Absolute Great Teacher
726 The Birth of a Famous School
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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726 The Birth of a Famous School


“Master, it’s your old servant!”

Before the old fisherman finished his words, half of his upper body was bitten off by the rotting flesh monster Li Zixing had turned into.

Kacha! Kacha!

The rotting flesh monster chewed away, blood and pieces of flesh falling off the corner of his lips.

“Aren’t you eating too slovenly?”

To tell the truth, Sun Mo had a bit of an urge to vomit. After all, the scene looked a little bloody.

“Little Momo!”

An Xinhui urged. They mustn’t wait anymore. She saw that after the rotting flesh monster swallowed the human, the injuries on his body recovered. His battle prowess had clearly risen.


Sun Mo held tightly onto the Evil Vanquisher and channeled his consciousness into the Starflash Pearl.


The world in Sun Mo’s perspective changed as if it had become three-dimensional and he was God, looking down on the world.

Move here!

After Sun Mo chose the location, he channeled in his spirit qi.

At the next instant, Sun Mo disappeared.


The rotting flesh monster spurted out a large mouthful of acid toward An Xinhui, who was pouncing toward him. Suddenly, over ten arms poked out from his body.

An Xinhui backed off. Those arms extended out like long whips, wanting to kill her.

At this moment, Sun Mo completed the teleportation and struck out an ultimate attack.

Spear Rain Pearflower!

Pffft! Pffft! Pffft!

The silver sword blade sent out flames that were like many red pearflowers as it pierced out.

The rotting flesh monster didn’t react to the sudden assault. Those fire pearflowers hit his body, making him twitch and cry out from the pain.


The rotting flesh monster pounced to the front, wanting to draw his distance away from Sun Mo. However, he didn’t have the time to do that.

The last attack by the Evil Vanquisher pierced into the rotting flesh monster’s body. Sun Mo didn’t draw out the sword but instead kept performing skills.



The rotting flesh monster was like he had been drenched with petroleum. A great fire rose and he burned, turning into a big fireball.

Crackle! Crackle!

The sound of the burning fats gave one the shudders. A charred stench started to appear in the air.

At this time, the rotting flesh monster was also panicking. He stumbled as he ran away for seven to eight meters.

Sun Mo stood on the spot, not moving his feet. He performed another attack.

Great Flame Azure Dragon.


A long flame dragon darted out from Evil Vanquisher, piercing through the rotting flesh monster like a huge monster hunting its food, leaving behind a hole in the monster’s body.

An Xinhui stood at the side, not attacking anymore but was just quietly watching her childhood friend giving the monster a one-sided thrashing.

As expected of a peerless-grade saint-tier cultivation art. Sun Mo’s battle prowess was high to begin with, and after the enhancements from the Evil Vanquisher, his battle prowess was close to that of the Longevity Realm.

Sword Dragon in the Field!

His killing prowess would be weakened when using a longsword to perform spear techniques. Therefore, Sun Mo changed to the Heavenly Sword Art. However, before he completed the move, the rotting flesh monster had already fallen dead on the ground after letting out an agonizing cry.

“It’s over!”

An Xinhui sighed. Li Zixing, who had dominated Jinling for over 20 years and backed up the Myriad Daos Academy, had left the stage in this manner.

“This is bad! His head is gone!”

Sun Mo felt upset. After the big fire, there were only ashes left.

Since Holy Pharaoh was unable to engulf his brain matter, they wouldn’t be able to find out where Li Zixing hid his treasures.

“It doesn’t matter!”

An Xinhui smiled, consoling Sun Mo. “After all, we’ve gotten our hands on the most valuable spoils.”


Sun Mo was stunned for a moment. He then understood after looking at the Evil Vanquisher in his hand. An Xinhui was referring to the Myriad Daos Academy, or to be clearer, it was the great teachers and students, as well as the books in the library.

“Although Li Zixing’s objectives weren’t pure when he was building the school, he had spent a lot of money on the school. Those libraries and school buildings would nurture many talents.”

