Absolute Great Teacher
717 Top-rated Battle Spoils
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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717 Top-rated Battle Spoils


Myriad Sword Sound Unison!

Swish~ Swish~ Swish~

As Huo Lanying waved his sword, his sword edge flashed with a black-colored luster. The originally dim night became even dimmer. It was as though the night was covered with another layer of black clouds.


When the middle-aged man saw this, he jumped in fright. Sun Mo was actually so powerful? He managed to force Huo Lanying to unleash his ultimate trump card of all trump cards.

Sun Mo showed no hints of evasion in his gaze.

Because there was basically no way to evade this.

The night became even dimmer because there were over a thousand swords in the sky. They were like a meteor shower as they descended towards Sun Mo.

Paying someone back in their own coin!

Sun Mo unleashed an ultimate attack. Even his clone unleashed the same skill as insurance.

The final clash was here.

At this moment, not a single sound could be heard in the entire world. Only the sound of swords tearing through the air could be heard.

Sun Mo received the attack and retaliated, but his entire surrounding was engulfed by tens of thousands of sword shadows. He basically wasn’t able to see Huo Lanying’s exact position. At this moment, Sun Mo suddenly felt a piercing pain from the back of his shoulder.

A sword penetrated his scapula.

(I got sneak attacked?)

Sun Mo subconsciously charged forward to lengthen the distance between them. He swung out his blade in the passing, accounting for Huo Lanying’s attempt to dodge. However, he missed completely because Huo Lanying simply stood still there.

A wooden blade had pierced into Huo Lanying’s right chest.


Huo Lanying’s brows were furrowed. He turned his head and glanced backward. Sun Mo was standing there, piercing his heart with a wooden blade.

Why would there be a clone here?

Huo Lanying was already very careful.

The Myriad Sword Sound Unison was an AOE attack and was sufficient to draw Sun Mo’s attention. Moreover, he had activated his secret treasure and immediately teleported behind Sun Mo, wanting to assassinate him. However, who would have expected that the person being assassinated was himself instead?

This feeling felt as though he had fallen into the trap of his enemy.

“Mn? This clone...?”

Sun Mo was also very shocked. (Why would you appear here?)

Sun Mo had commanded the universe formless clones to use ‘Paying someone back in their own coin’ to intercept the Myriad Sword Sound Unison. From his point of view, as long as he could reflect this ultimate skill, he would win for sure. Hence, he was really surprised at this turn of events.

After that, he felt a lingering fear in his heart.

Could it be that the bodhi wisdom fruit had granted sentience to this clone? Was this why it didn’t follow his orders completely and acted without permission?

Sun Mo guessed correctly. This was the clone that appeared after he had consumed that bodhi wisdom fruit.

One must know that this was a divine fruit that could allow animals to gain intelligence. However, its effects were shifted to a clone due to a myriad of coincidental factors.

“I...I’m un...unwilling to accept this!”

Huo Lanying didn’t want to die. (I haven’t completed my experiments yet. I have not left my name behind in the great teacher world. I really don’t want to die!)


The bodhi wisdom clone pulled out its blade and slashed it horizontally in the passing.


Huo Lanying’s head exploded directly from the impact.

The headless corpse stumbled forward a few steps and fell onto the ground with a thudding sound.

After that, the bodhi wisdom clone glanced at Sun Mo and transformed into a ball of black mist before vanishing in the night wind.


Sun Mo was speechless.

“Master is imposing!”

“Master is tyrannical!”

“Master is invincible and will unite all Nine Provinces!”

The scarab cheered. It moved its legs and immediately crawled over, kneeling at the side with a look of fawning respect on its face.

“What nonsense are you spouting about?”

Sun Mo frowned, he disliked such flattering.

“Master, the posture of that clone looks as handsome as you when it beheaded the enemy.”

Holy Pharaoh was hinting that the brain matter of such an impressive expert would naturally be very delicious.

“Go and eat!”

Sun Mo impatiently waved his hands.

He didn’t notice that when he was observing the bodhi wisdom clone, yet another clone was standing inside the room and looking outside through the window.

What a miscalculation...

This clone had been betting on the fact that Huo Lanying would take the information here and successfully escape. This was why it had chosen to hide here for an ambush. But who could have known that Huo Lanying would choose to fight Sun Mo head-on?


The clone looked at Huo Lanying’s corpse and cursed. After that, it glanced at the bodhi wisdom clone before it turned into a ball of black mist and vanished.

“Sun Mo!”

An Xinhui called out. She was so agitated that she found it hard to contain herself.

Sun Mo actually won against a dark great teacher?

Wasn’t this feat a little too impressive?

It was truly a pity that she didn’t have a chance to use an image-recording stone to record this battle.

Through this battle, An Xinhui could confirm that Sun Mo was a battle genius. When facing others at the same cultivation level, Sun Mo’s combat strength was definitely at the peak.

If he encountered a salted fish, or even if he jumped levels and fought average people above his cultivation level, it would be very easy.


Favorable impression points from An Xinhui +1,000. Reverence (33,500/100,000).


The middle-aged man’s reaction was very honest. He cursed out loud and turned to run. It was already very strenuous for him to fight An Xinhui. If Sun Mo was added into the mix, he would die for sure.

“Take a break, I will chase after him.”

An Xinhui instructed.

Since her childhood sweetheart won, she naturally couldn’t lose or she might be looked down upon.

Sun Mo didn’t persist because after the berserk effect faded, his entire body was riddled with pain. He also felt a sense of fatigue that stemmed from his spirit qi reserve being emptied.

