Absolute Great Teacher
720 The #8 Personal Studen
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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720 The #8 Personal Studen

Chapter t

An hour later, An Xinhui and Sun Mo left the Prince Consort Manor.

“Little Momo, it’s too excellent!”

An Xinhui had an agitated look on her face and involuntarily tugged Sun Mo’s hand. “Our Central Province Academy is going to rise.”

As long as they swallowed the Myriad Daos Academy, the Central Province Academy would be the number one school in Jinling. They would then be able to select better students and rank in the top three in the ‘C’ grade school tournament this year. At that time, they would be able to ascend to the ‘B’ grade.

“At that time, when grandpa awakens, he would surely feel very gratified to see the school’s unstoppable momentum.”

An Xinhui turned her head and looked at Sun Mo. “Thank you!”

This sentence of thanks was from the depths of her heart. Because if there wasn’t Sun Mo, the school would have long since been delisted. How would they be so imposing today?

“Let’s take a step at a time!”

Sun Mo was very calm. He wanted to bring the school into the ranks of the Nine Greats, and this road was an exceptionally long one.


On the way, Sun Mo bid farewell to An Xinhui. He bought a fruit basket and some light refreshments as he headed to the Myriad Daos Academy to see Yue Rongbo.

“How’s his situation?”

Sun Mo saw Yu Yuhong whose eyes were red and swollen from crying. Most probably, Yue Rongbo’s situation wasn’t optimistic.

“The doctor said that he was poisoned, and his vitality was trampled to an extremely weak extent due to the consumption of some unknown alchemy pills. His organs are failing. It would depend on his luck as to whether he can recover and continue to live.”

Yu Yuhong spoke in sorrow.

Yue Rongbo was someone headhunted by Cao Xian. He was eager for the task and wanted to show his brilliance, but who could have expected that before he could lead the Myriad Daos Academy to greater heights, he himself was already in dire circumstances.

“Teacher Yu, don’t be pessimistic. Teacher Yue would surely recover.”

Sun Mo recalled the student he ‘accepted’, Ma Zhang. “I know a 5-star great teacher. After I return, I will invite him here to treat Teacher Yue.”


Yu Yuhong had a look of joy on her face. “I will have to thank Teacher Sun then!”

Sun Mo originally wanted Yu Yuhong to bring Yue Rongbo’s great teacher group over as reinforcements. But after seeing her appearance, he found it awkward to say this.


After rejecting Yu Yuhong’s invitation to a meal, Sun Mo returned to school. The student recruitment meet was still on-going, but Sun Mo didn’t really have much interest now.

After returning to the villa, Sun Mo saw Helian Beifang meditating in the living lounge.

“Didn’t you tour the school?”

Sun Mo asked with a smile.


Helian Beifang hurriedly stood up and felt somewhat ill at ease.

Dong He knew that Sun Mo liked cleanliness, hence, she got Helian Beifang to take a shower and also made him change his outerwear that was filled with the stench of sheep.

At this moment, Helian Beifang was dressed in the Central Province Academy’s uniform, and his barbaric aura was weakened somewhat, replaced by a hint of shyness and culture.

“Quite handsome!”

After hearing Sun Mo’s praise, Helian Beifang’s face flushed even redder.

“Come to my office to look for me this afternoon!”

Sun Mo wanted to accept Helian Beifang as his personal student in a public setting. By doing so, news of this would circulate rapidly. He would save effort on many things.

Otherwise, Sun Mo still had to introduce him. It would be too troublesome.

“Naturally, you don’t have to come if you don’t want to take me on as your personal teacher.”

After Sun Mo gave out the instructions, he headed to the private library of the old headmaster. Recently, he had no time to concentrate on his studies. He had to make up for that.


Sun Mo currently had a stand-alone office and he could even have a female assistant.

“Speaking of which, should I change the female teacher robes into a pencil skirt?”

Sun Mo mumbled. He sat on his chair and admired his office.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The sound of knocking rang out.

“Please enter!”

Sun Mo adjusted his sitting posture and pondered over what golden sentences he should say to display his coolness so he could make Helian Beifang admire him more. In the end, he discovered that it was Fang Haoran instead.

“Teacher Sun, you are really a busy bee!”

Fang Haoran seemed to be teasing him, but there was inevitably a hint of resentment in his tone.

Right now, he had joined the Central Province Academy, but everyone knew he was here because of Sun Mo. Logically speaking, even if Sun Mo didn’t regard him with importance, he should have treated him to a meal at the very least.

However, Sun Mo had completely forgotten about him.

This caused Fang Haoran to feel very unhappy.

(Is my weightage so light?)

“Teacher Fang, please sit!”

Sun Mo rose to pour a cup of tea.

Fang Haoran was satisfied when he saw that Sun Mo’s attitude wasn’t bad. He casually chatted for a few sentences and shifted the topic to the reason why he came.

“Teacher Sun, the effects of the giant medicine packet are truly extremely good. I myself soaked in a bath using it for quite a few times, and some of my hidden injuries are now almost healed.”

