Absolute Great Teacher
722 Sweeping Through
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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722 Sweeping Through



“Teacher, be careful!”

A lot of students saw this scene and screamed out in fright.

The sharp sword wind blew.

Given that it was a matter of life and death, Sun Mo no longer cared about keeping a good demeanor. He bent over and rolled on the ground. He then grabbed onto Zou Ze with one hand, using him as a meat shield.

The Invulnerable Golden Body was also activated at the very first instant.


The longsword brushed past Sun Mo’s earlobe, cutting off a few strands of hair and drawing a bit of blood from the surface of his skin.

Sun Mo rolled for several meters before jumping up on his feet.

(F*ck your mom!)

Sun Mo cursed. His image was all ruined. If he had reacted a bit slower, he’d have died.

(Conceited! I’ve really gotten conceited!)

Sun Mo started to reflect upon himself. Things had been too smooth-sailing of late, and he had defeated various strong opponents, making him a bit too proud.

This was how it was earlier. He had made use of his excellent acting skills, and he had succeeded unscathed, easily capturing two dark great teachers in one swoop. This was a great battle achievement.

However, Sun Mo neglected the fact that Bai Qilin could also be a dark great teacher.

Was the Myriad Daos Academy a base for dark great teachers?

If all three men who had been drinking wine were all dark great teachers, then the rate was currently at 100%.

“Black Doggy Sun, how dare you act so slyly! If you’re capable, then take us on one by one like a man!”

Bai Qilin cursed.

“Are you also a dark great teacher?”

Sun Mo asked and then casually patted the dust off his teacher attire.

The surrounding students were all gushing over. After all, it was human nature to watch the excitement.

“Everyone, leave this place! They are dark great teachers and could harm you!”

Sun Mo let out an explosive bellow.


The students were all stunned, and they subconsciously looked toward the three teachers. After all, the status of dark great teachers represented mystery and horror.

To think that there were three of them in their school?

“That’s complete crap! Black Doggy Sun, although I’m a dark great teacher, I’m an open and aboveboard person. I will definitely not do anything bad to students!”

Bai Qilin said righteously.

“Is there something wrong with your head?!”

Zou Ze was on the verge of tears. (Why the hell did you admit it? Can’t you turn things against him? Why don’t you make use of the students and escape?)

Zou Ze felt scared. The Saint Gate’s punishment on dark great teachers had always been merciless. He might have to spend the latter part of his life mining in the Darkness Continent until he died of old age.

Jiao Wenxue didn’t say anything. He put up an intense struggle, but it was futile.

“Don’t waste your energy. Other than me, no one can re-alter your spirit qi flow.”

When Sun Mo saw that the surrounding students didn’t move, he couldn’t help but reproach, “Right now, leave this place and go to the Central Province Academy! Before the threat is removed, you aren’t allowed to come back, do you hear me?”

The students exchanged glances. Some of them moved, but a few didn’t.

“Bai Qilin, quickly take us away!”

Zou Ze urged.

However, Bai Qilin didn’t pay him any heed but chose to pounce toward Sun Mo.

“Black Doggy Sun, die!”

(As long as I kill you, I’ll be Jinling’s number one great teacher.)

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Bai Qilin’s wrist shook and a myriad of sword shadows appeared.

“This fool!”

Zou Ze cursed and then pounced out with all of his strength, wanting to take a student as his hostage.


A girl let out a surprised scream and subconsciously staggered back. She hadn’t expected that Teacher Zou, who was usually very friendly and amicable, would appear so savage.

Watching as a big hand grabbed toward her hair, the girl let out a scream. She then saw a wooden blade shooting over like a catapult, knocking into Zou Ze’s left face.



Zou Ze’s chin shattered, while blood and shattered teeth spurted out. He then spun and went flying back.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Sun Mo forcibly received Bai Qilin’s sword moves barehanded.

Ancient Buddha Oil Lamp!