Hence, Sun Mo sat down to rest.

“Have you finished eating?”

Sun Mo then instructed, “After you are done, go and collect all the battle spoils over.”


Sun Mo snapped his finger.

Those golden pages floating in the air flew over and combined into a book.


“Congratulations on obtaining a peerless-grade saint-tier cultivation art, the Heavenly Sword Art.”

“If you practice this art to the grand completion stage, you can rival the heavens and run rampant through the world with unparalleled impunity.”

“Do you want to learn it?”

The system didn’t give an introduction to the cultivation art because there was no need to. After learning it, even a fool would understand how strong it was.

“Should I wait for the year to pass first?”

Sun Mo rolled his eyes sarcastically.


The golden book turned into motes of light resembling fireflies and zoomed into Sun Mo’s glabella. After that, a sword shadow appeared and displayed various sword moves that were imprinted deeply into his mind.

Right now, Sun Mo had grasped several top cultivation arts and could be considered as someone with a wide horizon. With just a glance at this sword art, he knew that he had found a treasure.

Huo Lanying wasn’t bragging. Among all the sword arts in the world, this definitely had the power to be ranked in the top ten.

“I’ve profited immensely.”

Sun Mo grinned happily, resembling a fox that had managed to steal a chicken.

Even if there were no other battle spoils, just with this sword art alone, he had already gotten back his capital.


“Congratulations on learning the Heavenly Sword Art. Proficiency level: elementary!”

Sun Mo immediately felt himself growing stronger.

(By relying on this cultivation art, I should be able to recruit a genius student, right?)

Just after Sun Mo stopped being complacent, he suddenly started. This was because he just discovered that he didn’t have a personal student that mained in sword arts.

“Master, we struck it rich.”

Holy Pharaoh dragged over a full and bulging bag made of ox leather. There were various records of information stuffed within.

Sun Mo casually took a book and flipped it through. After that, he realized he didn’t understand any of these.

Now, this was embarrassing.

“Master, these are the experimental data of the Longevity Potion. Just by following the instructions, even just a slightly experienced doctor could easily create the longevity potion.”

“Naturally, this information also contains the pros and cons with regard to the research of many other medical substances.”

The Holy Pharaoh didn’t know anything about medical studies, but it knew a dark secret art. As long as it devoured its enemy’s brain matter, it would be able to obtain their memories.

This knowledge was obtained from Huo Lanying’s brains.


Sun Mo nodded. He understood this logic.

“That’s right, you are able to obtain knowledge by devouring brain matter. Even if I didn’t have this information, wouldn’t it work if I simply killed Huo Lanying?”

Sun Mo suddenly felt that he might have been too busy for nothing.

“That won’t work!”

The Holy Pharaoh shook its head. “I don’t know the relevant knowledge, and the contents I see are all fragmented ones upon devouring the brain matter instead of systematic ones.

It was like when one tore a book into pieces and wasn’t able to fit it back, there would only be fragments left.

After seeing Sun Mo’s lips twitching, the scarab felt that its position in Sun Mo’s heart was plummeting. Hence, it hurriedly added. “Master, look at this!”

As it spoke, Holy Pharaoh passed a ring over.

“What’s this?”

Sun Mo took it.

There was a light blue-colored pearl on the ring, and it was roughly the size of a cherry. It looked very smooth and round, resembling a star that had fallen among the dust.

“Starflash Pearl!”

The scarab explained.

“In the oceans of the Darkness Continent, there’s a type of extremely rare clam species that would produce a pearl like this after ten thousand years. Because the color of the pearl resembles the stars, it is named the Starflash Pearl.”

“Go to the main point!”

Sun Mo urged. He tried activating Divine Sight, but it was ineffective.

“It can tear apart space and allow you to jump through space!”

Holy Pharaoh hesitated a while before explaining, “Simply speaking, if the user channels their will and spirit qi into the ring, they would be able to perform teleportation.”

Sun Mo’s eyes brightened. After wiping away the blood on the ring, he wore it on his left index finger. Eh, it felt a little loose. Hence, he changed it to his middle finger.

After that, he sent a strand of will into the Starflash Pearl.

A moment later, his vision changed. More accurately speaking, a 3D space appeared in his perception, enveloping a 100-meter range around him. Sun Mo could even see what was behind him.

(I want to teleport to this point.)

Sun Mo glanced at the area behind the scarab and infused the Starflash Pearl with his spirit qi.


In an instant, the spirit qi in Sun Mo’s body was like a flood of water breaking out of a dike, gushing out with full force. This caused him to feel dizzy and he almost fainted.

Meanwhile, Holy Pharaoh and the courtesan puppet only saw Sun Mo vanishing from his original location and appearing in another place in a flash.

“How magical!”

The courtesan puppet sighed in admiration.


Sun Mo cursed and coughed up a mouthful of fresh blood. He felt like he was completely drained. He no longer had strength and directly lay on the ground to rest.

This Starflash Pearl was definitely a top-rated secret treasure that could be used for sneak attacks or escape. However, the amount of spirit qi it consumed was truly too much.

If Sun Mo was in his peak’s state, he probably could only use it three times.

There was also another problem. After teleporting, Sun Mo’s body would stiffen slightly. It was unknown whether this was because of his injuries, or that his cultivation base was too low and had no way to negate the negative effect brought upon by the teleportation

Oh right, where was Huo Lanying’s sword?

As a sword general, his sword probably wasn’t an ordinary item, right?

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    《Absolute Great Teacher》