Absolute Great Teacher
713 I’m the King of the World
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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713 I’m the King of the World

Chapter 713: I’m the King of the World

After living for a long time, the number of people you met and the number of things you experienced would surely accumulate. By then, you would have become a cunning old fox, let alone an ancient divine protector like Holy Pharaoh.

Being able to have the position of divine protector meant that its story was long enough to be a saga.

The Holy Pharaoh was proficient in black magic. At the instant it entered this stronghold, it discovered the few BOSSES here and immediately used a soul mark on them.

Naturally, Huo Lanying and the others weren’t powerful enough and weren’t able to discover these soul marks. If it was the Corona Starlord himself, even if you beat the scarab to death, it wouldn’t dare to take such a risk.

“Let’s go and have a drink!”

It had been a very long time since Zheng Qingfang drank and chatted with Sun Mo. He wanted to use this opportunity to mingle with him. As their emotions grew high from drinking, Sun Mo might be so happy that he gave him another painting.

Hehe, if that was a famous painting, he would have profited a lot.

“Uncle Zheng, I can’t make it today!”

Sun Mo rejected. (I still have to chase after that Huo Lanying, so how can I go drinking with you?) “Also I have to trouble you to take care of these victims.”

Sun Mo saving them was already an act of extreme benevolence. If he still had to take his own money out to help these people settle down and get treated, what was the point of having the authorities?

Zheng Qingfang wanted to tell him not to reject it so fast as he would arrange three of the prettiest and most famous courtesans in Jinling to accompany him. But after seeing An Xinhui, he hesitated and didn’t dare to say this.

Speaking of appearance and figure, An Xinhui wasn’t bad at all. Even in the courtesan world, An Xinhui could be considered as someone with a level of peak beauty. Adding on her fame, even if every single courtesan in Jinling was bunched together, they wouldn’t be able to compare to her.

“Don’t worry about that, I will remember the contribution the Central Province Academy provided and will also give you a portion of the rewards!”

Zheng Qingfang guaranteed.

For things like money, ever since Sun Mo became the logistics department head, the Central Province Academy had never lacked it. But to a peak-level famous school, fame was the most important thing to them.

“I’ll have to trouble Uncle Zheng then.”

Sun Mo nodded. He then glanced toward the crowd. “Helian!”

After Helian Beifang was rescued, he prepared to leave, but after he walked a few steps, he heard Sun Mo’s voice.

“He can’t possibly be calling me, right?”

Helian Beifang glanced to the left and right.

“Stop looking around, I’m calling out to you.”

Sun Mo smiled. “Come over!”

Helian Beifang immediately jogged over and bowed respectfully as he greeted, “Teacher!”

“Don’t run around these few days and wait for me in the school. If you don’t know where I stay, get the gatekeeper to lead you there. After that, take a shower and eat a good meal to nourish your body. Don’t be afraid to spend money, you can get it from the lady named Dong He in my house.”

Sun Mo explained.


Helian Beifang was somewhat emotional. (Could Teacher Sun be accepting me as his personal student?)

“Go rest first. For any other matters, we will talk again after you have rested up!”

After Sun Mo spoke, he bid farewell to Zheng Qingfeng.

Logically speaking, Sun Mo should bid farewell to Li Xiu first. However, he couldn’t be bothered to do so.

“Arrogant and conceited!”

Li Xiu’s lips twitched.

“However, he does have the capabilities to be arrogant.”

Zheng Qingfang disputed.

Li Xiu fell silent. After a while, she got that general with the ‘八’ shaped mustache to come over. “Arrange a few helpers and follow after Sun Mo.”


The general with the ‘八’ shaped mustache obeyed.

“Since he can find this nest, this means that he should have some tracking method. Most probably, he should be confident in chasing after Huo Lanying, right?”

Li Xiu conjectured.

To great teachers, what was the most important?


What were Sun Mo and An Xinhui supposed to do after they saved so many people?

Naturally, they had to make this matter known and properly expressed sympathy while imprinting themselves in the minds of everyone, letting everyone know that they had done a good thing.

However, they didn’t do so.

This couple actually left hurriedly.

There was definitely something bizarre that caused them to do so!


Dark clouds covered the sky, the night was as dark as ink.

Sun Mo rode upon Chasing Cloud and galloped madly toward the outskirts. An Xinhui’s battle horse was more ordinary and slower. Hence, a huge distance was soon created between them.

Sun Mo could only wait.

“Why are you in such a hurry?”

After An Xinhui asked the question, her eyes flashed as she guessed the answer. “Are you able to track Huo Lanying?”


Sun Mo’s voice was filled with certainty.

“But it would be dangerous if you do this!”

An Xinhui already understood that Sun Mo wanted to get all the battle spoils for himself. However, they weren’t clear of the enemy’s combat strength, and they even had a saint-tier secret treasure.

“Why don’t you tell me the location? I will go after them myself!”

An Xinhui didn’t want Sun Mo to risk himself.

“Please, don’t treat me like a salted fish.”

Sun Mo rolled his eyes. However, this feeling of being protected by a beautiful maiden was truly not bad.

“We can go and take a look. If the enemy is too powerful, we will retreat!”

Sun Mo suggested. And after he saw An Xinhui’s steed, he whistled forcefully as he mentally summoned Little Silver.

“The speed of my horse actually isn’t slow.”

An Xinhui felt helpless. Sun Mo’s horse was a chasing cloud divine steed, and only a few other species of horses in the entire Nine Provinces might match up to it.

“Let’s not ride on horses. The sky is already dark and we might screw things up.”

Chasing Cloud could save Sun Mo quite a bit of effort, but An Xinhui’s horse wasn’t able to do so. If it continued running at such speeds, it might cripple its own legs.

