Absolute Great Teacher
724 Hectomillionaire
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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724 Hectomillionaire


The dark clouds dissipated and the bright moonlight cast onto the ground.

Qin Yaoguang’s face looked pale from the loss of blood, but she didn’t mind. She took out a piece of osmanthus cake and stuffed it into her mouth while contemplating this seriously.

“I don’t mind being Teacher’s student, but what can you teach me?”

Qin Yaoguang asked.

“All sorts of saint-tier cultivation arts. Sword techniques, spear techniques, blade techniques, fist techniques, palm techniques, and some secret techniques. If you want to learn them, I can teach you.”

Sun Mo smiled. “There’s also the study of spirit runes, the art of spiritual beast control, botany, and herbology. Oh, right, my spiritual beast control should also be at the grandmaster level. But I don’t think you’re interested in that.”

“Wow, Teacher, you know a lot of stuff!”

Qin Yaoguang was surprised, but she then frowned. “But I haven’t thought about what I want to learn.”

“It doesn’t matter. You’re still young and can take it slow. One’s interests can be slowly nurtured.”

Sun Mo was very confident. With the system, his learning speed was extremely fast. Even if Qin Yaoguang were to choose a subject he didn’t know, he had the confidence to reach the grandmaster-level in the subject within a year. He wouldn’t hold her back.

“Oh, right, although I’m taking you as my personal disciple, you don’t have to feel mental pressure. If you feel that I didn’t do a good job in teaching you or that I didn’t reach your expectations, you can leave at any time.”

Sun Mo added.


The expression of Qin Yaoguang suddenly stiffened and sank. She looked at Sun Mo seriously. “Teacher, are you joking?”

“No, I’m speaking my heartfelt thoughts.”

Sun Mo was from modern society after all. He didn’t have a strong concept toward things like a teacher for a day, father for life or betraying one’s school of teaching.

In his opinion, his mission was to teach everything he knew to help students gain success.

“You are the one who said this. If I were to leave you one day, you aren’t allowed to be angry or go back on your words.”

Qin Yaoguang seemed very serious about this and even put out her pinkie finger.

“Come, pinkie promise!”


Sun Mo shook his head. This was too childish.

“Hmph, I knew you were lying.”

Qin Yaoguang pouted. “I’ve decided. I’m not going to be your personal disciple.”

Seeing how playful and cute this girl was, Sun Mo couldn’t help but smile. He then put out his hand to rub her head.

Qin Yaoguang’s body stiffened up as if it had turned into stone. Since young, no one had touched her like this.

Seeing how Qin Yaoguang was acting, Sun Mo was surprised and thought to himself how he had spoiled things. He was used to treating the papaya girl and the little sunny egg like this and had forgotten that in this generation, not all girls liked to be patted on the head.

“I’m sorry!”

Sun Mo quickly apologized.

“It’s alright!”

Qin Yaoguang pouted. It felt so strange.

“En, there’s no rush for you to give a reply. You can think about it slowly.”

Sun Mo saw that Qin Yaoguang’s wound had stopped bleeding and that she was going to be fine for now, so he planned on settling things quickly. If things continued to drag on, more troubles might pop up.

Moreover, if his recruitment was rejected, it’d be really awkward!

He then thought about it and realized that this was his first time wanting to take someone on as his personal disciple because of his admiration for them.

Li Ziqi and Lu Zhiruo were the ones who came to him. For Xuanyuan Po, Sun Mo hadn’t expected it to succeed. It was an unintentional success.

As for Jiang Leng, it was because Lian Zheng had pressured him, and he had decided to take in Jiang Leng because of his displeasure toward Lian Zheng. What about Tantai Yutang? It was due to the pressure from the mission.

Although Sun Mo also liked and admired Ying Baiwu a lot, the iron-headed young girl was the one to take the initiative to acknowledge him as her teacher.

Ma Zhang had also forcibly come to him. There was nothing that Sun Mo could do.

