Absolute Great Teacher
725 Saint Weapon Evil Vanquisher
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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725 Saint Weapon Evil Vanquisher


Zheng Qingfang was trying to put Sun Mo at ease, not wanting him to get into a disagreement with Li Xiu over the distribution for the spoils of war.

In Li Xiu’s opinion, although An Xinhui had played a role, she didn’t have the right to get so much money. As for Sun Mo, he was just Li Ziqi’s undeserved teacher. Although his potential wasn’t bad, he was still not worthy of getting such a heavy investment.

“Your Highness, you might just have made a poor judgment this time around. If you don’t make the investment now, it will be difficult to salvage the relationship with Sun Mo down the road.”

Zheng Qingfang felt emotional. He trusted Sun Mo and knew that if he were to get his hands on such a large sum of money, he’d use it on the school and not on his personal expenditures.

Therefore, Zheng Qingfang would try to find ways to give things like field assets, property assets, as well as sharecroppers to Sun Mo. As for antiques, calligraphy, and artworks, they were just things to pass the time with and weren’t worth much.

Sun Mo didn’t mind. As long as he had the spirit qi roaming dragon, he’d be able to earn what he wanted if he were to make a few more trips to the Darkness Continent and find a spirit stone vein.

In the past, he had been worried that he was unable to mine them and there was also the issue of how to bring them back. However, he had the eight-gate cloud and could transport things directly into the darkness illusion dojo.

Comparing riches?

Just the value of Little Silver and the spirit qi roaming dragon would be able to put up a good fight.

Seeing how calm Sun Mo was, unmoved by the riches, Zheng Qingfang’s admiration for Sun Mo grew stronger.

This was how the flair of a great teacher, who was nonchalant toward fame and wealth, should be!


Favorable impression points from Zheng Qingfang +200. Respect (4,100/10,000).

Sun Mo shook his head when he saw the arrested servants and maids, then turned to leave. He couldn’t stand seeing such scenes.

Amongst them, the males would be sent to the borders as slaves, while the females would be sent to the learning division [1].

There was no helping it. They could only blame themselves for being Li Zixing’s servants.

However, Sun Mo had just taken a few steps when he heard Holy Pharaoh’s reminder.

“What’s the matter?” Sun Mo frowned. “Could it be a substitute?”

“That’s right. I left a soul mark on Li Zixing, but this captive doesn’t have it,” Holy Pharaoh explained.

“Are you able to find him?”

Sun Mo thought deeply about this. Given Li Xiu’s means, she must have kept her guards up against Li Zixing’s usage of substitutes. However, it took constant vigilance to stave off evil. Li Zixing’s substitute wouldn’t be one who could be easily spotted by ordinary people.

Right now, the question was on whether he should quietly go off to hunt Li Zixing down, or if he should tell this to Li Xiu.

“Even if he were to hide in the latrine pit, I’d be able to dig him out!”

Holy Pharaoh boasted.

“Can you change a way of saying it? Your analogy stinks.”

Sun Mo decided to make a move with An Xinhui, hunting down Li Zixing.

Right now, Li Zixing was a loser and most of his military prowess should have been wiped out by Li Xiu. If he were to escape, he’d definitely bring his most valuable possessions with him.

The risk was great, but the rewards could also be the greatest.

Sun Mo didn’t waste any time. After meeting up with An Xinhui, they rode Little Silver and went after Li Zixing.


After coming out from the underground passage, Li Zixing got on the warhorse he had prepared long ago, galloping crazily. He then changed to take a horse carriage and then a fishing boat. After a few rounds of disguises as he fled, he was already 200 lis away from Jinling, arriving at a small fishing village.

“Master, please pardon this old slave for the poor reception!”

An old fisherman knelt on the floor, greeting Li Zixing.

“Uncle Li, please get up!”

Li Zixing was like a tiger who had left the mountains, having lost his power. He kept his arrogance restrained and after helping the old fisherman get up, he didn’t mind the poor food and started gulping it down.

“I’ve already sent out a messenger pigeon. The death warriors will arrive tomorrow evening at the latest.”

The old fisherman was a hidden move that had been set up for 20 years. It had been so long that he almost forgot about his mission.

After having his fill of food and drinks, Li Zixing, who felt that it was safe for now, finally had the energy to think about the things that had taken place in the past few days.

Where did things go wrong?

Why did they suddenly cross swords?

And that Li Xiu was really merciless. Once given the chance, she went all out, not giving others a chance to turn things around.

“Thankfully, I’ve long since prepared a contingency plan.”

The losses Li Zixing suffered this time around were enough to make him spurt blood, but it wasn’t at the stage of despair yet. As long as he remained alive, he could turn things around.

After winning Jinling, he must persecute Li Xiu’s entire family.

“There’s no need to panic. I still have the Corona Starlord to help me.”

Li Zixing planned on having a sleep first to recover his vitality. After all, he felt tired after having fled for so long. However, he had just fallen asleep when he heard a shout coming from outside.

“Li Zixing, scram out here!”

Li Zixing was shocked. Who was this to have caught up so quickly?