An Xinhui looked at the sea and up toward the horizon. “It’s also a redemption for his evil deeds.”

“Master, you’re just a vulgar person when compared to her!”

Holy Pharaoh said softly in despise.


Sun Mo rolled his eyes, but it was true that An Xinhui’s morals and character were better than his. If it was someone else, they’d definitely be interested in the Evil Vanquisher. After all, it was a saint weapon.

However, from the beginning to the end, An Xinhui didn’t even have the interest to take a look at it.

“Sun Mo, thank you!”

An Xinhui turned and smiled at Sun Mo. At that instant, it was as if a hundred flowers had just bloomed.

The Central Province Academy’s development over these years hadn’t been good. Other than going into decline because of her incapability, the school had also been suppressed by Li Zixing. Right now, a big foe had died.

An Xinhui instantly felt that the big boulder that was pressing down on her body was gone.

All of these turned for the better after Sun Mo had joined the school.


Favorable impression point from An Xinhui +1,000. Reverence (34,500/100,000).

“You’ve said that many times.”

Sun Mo scratched his head. “If you’re really thankful, then you can take the full responsibility to deal with the aftermath.”


An Xinhui nodded. “You can focus on preparing for the 3-star great teacher examination. After all, there are only a few months left.”


In the next half a month, Sun Mo’s life returned to peacefulness. He became a normal teacher, spending his time teaching classes and students, as well as heading to the old headmaster’s library to learn and work on improving himself.

Sun Mo also started to use that spirit runes design magic cube to build a model to verify his idea.

His time was spent in a fulfilling manner. The only regret was that there were no soda nor games. However, this was the Nine Provinces. Sun could head to the darkness illusion dojo to beat up illusions to spend his time.

Of course, he could also visit brothels and embrace courtesans, listening to songs while moon-viewing.

However, Sun Mo wasn’t a thick-skinned person and didn’t have any friends who were such bad influences either. Therefore, this idea hadn’t been implemented before.

In the evening, after Sun Mo came out from his spirit runes class, the system’s notification, which hadn’t popped up for very long, rang by his ears.


“Congratulations, you’ve successfully recruited two personal disciples during the student recruitment meet, completing the mission. You are rewarded with one mysterious treasure chest!”

Sun Mo pouted. “I thought that you forgot about the reward!”


“Congratulations, you’ve repaid the 190,000 favorable impression points that you owed to purchase the dragon seeking pearl. The great teacher emblem that you used as collateral will be returned to you. You’re rewarded with one mysterious treasure chest.”


Sun Mo whistled. It felt good to be debt-free. Moreover, this meant that he could buy good things from the shopping store again.

“After being poor for half a year, I can finally start buying things again.”

Sun Mo was very confident that given his current reputation, it would be very easy for him to earn favorable impression points. He’d get at least 500 points just by giving guidance to a few students every day.

“Shall we have a fish for dinner tonight?”

Without the papaya girl by his side, Sun Mo wouldn’t open the treasure chests. After dinner, he went to the library to self-study as usual. As this place was in the villa district, there were fewer people.

“Cultivators’ vision is really good. If this road is put in modern society, without there being a single streetlight, many people would fall and get injured every day.”

It was cloudy tonight, with dark clouds filling up the sky. Therefore, it looked very dark.

Sun Mo walked on the small road by himself when a slender figure suddenly came charging out from the bushes at the side of the road.

Sun Mo grabbed his blade subconsciously because An Xinhui had mentioned before that Li Zixing’s supporters as well as the people from the Dark Dawn would find opportunities to bring him trouble. Even if Sun Mo was in school, he shouldn’t let his guard down.

However, this time around, it wasn’t a sneak-assault.

That figure dashed up to Sun Mo and dropped to their knees.

“Teacher Sun, please help me.”

The voice was soft and weak, filled with a pleading tone. It was clearly a young lady.

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    《Absolute Great Teacher》