Absolute Great Teacher
727 Personal Disciple Seeking Guidance
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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727 Personal Disciple Seeking Guidance


“Get up and talk!”

Sun Mo put one hand behind his back and assessed the young lady. “What problems do you have?”

As it was too dark and the young lady was also kneeling under the shade of the tree, Sun Mo couldn’t see her face clearly. He could only see that her body was trembling. She was clearly experiencing a tremendous struggle in her heart.

“I... I...”

The young lady stuttered but didn’t get up.

“What’s your name?”

Sun Mo had been a teacher for so many years and had seen students with all kinds of characters.

The girl in front of him clearly belonged to one of those shy ones. Therefore, he started from the simplest question, wanting to reduce her anxiety.

“I... I’m sorry. Sorry to disturb you.”

After saying that, the girl got up and ran off. However, it was too dark and she didn’t know the way. After running for a few steps, she tripped over a piece of rock and fell.


The young lady let out an agonizing cry.

“Where are you hurt?”

Sun Mo caught up with her quickly, squatting by her side to check.

“I... boohoohoo!”

The young lady buried her head into her knees and cried.

“Your knees have been scraped.”

Sun Mo put out his hands to check the young lady’s right leg, then reached down to her ankle. “Your ankle is slightly twisted too. There are no other problems. I’ll give you a massage!”

Sun Mo performed the bone setting technique and quietly gave her treatment, not asking any questions.

Gradually, the young lady had enough of crying and calmed down.

“Teacher, I’m sorry for troubling you.”

The young lady apologized.

“You came to seek my help because of your concern for others, but then you are worried that your behavior will make that ‘other’ person’s situation get worse. That’s why you feel at a loss, right?”

Sun Mo asked as he activated the Divine Sight.

An Rou, 17 years old. Peak of the spirit-refinement realm.

Strength 19. Although you look weak, you can actually smash a cow to its death with one punch.

Intellect 17. Not considered extremely smart, but you’re smarter than others and are above 80% of people your age.

Agility 18. Your current cultivation art can’t fully unleash your advantage in speed.

Will 14. Too weak. As you’ve been protected too well, you haven’t experienced great setbacks before.

Endurance 16. You’re very weak in taking hardships. You rely on your talent to survive.


Extremely high potential value.

Note: A person with a weak will. After all, she is born from a well-to-do family and has no worries over clothing and food. She receives love from her parents and admiration from her teacher. She hasn’t been through hardships before.

She knows that she needs to work hard, but it isn’t enough. If this continues, her talent will be wasted.

Note: Please work 100 times harder.

“Teacher... I... What should I do?”

An Rou sobbed, feeling aggrieved like a little wild kitten.

“If you don’t mind, why don’t you tell me your story?”

Sun Mo smiled, carrying An Rou up with one arm below her knees and one around her shoulders. “Come, I’ll bring you to a nice place!”

An Rou’s face flushed up as she was carried by Sun Mo.

(Oh my, it’s so embarrassing!)

Not long later, Sun Mo landed on the rooftop of the private library.

“It’s a pity that there isn’t a bright moon tonight.”

Sun Mo put An Rou down and smiled. “But the wind doesn’t feel bad.”

An Rou felt very nervous. She lowered her head, not knowing what she should say.

“You’re already at the peak of the spirit-refinement realm and can be said to have far surpassed that of others your age. What do you have to feel unhappy about?”

Sun Mo teased. “If I were in your shoes, I’d be very snobby, not caring about other people at all.”

An Rou burst out laughing after hearing Sun Mo’s amusing words.

“Teacher is joking! You aren’t that kind of person!”

An Rou felt that Sun Mo was very gentle and easy to get along with. He was already Jinling’s number one great teacher despite his young age, but she had never seen him treating others with contempt.

(Hold on. How does Teacher know that I’m at the peak of the spirit-refinement realm? He can find out my cultivation tier just from carrying me?)

“Your condition is very good and you haven’t reached a bottleneck either. As long as you put in a bit of hard work, you will be able to step into the blood-ignition realm in at most three months. I don’t understand what other troubles you may have.”

Sun Mo suggested, “It’s best for you to keep a relaxed mind.”

“But... but... There’s no time left.”

An Rou mumbled.

“What do you mean that there’s no time left?” Sun Mo frowned. “You can treat me as a friend and share with me!”


(It’s so so hard to earn some favorable impression points. I’m even taking on a side job as a psychologist.)

However, the mood of a girl in her youth was like the weather in June, changing without any notice and extremely unfathomable. Guys were better. Everything could be resolved after drinking a few bottles of beer and sharing some heart-to-heart talk.

“The 4-star great teacher examination is going to start soon. Teacher, do you think that I’ll be able to get a good ranking in the personal disciples battle?”

An Rou looked up at Sun Mo with a hopeful expression.

“Which great teacher’s personal disciple are you?”

Sun Mo asked, changing the topic. (Even someone from the blood-ignition realm won’t be enough, let alone you who are at the spirit-refinement realm. Without at least the divine force realm, one wouldn’t even have the right to go up the arena.)

An Rou hesitated before saying, “Teacher Jin, Jin Mujie!”


Sun Mo was stunned, then he reassessed An Rou again. “I recall that Teacher Jin has amazing personal disciples under her wing. There won’t be a need for you to participate.”

(But why are you under so much stress?)

“Eldest... Eldest Martial Brother won’t do.”

An Rou looked pained and grabbed her hair hard with both hands.

