Absolute Great Teacher
715 Death of a Star General, Gorgeous Attacks
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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715 Death of a Star General, Gorgeous Attacks


“What the hell?”

Sun Mo’s expression was heavy. He could feel large amounts of spirit qi surging like waves and flowing rapidly toward Huo Lanying.

Roar! Roar! Roar!

Huo Lanying’s sword glowed resplendently, resembling the eruption of magma from a volcano. It then shot out a five-clawed golden dragon that was over ten meters long.

It roared and charged at Sun Mo with a shake of its tail.

Sun Mo dodged to the side but failed. At the next instant, he was devoured by a huge mouth.

“Sun Mo!”

An Xinhui turned pale with fright. She wanted to protect him, but she was blocked by the middle-aged man and couldn’t shake him free.

The giant dragon flew into the sky. After that, it descended downward with great speed and smashed heavily onto the ground.


A large crater appeared on the ground.

The giant dragon vanished and Sun Mo was half-kneeling in the crater, blood covering his body. His skin and flesh were torn; his Invulnerable Golden Body was broken for the first time.

“How do you feel?”

Huo Lanying wasn’t in a hurry as well. A salted fish was ultimately a salted fish. He could kill them whenever he wanted to.

“It feels like a massage. It’s very comfortable, come give me one more round again!”

Sun Mo was reluctant to admit that it was extremely painful. He rapidly took out a bottle of lover protection potion and pulled the bottle stopper out.


The white-colored potion transformed into mist and sprayed out. In an instant, the mist transformed into a woman with a voluptuous figure. Her body was covered in a light muslin and her appearance brightened the area up.

At the next instant, the woman floated before Sun Mo and curled her right arm around his neck. After that, she leaned forward and gave him a forceful kiss.


Huo Lanying’s pupils violently narrowed.

What potion was this?

How magical!

As a doctor, Huo Lanying was innately filled with interest toward such a potion. He also noticed that the injuries on Sun Mo were actually healing at a speed visible to the naked eye.


The middle-aged man whistled. He wasn’t interested in the powerful restorative effects. He only felt that the woman was full of taste and was his type.


An Xinhui was first shocked but after that, she felt immense admiration in her heart.

Her childhood sweetheart truly had all types of good stuff.

Although she knew that this woman was formed by the potion, she was unable to accept this psychologically.

“What potion is this?”

Huo Lanying was curious.

“Lover Protection. Have you heard of this before?”

Sun Mo stared at Huo Lanying’s eyes, wanting to know if his potion was unique in the Central Province.


Huo Lanying shook his head. And as that woman disappeared, he laughed. “Why don’t we have a deal? Give me the prescription and I will let you die with a whole corpse.”

“Why don’t you eat shit?”

Sun Mo spoke in disdain.

“In that case, sorry then. You can only end up as a medicine-human.”

Killing intent rose in Huo Lanying’s heart.

This was such a top-grade medicine. Even if one used their knees to think, they would also know that Sun Mo wouldn’t reveal it. Hence, Huo Lanying’s words were merely a probe. He wanted to know if Sun Mo had the prescription or not.

If he had, he would think of all sorts of methods to make Sun Mo cough it out.

The spiritual contract diagram on the back of Sun Mo’s hands lit up. After that, purple mist spewed forth and Holy Pharaoh appeared with a malevolent look on its face.

“This slave Hua Manyue is willing to fight for Great Teacher Sun!”

The courtesan puppet also came over.

“You are actually a spiritual controller?”

Huo Lanying was a little surprised. He only knew a little bit about Sun Mo.

“Hua Manyue, take a break. Holy Pharaoh, show him what you are made of!”

Sun Mo didn’t feel it was embarrassing. Spiritual controllers had always fought with numbers on their side. (If you are unhappy about it, go be a spiritual controller as well!)


Below the legs of the Holy Pharaoh, a purple light was released.

Chaotic Halo was activated, creating a rush of mental impact to the enemies.

The middle-aged man and Huo Lanying’s bodies both shook momentarily. They felt as though their brains had just been whacked ruthlessly by a large hammer, and they felt their heads spinning.

