Absolute Great Teacher
714 The Heavenly Sword Can Run Rampant Through the World!
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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714 The Heavenly Sword Can Run Rampant Through the World!


“Where’s Sun Mo? Why did he vanish?”

The general with the ‘八’ shaped mustache was shocked. They were all tracking experts but had actually lost their target? Wasn’t this a little too ridiculous?

“I think I saw them flying away while riding a cloud,” said a young man, but he didn’t dare to be sure

His vision was great, but dark clouds were covering the sky tonight. It was extremely dark. The distance he could see was truly too short, and they had been following Sun Mo based on the horse tracks on the road.

“Do you have a hole in your brain? If you say they rode a bird and flew away, I can still believe that. But riding a cloud? Clouds are floaty ethereal substances. Even a cat would fall when standing on them.”

The general with the ‘八’ shaped mustache impatiently urged, “Enough. Stop talking nonsense and quickly find him!”

They dispersed. Even if they had to dig three feet into the ground, they had to find An Xinhui and Sun Mo.


Liu Village was a tiny village that was about 50 li away from Jinling. It had its back to mountains and forest, and the villagers depended on mining for a living. It was said that the Buddha statue in the Hall of Great Strength of the Xiangguo Temple was carved from the stones of Mountain Liu.

Even during the night, the sounds of chipping against stones and rocks could be heard from very far away, breaking the silence of the night.

In a certain house, Huo Lanying was monitoring for ten whole minutes and heaved a sigh of relief after affirming that no one was chasing them. He then sat down.

“Li Xiu truly ought to die. After my injury recovers, I will head to the Prince Consort Manor to strangle her to death on the bed!”

Huo Lanying ruthlessly vowed.

Based on external appearance, he was very handsome, but there was a hint of balefulness in his features. Besides, due to him leading a team of people that were doing human experiments, he had an extremely cold-blooded aura.

“You can’t kill Li Xiu!”

A middle-aged man shook his head. He was also a star general under the Corona Starlord. However, he didn’t know anything about medical arts, and his main responsibility was combat.

“I don’t care. In any case, my future is finished. That Li Xiu has to pay the price.”

Huo Lanying’s eyes were completely red.

After the personal students of the Corona Starlord finished their apprenticeship, they would individually take control of a team and be responsible for a research topic. Whoever did well and had the greatest achievement would be able to gain the Corona Starlord’s utmost support. In fact, they might even have a chance to become a Starlord themselves.

In any case, Huo Lanying was quite brainy. He had used the longevity potion to tempt Li Zixing with eternal life. After that, he had wanted to borrow Li Zixing’s power in Jinling to make a good living for himself.

Resources, gold, medicinal ingredients, human talents, and the hardest-to-acquire medicine-humans...he lacked nothing. This also caused Huo Lanying’s experiment progress to go very fast.

But now, everything was destroyed.

“Cough cough!’

Because Huo Lanying was too angry, he coughed up a few mouthfuls of blood. Although he possessed a saint-tier secret treasure and managed to escape successfully from Li Xiu, he was still injured.

After all, Li Xiu’s subordinates were all extremely powerful.

“You take a break first, I’m going to inspect the information!”

Huo Lanying’s mind was in chaos now and couldn’t sleep. The research data was the crystallization of all his research during these ten years. If it was missing or destroyed, he would surely feel heartache so bad that he wanted to die.


The middle-aged man was fatigued too. His entire body was coerced in blood. Hence, he wanted to head to the courtyard and use the water from the well to shower quickly. But just when he stepped out, his ears pricked up.

“Who the hell are you? You even dare to follow your star general grandpa? Quickly scram out and receive your death!”

The middle-aged man roared.


Huo Lanying also brandished his sword as he rushed out.

“We hid so carefully, yet we were still discovered?”

Sun Mo was speechless. He felt that he was already very cautious and he didn’t even dare to breathe loudly.

“They don’t depend on hearing to find people. Rather, they are using some sort of perception.”

An Xinhui also no longer hid herself. She pushed the wooden door open and entered.

“It’s you?”

