Absolute Great Teacher
721 Excellent Acting Skills
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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721 Excellent Acting Skills


The Myriad Daos Academy hadn’t been founded for long, but due to them having Li Zixing, a powerful and strong financial backer, they went through another round of growth and expansion.

From just the structure of it, they wouldn’t look inferior even if they were placed amongst ‘B’ grade famous schools.

(The Prince wants your land to build a school and benefit Jinling’s descendants. What? You don’t want to move? That’s being selfish of you!)

After understanding the Myriad Daos Academy’s history, Sun Mo could only say that he had gotten a great deal out of it. After all, no matter how rich he was, he couldn’t expand the Central Province Academy’s site that easily.

They could only build a branch of the school in the suburbs.

There was no helping it. They couldn’t afford the costs of moving.

Right now, Sun Mo was the great teacher with the strongest hype in Jinling. Hence, he had just entered the Myriad Daos Academy’s doors when a number of students recognized him. Then, some of them who were more outgoing ran over to greet him.

“Good evening, Teacher Sun!”

“Teacher Sun, are you here to headhunt great teachers?”

“Teacher Sun, please accept me as your disciple!”

There were all sorts of people, saying many different things. However, without any exceptions, the students were all very respectful.

“I’m here to visit a friend.”

Sun Mo smiled. “Does anyone know where Great Teacher Jiao, Jiao Wenxue is?”

“I know. I saw Teacher Jiao admiring the moon by the Happy Lake earlier.”

A guy raised his hand.

“Then can I trouble you to lead the way?”

After Sun Mo said that, the students started shouting out.

“I know the way too!”

“Let me do it! I’m good at leading the way!”


The students made a ruckus but didn’t dare to follow Sun Mo. However, a whole bunch of people were following several ten meters behind Sun Mo, assessing him secretly.

He was really handsome.

Wearing a long robe, holding a wooden blade, looking dignified and having a set of good looks.

“I feel that I might have fallen in love.”

A girl clasped at her heart. She had just said this when she received a lot of rolled eyes.

The Happy Lake was a well-known place in the Myriad Daos Academy. Although Li Zixing had spent a tremendous amount of money to purchase unusual rocks, steep hills, and all sorts of strange flowers and plants to pile this place up, its reputation wasn’t as great as the Central Province Academy’s Sorrowless Lake.

After all, without any history, there was no right to boast.

Sun Mo quickly saw three people sitting at the pavilion next to the lake. Other than Jiao Wenxue and Bai Qilin, whom he had met before, there was a middle-aged man.

“To think that Zou Ze is here as well.”

Sun Mo hadn’t met this person before, but the name list that Li Xiu had prepared had his portrait.

These people were the names of the dark great teachers that Li Xiu had gotten after interrogating the hostages.

Before he took action, An Xinhui had said that if he could win by intellect, he should do so. He mustn’t attack head-on. Moreover, he must control the battle to be within the smallest range possible and not get the students implicated.

“Teacher Jiao, Teacher Bai.”

Sun Mo let out a big laugh and spoke up first. “The three of you are in such a good mood to be coming together to drink under the moon!”

“Teacher Sun?”

Bai Qilin frowned when he saw Sun Mo. (Why did you come to the Myriad Daos Academy?) Jiao Wenxue stood up.

“Why has Teacher Sun come?”

Jiao Wenxue said this as he invited. “If you aren’t in a hurry, why not join us for a drink?”


Sun Mo took a whiff. “What wine is it? It smells good!”

“It’s Osmanthus Winery’s Langui Wine. It’s a ten-year brew!”

Jiao Wenxue chuckled and made way to give Sun Mo a seat.

“This must be Teacher Zou Ze, right? I’ve heard of your name!”

Sun Mo cupped his fists together.

“Oh? Teacher Sun knows me?”

Zou Ze was stunned, then a hint of joy flashed past on his face. The feeling of being recognized by a famous person was very good. He felt as if he was very famous himself.

“I have long heard of Teacher Zou’s achievements in the study of spirit runes.”

Sun Mo smiled and said politely.

