Haha, I will leave it here for your highness to play with!”

Huo Lanying’s voice drifted near and far away. There was no way one could determine his exact location from his voice.

“Your highness, that person definitely has a saint-tier secret treasure on him!”

A valiant general with a mustache in the shape of ‘八’ spoke with a solemn look on his face.

Huo Lanying was heavily besieged because he used himself as bait to lure Li Xiu and her troops. But when they arrived and were about to attack, he suddenly vanished and triggered a trap, killing over a hundred of Li Xiu’s elites.

“Dig three feet into the ground and after ascertaining there’s nothing here for us to collect, burn everything!

“As for the captives, parade them around the streets and let them die from the death of a thousand cuts.”

These words were filled with bloody intent, causing Sun Mo to feel somewhat uncomfortable. He wasn’t sad for the captives as they were working for Dark Dawn. However, he was sighing at how supreme the royal authority was in the feudal era.

“Let’s go, you shouldn’t let the things that will happen next dirty your eyes.”

Zheng Qingfang pulled on Sun Mo’s arm and prepared to find a place to drink with him.

“Sister Xinhui, do you have a solution to find that Huo Lanying?”

Sun Mo didn’t want to give up. A saint-tier secret treasure wasn’t something that could be measured by money.

An Xinhui shook her head. There was no information at all, so how could she find anything?

“Cough cough Master. The moonlight tonight isn’t bad.”

Holy Pharaoh coughed.

“Speak directly!” Sun Mo was impatient. “You can go and look for brain matter yourself if you want to eat!”

“No, Master. I can find that Huo Lanying!”

The scarab hurriedly explained when it saw that Sun Mo was unhappy.

“You can find him?”

Sun Mo’s eyes brightened. (That’s right, this old fellow is extremely cunning and is proficient in picking scraps.)

“Of course!”

Holy Pharaoh guaranteed. “It’s merely a saint-tier secret treasure. We will take the life of that fellow.”

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