“Teacher Jin and I are close friends. You can tell me in detail. I’ll definitely keep it a secret.”

Sun Mo continued to ask.

“We are the ones who’ve held Teacher back!”

An Rou was in self-reproach.

Given Jin Mujie’s capabilities, she had met the conditions to become a 4-star great teacher long ago. However, they, as her personal disciples, had been disappointing.

Their strongest Second Martial Sister had died when exploring new grounds in the Darkness Continent.

Eldest Martial Brother worked very hard, but the pressure on him was too great. Although he appeared to be very confident on the surface, An Rou had seen him secretly drowning his sorrows in wine. He had even gone to the brothels to buy pleasure.

“Eldest Martial Brother only joined earlier, but his talent is mediocre. Second Martial Sister should have been the one to take part in the personal disciples battle, but she has died and the other martial siblings’ cultivation tier isn’t high enough. Eldest Martial Brother can only take it on himself.”

An Rou was speaking incoherently, but Sun Mo still understood what she was saying.

To put it simply, the Eldest Martial Brother that Jin Mujie had placed great hopes on was facing too much pressure and had collapsed mentally. An Rou knew that he wasn’t reliable and thus planned on taking on the personal disciples battle herself.

As her cultivation tier wasn’t high enough, An Rou came to look for Sun Mo, wanting to get stronger with the help of God Hands.

However, An Rou had a teacher. Therefore, it was actually taboo for her to come to plead Sun Mo for help. If Jin Mujie were to find out about this, she might get punished.

In more serious situations, she could even be driven out.

“Ever since the Second Martial Sister passed away, Teacher hasn’t mentioned anything about signing up for the 4-star great teacher examination. But for some reason, she suddenly brought this matter up this year.”

An Rou cried. She was like a fleeing soldier, hoping that Jin Mujie would never bring this matter up.

“There are some things that one would have to face eventually. It’s impossible to hide forever.”

Sun Mo sighed in his heart. There was a high chance that the reason Jin Mujie wanted to participate in the examination was because of the pressure he brought her.

After passing the examination at the end of this year, he’d be a 3-star great teacher, being on the same level as her.

This was something unacceptable to any genius, even more to a great teacher who had greater seniority. After all, her pride hadn’t died, and it would make her want to fight again.

“We are the ones who’ve held Teacher back!”

An Rou’s tears kept trickling down.

Sun Mo wanted to let An Rou use her own capabilities to strive for the breakthrough. It was because this experience would be very beneficial in the future. However, seeing her will slowly weakening and even going into the negative, he felt that he had to take action.

“Since other people aren’t reliable, then you do it. You can also win the 4-star title for Teacher Jin.”

Sun Mo encouraged her.


An Rou raised her head abruptly, grabbing onto Sun Mo’s arm and her eyes gleaming. It was as if she had found her last straw of hope.


Sun Mo lied. At the very least, during these two months, he could temper An Rou’s will. “But you must pay an extremely great price.”

“I’m not afraid of hardship!”

An Rou clenched her small fists.

“Is that so?”

As Sun Mo said this, he grabbed the back of An Rou’s neck and exerted strength suddenly with his five fingers.

An Rou felt so much pain that she almost cried out. However, she had just made a sound when she held it back again.

Sun Mo cut the crap and pressed both hands on An Rou, using a lot of force and being very rough. This was a sort of tempering too.

An Rou was in so much pain that her entire body was shaking. However, she clenched her teeth and didn’t make a sound.

The ancient massaging technique was activated!

As An Rou hadn’t put in enough hard work, she had only stimulated over 60% of her potential. Right now, Sun Mo was stimulating all of it.

Very soon, An Rou was in so much pain that she broke out in a lot of sweat. Her body was drenched as if she had been pulled out from the water. She’d be able to wring water out from her uniform.

15 minutes later.


Spirit qi erupted from An Rou’s body, forming a spirit qi tornado above her head. She then absorbed the surrounding spirit qi and channeled it into her body.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

With Sun Mo watching over things for her, An Rou safely and steadily reached the blood-ignition realm.

“I... I... I’ve leveled up?”

An Rou felt the changes to her body, feeling that the pain she had withstood earlier was worth it.

Of course, the most important thing was the God Hands. They were really amazing!

“Teacher, thank you for the favor!”

An Rou knelt and kowtowed to Sun Mo.


Favorable impression points from An Rou +1,000. Respect (2,100/10,000).

“Get up first!”

Sun Mo didn’t take the credit. “Given your aptitude, you’d be able to reach the blood-ignition realm in at most two to three months. I merely hastened the process. Moreover, if you want to help Teacher Jin, then the hardship and pain you have to go through will be ten times more than what you’ve been through today.”

“I’m not afraid!”

An Rou’s gaze was firm.

“That’s good then. You can go back first. Come to my villa to look for me tomorrow morning. I’ll write up a training plan for you.”

Sun Mo felt that he should look for Jin Mujie to discuss this matter with her. It seemed that her condition had affected her students.

(Visiting brothels? That student really deserves some punishment! Even I hadn’t been to one before!)

“Teacher, I shall take my leave then.”

An Rou left. As she was no longer feeling lost about her future, she wore a smile on her face, adding to her beauty.

“Teacher, you’re so gentle!”

Qin Yaoguang walked out from the shadows of a pillar from the library’s corridor. She looked up at Sun Mo and teased.

“How long have you been watching for?”

Sun Mo asked.

“Since when you exerted force on that girl.”

Qin Yaoguang was straightforward in her reply.

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    《Absolute Great Teacher》