“Why has Teacher Sun come to the Myriad Daos Academy?”

Bai Qilin’s tone was unfriendly. He didn’t feel convinced by the loss to Sun Mo the other day and had always wanted a rematch.

“To visit a friend!”

After Sun Mo said that, he looked toward Jiao Wenxue. “I happened to come across Teacher Jiao and want to seek guidance from you. After all, Teacher Jiao has a great reputation in alchemy.”

“I wouldn’t dare!”

Jiao Wenxue quickly said modestly, “If Teacher Sun has any difficulties, feel free to let me know. If I know of it, I’ll definitely share it with you.”

Zou Ze threw a glance at Jiao Wenxue and couldn’t help but complain in his heart. (When have you been such an easy person to talk to? The entire Myriad Daos Academy knows that you always keep what’s precious to yourself, even keeping it a secret when refining an origin nurturing pill.)

But when Zou Ze saw Sun Mo, he understood.

This was the well-known God Hands. If they were to get into his good books, one would be able to benefit a lot.

“Haha, of course I won’t let Teacher Jiao suffer a loss.”

Sun Mo changed the topic. “From Teacher Jiao’s complexion, it seems that some pill qi has gotten into your body and with time, they have turned into pill toxins, bringing harm to your organs. Why not let me give it a try?”

Jiao Wenxue quickly got up and cupped his fists together. “Then I’ll have to trouble Teacher Sun.”

People who often performed alchemy over the years would inhale all sorts of pill qi, accumulating them into the body. A little bit of them might be fine, but when they accumulated too much, they’d be harmful.

Ordinary alchemists would take medicine to get rid of the toxin. But now that there was Sun Mo’s God Hands to use, it was naturally all that Jiao Wenxue could ask for.

“If only he can give me a massage and let me advance by another tier.”

Jiao Wenxue was in anticipation, but at the same time, started mumbling away to himself. The matter that Sun Mo wanted his help for was probably not something minor.

(If I can do it, I should try my best to get it done.)

For such a hero like Sun Mo, Jiao Wenxue would rather suffer a bit of a loss if it meant that he could maintain this relationship.

“Teacher Jiao, please relax your body!”

As Sun Mo said this, he walked up behind Jiao Wenxue, placing both his hands on Jiao Wenxue’s shoulders. He then kneaded a few times.


Jiao Wenxue immediately cried out. It was a little painful.

“Teacher Jiao, you’ve been slacking on your cultivation recently.”

Sun Mo sneered. “And you’ve been drinking a little too much frivolous wine too.”

Jiao Wenxue’s face flushed up, but strong admiration then rose in his heart. As expected of God Hands, he could even feel this!

Jiao Wenxue had recently become infatuated with a top courtesan from Yichun Brothel and thus had visited a little too often.


Favorable impression points from Jiao Wenxue +300. Friendly (915/1,000).

“But we’re all men. I can understand that!”

Sun Mo teased.

“Teacher Sun, please don’t tease me!”

Jiao Wenxue begged for mercy and the atmosphere became extremely amicable.

“Master, you’re really pretentious!”

Holy Pharaoh praised.

“Do you still want to eat brain matter?”

Sun Mo frowned. Who would say such things about their master? “Moreover, I’m just acting. It’s like acting as a spy, understand?”

“That’s not it. Master, you’ve misunderstood. When I say pretentious, it is a praise.”

Holy Pharaoh felt very aggrieved.

“If you don’t know how to talk, then talk less!”

Sun Mo scolded.

“Hmmm? Why is it that the spirit qi in my body is weakening?”

Jiao Wenxue was stunned.

The spirit qi in each cultivator’s body was a cycle that would circulate constantly. However, as Sun Mo massaged him, Jiao Wenxue felt that its flow had stopped.

This feeling made him very uncomfortable.

After all, without spirit qi, one wouldn’t be able to perform their cultivation art and would have no battle prowess.

“Teacher Jiao, don’t let your mind wander. Focus your mind and heart. You’ve accumulated about enough in your cultivation and there’s a possibility for you to strive for a breakthrough.”