However, this fishing village was his final hiding place. He didn’t have any other escape routes like underground passages or anything. Therefore, after tidying up his attire, he walked out.

He’d take a look at the situation first before making any decision.

“You’re quite good at running.”

After seeing Li Zixing, Sun Mo sneered, “This must be the real one, right?”

“It is!”

Holy Pharaoh assured.

“Sun Mo? An Xinhui?”

Li Zixing was surprised. He thought that it was Li Xiu’s men. After all, she was the one who had the greatest urge to get rid of him.

“Li Zixing, you better give yourself up. It’ll save you from physical pain.”

An Xinhui advised. Although there were seven death warriors here, they were nothing to her.

“Hehe, to think that insignificant people also dare to challenge me now.”

Li Zixing laughed and spat out his phlegm.

“There’s no need for the crap talk! Just kill!”

Sun Mo had Holy Pharaoh and didn’t need to use interrogation to get information. After it swallowed Li Zixing’s brain matter, he’d be able to find out where his treasures were hidden.

“Kill them!”

Li Zixing bellowed.

The seven death warriors were extremely valiant, swinging their curved blades and attacking. Two of them even took alchemical pills and entered a berserk mode.

“Master, leave it to me!”

Holy Pharaoh took the initiative to enter the battle, spreading its wings and releasing a tremendous amount of bugs that were like dark clouds, pressing out toward the death warriors.


Chaotic Halo was activated.

These small bugs were a lot stronger than hornets. A bite from them could tear one’s skin and flesh off. Moreover, the venom in their saliva would also corrode one’s body, inducing damages such as paralysis, a great loss of blood, and intense pain. Even the valiant warriors with the strongest will would feel so much pain that they’d pee their pants.

After this episode, the seven death warriors’ battle prowess had fallen by 30%.

Seeing this, Li Zixing’s countenance stiffened up. “Headmaster An, let me go and I’ll definitely thank you in the future!”

“Where’s your backbone from when you were scolding others?”

Sun Mo’s mouth twitched.

“Headmaster An, you’re from Jinling, so you should have heard about my influence, right? With my help, the Central Province Academy will definitely be able to return to the ranks of the Nine Greats.

Li Zixing knew An Xinhui’s soft spot.

“If I wanted to agree to your request, I would have done so three years ago.”

An Xinhui drew her sword. “It’s because I know of your character that I must make sure that justice is served for the citizens of Jinling.”


A black lightning shot out, taking down a death warrior. Holy Pharaoh then pounced over like a starving dog, biting open his skull.

“Great Teacher Sun, you’re a smart guy.”

Seeing that he was unable to convince An Xinhui, Li Zixing changed his target.

“Stop with the crap talk. I only want you dead.”

Sun Mo drew his blade and attacked one step before An Xinhui did.

“Since that’s the case, then the two of you can die.”

Seeing that he was unable to convince the two of them, Li Zixing’s countenance turned severe. He planned on fighting it to the death. (You guys think that I’m weak just because I didn’t lash out?)


Li Zixing drew his sword and instantly, silver light radiated out from his blade, making it hard for one to look straight at it. He then swung his sword.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Several tens of swords qis shot out, like arrows shot out by a group of archers, heading toward Sun Mo and An Xinhui.

“Is this all you’ve got?”

Sun Mo was speechless. This attack might appear domineering and cover a wide area, good at taking care of insignificant small fries, but it was useless to rely on such moves to kill strong opponents.

Sun Mo performed the Wind King Divine Steps and dodged the sword qis easily, appearing before Li Zixing.

Eighteen Words Order.

Li Zixing clenched his teeth and slashed out furiously with his sword.

Sacred Royal Art, A Sword Countering Everything.


The longsword came slashing down. The speed wasn’t fast, but the prowess was great. In that short instant, he felt as if even space seemed to have cracked from the slash.

Sun Mo didn’t dare to take it head-on. He changed his move, primarily because he was worried that the wooden blade might be destroyed. After all, this was just a spirit weapon.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Li Zixing sent out attacks explosively, performing strong moves in succession.

Sun Mo became the side to be suppressed instead.

“Be careful. His sword is an extremely good one.”

An Xinhui reminded Sun Mo.

“I can tell.”

Sun Mo assessed Li Zixing’s sword.

The sword’s blade and handle had a dragon and phoenix engraved on them. Its hilt was a pair of small spread wings that was entirely silvery. It looked very sacred.

This sword was named Evil Vanquisher. It was a peerless-grade saint weapon that was said to be the best work of the master swordsmith, Ou Yezi.

Other than being extremely sharp, able to easily cut a strand of hair that was rested on it, its greatest effect was that it could automatically absorb spirit qi from the surroundings and increase the prowess of the user’s moves.

This meant that if the killing prowess of Li Zixing’s attack was at 5, then with Evil Vanquisher, it could be raised to at least 25 or higher.

It’d increase by five folds easily.

“The sword I have is called Evil Vanquisher. It’s the most perfect weapon to kill opponents of a higher cultivation tier.”

Li Zixing smiled savagely.

His talent and strength might not be good, but with this sword, he could kill people of a higher cultivation tier. After all, it was quite amazing for one’s killing prowess to be increased by five folds.