Then, there was Helian Beifang. To Sun Mo, it didn’t matter if Helian Beifang was his personal disciple or not. His expectation of Helian Beifang was far from Qin Yaoguang’s.

“Am I letting Helian down to be thinking like this?”

Sun Mo started to reflect on himself.


Qin Yaoguang spoke up.

Sun Mo turned and saw that this girl was kneeling on the floor, wearing a respectful expression and making three kowtows.

“I, Qin Yaoguang, am willing to acknowledge Teacher Sun as my teacher, learning the ways of becoming a teacher from you. I hope that Teacher won’t despise me for being slow-witted!”

“You want to become a great teacher?”

Sun Mo was a little surprised. None of his students had this thought. Even Li Ziqi, who had already comprehended three great teacher halos, only happened to be present at the right timing. Till now, she hadn’t thought of becoming a teacher, teaching and nurturing others.


Qin Yaoguang replied seriously, “I want to be someone useful to others.”

“Very good. I hope that you can remember this line in the future as well!”

Sun Mo smiled. “Get up. I’ll do all I can to teach you.”


Qin Yaoguang smiled happily, made another three kowtows, and then straightened up. She took out a handful of pearflower candies from her pocket and tossed them toward Sun Mo. “Teacher, eat this. It’d be considered my gift for the teacher acknowledgment ceremony.”

Sun Mo removed the candy packaging and tossed the pearflower candy into his mouth.

(Uhhh, it tastes a little bitter!)

Sun Mo became serious and ferocious, breaking one of Zou Ze and Bai Qilin’s legs respectively. He then joined hands with Holy Pharaoh, giving Huang Chengguo a thrashing.

“All of you, head to the Central Province Academy to seek refuge first. There’ll be people making arrangements for your residence and meals there.”

Sun Mo shouted.

At this time, no great teachers came to help because as the first wave of secret assault was over and a battle had erupted, the ones who hadn’t fallen for the trick were all tough nuts to crack.

Sun Mo took on the role as a firefighter, heading to wherever the strong foes were.

When the sun rose and the morning sunlight scattered down on the school grounds, the extermination operation of the Myriad Daos Academy completely ended.

“From today onward, it belongs to us!”

An Xinhui stood at the top of the teaching building, looking at the burning storeroom. She grabbed Sun Mo’s hand and couldn’t conceal the agitation on her face.

(Grandfather, do you see this?

I’ve done it!

I’ve brought the Central Province Academy to a higher level.)

“With the school’s expansion, the workload will increase tremendously as well.”

Sun Mo felt that if An Xinhui wasn’t a cultivator, she’d have died from overwork long ago.

“Why aren’t you feeling happy?”

An Xinhui was surprised. “Half of these belong to you as well.”


Sun Mo didn’t pursue such things.

An Xinhui hesitated for a moment but then tiptoed and suddenly planted a kiss on Sun Mo’s cheek.


The assaulted Sun Mo suddenly felt a little nervous.

(I haven’t been to the red light district to admire the performance of the courtesans and dancers. If I were to ascertain my relationship with An Xinhui, would it mean that I can’t go anymore?)

“I had wanted to let you be the Central Province Academy’s headmaster, but there’s no need for that now!”

An Xinhui looked at Sun Mo’s eyes and said, “Why don’t you be the headmaster of the Myriad Daos branch?”

“All matters, including the recruitment of great teachers, salaries, and rewards will be fully decided by you. There’s no need for you to report to me either!”

Sun Mo smiled. “Aren’t you afraid that I’ll abandon the Central Province Academy and start a new school myself? Then eventually taking over the Central Province Academy as well?”

How was this being the headmaster of a branch of the school? It was becoming the headmaster of his own. With a grasp over both the finance and human resources, Sun Mo had the call over everything.

“You can take over it now too.”

An Xinhui lowered her head. “I just don’t want to let Grandfather feel that the An Clan doesn’t have a successor when he wakes up and then feels sad about it. Otherwise, I’ll hand over the Central Province Academy to you as well.”