Huo Lanying frowned. As the headmaster of the Central Province Academy, as well as a beautiful female great teacher ranked #5 on the Beauty Rankings, everyone in Jinling knew of her.

“Teacher An!”

The middle-aged man greeted.

“Don’t address me as that. You are not worthy!”

An Xinhui berated.


The middle-aged man started. After that, he smiled. “Haha, sure. I hope that you can still be so tough when you fall to my fist.”

“You are merely a loser, yet you still dare to brag?”

Sun Mo ridiculed.

“You are the one who discovered my stronghold?”

Huo Lanying’s brows were tightly furrowed. He was extremely enraged.

Li Xiu was someone who preferred to do things solo. So if it wasn’t Sun Mo and An Xinhui divulging the secret, she would definitely not permit them to join the operation.

“Speak lesser, let’s fight!”

Sun Mo pulled out his blade. “Sister Xinhui, you go deal with that injured one!’

Sun Mo wanted to finish that middle-aged man off.


This time around, An Xinhui’s rejection was very clean. It was impossible for Sun Mo to defeat a star general. In fact, Sun Mo might not even be able to defeat that injured young man.


Yet, Huo Lanying shouted and seized the initiative.

This was his second stronghold and was a very concealed one. Since Sun Mo and An Xinhuo could find their way here, this meant that he no longer had any safe dwellings.

Hence, he could either leave Jinling or kill the two of them. If not, the authorities would definitely be able to find him soon.

One couldn’t help but say that Huo Lanying’s thoughts were extremely comprehensive.


An Xinhui pulled her sword and wanted to block Huo Lanying, but that middle-aged man was like a cannonball, appearing behind An Xinhui despite moving slower. He directly aimed a punch at her back.

An Xinhui reacted by placing her sword behind her to block the attack.


The fist collided with the sword. An Xinhui borrowed the momentum of the middle-aged man’s punch and launched another attack.

As he saw this, Sun Mo roared.

“Silly girl, trust me for once!”

His voice was filled with heartache and helplessness, also a hint of indescribable emotion that hinted at him being moved. Honestly speaking, Sun Mo had never been shown concern in such a way by anyone before.


An Xinhui shook her head. (Even if I get scolded by you after this, I can’t let you take the risk.)

“Then how? Will you fight both of them alone?”

Sun Mo executed the Wind King Divine Step and arrived before Huo Lanying as he attacked. “I’m a man. Where do you place my pride?”

An Xinhui started. This was especially so when she looked at Sun Mo’s eyes that were as radiant as the stars. She suddenly understood something.

This was a man who would rather fall in battle than hiding behind a woman.

“An Xinhui, I have my own determination. Don’t make me hate you!”

Sun Mo’s tone was strict. “Besides, I will definitely not lose this fight!”

“Damn, stop making a public display of affection before this daddy. This daddy is going to ravage her before your eyes later!”

Huo Lanying cursed loudly. He pulled his sword and slashed out over ten sword shadows that flowed with brilliant lights and vibrant colors.

“Alright, you be careful then!”

Seeing that things weren’t working out the way she wanted them to, An Xinhui gave up and started to fight the middle-aged man.

This person was after all a star general from Dark Dawn. She had to give it her all.

At this moment, two separate battles started.


A layer of golden light appeared on Sun Mo’s body.

Invulnerable Golden Body!

At the same time, the Grand Universe Formless Divine Art was activated. The world before Sun Mo’s eyes began to slow down.

Even so, Huo Lanying’s sword attacks were still shockingly fast.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

The sword clashed against the wooden blade, causing sparks to fly around.

“You are pretty capable!”

Huo Lanying was surprised. “Oh right, you are currently in the Great Teachers Hero Rankings, right? What rank are you?”

“I forgot it, I think I’m currently ranked #6?”

Sun Mo feigned calmness. In any case, he couldn’t lose out in terms of external appearance.

“Is that so?”

Huo Lanying’s lips curled as he laughed confidently. “Back in my time, I was number one.”

(Although I already fought a few times and am heavily injured today, there’s no problem for me to teach a junior like you a lesson.)

