Absolute Great Teacher
716 Bodhi Wisdom, Saint-tier Secret Treasure!
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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716 Bodhi Wisdom, Saint-tier Secret Treasure!


The seven dragons howled in anger, causing everyone who was asleep in the little village to be shocked awake.

The villagers stood up and glanced outside the windows. They immediately saw this terrifying scene, which caused them to feel so afraid that they almost lost control of their bowels.

An Xinhui was locked in combat with the middle-aged man, not expecting the fallout caused by Sun Mo’s battle to be so great and dangerous. Each of their moves was filled with killing intent and if either of them was slightly careless, they would have no way to overturn the situation.

However, at this moment, Sun Mo didn’t have time to care about all the distractions.

His brain was spinning at full speed, trying to resolve the problem.

As a human from the modern era, be it working or lifestyle, Sun Mo always came out with a methodology that could allow things to run simpler.

For example, the factors that decided the victory and defeat of cultivators in combat.

Sun Mo had seriously analyzed this.

Usually speaking, the reason for victory could be split into three parts: Body quality, cultivation art, and one’s level of cultivation base.

Among these, one’s body quality was the most important. Body quality was also the same as one’s innate aptitude and talent.

This was like sportsmen who became world champions. All of them basically wouldn’t be injured easily, and their recovery ability was very good. To put it more coarsely, their endurance level was high.

Naturally, one’s brain was also a type of aptitude. Li Ziqi belonged to this category.

For people with good aptitudes, in the situation where their cultivation bases were the same, they would have a larger spirit qi reserve and quicker spirit qi circulation speed. Moreover, the disparity with their peers after they leveled up was staggeringly high.

Hence, when the cultivation base was higher, the disparity between geniuses and ordinary people would be even more immense.

Cultivation arts were external factors.

If two people had the same level of aptitude and if one cultivated a cultivation art from a roadside stall and the other cultivated a divine-tier cultivation art, the latter would absolutely crush the former.

Not only was the destructive might from divine-tier cultivation arts extremely strong, but they could also unleash the potential of a genius fully.

Thirdly – cultivation bases. This was easier to understand.

To give an example, it was like the different levels in a game.

The higher-leveled one would find it easy to kill the lower-leveled one.

Even if the mechanics of the higher-leveled player was horrible, they could simply spam a button to kill a lower-leveled character.

Naturally, equipment, weapons, potions, and battle skills had to be taken into account as well, as they could contribute to victory.

Both his and Huo Lanying’s cultivation arts were peerless-grade saint-tier ones, but Sun Mo grasped more cultivation arts. This allowed him to have more choices during combat, but he was unable to make good use of them.

This was because Huo Lanying’s attacks were too strong. He was able to unleash powerful attacks one after another, and his body could withstand the exhaustion.

This was the suppression due to a difference in cultivation bases.

If it wasn’t for the fact that Huo Lanying was injured earlier and had fought a few fights, he would have long since killed Sun Mo.

“If I want to win, I have to do my utmost to shorten the disparity between our cultivation bases!”

Sun Mo already knew what to do. Hence, he swiftly took out the bodhi wisdom fruit and placed it into his mouth.

Kacha kacha!

Sun Mo bit the fruit.

(Let me level up!)

When the bodhi fruit was in his mouth, Sun Mo chewed two to three times. Other than a slight feeling of it being underripe, he didn’t even taste it fully and directly swallowed it.

After that, a cool and refreshing feeling appeared in his stomach and slowly spread around his body.


Mysterious diagrams shone on the external parts of Sun Mo’s body. This was especially so for the center of his brows. A third eye appeared there.


That eye shot out a beam of golden light that looked like a 3D laser. It also resembled a painting brush that was dipped in golden light as it brushed past. A moment later, a Buddha statue manifested.

“What’s that?”

The middle-aged man was dumbstruck.

An Xinhui was very shocked as well, but no matter what that was, it was something created by her childhood sweetheart. Moreover, she knew that grasping such an opportunity was rare. Hence, she hurriedly seized the initiative to attack when her opponent was distracted.