Fang Haoran laughed and started off with a good round of ass-kissing first.

“It’s good that the giant medicine packet is effective for you.”

Sun Mo drank a mouthful of tea and guessed Fang Haoran’s intention for coming.

“Teacher Sun, what do you think of my standard in alchemy?”

Seeing that Sun Mo didn’t want to take the initiative to pass the prescription over, Fang Haoran had no choice but to thicken his skin.

“Naturally the grandmaster level.”

Sun Mo dared to guarantee this point.

“Since that’s the case, do you think this set of old bones, me, can still work for 20 years?”

After Fang Haoran said this, his tone grew solemn.

“Naturally, yes.”

Sun Mo nodded.

“I’m willing to teach in the Central Province Academy for twenty years and I guarantee to nurture at least 50 alchemists. I wonder if Teacher Sun can...”

Fang Haoran’s words were interrupted by the sound of knocking on the door.

Boom! Boom! Boom!


As the sound of Sun Mo’s face faded, Helian Beifang pushed the door open and entered.


Helian Beifang felt very reserved. Although he had decided, when it came to actually going ahead with the procedure, he felt some conflict and fear. After all, this choice would concern his entire life.

“Helian, come and greet Great Teacher Fang!”

Sun Mo introduced them.


Fang Haoran casually grunted in response to Helian Beifang’s greeting. If it wasn’t for Sun Mo, he wouldn’t even be bothered to reply to this barbarian youth.

Helian Beifang wasn’t good with words. After a short period of silence, he also didn’t know what compliments to say and directly chose to kneel before Sun Mo instead as he kowtowed nine times.

(Let’s talk after the kowtows first.)

“Teacher Sun, I...”


The sound of the door’s axle moving interrupted Helian Beifang’s words. He turned his head and saw an old man with a head full of white hair standing apologetically at the entrance.

“Sorry, I’ve disturbed you.”

Ma Zhang had wanted to close the door, but he discovered that Sun Mo already looked over. If he still didn’t come in to greet him, that would be too impolite. Hence, he hurriedly closed the door and walked toward Sun Mo.

“Good afternoon, teacher!”

Ma Zhang bowed while placing down the gift he brought in passing.


Fang Haoran was a little dumbfounded, and his gaze subconsciously drifted toward Ma Zhang’s chest. He didn’t recognize the insignia of the school, but the five stars embroidered above the insignia almost blinded his eyes.

That was a representation of a 5-star great teacher’s identity.

(My heavens, a 5-star great teacher actually executed a disciple etiquette toward Sun Mo?)

Fang Haoran was shocked. After that, he suddenly recalled a rumor saying that there was a 5-star great teacher wanting to take Sun Mo on as a personal teacher during the 2-star great teacher examination.

Many people felt that those were gossips. After all, great teachers all wanted their face. Who would be willing to become the personal student of a lower-ranked great teacher? That would be too embarrassing.

But now, Fang Haoran believed it.

With regard to Sun Mo, one must never measure him by common sense.

“Teacher Ma is too polite.”

Sun Mo humbly spoke.

“Teacher, by saying this, you are treating me as an outsider.”

When Ma Zhang heard how polite Sun Mo was, he decided to just kneel down directly and kowtowed three times.


Fang Haoran directly stood up from the shock. His hand that was holding onto his teacup was trembling as the tea within spilled onto his hand, scalding him as he gritted his teeth.

“M...Ma Zhang, why must you do this?”

Sun Mo was helpless. “If you want to learn the Ancient Dragon Capturing Hands, I can simply teach you that. There’s no need for you to take me on as a personal teacher!”

“That can’t do. It is such a magical technique and is definitely an inheritance-level ultimate art. No matter how thick my face is, I would be embarrassed to learn it for nothing.”

Ma Zhang persisted. This was his bottom line.

Fang Haoran at the side was blushing from shame because he wanted to obtain the prescription of the giant medicine packet just by working for the Central Province Academy for twenty years.

In truth, he wouldn’t lose out from this exchange. After all, he was very high ranked when compared to the current fame and quality of the Central Province Academy. Besides, the salary Sun Mo was paying him was adequate too.

“Alright, speak after you stand up!”

Sun Mo felt very helpless.

Helian Beifang was completely stunned. He stared at the 5 stars on Ma Zhang’s chest as his lips trembled and he became speechless.

This 5-star great teacher was a personal student of his teacher?

(In that case, if I’m successful in taking Teacher Sun as my personal teacher, wouldn’t I become martial siblings with this person?)

(Being martial siblings with a 5-star great teacher?)

Helian Beifang suddenly felt that he might be dreaming. Even when he heard the great khagan had died when he was young, he had never felt so shocked before.

After seeing the barbarian youth’s appearance, Sun Mo laughed. He didn’t hurry him. Rather, he looked at Fang Haoran. “Teacher Fang, what did you want to say earlier?”

“N...nothing much!”

Fang Haoran hurriedly shook his head. With Ma Zhang as an example, even if you beat him to death, Fang Haoran would feel embarrassed to raise his conditions.