“Allow a senior like me to give you a few pointers!”

After Huo Lanying spoke, he suddenly unleashed an ultimate attack.

Sword Flash!

Swish~ Swish~ Swish~

Huo Lanying brandished his longsword. For every single sword strike he pieced forth, the sword’s edge would suddenly flash explosively before vanishing into the night.

However, a stream of sword qi would blast toward Sun Mo.

Truthfully speaking, it wasn’t that the sword’s edge vanished. Rather, it flashed too brilliantly that one’s naked eyes had no way to see it. It was just like when one was standing in a brightly lit room. When the lights were suddenly turned off, their eyes had to adapt for a while before they could see the things in their surroundings with the aid of moonlight.

There were simply too many streams of sword qi.

It was basically impossible for Sun Mo to block everything completely.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

The sword qi blasted into Sun Mo’s body, causing many sparks to appear.

“Yo, you are so tough!”

Huo Lanying was surprised. “Is this a saint-tier cultivation art?”

“Why don’t you take a guess?”

Sun Mo appeared calm but actually it was very strenuous for him to block these attacks. Was this the deathly sense of pressure exuded by a formidable enemy?

Ever since he came to this world, the most dangerous battle Sun Mo had experienced was undoubtedly that battle when he fought against Daoist White Bird in the temple.

The other fights were nothing in comparison.

However, the pressure emitted by Huo Lanying was over ten times greater compared to the Daoist White Bird.

“Haha, is a saint-tier art really that impressive?”

Huo Lanying’s lips curled. “Let me tell you this. What I’m cultivating is the Heavenly Sword Art, a peerless-grade saint-tier cultivation art. Among the myriad of sword arts and sword techniques, my cultivation art can be ranked within the top ten.”

“Why are you bragging? It isn’t even in the top three?”

Sun Mo ridiculed.

(This daddy’s Grand Universe Formless Divine Art is the ultimate divine art of the number one famous school in the Nine Provinces – the Skyraise Academy. Out of all the cultivation arts, this undoubtedly ranks within the top ten.)

(But was I arrogant?)

(Also, after this battle ends, your Heavenly Sword Art would also be learned by me.)

Honestly speaking, under such fierce attacks by his opponent, Sun Mo didn’t dare to use Immemorial Vairocana. He could only use the Grand Universe Formless Divine Art, Dharma Skyshock Fist, and Prairie Blazing Fire Spear Technique. Also, for the vast majority of the time, he focused fully on defense.

Huo Lanying was truly powerful!

Sun Mo wanted to activate Divine Sight to observe Huo Lanying, but he was unable to activate it.

“Damn, I can’t use cheats?”

Sun Mo’s lips twitched.

“Huo Lanying, you are putting in so much effort merely to deal with a #6 ranker on the Great Teacher Hero Rankings. Have your skills declined through these years?”

The middle-aged man mocked.

“Sun Mo, be careful! The Heavenly Sword Art is one of those sword arts that rank at the extreme peak.”

An Xinhui had a heavy look on her face.

Usually speaking, for cultivation arts with impressive names, they were either roadside goods used to swindle people, or they were so powerful that they were off the charts.

The Heavenly Sword Can Run Rampant Through the World!

This saying was referring to this cultivation art.

“In that case, is there a Dragon-Slaying Saber Art?”

Everyone didn’t understand Sun Mo’s pun. Moreover, they didn’t plan to want to understand it.

“I no longer wish to waste words with you.”

Huo Lanying looked at Sun Mo’s body and his lips curled. “Do you think that I won’t be able to do anything to you just because you are training in some golden bell protection-type of cultivation arts?”

“How naive. My Heavenly Sword Art is the best at killing my opponent’s ‘heart’!”

At the instant he spoke, Huo Lanying unleashed another ultimate attack.

Sword Dragon Ridding the Armor!


The angry roar of an ancient gigantic beast suddenly echoed out loud in the entire area.

[1] The Heavenly Sword and Dragon-Slaying Saber are two godlike weapons in Jinyong Novels.

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    《Absolute Great Teacher》