Huo Lanying understood that things just got more troublesome. Usually speaking, for ultimate skills that exuded such a powerful aura, the might they could produce was definitely overwhelmingly powerful. Hence, he lunged toward Sun Mo with his full strength and wanted to kill Sun Mo before he could fully unleash the ultimate skill.

But at this moment, the eyes of the Buddha statue opened as it roared.


A buddhic tune was akin to the sound of a giant bronze bell being struck as a warning. The sound blasted into Huo Lanying’s ears and caused his body to shiver as he stumbled.

The Buddha statue raised its palm and smacked toward Sun Mo’s head.


Countless things flooded into Sun Mo’s brain like the tides.


Sun Mo screamed as his facial features contorted.

This was truly too painful. He felt that he had become an ox that was force-fed with water. His head felt like bursting apart.

Luckily, this feeling only lasted for a few seconds and soon vanished.

Sun Mo knelt on the ground and his palms were pressing down on the floor as he panted heavily.


“Congratulations on reaching the seventh level of the Divine Force Realm!”

(Damn, I suffered so much and only leveled up to the seventh level? I didn’t even reach the peak of the seventh level?)

Sun Mo wanted to scold people. He decided to feed the bodhi fruits to pigs if he obtained them again.


“Congratulations, your brain region has developed a second time. Your mental energy has explosively been enhanced, your memory is greatly strengthened, and your neuron’s speed increased by 50%.”

When Sun Mo heard this, he started and then felt extremely joyful.

(Damn, give me another fruit. This daddy can still eat more.)

It had been quite long since Sun Mo came to the Nine Provinces. He was no longer that ignorant fellow who knew nothing about cultivation.

He knew that there were many cultivation arts in this world and after practicing them to their utmost limits, they could shift mountains and overturn teas, destroying the sky and exterminating the earth. However, cultivation arts that could cultivate the brain was exceptionally rare.

Whether a human was intelligent or foolish, this was determined by the heavens.

This was especially so to great teachers. They at most could use Encyclopedic Knowledge to temporarily enhance a student’s memory. But if one wanted to obtain a permanent upgrade, it was basically impossible.

But now, Sun Mo’s brain region had just received a second upgrade, allowing all his attributes to rise. It was like changing a computer’s cpu; his performance was naturally greatly improved.

“That’s only natural as the fruit is a mature bodhi wisdom fruit that only grows at the fourth level of the Darkness Continent. One might not find it even if they searched for 1,000 years.”

The system spoke in disdain.

“If animals consumed it, they would directly gain sentience and be capable of human speech. You actually used it to improve your cultivation base, simply a waste of heavenly treasure!”

From the system’s point of view, if this nature fruit was put to good use, Sun Mo might be able to receive a powerful spiritual beast. Moreover, he ate it so recklessly.

“I’m already going to die, why would I leave behind so many treasures to benefit my enemy?”

Speaking of regrets, it was impossible for him to have none. But when he saw Huo Lanying’s attitude as though he would win for sure, Sun Mo felt relieved that he had consumed the fruit. As long as Sun Mo killed him, he would be able to receive a peerless saint-tier cultivation art, large amounts of information about his experiments, and a sword that was at least of the spirit grade. He would surely not make a loss.

Wait a minute, that fellow also seemed to have a saint-tier secret treasure with him?

Although he was currently embroiled in a fight where he could die at any time, Sun Mo remained calm and his thoughts were exceptionally clear. He noticed all the details.

Huo Lanying sprinted forward.

He wanted to use his fastest speed to finish Sun Mo. He could sense the spirit qi fluctuations in Sun Mo’s body continuously growing stronger. This was why he wanted to kill Sun Mo before Sun Mo stabilized his new cultivation base, or the fight would be even harder.

Sword Flash!

Swish! Swish~ Swish~

Tens of thousands of sword qi streams blasted out together, illuminating the night.

Sun Mo had a solemn look on his face as he recited a buddhic chant. He felt no fear at all.



Golden light flashed brilliantly from Sun Mo’s body. It was like he had turned into a gigantic light bulb.

Invulnerable Golden Body!

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Sparks exploded when the sword qi slashed into his body, but he suffered no injuries.

“You are truly tough!”