These were her heartfelt words.

If it wasn’t because she was left with no choice, An Xinhui wouldn’t want to be the headmaster either. She wanted to become a teacher and focus on academics.

“Let’s give this matter more thought before coming to a decision!”

Sun Mo rejected this proposal. To be honest, the pressure was a little heavy. What if he didn’t do a good job? After all, the highest position he had assumed in the past was only teacher-in-charge.

It took more than just words to manage a school.

“Come, let’s go check how things are over at Li Xiu’s side. We should get a share of Li Zixing’s assets too, right?”

Sun Mo wanted to get a slice of the cake.

Li Zixing had been in Jinling for many years, and the wealth he had accumulated was an astronomical amount. He mustn’t let Li Xiu get all the benefits.

When Sun Mo and An Xinhui arrived at Prince Li’s manor, the battle here had just ended.

“How disastrous!”

Sun Mo pouted as he looked at the several collapsed buildings and over ten long trails of seething smoke. The battle here had clearly been very intense, with fallen corpses seen everywhere.

“Your Highness, Traitor Li Zixing has been brought here!”

A big-bearded man held onto Li Zixing, whose hair was in a draping mess, and came over. Seeing that Li Zixing wasn’t kneeling, the man kicked the back of his knees.


Li Zixing’s knees shattered.

“Li Xiu, I’m your elder brother after all. How can you treat me like this? Women are really the most vicious.”

Li Zixing spat at Li Xiu.

Li Xiu averted her gaze.

“The audacity!”

The big-bearded man reproached. He then raised his big hand and started slapping Li Zixing.

Pa pa pa!

The corner of Li Zixing’s lips swelled up after a few times, and all of his teeth fell off.

Sun Mo wasn’t interested in seeing this. He walked straight over to Zheng Qingfang.

“Uncle Zheng, I won’t ask for the gold or silver. Just give me some antiques as well as the artworks.”

One needed to have these things to pretend to be a dignified person. Sun Mo wanted to decor his villa with these.

“You like these things?”

Zheng Qingfang chuckled. “You should have told me about it earlier. Take whatever you like from the collection in my study. Uh, it doesn’t matter even if you take all of them.”

(The more you take, the less psychological burden I’d feel when I ask you for a famous painting.)

“Am I that sort of person?”

Sun Mo frowned.

“Nope, but I hope that you’re that sort of person.”

Zheng Qingfang lowered his voice. “Don’t worry, I’ve set aside a share for you. After encashing into silver, it’s at least this amount!”

Zheng Qingfang put out a finger.

“Sssss, ten million taels?”

Sun Mo drew in a cold gasp. Although he wasn’t lacking in money, he was still a little surprised to be hearing this amount. This meant that Sun Mo had directly become a decamillionaire.

Most importantly, he had achieved it within a day, by confiscating the possession of just one family. It didn’t take much effort at all.

It was no wonder that the Emperors across generations liked to confiscate possessions.


Zheng Qingfang slapped Sun Mo’s back and scolded, “Can you show more promise? You’re acting this way for just over ten million taels? It’s 100 million taels!”

Sun Mo suddenly held his breathing, his heart thumping a little too quickly.

There was no helping it. Happiness came too quickly, just like a gust of tornado.

(I’ve suddenly become a hectomillionaire overnight?)

“Li Zixing is a prince after all. Wouldn’t it be undeserving of his status if we don’t manage to get several hundred millions out from him?”

Zheng Qingfang teased.

In fact, Li Zixing was really good at gathering wealth. Even Li Xiu was surprised when she saw the accounting records.

“Li Xiu is willing to agree to it?”

Sun Mo frowned. This was too much money, and it might be troublesome to take it.

“That’d have to depend on your performance.”

Zheng Qingfang patted Sun Mo’s back and said with great expectation, “Quickly work hard and become our Great Tang’s imperial preceptor!”

“Master! Something isn’t right!”

Holy Pharaoh reminded Sun Mo, interrupting his millionaire dream.

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