“The bug swarms shall devour you!”


Holy Pharaoh spread its wings as large amounts of scarabs rushed forth. They resembled a dark cloud as they swiftly enveloped Huo Lanying, wanting to devour his blood and flesh.

“Che, minor tricks!”

Huo Lanying snorted in disdain and danced around with his sword, unleashing another ultimate attack.

One sword summons frost, freezing the Nine Provinces!

Hu~ Hu~ Hu~

White frost immediately gushed forth from the sword and spread toward the bugs, freezing everything. After that, icicles started to form.

Kacha! Kacha!

The bugs in the air were also frozen into icicles and started to crack.

Sword Flash!

Woosh~ Woosh~ Woosh~

Sword qi blasted toward Holy Pharaoh.

“Master, this fellow is so powerful!”

Holy Pharaoh called out. “Why don’t we retreat first?”

Huo Lanying started. After that, he laughed. “Haha, Sun Mo. This spiritual beast of yours is quite interesting!”

“Trash, scram to the side!”

Sun Mo scolded and lunged out.

Meteor Fall!


Sun Mo’s wooden blade ignited with flames like a shooting star, emitting a line of fire as it pierced toward Huo Lanying.

Huo Lanying’s countenance changed.

For this move, he could tell it was extremely powerful even before he blocked it.


An ice sword clashing against a fire blade.



The majestic flames erupted forth, blazing toward Huo Lanying. However, after the flames arrived before him, they split into two and arced harmlessly past his head.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

The two of them crossed blows.

Great Flame Azure Dragon!


A long dragon made of flames manifested from the tip of the wooden blade.

Huo Lanying didn’t even take a step back. He lifted his sword high and slashed down with thunderous might.

A Sword Breaking the Sky!


The longsword arced past, and the entire sky seemed to be split into two. After that, the flame dragon was killed. It directly shattered into sparks and dissipated in the air along with the gusts of the night wind.

“Sun Mo, you won’t be able to defeat me!”

Huo Lanying was very calm. However, he still took an alchemy pill and popped it into his mouth when Sun Mo didn’t pay attention.

This Sun Mo was quite powerful.

Sun Mo stared at Huo Lanying. He then took out a dragon ball spirit rune and tore it apart.

Crackle~ Crackle~

Golden arcs of lightning flashed like sparks, igniting the spirit qi from Sun Mo’s body.


Sun Mo’s hair began to stand vertically, directly transforming into a golden color. Around him, a layer of golden spirit qi also manifested. They were burning like flames.

“What the hell is this?”

Huo Lanying was speechless. From the looks of things, Sun Mo seemed to have used some type of spirit rune?

But he had never heard anything about this before!

Although Huo Lanying mainly focused on medical studies and alchemy, he was once a genius great teacher and had dabbled in the study of spirit runes before. For such an impressive spirit rune, he definitely wouldn’t forget it if he had seen it before.

(Could it be that due to me being too focused on researching the longevity potion, I have unknowingly fallen behind?)

“Huo Lanying, be careful! This fellow is also a spirit runist!”

After the middle-aged man spoke, he still felt worried and decided to add another sentence. “A grandmaster-level one!”

“You are saying he’s a spirit rune grandmaster?”

Huo Lanying didn’t believe this. “What joke is this? How old is he merely?”

“Will I get any benefits if I lie to you?”

The middle-aged man was at a loss for words. Huo Lanying truly didn’t know what was good for himself. “In any case, just be careful. This brat is very capable in a fight.”

Huo Lanying fell silent. He could sense the spirit pressure from Sun Mo’s body increased by quite a few times. This indicated that Sun Mo’s combat strength had been enhanced.

“Seems like I can only use my ultimate moves!”

Huo Lanying was also a genius. When facing other geniuses, his psychological state wasn’t one of dread or cautiousness. Rather, he sought to fully dominate and suppress his opponents, crushing their self-confidence.


Spirit qi gushed forth from his longsword, materializing into an armored warhorse below Huo Lanying. After that, he mounted it and charged toward Sun Mo with lightning speed.