“What should we ride then?”

After An Xinhui asked, she saw Sun Mo lifting his head and staring at the sky. She was unable to restrain a smile as she teased, “You can’t possibly be thinking of riding a cloud and soaring through the skies, right?”

Riding on a cloud and soaring through the skies was something only immortals could do.

“Yes, we will ride on a cloud!”

Sun Mo didn’t understand An Xinhui’s ‘tease’. Right now, he felt like he was flagging a cab like how he did so in his past world. The feeling of impatience returned once again.

He subconsciously touched his pants and wanted to use his mobile phone to check the time. However, he discovered that there were no such things as mobile phones in this world.

“It’s good as well. I don’t need to keep lowering my head to look at an electronic device.”

Sun Mo sighed.

Holy Pharaoh waited quietly at the side, feeling that Sun Mo was so idiotic. (There’s such a beautiful girl beside you, but you don’t know how to say sweet things to her to improve your relationship.)

(You deserved to be single all your life!)

Roughly five minutes later, a silver-colored cloud swooshed and appeared in their vision. It swooshed again and stopped before Sun Mo.

An Xinhui was extremely shocked. Her dainty hands directly covered her mouth or she might inadvertently cry out.


Sun Mo leaped onto the cloud. “Stop mumbling, quickly come up!”


An Xinhui was a little stunned. She was in a fluster as she climbed up the cloud. After that, she subconsciously hugged Sun Mo’s waist but soon released her grip. She involuntarily glanced downward and stretched out her hands to feel the cloud.

(So soft! It feels like cotton!)

“Have you sat tight? We are moving out immediately if your seating is secure.”

Sun Mo urged.


Just after An Xinhui spoke, she felt a woosh and the cloud flew out.

The gentle night wind blew past their faces, causing their hair to flutter wildly.

“Is this an e...eight-gate cloud?”

An Xinhui tried to endure the impulse but failed to do so as she asked the question.


Sun Mo’s voice was very light.

“The one ranked #10 on the mysterious darkness species ranking?”


An Xinhui fell silent. Never in her wildest dreams would she have imagined that Sun Mo would actually have such a good thing. This was a mysterious species of darkness that one couldn’t even purchase even if they had all the money in the world.

Although the eight-gate cloud was ranked 10th, as long as one had it, this meant that one could find countless treasures. There was no longer a need for them to worry about cultivation resources.

Actually, let alone for the one ranked #10, if an ordinary human could obtain any species in the mysterious darkness species list, they would immediately become wealthy.

“No wonder!”

An Xinhui was suddenly enlightened. All her puzzlement was resolved. “The spirit stones you used for building the Darkness Illusion Dojo and paying out the teacher’s salary all sourced from it?”

“Yes, it helped me find a spirit mine.” Sun Mo didn’t conceal the fact. “Also, its name is Little Silver.”

An Xinhui fell silent.

Sun Mo was a little surprised as An Xinhui actually didn’t contribute any favorable impression points. Could it be that she wasn’t impressed by him? Besides, given his current hearing ability, he could completely hear the sounds of her heartbeat.

Right now, An Xinhui’s heartbeat was extremely calm, showing no signs of agitation.

“Truly a major character who can keep her composure well!”

Sun Mo was impressed.

At the very least, when he had seen Little Silver in the Spiritwind Canyon, he had impatiently wanted to obtain it.

“Sun Mo!”

An Xinhui suddenly spoke.

“Why do you call my name so formally?”

Sun Mo smiled.

“You are so outstanding to the point where it makes me feel afraid!”

An Xinhui mumbled.

She wanted to stretch her hands out to hug Sun Mo. This was purely because she felt a sense of gratification and being emotionally touched after seeing the young boy who had loved to follow behind her growing up. However, she didn’t dare to do so because she was afraid Sun Mo might find her someone with a utilitarian heart.

Actually, An Xinhui also felt a sense of loss in her heart.

Back then, she had been the one protecting him, and she liked the role of a big sister. But now, Sun Mo was the one who was carrying this heavy responsibility.

(Should I give the position of headmaster to him?)

An Xinhui started to hesitate.

On the contrary, Sun Mo wasn’t thinking so much. He simply felt the joy of zooming around. Since this was high-up in the air, he could fly as fast as Little Silver could.

“Maserati, Lamborghini, Ferrari...all of you are little brothers!”

Sun Mo wanted to point a middle finger in his heart to vent his resentment.

Back then, Sun Mo had had to work hard simply to feed himself. As for luxurious cars? He could even dream about it and drool while looking at their pictures online.

Let alone the entry-level BMW 3 series, 5 series...he didn’t even dare to think about those extremely cheap cars. He had to depend on public transports when he went to work. Yes, after the price of renting a bicycle increased, he also stopped riding them.


Sun Mo suddenly inhaled and roared out loud, “I’m the king of the world!”

“Master, by shouting like this, you are throwing all our faces.” Holy Pharaoh wanted to close its eyes, this was truly embarrassing.

“What do you know?”

Sun Mo’s lips twitched. “You don’t even know this renowned sentence. How can you be worthy enough to follow me?”


Holy Pharaoh suddenly discovered that the shamelessness of his master was already on par with him.

Sun Mo turned his head and realized that An Xinhui didn’t mock him. She was smiling instead.

When she saw Sun Mo glancing over, she stroked her raven-black long hair and lifted her head slightly as her smile grew even more beautiful.

That was the gentleness from the depths of her heart.

She understood Sun Mo’s current emotions.

Who didn’t wish to become the king of the world?

(My Little Momo, you can do it!)

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