Spirit qi gushed out from Sun Mo’s body, forming a tall Buddha behind him. It raised its arm and slapped out at Bai Qilin.


The huge wind pressure blew away the dust and sand on the ground, and it also caused Bai Qilin’s hair to flutter.

“Bai Qilin, you’re so weak!”

Sun Mo sneered.

“Black Doggy Sun, if you have the capability, then let’s have a serious fight. Don’t just rely on verbal attacks.”

Bai Qilin looked down on Sun Mo and subconsciously glared toward him. He then saw two streams of golden light suddenly bursting out from Sun Mo’s eyes.

Buddha Look!



Bai Qilin screamed. His eyes had been scorched.

“Haha, is this counted as blinding someone’s eyes?”

Sun Mo found this funny, but he didn’t hold back with his words. “Given your standard, you are not as strong as me, and your battle tactic isn’t better than mine either. What are you going to use to win?”

“Black Doggy Sun! I’m going to kill and skin you!”

Bai Qilin was so angry that he felt like spurting out blood. His sword moves started to become a little unstable.

“Bai Qilin, calm down. He’s purposely trying to agitate you.”

Jiao Wenxue let out an explosive bellow, and strong feelings of horror rose in his heart. He even felt a hint of admiration for Sun Mo.

Sun Mo was really amazing.

Only a few great teachers would do so much trash-talk in a battle. Firstly, it’d affect their image, and if one didn’t hit it where it hurt, it would be useless.

However, Sun Mo was like a mad dog. A bite from him would reach deep into one’s bones. They’d be driven to their death.

(It’s no wonder that people call you Black Doggy Sun. Your mouth is really vicious!)

“How are you worthy of the name Qilin? You’re so weak that you should be called boiled chicken.”

Of course, Sun Mo cared about his image. That was why he lowered his volume, letting only Bai Qilin hear what he said.

With a boom, a big lump of black fog gushed out from his body. The Universe Formless Clone appeared.

As he had suffered from being too conceited earlier, Sun Mo was exceptionally careful right now. He even summoned Holy Pharaoh.

“Help me keep watch on the surroundings!”

Sun Mo instructed.

“They are all students! It’s safe!”

Holy Pharaoh took large strides and pounced toward Zou Ze. (Delicious brain matter, here I come.)

Jiao Wenxue seemed to have resigned to his fate. He didn’t run and thus didn’t get a beating. However, Zou Ze was unwilling to give in and when he tried to crawl away using his arms and legs, he was kicked on the head by the clone.


Zou Ze rolled.

“You’re the boiled chicken! Your entire family consists of boiled chickens!”

Bai Qilin shouted angrily and slashed his longsword out rapidly.


This attack could be said to be Bai Qilin’s greatest work. However, before he could feel proud of it, he saw Sun Mo putting his hand out.


Sun Mo grabbed the longsword directly.

His fist then came smashing over.

Bang bang bang!

Bai Qilin felt all of his internal organs shattering. He couldn’t hold it in anymore, and with a loud cry, vomited out his undigested dinner.


A sour stench permeated out.

“Wow, the food at the Myriad Daos Academy isn’t bad!”

Sun Mo teased.

“Black Doggy Sun!”

Although Bai Qilin was still cursing out, he also felt terror in his heart. Why had Sun Mo become stronger again in a few days?

In the great teachers group battle, Bai Qilin had seen Sun Mo fighting, and he felt that he had a chance to win against Sun Mo. But this time around, he was utterly crushed.

As Sun Mo appeared to be so at ease, it was simply a one-sided fight.

“Boiled chicken, just give up. You can’t win against me.”

After Sun Mo said that, he suddenly felt that he had the potential of becoming a great villain.

“Did you hold back the other time?”

Bai Qilin asked.

“I didn’t. I’ve just grown stronger in these few days.”