Sun Mo reminded him to take things seriously.


Hearing that he could strive for a breakthrough, Jiao Wenxue looked elated and immediately discarded all distractions.

(It’s the God Hands after all! It’s very normal for me to not understand it!)

Upon thinking this, Jiao Wenxue relaxed.

Three minutes later, Sun Mo stopped and looked toward Zou Ze. “Teacher Zou, if you don’t mind, do you want to give the Ancient Dragon Capturing Hands a try?”

“This... How can I do that?”

Zou Ze naturally wanted to give it a try, but there was nothing he could bring out in exchange.

“Teacher Zou, there’s no need to stand on ceremony.”

As Sun Mo said this, he had walked behind Zou Ze and pressed both his hands on his shoulder.

“Then I’ll thank Teacher Sun then.”

Zou Ze looked at Sun Mo’s smile and felt that this person was very enthusiastic and sincere. He didn’t think that this person was planning to harm him.

“It’s a done deal!”

Sun Mo felt at ease. It was perfect to take care of two dark great teachers at one go.

Jiao Wenxue wasn’t a fool. It had been two minutes, and not only could he not sense the movements of the spirit qi in his body, but even his limbs were starting to turn numb. It hurt to move them that he couldn’t help but ask.

“Sun Mo, it can’t be that something is wrong with my body, right?”

(Sun Mo couldn’t have discovered that I’m a dark great teacher, could he? That can’t be. I’ve hidden things so well and haven’t exposed myself for several years. How could I be discovered by a Sun Mo?)

“Oh, your body is fine.” Sun Mo smiled. “I have done something to it.”


Jiao Wenxue was taken by great surprise and subconsciously stood up. However, his arms and legs didn’t listen to him and his legs stumbled, making him fall to the ground.

“Don’t struggle anymore. Careful that you’d get hurt!”

Sun Mo consoled him.

On the other side, Zou Ze also wanted to burst out, breaking away from Sun Mo’s arms. However, he discovered that his body was out of his control.

Sun Mo’s big pair of hands were like a pair of pincers, clenching tightly onto him.

“Teacher Sun, we have no feud with each other, so why are you scheming against me like this?”

Jiao Wenxue asked.

“Teacher Jiao, I want to ask you a question. Why did you join the Dark Dawn?”

Sun Mo felt curious.

For money?

-star great teachers had plenty of ways to get money. Why would they have to become a dark great teacher to do that? Then was it to get their hands on alchemy techniques or cultivation arts?

“Teacher Sun is kidding. I’m a proper great teacher.”

Jiao Wenxue tried to argue.

“It’s up to you whether you reply or not. I will hand you over to the Saint Gate anyway, leaving it to them to give the judgment.”

Sun Mo didn’t mind.

“Teacher Sun, let me go. I’ll remember this favor for life.”

Zou Ze spoke up.

This was him admitting his identity as a dark great teacher.

“Do you think that’s possible?”

Sun Mo asked.

“Sun Mo, we dark great teachers have always stood together. If you lay your hands on one of us, others will take revenge immediately. It’s over for the Central Province Academy.”

Seeing that a soft approach didn’t work, Zou Ze changed to resort to threats. “Every single one of them can forget about surviving.”


Sun Mo laughed and suddenly grabbed Zou Ze’s hair, smashing him hard on the round table in front.


Blood immediately covered his face. Even his nose had become crooked.

“I was wondering if there were any dark great teachers who had joined due to some kind of difficulties they couldn’t tell others. I was even thinking that the two of you might be good people. But now, I feel assured.”

As Sun Mo said this, he then grabbed Zou Ze’s head and smashed it again.

From how An Xinhui’s attitude was to decisively get rid of the Dark Dawn, Sun Mo knew that this was an evil organization.

“Why did they start fighting?”

“Should we call for help?”

“Teacher Sun is beating someone!”

Some students passed by not far away. Seeing that the few great teachers had gotten into a fight, they were instantly surprised.

Sun Mo had wanted to console the students and not let them panic when a longsword rapidly pierced toward him, wanting to take his life.

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