If this charge connected, Sun Mo’s bones definitely would be broken and his body would be trampled into mush by the warhorse.

Flames of Anger Overturning the Sky!


Sun Mo’s wooden blade ignited in advance. After that, the flames intensified and engulfed him, causing him to resemble a powerful current within a ball of flames as he also charged toward Huo Lanying.


Both parties collided. After Huo Lanying passed through the sea of flames, he saw a 6-meter-tall solemn-looking Buddha statue before him. It was chanting buddhic sutras and it smacked down with its gigantic palm.

Suppressing All Evil!

Huo Lanying drew in a deep breath and roared.


Azure Sky Rend!


As the longsword slashed out and chopped off the Buddha’s right hand, it then also cut off half of the Buddha’s shoulder.


Huo Lanying’s lips curled into a smile as he silently heaved a sigh of relief.

He would win this fight for sure.

At this moment, a sense of crisis suddenly appeared in Huo Lanying’s heart. However, due to him having repeatedly unleashed ultimate attacks, he was already very fatigued and his movements were no longer as fast as before.


The wooden blade penetrated Huo Lanying’s right waist and just when it wanted to continue deepening the wound, he managed to kick the blade away. After that, he killed the fellow that sneak attacked him.

“A clone?”

Huo Lanying saw the clone vanishing into black mist, and his brows finally started to furrow.

This Sun Mo actually knew so many cultivation arts, and all his moves were profound and packed with immense might. It seemed that all the cultivation arts he used in the fight were saint-tier ones.

“Isn’t this a little too much of an exaggeration?”

Huo Lanying was perplexed. Were saint-tier cultivation arts cabbages that one could buy as many as they wanted to?

Sun Mo attacked wildly. He discovered that after he used the dragon ball spirit rune and entered a berserk state, the clones he summoned would also be in the berserk state. This was pretty impressive.

A single spirit rune could produce 12 berserk clones.

He had really profited!

This time around, the two of them fought on equal grounds and their strengths were relatively similar.

“At the very least, he won’t lose!”

An Xinhui could finally put the worry in her heart away. She could kill this star general first before heading over to help.

“Salted fish, so you think you have won?”

Huo Lanying was very unhappy because he had been injured at the start. If this continued to drag on, it would be very disadvantageous to the recovery of his wounds.

“Sun Mo, entering a berserk state should be your final trump card, right?”

Huo Lanying coldly laughed. “If I enter a berserk state as well, what will you do to deal with me?”

As he spoke, Huo Lanying bit down ruthlessly to the left side of his mouth.


A top-grade pill hidden there was crushed, transforming into a warm current and entering his stomach.


Huo Lanying’s spirit pressure was instantly enhanced by quite a few times, and his injuries were recovering as well. After that, his strength, agility, and reaction speed were all upgraded.

Swish~ Swish~ Swish~

The clones all rushed out and surrounded Huo Lanying, wanting to kill him before his aura reached the peak.

“Stop daydreaming!”

Huo Lanying’s lips curled and he unleashed his ultimate trump card.

Sword Dragon in the Field!

Roar! Roar! Roar!

His sword waved and caused an ancient giant dragon to fly out. In an instant, a total of seven ancient dragons surrounded the clones.

Sila~ Sila~

The clones all shattered.

Sun Mo’s eyelids twitched violently. How should he fight? Let alone ‘hitting’ the Heavenly Sword Art out from Huo Lanying, Sun Mo didn’t even know if he could have a full corpse remaining if he took the brunt of this attack.

(What should I do?)

Sun Mo’s brains spun rapidly and he discovered there was nothing much he could use. (Wait a minute, don’t be anxious. Since I’ve discovered a problem, I must resolve it.)

(Where’s the difference between me and him?)

“Sun Mo, run quickly!”

An Xinhui directly shouted when she saw Huo Lanying in such a state.

There was no way to win anymore.

Yet, Sun Mo acted as though he didn’t hear the warning. He wasn’t someone who liked to flee.

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    《Absolute Great Teacher》