Absolute Great Teacher
723 Do You Want to Become My Personal Disciple?
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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723 Do You Want to Become My Personal Disciple?


Other than diviners, no other occupations would dare say that they were more mysterious and dangerous than spirit controllers.

For most subjects, if one couldn’t master something or made mistakes in their tests, they’d at most suffer from injuries. It was almost impossible for them to die. However, spirit controllers could lose their lives if they weren’t careful.

Even lovers who were deeply in love with each other, proclaiming that they’d only part if the world were to break apart, could get into fights after getting married. There might even be domestic violence.

Therefore, it was even more common for similar occurrences to happen between spirit controllers and spiritual beasts.

If it wasn’t for their binding contract, most spiritual beasts would have immediately ‘killed’ their masters and regained their freedom. After all, who’d be willing to become someone’s battle pet?

Huang Chengguo had treated the huge python quite well, giving it good food and treatment. However, he had still been treating it with the attitude of a master. Sometimes, when the huge python didn’t perform well, he’d give it a harsh beating as well.

The huge python had been stunned for a moment after it recovered its freedom, then the first reaction it had was to take revenge, venting out all the aggrieved feelings it had felt over so many years.

“Why has the contract been removed?”

Huang Chengguo was extremely astonished. Was this something that could be done by a human?

Hold on!

There was another possibility—Sun Mo knew the divine language of spiritual control. However, Huang Chengguo was in no mood to be concerned about this. It was because after the huge python got close, it bared its mouth and spurted a lump of black poisonous fog.


The poisonous fog rapidly spread out with the night wind, like ink after they dropped into water.


Sun Mo was given a scare and immediately bellowed, “Get away quickly! The fog is poisonous!”

As Sun Mo said this, he dashed toward the huge python. He had really gotten into trouble.

“Master, what are you doing?”

Holy Pharaoh was speechless. (Just let them fight each other. Isn’t it interesting to watch?)

“To hell with you! Quickly kill this python!”

Sun Mo urged.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

The huge python bit out, sweeping out its tail incessantly, looking like it was going to give its all in the fight.


The pavilion’s broken and shattered rocks splattered out, smashing toward two girls.

“Be careful!”

Sun Mo felt troubled and was a little reproachful. He gave up on Huang Chengguo and went to save the girls first.

It was because of him that the spiritual beast had gone out of control. Otherwise, the damage wouldn’t be that bad.

“Teacher, leave them to me!”

A tall figure jumped out and swung a short blade, skillfully flicking away the shattered rocks, using a small amount of force against the great forces.


Sun Mo recognized this girl.

“Go and fight the enemies!”

Yaoguang volunteered to save these girls. The composure and courage she demonstrated at this moment wasn’t like that of a 14-year-old girl.


Sun Mo quickly replied before pouncing toward the huge python, slashing out incessantly with his wooden blade.

Spear Rain Pearflower!

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Flames burst out like a myriad of pearflowers, forcing the huge python toward the Happy Lake.

“Master, I’ll kill this one!”

Holy Pharaoh volunteered. “But you must give me the brain matter!”


After Sun Mo said that, Holy Pharaoh released a swarm of bugs.


The tremendous amount of bugs pounced toward the huge python like dark clouds, engulfing its skin and flesh.


The huge python spurted out poisonous fog, wanting to kill this swarm of bugs with poison. However, these bugs not only had a high resistance toward poison but also a high intelligence. They knew how to dodge.

Very soon, the huge python was rolling all over from getting bitten. It was left with no choice and darted into the lake by itself.


“Oh my, this guy is quite smart!”

Holy Pharaoh sneered.

It was like an unlucky fool who had stirred up a hornets’ nest and was then left with no choice but to jump into the river to hide.

“Huang Chengguo, are you a dark great teacher as well?”

Sun Mo questioned.

“F*ck you! I’m not one! I only want you dead!”

Huang Chengguo cursed.

It was true that he wasn’t a dark great teacher. He only saw that someone wanted to kill Sun Mo and ended up unable to hold it in, making a move.

After all, to spirit controllers, it was more serious to have their spiritual beast snatched than to have been made a cuckold by someone.

“Master, why are you wasting your time talking crap with trash like this? Why don’t you just kill him?”

Holy Pharaoh felt speechless, feeling that his master was too pretentious.

“I’m your master! He is a thief!”

Huang Chengguo let out an enraged bellow. He looked at Holy Pharaoh with blood bleeding in his heart. (This powerful and beautiful battle pet should have been mine. With it, my battle prowess would increase by at least five folds.)

“Pui! Why don’t you pee and take a look at your reflection? How can an ugly guy like you be worthy of me, Egypt’s divine protector?”

Holy Pharaoh said in contempt.

“Sun Mo you are the one who taught it to say this, right? You aren’t only a thief but also a bastard with a lousy character. It’s true that I’m ugly, but I’m kind-hearted!”

After Huang Chengguo shouted this, he then looked at Holy Pharaoh and smiled gently, explaining in a soft voice. “Be good. I’m actually very gentle. You’ll find out how good I am after spending some time with me for a while.”

“If you’re really that good, then why did the huge python want to kill you at the first instant it regained its freedom?”

Holy Pharaoh’s bad taste acted up and it lowered its voice. “Let me tell you a secret. I know where the tombs of Egypt’s generations of Holy Pharaohs are at!”

“There are countless gold, precious gems, as well as valuable books buried there. Right now, all of them belong to my master.”

“No, they are mine!”

Huang Chengguo screamed, his chest undulating intensely, and his bloodshot eyes popped out in jealousy and fury. “Sun Mo, there’s no way that we can reconcile with each other!”