(Seems like I’ve still underestimated Sun Mo’s value!)

Fang Haoran sighed ruefully.


Favorable impression points from Fang Haoran +500. Respect (4,120/10,000).

The condition he thought of earlier was clearly insufficient. Hence, he had to carefully reconsider things.

Ma Zhang glanced at Helian Beifang and his eyes involuntarily shone. This boy’s physique was pretty good and he could tell that Helian Beifang was a good seedling with just a glance. It was best not to let such a good seedling fall out of his teacher’s grasp.

“Are you here because you wish to take my teacher as your personal teacher?”

Ma Zhang praised, “Your judgment is very good.”

Helian Beifang who was originally in an inwardly dumbstruck state actually calmed down after hearing this. He then kowtowed nine more times. “Teacher Sun, please accept me as your disciple!”

“Helian, I’m accepting you because of your behavior in the enemy nest that day. You did not fear death and wanted to save that girl. I hope that you will be able to maintain your kindness and courage all the way until the day you die!”

Sun Mo smiled and went to help Helian Beifang up with both hands. “From today onward, you are a personal student of I, Sun Mo. I will do my utmost to teach and guide you, nurturing you into a talent.”

“I will respectfully obey all of Teacher’s instructions!”

Helian Beifang kowtowed three more times and stood up.

“Junior brother!’

Ma Zhang walked over and took out a little porcelain bottle. “This is the first time we are meeting and I didn’t bring with me any valuable gift. Let me just give this bottle of blood overflow pills to you.”

“S...senior brother is too courteous.”

Helian Beifang didn’t accept it. The value of this little bottle was extraordinary, let alone the alchemy pills within. However, what made him feel uneasy was the age of this senior martial brother. It was simply a little too old.

“Just take it. But unless you encounter a bottleneck, try not to use alchemy pills to level up. You have to consult Teacher on this!”

Ma Zhang instructed.


“Congratulations on obtaining your number 8 personal student. Reward: 1x golden treasure chest. Please continue to work hard and spread your teachings to students all around the world.”

The system congratulated him.

Sun Mo frowned. He didn’t receive the best-rated treasure chest as a reward. Did this mean that Helian Beifang’s aptitude wasn’t good enough?


Before dinner, the news that Sun Mo accepted yet another personal student had spread around the entire school.

After all, Sun Mo was currently the number one great teacher in Jinling. Many people were paying attention to his actions.

Many people were curious about Sun Mo’s new student. Hence, they crowded around him, pointed to him, and whispered to each other. Although Helian Beifang had a bold and unconstrained personality, he wasn’t able to endure such things.

He originally wanted to follow Li Ziqi to tour the school. But after seeing such a situation, he decided to return to the villa.

“Come, I’ll bring you to a good place!”

Although Helian Beifang was a barbarian from the west, since he had become her junior martial brother, Li Ziqi would naturally treat him with respect.

Helian Beifang entered the room and was shocked after seeing the teleportation gate.

“This is...”

However, the scene next shocked him even more.

When Helian Beifang entered the Wind King Divine Hall and saw the shiny spirit stones sparkling resplendently in the walls, he was completely dumbstruck.

“T...these spirit stones...how many thousand-men tribes can I purchase with them?”

“This place is the Wind King Divine Hall. The area ahead is the residence of the Wind King. You must not enter there, or you would be killed. You can wander casually through the other places, but it’s best for you not to enter the halls of your other martial siblings without their permission.”

Li Ziqi explained.


Helian Beifang hurriedly guaranteed. He also wasn’t someone who didn’t know the rules. The moment Sun Mo took him on as a personal student, he already allowed him to come to such a concealed place. How great was Sun Mo’s trust in him?

(I, Helian, truly have nothing I can use to repay him!)


Favorable impression points from Helian Beifang +1,000. Respect (2,100/10,000).


In the campus, Sun Mo became the main topic again because Ma Zhang had officially started his duty.

He was a 5-star great teacher/doctor.

His first lecture was filled to the brim. Even students who didn’t understand medical studies were here to listen as well. After all, 5-star great teachers were very rarely seen.

“Isn’t Great Teacher Sun a little too impressive?”

“I originally thought that the rumors from before are false!”

“God Hands are terrifying to the extreme!”

Not only for the students, but even the teachers felt a little dazed. When they saw Sun Mo again, they subconsciously became much more respectful.

Sun Mo soon discovered that no one joked with him anymore. Everyone was extremely respectful when they spoke to him and when he wandered through the campus, there were more students bowing and greeting him. Some students who were very far from him would even specially run over to bow to him.

“I can be considered to have some status in the ‘pugilistic world’ now, right?”

Sun Mo was very happy. After that, An Xinhui informed him that this evening was the time the operation started.

During dinner, the armed forces of the Central Province Academy had already finished assembling. After that, they swiftly moved toward the Myriad Daos Academy under the cover of the night.

This time around, An Xinhui wanted to use the shortest time with the quickest momentum to suppress the dark great teachers in the Myriad Daos Academy. There was no need to capture them alive as they had the authority to kill on sight.

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