Li Zixing had spent an astronomical figure ten years to get his hands on this weapon. This was the effect he wanted.

However, before Li Zixing had his fun, a powerful fist hammered heavily into his face.


Li Zixing felt as if his head had been run over by an armored fighting vehicle. He was completely stunned and could no longer see clearly with his left eye. He then received a blow in his mouth.



Li Zixing could feel that he had swallowed a few teeth. This made him feel so disgusted that he felt like puking.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Sun Mo kept on swinging his fist consecutively and smashed his knee into Li Zixing’s stomach.

An Xinhui had stopped fighting. It was because there was no need for her to help.


Seeing Li Zixing’s horrible state, An Xinhui couldn’t help but let out a sigh. He was really a frog at the bottom of the well.

It was true that Evil Vanquisher’s effect was very powerful, but the user was also very important.

Someone like Li Zixing, who kept on using ultimate moves, might seem domineering and powerful, but what use was there if he didn’t hit his target?

A true expert would use the most suitable moves, killing the enemy in an instant, achieving the greatest effect.

Of course, this Evil Vanquisher wasn’t bad for wiping out small fries. After all, it’d allow the user to strike out with five times the damage with one time the spirit qi.


Sun Mo broke Li Zixing’s arm, snatched Evil Vanquisher, and kicked his stomach.


Li Zixing went rolling out, his entire body covered in dust.


A death warrior tried to save him by putting his life on the line. “Run quickly!”

Sun Mo didn’t even look at him and swung the sword with one hand.

Sword flash!

At the next instant, sword qi flashed and shot out crazily like an endless tempest, drowning that death warrior.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

The death warrior was instantly sliced into a pile of minced meat.

“This sword is quite amazing!”

Sun Mo was surprised. Paired with the Heavenly Sword Art, his battle prowess would surge tremendously.

“Ahh, my arm! Sun Mo, I won’t let you off!”

Li Zixing cried out loud, quickly taking out a bottle of longevity potion and swallowing it. Huo Lanying was the one who had given him this medicine.

Not only could it treat injuries, but it could also increase one’s lifespan.

Li Zixing’s talent was passable. If he were hardworking, he’d have some chance of reaching the Longevity Realm when he was in his middle-aged phase. His lifespan would then be extended.

However, as a prince, Li Zixing couldn’t bear to let go of glory and riches, of great wine and beauties. If one couldn’t enjoy life, then what meaning would there be?

Therefore, Li Zixing was moved when Huo Lanying came to him and promoted the longevity potion. It was a worthy deal to be able to expand one’s lifespan just by taking some medicine.

“This is the longevity potion, right? I would advise you to not take so much of it.”

Holy Pharaoh sneered.

Li Zixing frowned but then tried persuading again, “An Xinhui, Sun Mo, this medicine is made by the Corona Starlord. After drinking it, it can allow one to increase their lifespan tremendously. If you guys let me go, I’ll give you the prescription for it.”

“I’ve killed Huo Lanying. Do you think that I haven’t gotten my hands on the prescription?”

Sun Mo rolled his eyes.

“Old man, although the medicine is good, it isn’t one that can be taken by anyone. From the looks of your body, the negative effects will appear very quickly.”

Holy Pharaoh sneered, “After all, this isn’t a completed product.”

Li Zixing was about to retort when he suddenly spurted out a mouthful of blood. Moreover, his body also started to wriggle irregularly, having lumps that were the size of a fist bulging up. They then exploded, sending blood and pus splattering. They looked very disgusting.

A stench started to permeate.

“Be careful!”

An Xinhui shouted, telling Sun Mo to back off for now.

In the time for a few breaths to be taken, Li Zixing had changed drastically. He no longer looked like a human but a sludge monster that was made from a pile of rotting flesh. He didn’t even have a face anymore.


The monster spurted out green poisonous gas from his mouth, looking to the left and right with a spiritless gaze.

“I’m so hungry! I want to eat meat!”

The monster bellowed away. After seeing Sun Mo and An Xinhui, he immediately wriggled and crawled toward them.

Before he reached them, the green venom from his mouth had spurted out.

Ssss! Ssss!

The venom scattered on the floor, corroding the surface and emitting white smoke.

“Pharaoh, I’m leaving this to you! Go!”

Sun Mo instructed, assuming the attitude of closing the doors and releasing the dog.

“Master, it’s deadly to humans!”

Holy Pharaoh complained.

“You don’t want to eat brain matter anymore?” Sun Mo threatened. “Moreover, you aren’t human either.”

“Don’t panic. Let’s observe him for now!”

An Xinhui’s expression was solemn. This was the first time she was up against a monster like this. It wouldn’t hurt to be careful.

The rotting flesh monster pounced a few times but was unable to catch Sun Mo and An Xinhui. He started to feel a little anxious. Then, as he was feeling too hungry and couldn’t wait anymore, he changed his target and pounced toward the old fisherman who had been hiding in the house all this while.

[1] Responsible for planning festive events, receiving important guests and providing entertainment such as music. The ladies would also be performing the roles of prostitutes.

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