As Huang Chengguo spoke, he went all out. He had gone crazy, feeling that Sun Mo had stolen his luck and his future.

“Are you crazy?”

Sun Mo looked at Holy Pharaoh and scolded, “Take care of this mess!”

“Master, just watch!”

As Holy Pharaoh said this, it took the initiative and attacked Huang Chengguo.

Sun Mo knew that Holy Pharaoh had intentionally angered Huang Chengguo. With that, Sun Mo’d be left with no choice but to kill him.

Holy Pharaoh would then have more brain matter to eat.

Sun Mo wanted to watch on the sidelines, but a girl’s scream broke out abruptly.


Sun Mo turned and saw that Jiao Wenxue had started to be able to move. He had successfully held a female student hostage.


Sun Mo was so angry that he felt like spurting blood.

“Sun Mo, I’m a 3-star alchemist after all. Haven’t you underestimated me too much?”

Jiao Wenxue sneered.

However, he had to admit that Sun Mo’s Ancient Dragon Capturing Hands was extremely powerful. If it was any other time, after swallowing the life-saving pill, his battle prowess would be able to recover by at least 70%. But now, he was still unable to fight.

If it wasn’t because of Huang Chengguo’s interference, it’d be impossible for him to get a hostage.

“Let her go and I’ll let you go.”

Sun Mo gave in for the sake of the student.

“Haha, everyone, take a look. Our Great Teacher Sun really loves students like his children!”

Jiao Wenxue laughed loudly and then suddenly strangled the female student’s neck. “Then are you willing to break one of your arms for her?”

Sun Mo frowned, not daring to make any reckless moves because Jiao Wenxue was holding a dagger with his other hand, stabbing it into the female student’s mouth. She’d die if he were to use the slightest bit of force.

“Why? Aren’t you willing to break just an arm?”

Jiao Wenxue stared at Sun Mo, contemplating what he should do to be able to escape.

“That’s true. Great Teacher Sun is a genius great teacher who is going to take first place three times as he rises by three stars in a year. You’re destined to shine in the great teachers world. If you were to become a cripple, everything would be over.”

No matter what, he should apply pressure first.

“Who can assure that after Teacher Sun breaks his arm, you’ll let her go?”

A student questioned.

Jiao Wenxue paid the student no heed. He threatened Sun Mo. “I’m going to count to three. You can either scram or break an arm. Otherwise, I’ll kill.”




“Who has a blade? Lend it to me!”

Sun Mo spoke up.

“Teacher, don’t!”

The students panicked.


A longsword was tossed toward Sun Mo.

Sun Mo caught it and saw Qin Yaoguang winking at him. At the same time, she quietly moved toward Jiao Wenxue.

Sun Mo frowned and shook his head ever so slightly, gesturing for Qin Yaoguang to not take the risk.

It was just that Jiao Wenxue wasn’t giving Sun Mo any more time.


Jiao Wenxue was about to exert force in his right hand that was holding onto the dagger. At the same time, Qin Yaoguang pounced toward him like an agile cat.

Sun Mo was left with no choice. If he didn’t attract Jiao Wenxue’s attention, then Qin Yaoguang would have taken the risk for nothing. Therefore, he swung the sword and slashed it at his left arm.

Jiao Wenxue’s pupils contracted abruptly.

It couldn’t be, right?

Sun Mo was really willing to break an arm for a student?

The sharp longsword slashed onto Sun Mo’s left arm, sending blood splattering out. However, Jiao Wenxue suddenly felt an intense piercing pain in his left rib.

“Damn it! It’s a sneak attack!”

Jiao Wenxue could sense that a sharp sword was slicing his flesh and piercing through his muscles, rapidly heading for his heart. Therefore, without a second thought, he turned his blade back and pierced toward the assaulter who was behind him.

Killing the hostage?

Don’t be kidding. There was no time for that. He’d definitely die first. Moreover, what use was there in killing a hostage?

Qin Yaoguang could have avoided it, but she grabbed Jiao Wenxue’s right hand and shouted toward the hostage. “Run!”


The dagger pierced into Qin Yaoguang’s shoulder and was about to move downward to slice her heart when a stream of spirit qi light cut across the darkness of the night, shooting over and hitting Jiao Wenxue in the head.


Jiao Wenxue’s head was pierced through, leaving behind a hole. Brain matter and blood started flowing out.


Sun Mo dashed over, held Qin Yaoguang, then quickly performed the ancient massaging technique to seal her artery to prevent blood loss.

“Teacher, am I brave?”

Qin Yaoguang tried to squeeze out a smile.

“You are!”

Sun Mo saw that there was no lingering fear on the young girl’s face. There was only a proud smile. He couldn’t help but say, “Don’t do such dangerous things in the future.”

“But it’s worth it!”

Qin Yaoguang didn’t regret it at all. “Moreover, this can’t kill me!”

“Hehe, there’s a saying that one is bound for good fortune after surviving a disaster. I should have gotten myself at least three months’ worth of good luck, right?”

Sun Mo was amused by the words of this positive young girl. After some hesitation, he asked, “Do you want to be my student?”

To speak the truth, Sun Mo had a good impression of this girl. First of all, her name wasn’t bad and was charming. Secondly, she looked beautiful, being a beauty who was on the same level as Li Ziqi. If there were no accidents, she’d be destined to become a great beauty. Her eyes, especially, looked spirited and crafty, clearly one who was very intelligent.

Thirdly, given the character that she had displayed when saving the hostage today, even Sun Mo felt some admiration for her.

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    《Absolute Great Teacher》