Sun Mo shrugged. There was no helping it. This was how willful he could be with the system. “Not only have I advanced by a tier, but I’ve also learned a peerless-grade saint-tier cultivation art!”

“That’s crap! Do you think that saint-tier cultivation arts are cabbages and can be easily learned?”

Bai Qilin retorted angrily.


After Sun Mo said that, he caught the wooden blade that a Universe Formless Clone had tossed to him. He then performed the Heavenly Sword Art.

Sword flash!


Countless sword qi flashed explosively, looking brilliant under the starlight. They then wrapped around Bai Qilin, leaving behind small wounds on his body.

“Surrender. Don’t force me to kill.”

Sun Mo persuaded.

The number of people he had killed after coming to the Central Province could be counted with just one hand. Hence, Sun Mo wanted to hand Bai Qilin over to the Saint Gate for them to deal with him.

“Dream on!”

Bai Qilin gritted his teeth and decided to fight it out to the death.

Sun Mo shook his head, swinging his blade again and performing an ultimate move.

Sword Dragon Ridding the Armor!


Spirit qi gushed from the wooden blade, forming a huge dragon that pounced toward Bai Qilin as it bellowed.


The huge dragon smashed into the ground, sending dust and dirt flying up.

“Wow, what is this cultivation art? It’s so amazing!”

“Isn’t it too domineering?”

“This must be a peerless-grade saint-tier cultivation art!”

The students gasped, feeling even more reluctant to leave. A battle like this was hard to come by, and they’d be suffering a great loss if they didn’t watch it to the end.


Sun Mo was speechless. As expected, if he didn’t keep using time emblems repeatedly, he wouldn’t be able to increase the proficiency index.

This move should have been able to summon a huge dragon to tear up the enemy into pieces, breaking through their defenses. However, when he performed it, it was more like the dragon was banging its head into the ground.

Thankfully, no one knew that.

Sun Mo skipped the crap talk and was about to capture Bai Qilin alive when over ten spirit qi waves suddenly shot out toward him.

Bang bang bang!

The spirit qi waves hit the ground, sending dust and dirt flying up amidst the great explosions.

Sssss! Sssss!

A huge python flicked out its tongue and slithered over rapidly.

“Oh my god, another one?”

Sun Mo was speechless. (I must have really stirred up a dark great teacher’s nest. I’ve been too rash in this operation. I should have found an excuse and then hoodwinked all the great teachers from the Myriad Daos Academy before taking action.)

Sun Mo regretted it.

He hoped that there wouldn’t be any casualties later on.

“Master, let me do it.”

Holy Pharaoh went up against the huge python. Black electric arc started brewing from it, and a huge lightning bolt shot out.


The lightning bolt struck the huge python, stiffening it up slightly. Holy Pharaoh then pounced on it, biting onto its head.


The Holy Pharaoh’s saliva was drooling out.


Sun Mo was speechless. (I thought you were trying to protect me, but it turns out that you just want to eat. You made me feel touched for nothing!)

However, Sun Mo didn’t just do nothing. He swung his hand and performed Freedom Proof, tossing it onto the huge python.

He should remove the contractual bind first.

The eyes of Huang Chengguo, who was hiding in the dark, had turned bloodshot from jealousy as he looked at Holy Pharaoh. (This was supposed to be my spiritual beast, but it was snatched by you, Black Doggy Sun. Look at its shell, its shape. It’s so beautiful and domineering. With it, my battle prowess would definitely increase in folds. Black Doggy Sun, there’s no way that we’d be able to reconcile after you’ve snatched my spiritual beast!)

Huang Chengguo was so enraged and couldn’t take it lying down. It was as if his wife had been slept with by another person. He wanted to kill Sun Mo to vent his anger, but at this moment, a ‘pa’ sound suddenly rang out in his mind as though something had just snapped.

That huge python then attacked him with its eyes spewing flames.

(Hmm? What are you doing? The enemy is over on the other side!)

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