Huo Lanying continued unleashing his ultimate moves.

A Sword Breaking the Sky, Azure Sky Rend!


Swordlight Thunder!

Sword Grace!

If he wanted to take Sun Mo’s head, he had to do so with speed.

Sun Mo held his wooden blade tightly and stared at the sword attacks swiftly coming his way. After that, he slashed out with his blade.

Paying someone back in their own coin!


Huo Lanying’s profound attacks were like stones falling into the ocean, vanishing silently.


Huo Lanying was stunned.

(What the hell?)

(What did this fellow do?)

(It can’t be that I missed with my attacks, right?)

However, at the next instant as Sun Mo slashed out, a powerful sword momentum blasted forward.

A Sword Breaking the Sky, Azure Sky Rend!


Huo Lanying was so shocked that he was shivering. This was undoubtedly his own ultimate attack. There was no mistake, even if he was blinded, he could recognize it from the aura.

But how did Sun Mo know this...

(Wait a minute. Is that the Grand Universe Formless Divine Art?)

Huo Lanying was once a graduate of the Black White Academy. When he went to the Skyraise Academy for an exchange, he had witnessed the prowess of this ultimate divine art of the Skyraise Academy before.

(Damn, could it be that this fellow is a headmaster candidate of the Skyraise Academy? However, isn’t he a little too young?)

Huo Lanying’s heart immediately grew chaotic.

The Grand Universe Formless Divine Art was something only headmaster candidates of the Skyraise Academy could learn. It could be said that each individual that was qualified to learn it was a talent heavily nurtured with the utmost effort by the Skyraise Academy.

Sun Mo was so young and even if he was a genius among geniuses, he wouldn’t be qualified to learn according to logic. This was because Sun Mo had no way to prove his loyalty and value to the Skyraise Academy due to his young age.

In that case, there was only a possibility left. Sun Mo’s parents must be extremely impressive and were in the upper echelons of the Skyraise Academy.


Although Huo Lanying was a dark great teacher and had done many bad deeds before, he still felt huge pressure when it came to killing the second-generation children of powerful great teachers.

However, Huo Lanying soon didn’t have any mood to care about this because Sun Mo’s combo attacks began.

The suppression effect from the Dharma Skyshock Fist, the ferocious attacks from the Prairie Blazing Fire Spear Technique, and the defensive counters from the Grand Universe Formless Divine Art. While using these attacks, Sun Mo also mixed in moves from Immemorial Vairocana, causing golden pages to fly out.

For a time, Sun Mo unleashed all sorts of attacks casually.

Due to the improvement of his cultivation realm and development of his brain region, Sun Mo could calmly gauge the battle situation and instantly analyzed the most optimal moves to use for each moment.

It could be said that he was so practiced that his moves were practically perfect.

Huo Lanying was suppressed.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

After Sun Mo had obtained the advantage, the Immemorial Vairocana also caused golden pages to fly out one after another from the top of Huo Lanying’s head.

Just a short while later, there were over ten pages.

“As expected of a peak-level divine art. There are so many pages.”

Sun Mo’s lips twitched.

“Master, I’m cheering for you. You are the very best!”

Holy Pharaoh cheered loudly from the side. (Sigh, it’s a pity there are no musical instruments here such as the drum or zither, or the atmosphere would be even better.)

The courtesan puppet started at the dung beetle in astonishment. “Other than cheering, can’t you go over to help?”

“Master doesn’t need my help!”

Holy Pharaoh explained.

“In that case, why didn’t you cheer for him since the start of the battle?”

The courtesan puppet doubted. “Were you planning to flee?”

“Am I that type of bug? You are bullying an honest man!”

The scarab had a look of anger on its face as though it just got insulted. “I was worried I might disturb master from his fight. That was why I maintained my silence.”

Honestly speaking, the scarab was really preparing for a rainy day.

(One must not depend solely on a single tree. That was the ancestral teaching of my scarab race.)

“No, you must die!”

Huo Lanying gritted his teeth and was about to activate his saint-tier secret treasure.

(Sun Mo, I said that you must die, so you absolutely have to die today!)

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    《Absolute Great Teacher》